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Nature Documentary Prank - Film For Out Of Africa

Aug 20, 2017 1.1M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls, Craigslist and Backpage pranks
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Russell, Alexander
Prank Victim: Craigslist user
Rage Level: Mellow

Suspicious movie prank from a film company in Africa!

Best quotes: 

  • “Ok, so you have not- you have not explored her bush already?”
  • “100% and you think you probably wanna kiss her, go balls deep the whole kit and kaboodle.”
  • “We need to see y- your snake MEET her snake pit, you- do you understand what I'm saying?”

Body of content:

This guy met a Nigerian woman online, and is dying to finally meet his 'true love'. I called him up as a Nigerian filmmaker that wants to fly him out and make a movie out of the experience. Little did he know, this was no typical romance movie, but a full on naughty film!!

He had a surprisingly good sense of humor about the ridiculous call, and when I discovered more about his life I found out he was a pretty great guy! I started a campaign to help get him to Africa to meet his love. How do you think their story turned out? Would you go that far to meet a person you met online? Let me know in the comments below!


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Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Would we be able to film you, uhm, you know on your first intimate night-

Pranker: together? Would that be something you're comfortable with?

Guy: You say you're out of Africa Entertainment, are you a porn site?

[glass break sound]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: I called up this guy who met a Nigerian woman online, and he's madly in love with her.

Pranker: He put up an ad on Craigslist looking for potential backers who could pay for his flight to Nigeria.

Pranker: and said he'd be willing to have his experience filmed for a TV show. I called him up as Alexander-

Pranker: a Nigerian producer for a reality show, and offered to have him to be a star on my TV program. You all ready for a new character? Leggo.

[phone ringing]

Guy: Hello, this is Chris!

Pranker [speaking as Alexander]: H- h- hello, I see your advertisement here about wanting to go to Nigeria.

Guy: Yes!

Pranker: OKAY! I wanted to see if I can do anything to help you my brother.

Guy: Ok, what were you planning on doing?

Pranker: Well- eh- you know- of course- here on the- on the posting, I don't have enough information about what happened.

Pranker: So I want to hear from you direct.

Guy: I'm planning on going there the 14th of January, I wanna go there and marry her.

Pranker: Basically, I saw on your posting that you said you are willing to have somebody film the trip!

Guy: Yes!

Pranker: My brother has one production company! He work out in- in Nigeria but also has a one subsidiary here in the United States!

Pranker: So I want to see what he can do to- to- to sponsor your trip and he tell me he is willing to do this.

Guy: Ok, ok, so what does he need?

Pranker: So basically my- my brother he specialize in the nature film! So I want to see, you know-

Guy: Ok.

Pranker: we can take you out there to show you around a little bit, and- and you can go out into the bush.

Guy: That would be fine. I would have no problem with that.

Pranker: You don- do you know the Nigerian bush?

Guy: I- I don't know the Nigerian bush, and she lives in the city. So-

Pranker: Ok, so you have not- you have not explored her bush already?

Guy: She lives in the city, I'll ignore that joke right there.

Pranker: Okay, because we want to do like a very good documentary to say like we had the man here from the United States-

Pranker: come out to Africa, meet African woman and it's the very beautiful love story.

Guy: Yes it is!

Pranker: OKAY! Uh- brother, give me one second, I will transfer you to my colleague.

[phone ringing]

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Uh, this is Russell Schwartz calling from out of Africa entertainment, uh, how you doing today?

Guy: FINE!

Pranker: So, we are a subsidiary of National Geographic, we're working on a reality series about people finding love on the Internet.

Pranker: Even in places like Nigeria-

Guy: Right.

Pranker: and travelling across the world for love.

Guy: Well I've been talking to one girl that I met over the Internet through a website called Badoo-

Guy: for three years now, uh, I have been trying to get to Nigeria to actually meet her.

Pranker: Would we be able to film you uh, you know, on your first intimate night together? Would that be something you're comfortable with?

Guy: You say you're out of Africa Entertainments, are you a porn site?

Pranker: Uh, no, no, no sir, not at all actually, again, we're a subsidiary-

Guy: Oh okay, as far as us kissing and holding each other, you're gonna get that as soon as we get into the airport, because there's-

Guy: no way I'm gonna see a girl that haven't met 3 years and not kissing her within five seconds.

Pranker: I- I completely understand sir-

Guy: That uh, that- uh that's going to happen no matter who is watching!

Pranker: A 100% and you think you probably wanna kiss her, go balls deep the whole kit and kaboodle, I completely understand it's been such a very long time.

Guy: Yeah, right! Right.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, uh, so, you know it- it would be tasteful, you know, I mean I- have you ever picked up a copy of- of National Geographic? Are- are you familiar with-

Guy: Oh yeah, I know it's re- eh- yeah I've- I've- so-

Pranker: Got you, and you are familiar with our style of quote unquote natural photography, correct?

Guy: Yes, I'm very well aware of natural photography.

Pranker: No, it's just, you know, like, in the jungle the droopy eggplant kind of thing like- like we're roaming around with wild animals with your family-

Pranker: around, it's a very natural, very like open, honest, uh- you know-

Guy: Oh yeah.

Pranker: let me go ahead and put you on hold, I'm gonna get Alexander on the line.

Guy: Oh ok.

Pranker: Alright great!

Guy: Ok! [explosion sound]

Pranker [speaking as Alexander]: HELLO CHRIS!

Guy: Yes sir!

Pranker: How are you doing, my brother, it's so good to hear your voice one more time.

Guy: I- I AM FINE! I'm just driving to get my kids right now.

Pranker: I- I- I don't get explanation from uh- Russell but I want to hear from you. I uh want to see you meet your fiance-

Pranker: I want to see you interact, I want-

Guy: I AM comfortable with it, I would have to ask her if she is comfortable with it.

Pranker: Do you mind if I ask what- what- he- your- your body type- your body type is- is- it's- it-

Guy: I AM UGLY! Alex- uh Alexander, I AM UGLY, I'm a- I'm FIVE FOOT, I'm fat, eh- and I am not that good looking.

Pranker: can we consider maybe going to like a work out to the gym or something to maybe lose five-ten pound?

Guy: I GO I- I go to the gym daily! I was at the gym last night.

Pranker: W- we need to see y- your snake MEET her snake pit, you- do you understand what I'm saying?

Guy: IT'S NOT THAT BIG! No amount of the gym is going to change that.

Pranker: Bru- brother to brother-

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: how big- how big is the snake?

Guy: It's about FIVE INCHES, it's not that big sir!

Pranker: Ok! Look, that is nothing to be ashamed of, that is natural-

Guy: I'M NOT ASHAMED, I mean I told you, I ne- it is what it is.

Pranker: they say in America, you are going to beat the pu**y up. You- you haven't see her in so long-

Pranker: I know you want to go.

Guy: I understand that, but the thing about it is, I can't tell you it's going to be good for filming.

Pranker: The show is about getting very deep, we want to get deep in the relationship, deep in the brain! Deep in the emotion.

Guy: I- I- I understand that Alex.

Pranker: The technology these days, you have a camera that can be as small as the pinky, it very tiny.

Pranker: So I want to know, can we put a small camera b- o- on the snake perhaps to get like a deep- deep look inside?

Guy: Yeah, Alex, I don't have a problem with that, it's whether or not she says yes sir.

Pranker: Bru- brother to brother, can we have one st- time where I can meet you to take a look just to make sure like-

Pranker: just to see what you are working with?

Guy: Where are you? I mean I'm off Wednesday?

Pranker: I will come fri- I can come to you, but I want to maybe meet, shake your hand and we can look person to person-

Pranker: then I can just see your body.

Guy: That's fine. If you want to see me sometime Wednesday let me know.

Pranker: Ok, but you are comfortable showing me your snake brother to brother, right?

Guy: Yeah I don't have a problem with it.

Pranker: If we want to give it a TWIST can I set you up with one of my other brothers or something like this, like-

Pranker: you can pretend like you are having a side affair, something like that?

Guy: With a GUY? Ewh.

Pranker: Eh just- uh- brother to brother, but right.

Guy: No, not with a guy, ewh.

Pranker: What if it's somebody you are comfortable with I can show you my snake too?

Guy: Uh, no, not with a guy. Ewh. [hang up]

Pranker: I understand, but if it's going to- I- he- hello? [laughing][speaking to audience]: Finally! Finally! He was phased!

Pranker: Oh my God, nothing- that guy's a character. I- I think we have to help get him to Nigeria.

Pranker: The more I read up about this guy's life on his Twitter account, the more I realized what a courageous and determined man he is.

Pranker: The guy works three jobs and raises two children all by himself, and he had a pretty tough life.

Pranker: He's also clearly madly in love with this Nigerian woman. I decided that it was time to put an end to the prank and reveal that it was just a joke.

[phone ringing]

Guy: Hello, this is Chris!

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Hey Chris, how are you?

Guy: Hi! How you doing today?

Pranker: I'm good, thank you for asking, you know this Russell calling again with out of Africa Entertainment, I was hoping to go ahead and-

Guy: Yes. I know I- yes.

Pranker: and get a hold- I did wanna go ahead and call you today regarding some next steps, I- I wanted to also apologize about Alexander, uh- I think he-

Pranker: we have his calls monitored, and I was listening to some of the conversation he was having with you-

Guy: Uh- yeah-

Pranker: the first time around and I don't know he was being a little unprofessional and kind of strange, so we actually re- reprimanded him for- for that-

Pranker: he's on a little probationary period now.

Guy: [mumbling] You know what, I- like I said- I don't know where he was going with that and I deal with weird people, mhm.

Pranker: I honestly yeah- you- you- you handled the weirdness like a champ.

Guy: Yes.

Pranker: I do wanna uh- fill you in on-

Guy: Yes.

Pranker: on one last little tidbit.

Guy: Okay!

Pranker: [explosion sound] My name is indeed Russell, but I'm not with out of Africa Entertainment per say.

Guy: Mhm.

Pranker: I- I'm actually a voice actor and comedian and this is indeed a prank call, but I think me and my audience-

Guy: Yes!

Pranker: me and my audience of four million subscribers can hopefully help you towards your goal of getting to Nigeria.

Guy: I- FELT, I FELT that it was a prank call, uh-

Pranker: [laughing]

Guy: I do appreciate your sense of humor, but like I said, if you can get the word out as far as-

Pranker: Dude, I'm honestly- I- I'm honestly super down, I'm gonna- I'm gonna toss you a 100 bucks myself on your go fund me-

Pranker: as like a small token of- of-

Guy: Thank you.

Pranker: of my appreciation and then on top of that, I'm gonna-

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: I am gonna go ahead and try to get my audience to- to- to rally and try to get you to Nigeria.

Guy: I appreciate that, and I hope you got some good uh- I hope you got some good comedy out of it, I do.

Pranker: [laughing]

Guy: Because I do appreciate good comedy.

Pranker: I honestly- no, no, for sure! I mean- [speaking to audience as Alexander]: My brothers, we must help get this man to Nigeria.

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