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I Slept With Your Mother! Affair Prank Call

Dec 28, 2014 7.2M views 0 comments

Category: UK prank
Format: Animation
Characters: Tyrone
Prank Victim: Son
Rage Level: Hardcore

Son falls for prank that his mother is having an affair!

Best quotes: 

  • “I just busted me some nuts so I’m kinda drained”
  • “I could be your future daddy man, stop being disrespectful”
  • “Imma come over there and c*** slap yo a**, you better relax, respect your elders”

Body of content:

I don’t think anyone WANTS to hear the details of their mom’s love life, but this person took it especially hard during this affair prank! I called a guy in the UK as Tyrone and pretended like I’ve been dating his mother. It turns out he is extremely protective of her, and the thought of his mom’s affair makes him completely lose his mind! 

This prank was already hilarious from the audio alone, but I animated the British royal family into it just to take the ridiculousness over the top! Between this guy’s rage and the funny animated details, this call is sure to bring you some laughs. Fun fact: Towards the end I was trying to say "I love her, so by default I LOVE YOU TOO" but his reactions made me lose it!

The UK pranks have always been among my favorites, and this one’s no exception! British people have AMAZING comebacks. What was your favorite line in this conversation? What other concepts for mother pranks should I use in my next call? Let me know in the comments!


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[phone calling sound]

Son: Hello?

Pranker: Ay, yo, what's up man? Is your mom around?

Son: My mom?

Pranker: Yeah.

Son: Nope.

Pranker: Eh, any idea how I could get a hold of her?

Son: You wanna get a hold from my mom?

Pranker: Uh, yeah, correct.

Son: Why?

Pranker: We-we've been meeting up to say the least I guess...

Pranker:  and-and you know, I'm just trying to... I-I don't know really where this is going,

[phone ringing]

Pranker: I think that we had just gotta go our separate ways, so I-I just wanna

Pranker: talk to her about it, maybe you could just relay the message for me.

Son: Who is this?

Pranker: This is Tyrone y-y did she not tell you about me?

Son: She- no! Definitely not!

Pranker: Oh come on now dawg, she told me about you, but she don't tell you-

Pranker: [sigh]

Pranker: Me and your mom have been seeing each other for a little while now.

Pranker: You know, kind of like a side thing and-

Son: You farking-you farking better not have!

Pranker: I'm just being real with you, you know what I'm saying?

Pranker: I keep it real I don't know why I'm pissing you off

Son: YOU'RE NOT being real with me at all, you're chatting crap.

Pranker: [clucking]

Pranker: Listen, dawg, your mom can date who she wants to date

Pranker: You know what I'm saying? She's a grown woman, like I said, I mean w- I-I understand-

Son: I DON'T GIVE A FARK! I'll do everything I can to stop you from dating her!

Pranker: The fact that you want me to break up with her makes me want her more now!

Son: Oh does it?!

Pranker: A-A little bit yeah, I mean, uh-oh... I treat her right, dawg.

Son: You're starting to really wind me up.

 [winding up sound]

Pranker: When's a good time to call her?

Pranker: You-you think she'll charge her phone tonight or is it too late right now?

Son: Who?!

Pranker: Your mom!

Son: You're not ringing my mom!

Pranker: Listen, alright you-

Son: Where are-where are you right now?

 [gun reload sound]

Pranker: But dawg, we ain't gonna meet up right now, dawg, stop getting too excited.

Son: Why? Where are you?

Pranker: I ain't-I ain't trying to throw hands right now, dawg

Pranker: I-I just I just busted me some nuts so I'm kinda drained. [busting nuts] [eats]

Son: Who do you think you are?

Pranker: Like I said, I just keep it real man.

Son: How about you fark off?

Pranker:  Whoa

Son: And leave her alone.

Pranker: Alright dawg, I'll just keep tapping that ass, I guess.

 [Donkey sounds]

Son: You are beginning to farking piss me off!

Pranker: D-Daw-Dawg! I don't know what happened but, like-

Son: I'm not farking listening to a word you've got to say fark off!

Pranker: L-Listen dawg, I could be your future daddy man, stop being disrespectful. Relax.

Son: Oh my God! Do you know how to farking wind me up, you're farking pissing me off

Pranker: Let's start over. Is that okay?

Son: No! I don't wanna farking start over, you better fark off

Pranker: M- H- I love her dawg.

Son: You love- oh my God

Son: You're farking... aoh, you're something else, you are farking meet me now

Son: I'll tell you where I am come meet me.

Pranker: You don't wanna see me when I'm angry, I'm trying to be nice to you.

Son:  Uh...  I don't wanna see you when you're angry?

Pranker: Yeah! You don't wanna get-

Son: How about I get you angry buddy?

Son: H-How about I get you angry, and we will see about that [punching sound]

Pranker: No! No!

Pranker: You-you don't wanna get me angry boy, I'm telling you about that right now

Son: I wanna get you angry believe me some farking du-

Pranker: I-I'ma come over there and c*ck slap [cock sound] your ass, you better relax, respect your elders.

Son: Alright, I'll farking.... Get angry to me big boy, come on!

 [romantic music playing]

Pranker: I don't know why you're trying to break up our love dawg, just like w-work with me here like-

Son:  Aw, th-there's no- THERE'S NOTHING THERE you farking big t*at

Pranker: [clucking]

Pranker: I was just gonna keep her as a side piece to hit it and q- once in a while, but now-

Son: A SIDE PIECE oh mate you farking you can't talk about her like that

Pranker: [mumbling] A-A-Alright man, my-my bad, that was a little bit rude okay?

Pranker: I love her so by default-

Son: Oh, God, shut up with that stupid crap, fark off,

Pranker: I love her

[phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

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