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Feb 9, 2012 2.6M views 0 comments

Category: Craigslist and Backpage pranks, prank call 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Rakesh
Prank Victim: Random man
Rage Level: Feel-good

Indian prank call video with a crazy goat milker!

Best quotes: 

  • “You have to care very nice GOOD GOOD GOOD you can NOT diiiiiiing ardiss skillie hahmilay scurrdy ahhh… You know, goat PULLING. NOT GOOD.”
  • “But uh skillie hahmahlee uhhh scumlee uh luhh skillie lah? TEET! Right?”
  • “Maybe if you coming to the farm area I can show you, you know, hardiss kuhlimleeyaaah instruction tutorial right? Pulling the teet, JACK. Tit. Right?”
  • “You don’t like to make goat mad, NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD GOOOD. OOoOOooOoohh” 

Body of content:

I found an ad posted by a guy looking to buy some fresh goat milk, and decided to prank call him as Rakesh, a completely weird Indian goat owner! I messed with him a bit while questioning his knowledge of milking goats, and he was incredibly patient and nice about it. In the end, I think he was still too weirded out by Rakesh’s antics to consider buying any milk from him!

This turned out the be a funny, lighthearted prank with a cool guy! Hopefully he got a laugh out of the strange conversation in the end. What crazy Indian prank call should Rakesh pull next? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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[phone ringing]

Guy: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Hello my friend how you're doing?

Guy: Hello, I'm doing pretty good, I can hear you better now.

Pranker: Aww, me too my friend before telephone not good.

Pranker: But now the telephone good. Okay I want to tell you I saw your advertisement on..

Pranker: ... Craiglist right? DO you make a post?

Guy: Uh, yes, uh...  Yes I do. That uh...

Guy: ... Uh, Ford XL extended cab?

Pranker: No I am... Uh about the goat milk right?

Guy: You're calling about which car?

Pranker: Th-the goat milk, you have a goat?

Guy: Oh, a goat! 

Guy: No, uh... I was uh... Trying t- find some goat milk.

Pranker: I am- 

Guy: [fart]

Pranker: Ye- yes sir I have a goat milk I HAVE MANY more 

Guy: Oh, you do? Okay w- good deal! Yeah.

Pranker: Alright, can-

Guy: Uhm....

Pranker: Do you have experience with the goat milking, right?

Guy: Uhm, no, I- I've milked a goat, I mean I milked cows when I was really young uhm...

Guy: ... and uhm, a boy soo I haven't milked a goat, I don't guess it much difference in a...

Guy: Uhm... You know... Milking a goat-

Pranker: NO! But my friend it is a lot different you know?

Pranker: It is very different species you have to care very nice, good, GOOD, GOOD...

Pranker: You can not s***w the, ahh, you know, goat pulling... Not good.

Guy: Oh, okay well, I-

Pranker: Okay but I tell you- but can you explain to me... 

Pranker: ...How if you were to have a goat in front of you right now, how... you milk?

Pranker: Can you tell me? So I can know if you are th-

Guy: Huuuh... Well I would just try to milk it like a cow, I don't really know, uh...

Guy: Uh... Yeah- 

Pranker: But uh skillie hahmahalee uhhh, scumlee uhh luhh, skillie luhh?

Pranker: TEET, right?

Guy: I'm sorry, what? 

Pranker: Uhm, I'm telling you, you know you have to get the goat and you have to pull up skillie...

Pranker: ... THE TEET right? Can you pull the TEET? 

Pranker: Do you know how to pull the TEET?

Guy: No, no sir I don't. 

Pranker: Okay... Maybe if you coming to the farm area I can show you, you know...

Pranker: ...Hardis Kuhlimleyaaaah intruction tutorial right, pulling the TEET JACK.

Pranker: TEET. Right? 

Guy: [sniff]

Guy: Okay are y- Where you located? 

Pranker: I'm in the HUNTINGSVILLE right? Like you right?

Guy: Oh well that's good uhh...

Pranker: Uh- k- but-ing skillie umleeyuh, but-ing skillie umleeyuh... TEET PULLING ball sack right?

Guy: Uh- I'm sorry, would you repeat that?

Pranker: I am wondering if you- How much money you're going to pay for the...

Pranker: ... Hardiss Kimleeyuh pulling of the TEET milk ball sack right?

Guy: Well, I didn't know uh... 

Guy: What is the going price for a gallon of- of milk GOAT MILK. I-

Guy: I don't r- I don't know- woo- w-

Pranker: One gallon for you my friend, you pull the TEET yourself...

Pranker: ...I give you gallon for maybeeee...

Pranker: I don't know let me think. Ah...

Pranker: Three dollar maybe. Can we do that?

Guy: Three d- three dollars a gallon if I milk the goat?

Pranker: But-ing kuhlimleeyaaah buhliss killee three- three fifty nine, plus tax, you know?

Guy: 3.59$ plus tax? 

Pranker: Yes my friend. 

Guy: Uhm... 

Pranker: Okay, but do you know you must do the right caressing right?

Pranker: You must please the co- the goat right. 

Pranker: If you milk the TEET you have to rub- you have to do other things too to make the goat happy right?

Guy: Yeah, yeah... I wouldn't want to upset it.

Pranker: The you don- m- y- My friend, you don't like to make goat mad. Not good, not good good.

Pranker: The get a-

Guy: Yeah- Yeah. Yeah...

Pranker: Ohh...

Pranker: Say it- say it with me right? 

Guy: [chuckles]

Pranker: OOOOHH...

Guy: Yeah. Huh right. I wouldn't want to make him upset. I-

Pranker: Ca- Can- can you say it with me my friend? Oooohhh...

Guy: Yeah. Aaaawwww... Okay?

Pranker: [chuckles] That is right!

Pranker: [laughing]

Guy: Okay, uh-

Pranker: I like that my friend! 

Guy: I- I-

Guy: I would be interested, you know... Probably, I don't know...

Guy: ...four or five gallons a month or something like that ah- Prob-

Guy: I don't know how much really I would drink but... I have a problem with a...

Guy: Regular milk, it bothers me and uhm... 

Pranker: Aw, does it make-

Guy: GOAT-

Pranker: Does it make you-

Guy: I like- Yeah it uh...

Guy: ... I've got allergies I guess and it kind of bothers me and I can hardly drink it.

Pranker: But, it making the- it make you POOP-CHUTE the diarrhea right?

Guy: Well, uh... No, it causes mucus in my nose. Uh, I've-

Pranker: Oooohh...

Guy: I've got allergies and uh...

Pranker: Ooohhh...

Guy: What I need is something that's not processed through...

Pranker: Ooohhh...

Guy: You know the re- THE RE-G- goat milk uh that...

Pranker: Ooohhh...

GUy: You buy at Walmart, uh...

Pranker: Oooohhh...

Guy: It can- It kind of bothers me too but... 

Pranker: Ooohhh...

Guy: I like some FRESH goat milk. Fresh goat milk, right?

Pranker: Ooohhh... The fresh one, right? Ooohhh...

Guy: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Uhm... 

Pranker: Ooohhh...

Guy: Okay.

Pranker: Alright, uh-

Guy: Uhh-

Pranker: Do you know how to doing I wanting you to tell you, you know... 

Pranker: ...once you get the goat and you pull the TEET right, you have to massage the TEET very nice, very slow.

Pranker: Right?

Guy: Oh, okay.

Pranker: But you cannot pull- you cannot pull too hard right?

Pranker: You're going to... How you say in your country? 

Pranker: "FARK UP" the other- the other, right? 

Guy: Right...

Pranker: I so you-you t-

Guy: Okay.

Pranker: You need to- you need to pulling on it right, very nice slow...

Pranker: And then you must rub r- make rubbing of the uh... What do you say, ball sack right?

Guy: Okay...

Pranker: D- do- do-

Guy: You just-

Guy: You just really have to show me, eh...

Pranker: But I don't- but my friend, you know you have to having experience some time you know?

Pranker: I read your advertisement, you tell me " I know how to milk the goat"

Pranker: I do the milking right, I milk the goat, I pull the TEET.

Pranker: I am looking how you pull the TEET, but now you tell me you don't know how to pull the TEET.

Pranker: What am I do right?

Pranker: Okay, if I have to teach you my friend, I have to charge you maybe 5$.

Guy: Yeah...

Guy: Well... Uh, you're little high on that. I'm-I'm just going to wait.

Pranker: Noo! My friend, I am not high I am SOBER right now.

Guy: No, oh no, I'm talking about uh... On the price. I-I-

Pranker: Ooohhh... 

Guy: I probably c-

Guy: I could probably find it a little cheap-

Pranker: Ooohhh...

Guy: I probably could find it a little cheaper that that.

Pranker: Ooohh! But my friend nobody has good goat like me.

Pranker: My goat? I sleep with him at night you know? I pet him...

Pranker: ... I take care of my goat, he make a very good milk for me. Right?

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: Okay. Can you tell me- uh okay. So you know what you wanting to do it?

Pranker: Or you want to think about it and I call you back later?

Pranker: Yeah, uh... 

Pranker: Ooohhh...

Guy: You would just give me a call back later.

Pranker: Ooohhh...

Guy: Le-Let me think about it okay? 

Pranker: Okay my friend, can you say one more time with me?  

Pranker: Ooohhh... I like it when you do- 

Guy: Oh-

Guy: Awww, yeah. Okay.

Pranker: Okay, alright. You sound like you- Okay, that-

Pranker: That one kind of creepy you know my friend? Oh hoh!

Pranker: Okay. Alright. I talk to you later.  

Guy: Alright, thank you.

Pranker: Ok, I love you my friend.

Guy: Uh, you too, goodbye.

Pranker: Ah- WHAT? MY FRIEND?

Guy: I see- Oh, oh you- You too! Okay!

Pranker: "Me too" what? You have to say with me my friend.

Guy: Ah- ah- well love you too, yeah...


Pranker: Thank you my friend.

Guy: Awww-oooh- yeah.

Guy: Alright. Thank you.

Pranker: Okay. Alright. 

Guy: Bye.

Pranker: Toodles.

Guy: Okay, goodbye.

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Holly crap. [laughing]


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