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- JUAN -

I Had To Feed My Family I Left My Grandmother In... I Listen To Hold Music... I Looking In The Near By... I Mean My Garden Im Gonna Trusting You Im Lookin For The Videos Im The Best One You Can Hire Im Very Close By I Need AJob I Need To Put Food On... I Need Your Help Please I Ran Over His Foot Lawn... I Say Perfecto For Me Is It About The Black People I Talk To You Five Ten... I Think We Got Disconected Its Along Time Ago Its APorno Right Its Not AHard Question Its Too Late Now Right I Wanna Getting(x3) I Wanna Getting I Wanna Getting Apology... I Wanna Getting Job... I Wanna Getting My I Wanna Getting Them... I Wanna Getting Waxing Done I Was Waiting On The Phone I Will Come And Take... I Will Pay You500 Dollars Juan Martinezd You Are... Lets Say2o Clock Listen Can You Help Me... Lololol Hello Make The Smelling Better My Como Si Dice My Ass My Feelings Hurt ICry My Grandmother My Grandmother Is APerson My Wife Complains Im Too... Necessito Necessito Please Lick My... Necessito Spanish Shit No He Very Mean To Me No Me Gusto Trouble Si No Refferences Right Ok Do You Have The Original Ok Her Name Is Consuela Ok IHave Trouble With... Ok Im Gonna Trusting You Ok Last Thing Pinky Swear Ok So Its AWhole Sale Ok Thank You Buk Buk Ok What Are You Working On One Job Por You Por Actor Ooooo Police Boom Boom Get Down Porque Im Porque Im Driving Drunk Porque You Laugh At Me Say With Me Consuela Shake That Jelly She Tell Me To Talk To You Shitty Si Si2 Sob1 Sob2 Sound Like Your In... South American Actor The Front Desk The Lawn Mower Very Embarrasing For Me Whats So Funny To You Si Why You Are Laughing At Me You Give Me APinky Swear You Hang Up On Me You Have Any Job... You Have To Page Someone You Make Apologize To Me You No Policia Right You Promise Me Your Name Is Shitty Right You Very Hurt My Feeling Again Are You Angry At Me Or... Black People And Who Else Boom Boom Shit Can You Help Me Shitty Can You Say To Me Please Can You Tell Me The Plot Como Se Dice Policia Consuela Rodrigo Romero Consuela Rodrigo Romero2 Do Acting For You Do ISound Like ANice...
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