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Hilarious Dirty Panties Prank Call - Used Underwear Prank

Aug 17, 2017 627.8K views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls, Craigslist and Backpage Pranks
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Buk Lau, Tyrone, Juan
Prank Victim: Used underwear seller
Rage Level: Mellow

Nasty used panties prank call on underwear seller!

Best quotes: 

  • “Does it cost extra for yeast infection, or same price?”
  • “Do you have a smelly vagina?”
  • “So there’s no like a yeast-infection-or-your-money back type of thing, right?”

Body of content:

I pulled this gross used panties prank call on a woman who sells her underwear on Craigslist. As Buk Lau, I told her I was interested in buying a pair that had been worn for an EXTRA long time, plus a few other creepy requests. Check out how she responded to the Ownage character’s weird panty requests! What other strange operations should I prank call? Tell me in the comments!


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Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Like, does it cost extra for a yeast infection or same price?

Lady: I- I can't- I can't guarantee a yeast infection.

[glass break sound] [phone ringing]

Lady: Hello?

Pranker: Uh yeah, hello, how are you doing sweetie pie?

Lady: I'm good, how are you?

Pranker: I am excellent, thank you, honestly, I've been trying to reach you for a few days now about your advertisement.

Lady: Advertisement where?

Pranker: Uh yeah, on the Craiglisting you know, you have that advertisement about the yummy pair, how it's like a so delicious, you know?

Lady: OH OKAY, yeah.

Pranker: So I want to see, you know, I want to make the order, I want to make one order or two order, but uh-

Pranker: I was hoping that if I pay in advance, you can wear it for like a week or something like that.

Lady: Five days is my maximum. You want five days?

Pranker: Okay, WHAT ABOUT IF I toss you like a extra uh 50$, will you make it seven?

Lady: Tell me what you want, you just want me to wear them? Do you want me to cum in them, do you want CRAP STAINS-

Lady: like, what- what are you looking for?

Pranker: Oh, I mean, [gasps], I DIDN'T KNOW I have so many options, you know, what's on the menu, you know, uh, is anything else on the menu?

Lady: [laughing] I mean, it's up to- it's up to my client, I do what you want.

Pranker: Okay, and let's just be real, okay, let's just between you and I, no disrespecty, do you have a smelly vagina?

Lady: I do have a smelly vagina, I mean not BAD SMELLS, smells like p***y. I mean, kind of like a-

Pranker: AH BUT, COME ON NOW HON- HON- HONEY PIE, after one week it's gonna smell like crap, right?

Lady: You- I haven't had anybody ask me to wear five days, you would be my first client that I will ever wear for five straight days, okay? So-

Pranker: Oh crap. YEAH.

Lady: this will be interesting if you want me to wear them seven days, I mean, I'm single so I don't have to- you know, I don't have to really-

Lady: worry about that, but-

Pranker: But, what about like, does it cost extra for a yeast infection or same price?

Lady: I- I can't- I can't guarantee a yeast infection. [giggles]

Pranker: Okay, so there's no like a yeast infection or your money back type of thing, right, like you don't- you don't do that?

Lady: No, like I- won't be getting any yeast infections.

Pranker: I- I also kind of feel a little bit guilty, you know? Like, if somebody like might smell your vagina from your cubicle right, like if-

Pranker: you're wafting, like if you- you gonna have to keep the leg very closed, right, or you're gonna like flap it like a wingy.

Lady: Well, I work from home, so I don't have to worry about that.

Pranker: Oh crap, uh, DO YOU DO THE PANTY FULL TIME?

Lady: NO, I have a real job.


Pranker: [giggles] I WAS GONNA SAY, you like a FACTORY, you like a FACTORY, you know, my- my cousin he work on a factory IN CHINA, I was gonna say-

Pranker: you produce more goods than he does [giggles], uh right?

Pranker: So, real quick, honestly, because you got me curious, what is your other gig, you know? Like, what do you do on the f- on the front end?

Pranker: Like, it kind of turn me on a little bit to know like: "Oh man, she wear the panty, she is the- the dental assistant." OH, right?

Lady: No, I work for a- I work for a bank.

Pranker: OH, OH MY GOD, you know, the idea of going to you and saying: "Excuse me, I want to deposit a one MILLION dollar, you know? But then you wearing the-

Pranker: panty for the seven day wafting is a so delicious to me honestly."

Lady: [giggles].

Pranker: YEAH, but really, what I would love to do is after one week, I would love to come visit you at your- at your bank and then just kind of take it from the window, you know?

Lady: Mm, no, I don't [giggles], I don't do that.


Lady: M-m, I'm not having you at my work place.

Pranker: TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR, just wear a skirt that day and then hula hoop, you know? Hula hoop it down your ankles, you know, and then give it to me.

Lady: Where are you located?

Pranker: I'm gonna fly to you, honestly, I told you money is not an issue, so I will come fly there, I have a private jet, but also, like uh the helicopter, you know?

Lady: [giggles]

Pranker: I- I- I'm not even joking by the way, like I have- I- I- I serious, I have- I have a private jet, you know?

Pranker: Hh- [speaking to Tyrone in the background]: HEY TYRONE, TALK, TY-

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: [explosion sound] Uh, hey- hey- what's up boo boo, how you doing?

Lady: Oh my God, I gotta go.

Pranker: Hey, hey, hey-

Lady: You two, ACK-

Pranker: no- I- I- I'M HIS ASSISTANT, I wanted to come through right quick, I think there might be like a little language barrier, something like that, so I wanted to see-

Pranker: what's popping but, based on what I could understand, like homeboy wants to come through to the bank, uh, would you be down?

Lady: No.

Pranker: Okay, but like, I think you heard him mention like money ain't problem nothing like that, so I wanted to see-

Pranker: like maybe like, you know like a THOUSAND TWO, like I- I actually I-

Lady: No.

Pranker: I actually fly the helicopter, I'm a pilot, so-

Lady: Uh, the answer is no. Is this for real? Is this a joke? Or what- where we going now?

Pranker: listen, I understand it's a little bit of gray area-

Lady: I don't think, I'm gonna get, I would maybe-

Pranker: I mean, the- the fact-

Lady: mumble- mumble?

Pranker: the fact that, I'm sure the peop- the fact that- that you sell panties people ask you is that for real or a joke too, but like-

Pranker: no, I'm being serious, you know I'm saying, like, this is the real deal, I uh-

Lady: I'm not looking to meet or meet-up with anybody or come to my real workplace, this is not something I'm doing.

Lady: People don't know that I do this. [giggles]

Pranker: I UNDERSTAND, that- that if the price is right maybe you'd be like, alright man, I don't usually do that, but like f- for-

Pranker: like TEN STACKS, I- I might be down.

Lady: Yeah, yeah I mean, sounds good, but at the end of the day, unless I have the money in my hands beforehand, no I can't do it.

Lady: I can't do anything like that.

Pranker: Got you, wha- wha- what if all three of us is down, I have my mechanic here too, he- he's also like you-

Lady: [laughing]

Pranker: I- I- I- I- I'M BEING SERIOUS, I got my mechanic Juanito, he- he might wanna get one of them uh, one of them panties too, you know what I'm saying?

Lady: Well, I only have one vagina, so, I can't wear three people's, I can't wear panties three times.

Pranker: Alright, how about this, I- I have an idea, you- you-, how about this wear three layers on top of each other, but like the one closest to your-

Pranker: vagina's the most expensive and then you start dropping them about like 25% off per layer.

Lady: [laughing]

see what we can do here.

Lady: Oh my God, you guys are funny.

Pranker [speaking as Alejandro Juan Martinez]: [explosion sound] He- HELLO.

Lady: [giggles] Who is- is this- is this the mechanic?


Lady: Omg, stop.


Lady: [hang up]

Pranker: He- hello? [laughing] [inhale] [speaking as Russell]: Okay, I think she's unfortunately gone, uhm, [laughing], [inhale], I wanted to call her-

Pranker: someone wrote bootylicious in the comments, [speaking as Alejandro Juan Martinez]: You are very bootylicious, I wanna coming to you, por que-

Pranker: I needing one, uh- uh- uh- very dirty- very DISGUSTING.

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