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Fake Pregnancy Prank Call Gives Mom A Heart Attack!

Jul 10, 2016 1.9M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Juan
Prank Victim: Mom
Rage Level: Mellow

Fake pregnancy prank scared a skeptical mom!

Best quotes: 

  • “You're gonna be a grand- MOTHEEER.”
  • “Okay, you know, I thought maybe, you want to call her if it's a girl we can do Rhonda Jr.”

Body of content:

This mom is concerned for her son because he has been in a long-distance relationship with a girl in Mexico and is worried he will go down to visit her and get in trouble! Her son wanted me to prank her and tell her that he not only visited, but he got the girl pregnant too!

She is wary of pranks because her son is a major prankster, but I made this fake pregnancy prank call SO convincing that she panicked anyway. What kind of crazy prank call would you do on your parents? Tell me in the comments below!


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: This prank is absolutely insane. So, this guy Zachary lives out of state with his aunt.

Pranker: He met a girl online named Victoria, she lives in Mexico, and since then they've been in a long-distance relationship.

Pranker: Zachary's mom lives several states away, but she's worried that he might end up visiting Victoria and potentially-

Pranker: doing something stupid or get himself in trouble. Now Zachary told me to call his mother as Victoria's father Pedro-

Pranker: and say that she's nine weeks pregnant with Zachary's baby. The call opens up with his mom thinking that someone's-

Pranker: playing a little joke on her, but shortly afterwards she starts taking things very, very seriously.

[phone ringing]

Lady: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Alejandro Juan Martinez]: Yeah, uh, can I speak with Rhonda please?

Lady: Hola?

Pranker: Yeah, Rhonda, I'm calling about Zachary.

Lady: [laughing] [inhales] I knew this [inhales] I knew it had something to do with Zachary, I just didn't know if it was Zachary-

Lady: or a friend of Zachary's, so [laughing]

Pranker: Oh, oh-

Lady: [laughing] You smart Aleck! [giggles]

Pranker: Yeah, so I- I-

Lady: Yeah [laughing]

Pranker: yeah, I-

Lady: [laughing] [inhales] okay, well you- you should-

Pranker: I- I'm glad you're in a good mood! Because, you know, I wanted to talk to you about something, you know, very important.

Lady: Okay, well, what did you wanna talk about?

Pranker: Yeah, I'm calling, you know, my- my daughter, I- I- I getting from her, I ask her to find, you know, to give me-

Pranker: Zachary mother phone number to- to call you guys and kind of just talk about, our- our kids and- and- and- and-

Pranker: w- you know, what happened?

Lady: Okay? Well, first off, who is your daughter?

Pranker: Uh, my daughter is uh- Victoria Juarez.

Lady: Victoria Juarez?

Pranker: Si.

Lady: Is this that friend- the uh- we knew that our son was talking to a girl named Victoria-

Pranker: Si, s-

Lady: but, we don't know much about that.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, si, I am her father, I am a- that's why I was calling you.

Lady: Okay? So, what do you know that I don't know? Because you said something happened, what happened?

Pranker: Yeah, you know I- uh- I- I am surprised too but I'm- I'm very excited uh, you know Victoria is saying-

Pranker: uh, she's- uh- NINE WEEKS PREGNANT!

Lady: EXCUSE ME?! Is she- a- y- could you say that again?

Pranker: Yeah, si, I- I- I, ma- b- be- you know, they- I- I don't know if they don't, you know, like they-

Pranker: you know, be careful or something, but, Victoria uh-


Pranker: OH, no, they- they- uh- they spend time together.

Lady: Huh.

Pranker: Yeah, so I wanted to see, you know, we're trying to figure out all the- the- the details and things like this-

Pranker: my daughter, she wants to- I- I try to make it a little bit later, she wanted to have it soon-

Pranker: but, we're trying to pick out a-, a place for the wedding probably some time in October.

Lady: OOOH, okay, well, first off, I need to talk to my son because, I don't know about any o- I've really been told-

Lady: that they hadn't even met yet, and now you're telling me that she's- how many weeks pregnant?

Pranker: Yeah, eh- nin- nine weeks!

Lady: Nine weeks and what is your name again sir?

Pranker: Yeah, I- I am Pedro.

Lady: Pedro, Pedro Juarez.

Pranker: Si, so-

Lady: Well now, see you have to understand my son likes to call and play jokes on us with different accents-

Lady: and things, and that's why I was laughing because usually he tends to call and play jokes on me-

Lady: and his dad and then we get confused as to who's calling us and so, as soon as you said something-

Lady: about Zachary, I thought that it was a friend, he put a friend up to calling us, uhm, I apologize for that.

Pranker: Oh. It's okay, I was- I was very confused, you know, I thought you guys were not very-

Lady: No, I can understand that you would be confused because, you know, our son he likes to play jokes on us-

Pranker: Yeah.

Lady: and stuff so uhm, I have y- I have your number down as 717 [censored]

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, but, porque, tha- the telephone get here a little bit expensive, so I tried to call-

Pranker: from the calling card but you know, I- I can call you back later but I wanted to just talk about-

Pranker: you know, what we can do, you know, I- my- my daughter, you know, be very excited, you know-

Pranker: but I wanna see if we can, you know, start to, you know, maybe put our money together or something-

Pranker: like this, for, you know, ba- shower baby or, you know, we can try to, you know, he- we- we're gonna have a familia.

Lady: Right, uh, well, I didn't realize we were gonna have familia, because I didn't realize that my son-

Lady: and your daughter had even met [laughing] so-

Pranker: I know but- I'm very- you know I'm-

Lady: uh, please understand, I'm a little shocked here taken back actually-

Pranker: Yeah, first-

Lady: because-

Pranker: I- I was shocked too, you know, but you know, I'm also EXCITED, you know, you're gonna be a GRANDMOTHER-

Pranker: you're gonna be a grand- MOTHEEER.

Lady: [laughing] [inhales] yeah, oh and two times over it would seem, so, um, have you talked to my son? Ever on the phone?

Pranker: Si, yeah, yeah, yeah, we talk a little bit, you know, I tell him, you know, once you plant the seed like this-

Pranker: you know, you have to marry her now and he say okay, I- I very much love her and he seem very willing, you know-

Pranker: I ask him, I also wanted to talk to him because for some reason he was- I don't know- if he- he got a little bit-

Pranker: carried away or something but, all over Victoria her- her neck all over the- there is like ah- kisses, right?

Pranker: Like the- like I guess he suck her neck or something, I do- I forget the name uh, hold on.

Lady: what?

Pranker [speaking to wife in the background]: Silvia, what is the name for uh, para el- uh- la- OH, the hickey-

Pranker: HICKEY, uh, sorry, hickey.

Lady: Uh, huh, okay. Well that's probably a little too much information for me but, thank you for getting in touch with me-

Lady: and uh- uh- we will work this out and do what we need to do, so-

Pranker: Okay, excellent. But, number one, number one, I KNOW YOU'RE GONNA BE a s- a- a little bit worried, CONCERN.


Lady: [laughing] [inhales] YES, IT WOULD SEEM SO, so-

Pranker: Oh.

Lady: uh YEAH.

Pranker: Okay.

Lady: Thank you very much for letting us know.

Pranker: No problem, but- but- but- w- ONE QUESTION-

Lady: Okay.

Pranker: for you, because I wanna telling Victoria, do you having- do you having preference for- for the name if it's a girl or boy-

Pranker: because she asking me, you know, if I have something for her, I want to ask you, uh, with respect, you know, I want to ask you to-

Lady: Um, oh goodness, n- no, no, I would leave that up to her and Zachary.

Pranker: OKAY.

Lady: I would- I wo- I would, yeah, no, that would be their decision, not mine.

Pranker: Okay, you know, I thought maybe, you want to call her if it's a girl we can do Rhonda Jr. [giggles] you, [giggles]

[both laughing]

Lady: Okay, I'll be in touch.

Pranker: I'm gonna be- OKAY, I'M GONNA BE A GRANDFATHER, okay.

Lady: [laughing] Okay.

Pranker: Okay.

Lady: Bye bye.

Pranker: Okay, bye bye. [hang up] [laughing] [speaking to audience]: Shoot, the farking screaming, my neighbors, oh my God.

Pranker: At this point, Zach's mom tried frantically calling his aunt to figure out what the heck is going on.

Pranker: Especially since I told Zack not to answer any calls from her yet and she called him a bunch.

Pranker: I got a hold of the voicemail she left, here it is.

Lady [speaking on voicemail on Aunt's phone]: Hey Sarah, it's me, I know you're at work and I shouldn't have called you again-

Lady: but, um, just, a little bit, I don't know what you would call me, maybe freaked out, maybe upset, I don't know, but-

Lady: I have received a call from a Pedro Juarez saying that my son has gotten his daughter Victoria Juarez PREGNANT-

Lady: and she's nine weeks pregnant, and if this is a joke, which I know Zachary, funny man he thinks he is, uh-

Lady: then it's one thing, but he should know better that to joke like THAT. Secondly, if this is real, so help him-

Lady: he better pray that he's in right standing with God, because I will be on the next flight to [censored] and I will-

Lady: bring myself, so if you could have my son, give me a call and let me know what it is, I'd really appreciate it.

Lady: Thank you, I hope everything's going great for you, I love you, and I'll- talk to you later. Bye. [hang up]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Now I have Zach on the line and why him to call his mom to speak with her, just so I can her how-

Pranker: crazily she reacts would finally getting a hold of him. Here's what went down.

[phone ringing]

Zach's dad: Hello?

Zach: Hey dad, are you by yourself?

Zach's dad: I'm- I'm in the- I'm in the Emergency room, you took your mom to the hospital. She passed out.

Zach: What?

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Okay, so this prank unfortunately did not go down the way I hoped, but I figured it's only fair to show-

Pranker: you guys some pranks that do go wrong, and this one went very very wrong. But, before you jump to any conclusions-

Pranker: you should definitely definitely check out the prank down below, you do not want to miss what happens.

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