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Crazy Taco Bell Prank Call - Cinco De Mayo Party???

May 7, 2017 772.7K views 0 comments

Category: Restaurant pranks, prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Juan
Prank Victim: Taco Bell
Rage Level: Mellow

Cinco de Mayo party Taco Bell prank call!

Best quotes: 

  • “MY FAVORITE uh mango is a BLACK MANGO.”
  • “I pick it on a tree myself. You know I climbing like a monkey, I- I pull it.”
  • “I wanna bring my own avocados because if I come there and use your avocados, you're gonna have the one inside the packeta…”

Body of content:

For Cinco de Mayo, I did a Taco Bell prank call as Juan Martinez! Our Mexican character is looking to have a HUGE Cinco de Mayo fiesta at the local Taco Bell, but their staff doesn’t seem as thrilled with the idea. Check out how their employees handled the crazy requests! What other fast food places should I prank call? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: Download my automatic prank-calling app and get five free calls right now. This thing will blow your mind. [glass break sound]

[phone ringing]

Lady: Taco bell, Chrysler speaking.

Pranker [speaking as Alejandro Juan Martinez]: Uh, yeah, hello? Uh, I'm- I'm calling about to ask you guy, you having eh, cinco de mayo especial?

Lady: NO.

Pranker: Oh, okay, porque, I- I was wondering, you know, I just move here with my familia, I wanted to see if you having any special kind of event-

Pranker: or something like this, I can come there and, you know, to- to celebration.

Lady: Okay, thank you. [speaking to person in the background]: KASSY, GO AHEAD MAN! [hang up]

Pranker: [laughing] [speaking to audience]: What the fark? [phone ringing]

Lady: Hi, welcome to KFC Taco Bell, how may I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Alejandro Juan Martinez]: [explosion sound] Yeah, you can help me by transferring me to your general manager, and please don't hang up, you know?

Pranker: Because I try to call already, but the phone disconnect.

Lady: [hang up]

Pranker: He- he- hello? [phone ringing]

Lady: Hi, KFC.

Pranker: [explosion sound] Yeah, hello? Is somebody trying to be a- a- a BITCH with me or something? I try to call over, OVER again, and it was phone- PHONE DISCONNECT!

Lady: [hang up]

Pranker: Hello? [laughing] [explosion sound] [speaking to audience]: Motherfarkers dude. [phone ringing]

[open phone line sound]

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Uh, hello?

Lady: Yes?

Pranker: Yeah, hi, this is Russell calling with the liberty apartments, I'm the concierge here. We have a uh- one of our tenants here-

Pranker: who's been trying to call your location over and over again, apparently he's getting the runaround, and being disrespected- hung up on-

Lady: They called, and they explained that they want the Cinco De mayer, they wanna be able to- to take tables in- in the store.

Pranker: uh huh?

Lady: They hung up, they called BACK, and they said, you know, they went to using PROFANITY towards the employee, so the employee hung the phone back up again.

Pranker: I see so- so basically, he- he was trying to get like a cinco de mayer, uh- like event of some sort?

Lady: Okay, they don't do that here.

Pranker: I think honestly it might have been just a misunderstanding, let me just go ahead and pass the phone.

Pranker [speaking as Alejandro Juan Martinez]: He- he- hello?

Lady: Yes?

Pranker: Can I coming with my family on cinco de mayo?

Lady: This is Taco Bell, you realize that, right? This is not, you know, a Mexican place, this- it's Taco Bell/KFC.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah.

Lady: You still understand that, right?

Pranker: Yeah I know, but I- I come there I- I got a nice chicken and- and Quesadilla, is- is a restaurant.

Lady: Oh, okay, okay, and you- how many people is it?

Pranker: I- I- I thinking like maybe twel- fourty- fifty, because I have my family coming from Tejas, you know, they're coming-

Pranker: coming all the way, you know I'm- I'm- my son he wanna to bring a pinata, I actually have a mariachi band, I'm gonna bring some to come-

Pranker: with my instrument and do like a little dancing, you know, maybe I can bring a margarita machine, something, you know?

Pranker: Very Enjoy!

Lady: Oh, so y'all wanna bring equipment and all that?

Pranker: My sister, I want to just have a good time and you can come sit down with us, and enjoy the food.

Lady: [laughing] Oh, y'all purchasing from here, right? Y'all purchasing food from here, right?

Pranker: Yeah, but I wanna maybe bring just a li- a little bit of outside food.

Lady: Uh-

Pranker: But see- but- porque- por example, I wanna bring my own avocados because if I come there and use your avocados-

Pranker: you're gonna have the one inside the packeta, you know with the preservative and- no- NO GOOD! You know-

Pranker: I wanna bring a nice ripe, very good! Very very nice, very FRESH is a- the most fresh, I- I pick it on a tree myself.

Pranker: You know I- I- I climbing like a monkey, I- I pull it.

Lady: Okay, could I connect you to my boss on the line?

Pranker: Do you know how to dance? Do you know how to- to do a salsa dancing?

Lady: No I don't. [laughing]

Pranker: Oh, okay, I can- I- I'm just telling you I will teach you, you know? I will teach you, I will show you-

Lady: You need to teach me?

Pranker: I- I will dance you like a ballerina on your toes- on your toes flipping, flipping, twist- twist-

Lady: Oh, ok, I- I don't- I don't- no- I don't need you to teach me salsa dancing?

Pranker: I know, but say- we can be very close, you know, I- I can smell the Taco Bell and the deep fryer-

Pranker: in your hair, you know very very romantic.

Lady: Oh. [giggles]

Pranker: Very nice, and I'm- I- I- I'm try- I'm- and then, you know you can let it slide.

Lady: You wanna bring in- in your equipment and you wanna dance in the lobby, I- I can't approve that.

Pranker: I was gonna bring you a nice dress, you know for the traditional Salsa dancing, and- but I have to make sure-

Pranker: you're- you're- your guava fruit is gonna fit inside! [laughing]

Lady: Oh okay, [laughing].

Pranker: Yeah, because if it's very BIG, might be very HARD.

Lady: Oh, okay, okay, I- I got it.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, yeah, because hon- honestly, my favorite- MY FAVORITE uh mango is a BLACK MANGO, is a best.

Lady: Oh, okay.

Pranker: Is a best one.

Lady: Black mango?

Pranker: I- I love it! I love- I love it, the black mango!

Lady: Oh, you love a black mango?

Pranker: Yeah.

Lady: Okay.

Pranker: I would- I would hon-

Lady: So that means black woman, in your- in your tone, right?

Pranker: No, is a black boobies.

Lady: Oh, black booty?

Pranker: Yeah, boo- booty or boobies something like this, right? I- and in the mean time I-

Pranker: gonna talk to my cousin, he's a tailor, I'm gonna have him make the nice uh, ma-

Pranker: make it- uh- uh- the dress ready for you.

Lady: Okay.

Pranker: Yeah, you are- you're very bootylicious! I'm gonna make it very big!

Lady: Uhm, sir, are you calling to uh- have a good day sir. [hang up]

Pranker: Do you wear extra lar- or 2X? Uh- huh- he- he- hello?

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