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Responding To A Craigslist Ad For A Rap Booking! - Rap Prank

Feb 2, 2012 2.6M views 0 comments

Category: Craigslist and Backpage pranks, prank call 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Tyrone
Prank Victim: Rapper
Rage Level: Mellow

Funny Craigslist rap prank gets super awkward!!

Best quotes: 

  • “You gotta pull out like the AOL disk and hop on that dial-up 56K?”
  • “Ay yo, hugs and kisses ma dawg, muah!”
  • “You got some AVAIL-AH-BILLA-TAYY comin’ up?”

Body of content:

I found an ad on Craigslist from a rapper who was looking for gigs to play in his area. I decided to prank call him as Tyrone, someone interested in hiring him, and see what kind of crazy freestyles I could get him to do over the phone! Surprisingly, he was down to give me some freestyle raps rhyming with CRAZY things, and pulled it off without questioning anything, like it was no big deal. 

His YouTube channel says he does “sub 4 sub”, so I walked him right into the prank reveal by asking him to subscribe to Ownage Pranks! He ended up being so cool about the whole prank. Why do you think this guy stayed on the phone so long and didn’t bother to question the BIZARRE freestyle topics? What kind of crazy rap prank should I pull next time? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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[Phone ringing]

Guy: Hello? 

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Hello.

Guy: What's up?

Pranker: Yo what's up man, I saw your advertisement on the uh-, Craigslist about the uh-

Pranker: and you know, you looking for-, you know, booking, and you got the WEED music, right? 

Guy: Yeah man.

Pranker: Yo, so, what-, what-, what's popping with that man? You got some a VILLA BILLA tay-

Pranker: coming in the next few weeks? 

Guy: If I got, excuse me? 

Pranker: I-, I said you got some a VILLA BILLA TAY, in the next couple weeks? You free?

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: You-, you-, you free for some, uh-, for some events? Something like that?

Guy: Yeah man. 

Pranker: Alright well, well ho-, how long you be rapping for? 

Guy: I've been rapping for a minute man.

Pranker: for-, j-, just ONE MINUTE? 

Guy: No man, couple of years, you know what I mean?

Pranker: Ah okay.

Guy: Ever since, I was a youngin.

Pranker: Ah okay alright, I feel you, I feel you, uh, an I saw that you got the YouTube Channel, right?

Pranker: you trying to improve yourself get out there on the internet on all that stuff-, I like that, I like that.

Guy: Yeah, me and my team man.

Pranker: Okay, so is-, is-, is you like a INDEPENDENT ASS? Or you a, you got the team of people? 

Guy: Uh, I will-, I will-, I was pretty much found independent, but you know I got my boys, that we work together, too.

Pranker: Ah okay, alright, alright, I see-, I see you! Well uh-, I was thinking that maybe, you could try-

Pranker: if you-, if you interested in making like to start off, like-, an appearance in one of our, you know-

Pranker: restaurant and club areas, just to you know, hop up on stage, MAYBE drop a verse, do you do any freestyle, anything like that?

Guy: Yeah man, I freestyle a lot of my tracks, and I write a lot of my tracks.

Pranker: Really, yeah I j-, I was just actually listening to the uh-, the one of YOU-, YOUTUBE'S, the uh-, the Swag Out The Door.

Guy: Yeah, that was freestyle man! 

Pranker: Yeah, I like that man, I like that crap, uh.

Guy: Word. 

Pranker: Yeah, uh, I'm trying to think about what we can do for you here man, so uh-, ok, alright well yeah! I mean I would-

Pranker: definitely love to have you HOP up on stage, the only thing is we got to do like a little, a little DRUG TEST first-

Pranker: and then you know we can get going.

Guy: You got to do a drug test? 

Pranker: No I'm farking with you HOMEBOY, we ain't got no drug test.

Guy: [Laughing]

Pranker: [Laughing] 

Guy: Alright.

Pranker: Your crap is about smoking mad BLUNTS, dawg you think we going to do a drug test on you? 

Guy: [Laughing] 

Pranker: SOM LAM DOOB DOOBILY, [laughing], okay, alright, well a-, do you think you could possibly-

Pranker: drop like a quick freestyle verse, for me on the telephone? Just so I can get an idea, you know-

Pranker: my buddy right here, can you know, get-, get a taste for what you got as well? 

Guy: Oh, you want me to drop a verse on the cell phone? 

Pranker: I mean, YEAH! I want to just hear what you got man, I mean it's no pressure, I ain't going-

Pranker: I ain't going to judge you b-, based on this or nothing, but you know I li-, i like to hear some-

Pranker: FLOW, you know what I'm saying? I've been listening to a bunch of tracks on your YouTube, and-

Guy: I'm just starting, I'm just going to free you something right quick.

Pranker: Ok! Alright. 

Guy: Uh, spit in your face, I don't give a DAMN, they say time flies, well mine won't LAND-

Pranker: UH-

Guy: Circus Street yeah that's me, I juggle the world in my HANDS-

Pranker: In his hand-

Guy: If the one beat be DROPPING, I'm eating there rappers-


Guy: ANTHONY HOPKINS, I silence the marriage I go HANNIBAL, Jeffrey Dahmer, I get's CANNIBAL-

Pranker: HO!

Guy: Heart beat some low, like they're holding down A CAN OF BULLS-

Pranker: HO! 

GuY: don't or don't think it's like I CAN'T AT ALL-

Pranker: OH!

Guy: Exobus sent the stool because I just PISSED IT-

Pranker: PISSED IT 

Guy: aim for the top boy, why you keep MISSING? 

Pranker: Yeah.

Guy: train the last place, play your heavy TICKET-

Pranker: UH

Guy: I'm cocky with the first place, you ain't secure, N***A. 

Pranker: YEAH! Ok, alright. I feel you dawg, that was off top of you head? 

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: DAYUM, dawg, you crazy! You crazy with it! Alright, uh, alright well, what kind of other music, do you listen these days?

Pranker: Like, what kind of uh-, other HIP HOPs, and-, and-, and-, and that kind of stuff you listening on the radio, and, what-

Pranker: what-, what, what you be BUMPING, when you MAD HIGH, and you, you know, chilling, chin chillen?

Guy: A lot of my influences I would say, is not it, it's like a little bit of rappers, I'd say like one or two, probably like [mumble]

Guy: BIG O, but like, I really, I like really branch out, you know I mean? 

Pranker: Do you like them uh-

Guy: Yeah, who are you?

Pranker: do you like them, underground rappers? Or you like the-, the ground above rappers?

Guy: Yeah I mean, I'm mainly into the underground, you know I mean?

Pranker: Okay, alright, yeah, yeah I feel you, so if, if I was to give you, like would you be able to go on stage, and if I just-

Pranker: gave you a TOPIC, could you just start spitting verses about it? 

Guy: Most def'.

Pranker: Uh, do you uh-, well I mean, well basically, for the gig itself, we could pay you like 500 DOLLARS for a night, is that something-

Pranker: like you would be interested in, for starter?

Guy: Yeah. 

Pranker: Alright, alright, uh, and-, and would you needing like equipment or nothing? Or you just going to need a MIC and-, and go-

Pranker: up there, and just CHILLING WITH YOUR CREW?

Guy: Yeah man, you know I mean? Hook a brother up with a mic, if i can smoke on there all the better.

Pranker: Alright, yeah, alright, she-, so you want to HIT THAT, you want to hit that uh-, you want to hit some DANK, up on the stage, right?

Guy: Yeah-

Pranker: YEAH.

Guy: Even if it's backstage, you know, I don't got to be out in public with it, you know I'm saying? 

Pranker: So you, you ain't got no problem performing while you high as fark? 

Guy: No man, that crap, that's like, that's even a better load.

Pranker: Alright, you high as fark right now? You sound like it! 

Guy: No, I just woke up a little while ago-

Pranker: Ah okay, ah okay, alright, alright, well uh-, well eh-, let's do this, alright? One final test, look if I could just drop a-

Pranker: a quick, you know, let me just drop a TOPIC to you, and let's see if like, what you can come up with, I mean once again, I-

Pranker: I know you just woke up and everything, so don't-, don't feel like you ain't got no pressure on you or nothing, but uh, you mind doing it?

Guy: No man.

Pranker: Alright! Ready? Uh-

Guy: Sure.

Pranker: Alright uh, I'm going to give you something random, let's do uh, how about DOUBLE-ENDED DILDOS, can you rap about that? 

Guy: Double ended dildos? 

Pranker: YEAH! 

Guy: Alright, I got 2 HOLES, I got mad FLOW, you already farking each other on a DOUBLE ENDED DILDO, I don't give a fark man, I scare these bitches off like a CROW-

Guy: and I get DOUGH, and I rock the SHOW, and I get high like out the WINDOW! [Laughs]

Pranker: Ah YEAH! Out the window, dawg, OUT THE MOTHERFARKING WINDOW! 

Guy: [laughing]

Pranker: So you got-, you got your SWAG out the door, right? [Laughs] 

Guy: Yeah. 

Pranker: Got that SWAG, yeah. Ok, alright, so yo-, yo-, your label's called "Smoke Mad Bluntz", is that-, I mean-, or your-, your band, whatever you want to call it? Right so-

Guy: My team's called-, my team is called Reinproductionz, Smoke Mad Bluntz is the name of the Mix-Tape actually.

Pranker: Oh, ok alright, my bad, well good, that's better right? Because I don't want to, you know, be promoting no-, nobody may SMOKE MAD BLUNTS because-

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: Yo, we don't get those Caucasian people be like [speaking as Billy]: "You know man, Marijuana's not good for you, alright? You need to stop smoking that MARY JANE"

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: I don't want to deal with that, you know what I'm saying? Crazy ass WHITE PEOPLE, right? 

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: YEAH, alright, well uh-, okay! I-, I saw that you do the uh-, the SUB 4 SUBBING on YouTube, you want to SUB FOR SUB, with me? 

Guy: Yeah dawg, for sho'.

Pranker: Alright dawg! You on the computer right now? 

Guy: Uh no, not really. 

Pranker: It-, it would-, it would really help out, if you hop on right quick. 

Guy: Alright uh-, I got to like, go to like upstairs, give me a sec.

Pranker: You got to pull out-, you got to pull out like, the AOL disc, and hop on that DIAL-UP 56K? 

Guy: Uh no-, no-, no-, I just got to turn off my modem, and turn it back on.

Pranker: Alright dawg, okay.

Guy: Eh.

Pranker: I'll-, let me give you a minute. 

Guy: Alright. 

Pranker: Ho-, ho-, how many subscribers you got right now man? 

Guy: Man, I'd say about like, 35 man- 

Pranker: 35? That's good man! That's ain't-, that's ain't bad, that ain't bad, you know I'm saying?

Guy: Yeah, I haven't really been hitting up the subs-, trying to get the subscriptions like I've been supposed to.

Pranker: It's all good man, you still got time.

Guy: [Indistinguishable speaking]

Pranker: I've been trying to get some subscribers myself, uh, I'm on that HUSTLE right now, you know I'm saying? I'm HUSTLING.

Guy: Yeah. 

Pranker: So, I saw that you sub for subs, so I thought you know, you could check me out, get my information, and well you know-

Pranker: we can sub each other, you know I'm saying? 

Guy: Yeah, I just got up on the uh-, on the YouTube right now.

Pranker: I can hit you with a subscription! Alright, you want to go to my YouTube page right quick? And subscribe to me? 

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: Alright mine, if you go to


Pranker: OW

Guy: OW

Pranker: NA 

Guy: NA 

Pranker: GE

Guy: G Pranks? 

Pranker: I'm sorry? 

Guy: Is pranks after? 

Pranker: YEAH! 

Guy: Alright, it kind of just popped up, when I was searching-

Pranker: Oh it pop, oh it popped up int the s-, ok, alright, so if you hit that channel, can you subscribe to me? 

Guy: Hell yeah, yo, you've got a hell of, you got mad video views man! 65 mil? 

Pranker: No man, that's-, that's nothing dawg! 

Guy: [Laughs] Uh, I just hit, I subscribed man.

Pranker: Alright man, I subscribed to you TOO, dawg! 

Guy: No doubt.

Pranker: Alright, so you are-, you want me hook you up, with some PRO-MO? 

Guy: Yeah man, you think you could throw me on your favorites or something?

Pranker: All, y-, maybe dawg, maybe I could hit you with a favorite, can you drop me another verse right quick, on the telephone?

Guy: Uh-, you just want something off the Diznit? 

Pranker: Right off the DOME dawg. 

Guy: Alright.

Pranker: Alright well, yeah-, yeah-, uh-, let me give you a topic, uh-, what about a-, hit-, hit me with one about BALL SACK?

Guy: A ball sack? 

Pranker: Yeah.

Guy: [Laughs] alright, this is crazy [laughs]

Pranker: Actually, scratch that man, you know what man, just, hit me with a freestyle, dude I just want you to-, to-, you know like-

Pranker: kind of work around, this phrase, and-, and uh rhyme with it, alright? 

Guy: Uh, alright. 

Pranker: Alright, uh, rhyme with, I GOT PRANKED.

Guy: I got pranked? 

Pranker: Yeah, rhyme with that. 


Guy: Damn-

Pranker: Hit me up with the freestyle.

Guy: Alright. HOMIE you know I got that DANK, you see me in the club, man I'm puffing that STANK, my N***A, [laughs], and I got that STANK-

Guy: catch me on MTV, but I ain't got PRANKED, you see me come around man, my chain got LANKS-, then I come-

Pranker: No man, they-, they should catch you on! Because you got pranked, right homeboy? [Laughing] 

Guy: I got pranked? 

Pranker: Maybe? Do you feel like you got pranked? 

Guy: Yeah I fe-, it sounded kind of fishy.

Pranker: Sounded kind of fishy? 

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: Alright dawg, well man! You-, you a good sport though homeboy!

Guy: I got pranked, right?  

Pranker: Maybe, what you feel like? 

Guy: Yeah, mad fishy-

Pranker: Did you-

Guy: you wanted a rap-

Pranker: subscribe to me dawg? Because I don't fark with that, I'm not farking-, I don't-, don't BULLCRAPING me now, don't just say you clicked it.

Guy: I did definitely but, you had me rapping about ball sacks and penises and double ended dildos, kind of seemed kind of fishy.

Pranker: I mean you-, you-, you were down with it. You didn't complain or nothing.

Guy: Why would I complain? [Laughing] I-

Pranker: I don't know. Because you don't fark with that HOMO CRAP, maybe? 

Guy: Huh? I could make it not sound homo, because I'm not, [laughs].

Pranker: Alright, well, well-, thanks for tuning in man, maybe you see this video, on the motherfarking YouTube channel, alright? 

Guy: Yeah, you probably got me on the air, trying to blow me up.

Pranker: Well, I mean, want me to, I-, I could drop your name man, get you-, I'll get you mad hits on the YOUTUBE. For sure. 

Guy: Man, this is going to make me look bad! [Laughing]

Pranker: No man, they won't make you look bad, making you like a good sport to be honest, you live on the air right now. Everybody-

Guy: I-

Pranker: Everybody be LOVING YOU, and they think you are a good SPORT.

Guy: [Laughing] I really don't care man! 

Pranker: Alright homeboy! Well uh-, I'm glad, you know, I'm glad I got to talk to your ass, and uh-, you know rest assured-

Pranker: this-, if this video goes up ONLINE, you going to get MAD HITS on the YouTube, getting MAD hits.

Guy: Yeah, I'm just going to be laughing [laughs].

Pranker: What happened? I mean it's-, it's supposed to be funny, you know what I'm saying? But you-, you still going to get HITS, going to get MAD HITS.

Guy: Oh yeah. 

Pranker: Alright dawg, well I love your ass, alright?

Guy: Yeah, you-, you crapped on me though, [laughs].

Pranker: No dawg, dawg, hey yo real talk man, I think you are a cool ass-, cool ass dude, and for even like, staying on the phone, for this long, for even-

Guy: RIPPITY RAPPING for me, honestly you a cool ass dude.

Guy: [Laughs], ay no doubt man.

Pranker: Alright, I LOVE YOU.

Guy: [Laughs] be easy fag.

Pranker: Yo, come on man, don't leave me hanging like that, love me too dawg. We ain't got no shame, you know I'm saying? 

Guy: [Laughs], I'm starting to think you really is homo-

Pranker: Hey yo, I LOVE YOU, dawg, say it back, come on.

Guy: Alright man, peace!

Pranker: Hey yo, HUGS AND KISSES my dawg [kiss sound].

Guy: Yeah, you are the-, you are a funny man, you a funny dude.

Pranker: No man, I-, dawg. Come on man, show me that LOVE, I'm feeling mad lonely today man, you gon', you gon', you are going to HURT MY FEELINGS. 

Guy: Alright man, be easy, later man.

Pranker: Alright-, alright-, alright HOMIE G SKILLET, it was nice talking to you, take it easy.

Guy: Alright man, you need some orange pills? 

Pranker: Alright, LOVE YOU. 

Guy: Yeah, you too. 

Pranker: [Kiss sound]

Guy: Yeah, you a faggot n***a. 

Pranker: DAYUM DAWG? What you doing man? 


00:12:45 --> 00:12:45

Guy: [Laughs]


00:12:45 --> 00:12:59

Pranker: WHY YOU DROP THE F-BOMB ON ME LIKE THAT? [Laughing] [speaking to audience] he hung up, oh God.


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