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Lost Granny Prank - Left Alone At Walmart!

Oct 20, 2013 1.9M views 0 comments

Category: Walmart pranks, prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Juan, Russell
Prank Victim: Walmart
Rage Level: Mellow

Lost granny prank call leaves Walmart employees confused!

Best quotes: 

  • “My grandmother is not "it"! She's a person!”
  • “He was from the ass department ok, he was very official.”
  • “I left her in the backside of my van she was sleeping the whole time.”

Body of content:

In this lost granny prank call, I told Walmart employees that Juan left his grandmother behind in the store and needed help finding her. They had the hardest time understanding his accent, but eventually I was able to convince them to call for Juan’s granny over the intercom in the store! Can you imagine shopping at Walmart and randomly hearing that? Let me know what you thought of this funny prank call in the comments below!


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[phone ringing]

Employee: Thank you for calling [censored] Walmart, may I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Juan]: Hola, como estas? Em... I-I need somebody to help me with e- como se dice Una- una situation I have wi-with today.

Employee: In which department?

Pranker: I-I left my-my grandmother- I left her inside Walmart and I forget until now!

Pranker: And I remember now, very worry about her. Si!

Employee: I'll have to transfer you to a CSM, they can probably look for it, just a moment.

Pranker: No- My grandmother is not "it"! She's a person!

Employee: Just a moment.

Pranker: My grandmother.

Employee: I'll have to transfer you so someone can look for the item.

Pranker: If- eh- ugh- It's my grandmother, is not a- not an item!

Employee: It's a grandmother?

Pranker: Si!

Employee: Ok, let me transfer you to someone that can understand Spanish and interpret for me.

Pranker: Oh- Okay, si! Si! Si!

Employee: Sir?

Pranker: Halo- halo?

Employee: Sir?

Pranker: Si!

Employee: She's ready. I'm gonna transfer you.

Pranker: Ok. Who?

Employee: The person I can transfer- talk to you , just a moment.

Employee2: Hola, como lo puedo ayudar?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Uh, hello?

Employee2: Si?

Pranker: Yeah, hi, uhm... I was just talking to some lady and, for some reason, she was having an issue on understanding me.

Pranker: I uh- I don't- I'm sorry, are you uhm... I don't really know why I got transferred to you...

Employee2: Okay. How can I help you?

Pranker: Uh, yeah, I just wanted to speak to the electronics department please and- and uh, she told me...

Pranker: "I need to find somebody who can understand your accent" And I- I was kind of confused, and I still am.

Employee2: Okay, just a moment, let me transfer you to electronics.

Pranker: Alright, thank you!

Employee2: You're welcome.

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Okay, I'm gonna call her back now, and be like [as Juan]: "What happened?"

[phone ringing]

Employee: Thank you for calling [censored] Walmart, may I help you?

Pranker: Hola, como estas, I- she tells me I have to tell you to-to make a page for somebody right?

Employee: Right.

Pranker: Okay, can you make a page for me? She tells me to talk to you.

Employee: What's the person's name?

Pranker: Okay her name is eh- Consuela.

Employee: Where do you need her paged to?

Pranker: Can you page her to come to the front- the front desk? ... Area.

Employee: To the... courtesy desk?

Pranker: Si! Tell her- her name's Consuela Rodrigo Romero. Si.

Employee: I'll say Consella.

Pranker: C-Consuela Rodrigo Romero! Because sometimes there's more than one Consuela inside, it's a very common-

Employee: I cannot pronounce the last part. Okay?

Pranker: Try- try to say with me. CONSUELA RODRIGO ROMERO. Si!

Employee: I'm gonna say Consella.

Pranker: CONSUELA RODRIGO ROMERO. Can you say with me?

Employee: No, I can't.

Pranker: Okay, I'll say Consuela.

Pranker: Okay I will wait, si...

Employee: Okay...

Pranker: Okay.

Pranker [speaking to audience]: She- she hung up what the heck [laughing] What? [laughing]

[phone ringing]

Employee: Thank you for calling [censored] Walmart, may I help you?

Pranker: Hola como estas? Did you uh- I was waiting on the phone, I thought you were going to come back and tell me you called her. But then I- You hang up on me.

Employee: I called her to the courtesy desk. Is she going to the front of the store?

Pranker: Wel I-I-I-I want to find her first, because she doesn't have the telephone, I thought maybe she came to the front and- and- and you tell me- and then I-

Pranker: I talk to her and tell her you know, CONSUELA RODRIGO ROMERO, don't worry! I love you. I'm going to come get you. You know? Si.

Employee: She- are you in the store?

Pranker: I am- I am- I'm very close by right now, porque, I-I'm looking for her, I-I look outside, I look in the-the nearby store...

Pranker: I'm looking everywhere. But I can- can you check the uh- the department for me?

Employee: Okay, I'm the main phone line for the store and most customers do not get on this phone to take calls.

Employee: So I called her two different parts of the store.

Pranker: But- but you don't understand! I- MA'AM I AM VERY WORRIED! OKAY?

Pranker: My- my grandmother she's inside the store! I don't know what to do [mumbling]

Pranker: You know? I-

Employee: I have to call management and have them try to get a hold of her.

Pranker: Okay but can you-

Employee: I'll page her again to the courtesy desk.


Employee: I cannot leave this phone line. I'm the main phone for the store.

Pranker: You can leave but for one minute- one minute! Si, si, si, one minute! Si!

Employee: Just a moment.

Pranker: Okay!

Employee: Sir?

Pranker: Si?

Employee: There's someone going to the courtesy desk to see if she's standing up there.

Pranker: Ok- ok- ok- ok- a-are you gonna come back and tell me if she's there?

Employee: No, I'm gonna have you on hold for just a minute.

Pranker: Ok. Ok.

Employee: Sir?

Pranker: Hola como estas?

Employee: We have one of- we have one of the managers looking right now. Just a minute.

Pranker: Okay- Okay- okay- okay- okay- okay- okay- si! Thank you very much!

Pranker: Consuela Rodrigo Romero. Si.

Employee: Can you call me right back? They're not responding. They haven't found her yet.

Pranker: Ah- [stuttering] You don't find her?

Employee: Not yet, no one's called me back yet.

Pranker: [inhale] Okay, ok look I uh- c-can you have somebody looking in the department she was in because l-last time I talked to her...

Pranker: ... she tells me ok "I'm gonna be uh- I'm gonna look here uh adult diaper", she look for that-

Employee: In the store?

Pranker: No, no, no, she was looking for the diaper, si. And she- I left her, I forgot. Si. [weeps]

Pranker: C-can you please try to call her again? You- you have to say- you have to say her full name!

Employee: I'm gonna call her again, just a moment.

Pranker: You have to say her full name, si!

Employee: Just a moment.

Pranker: Consuela Rodrigo Romero, you have to say this one.

Pranker: Hallo?

Employee3: This is Kathrine, how can I help you? [cough] Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Hello? Yea...

Employee3: Yes, how can I help you?

Pranker: Yeah, I was on hold for sporting goods?

Employee3: Oh! Ok, uh, give me one second.

Pranker: Alright, thank you.

Employee3: Mhm.

Pranker [speaking to audience]: [laughing] This poor lady. Okay, now I have to call back one more time.

[phone ringing]

Employee: Thank you for calling [censored] Walmart, may I help you?

Pranker: Hola, como estas, I'm calling now I-I wait on the phone but-but somebody hang up on me again!

Employee: The person that answered the phone when she picked it up, uh she got the impression you wanted sporting goods, so now I've got to get that manager back on the line, just a moment.


Employee: I will get the manager on the line, just a moment.

Pranker: You have to say CONSUELA RODRIGO ROMERO because I'm calling her I need to-I need someboodee to call her and-and find my grandmother! Please!

Employee: She will. As soon as I can get her on the line, just a moment.

Pranker: I'm very worried now, because somebody- nobody wants to help me

Employee: Just a moment... I-I-

Pranker: [making chicken sounds]

Employee: I need to get her on the phone.

Pranker: Okay. Okay, okay...

[phone number]

Employee: Thank you for calling [censored] Walmart, may I help you?

Pranker: Hola como estas, I-I waiting on the phone, no-nobody come help me!

Employee: Just a moment.

Pranker: Yeah- can you please do the [noise] hello?

Employee: Just a moment...

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Okay I take up, I was literally about to farking laugh so hard, I did not think that she was gonna- I thought she would've gotten off by the time I finished my [noise][laughing]

Pranker: But she was just standing there listening. And then said "Just a moment".

[phone ringing]

Employee: Thanks for calling [censored] Walmart, may I help you?

Pranker: Hola, como estas? Can you please call my grandmother on the intercom please? Her full name?

Employee: Just a moment. I'm gonna transfer you, I have somebody waiting.

Pranker: I am- I talk to you five- ten times now!

Pranker: Hello? I need your help please?

[phone ringing]

Employee4: Asset protections.

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Uh, hello?

Employee4: Yes.

Pranker: Hi, I was speaking to somebody uh, at the- what department is this?

Employee4: This is our assets protection office? What can I help you with?

Pranker: Your ass set protection office?

Employee4: Yes.

Pranker: Oh, well I was speaking to somebody at the uh, the answering service as she told me please hold.

Pranker: I was waiting actually to talk to her and I think she might have accidentally transferred me, could you transfer me back there please?

Employee4: Uhm, yeah.

Pranker: Thanks.

[phone ringing]

Employee: Thank you for calling [censored] Walmart. May I help you?

Pranker: Hello, I talked to someboodee in the ass- the ass protection department, he told me I have to ask you to page her one more time...

Pranker: ... with her full name, can you do for me please?

Employee: I'll try...

Pranker: He was from the ass department ok, he was very official.

Employee: Yes, he was.

Pranker: Ok, ok... I uh, her name is Consuela Rodrigo Romero. And you have to, you know, call, if you say the full name it be better.

Pranker: BECAUSE SHE WILL UNDERSTAND. Consuela Rodrigo Romero.

Pranker: So have someboodee call her for me please.

Employee: And wha... She's still gonna have to up front to meet you.

Pranker: Ok, ok, ok I know, but I'm very worried right now, because uh, you know I uh...

Pranker: My grandmother, she's a very old lady and-and-and-

Employee: I have-


Employee: ... to page her, I have someone standing in front of me just a moment.

Pranker: Okay, thank you. [chicken sounds] I appreciate. Si.

[phone ringing]

Employee: Thank you for calling [censored] Walmart, may I help you?

Pranker: Hola como estas? I want to tell you I-I found my grandmother, I want to say thank you for helping me.

Employee: Okay, thank you.

Pranker: She wa- I-I left her in the backside of my van she was sleeping the whole time.

Pranker: I thought I left her in Walmart.

Employee: Ok.

Pranker: Okay, ok, are you angry at me or anything?

Employee: I've gotta answer another call.

Pranker: Ok are you upset with me? I'm sorry ok?

Employee: That's ok.

Pranker: Ok, I love you. Do you love me too?

Employee: Bye bye.

Pranker: Do you love- Hello? Ha? Excuse me?

Employee: Bye bye.

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Ok, [laughing] she may seem angry, but she doesn't love me too, which is clearly a sign that she's... [laughing]

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