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Incredible Lost iPhone Prank Call!

Jan 4, 2015 5.2M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call 
Format: Partially animated
Characters: Abdo, Buk Lau
Prank Victim: iPhone buyer
Rage Level: Moderate

Saudi guy loses his mind over lost iPhone prank call!

Best quotes: 

  • “I can hear you right now, HEE-HAWW!! Right?! Relax.”
  • “I would be upset, but then I would realize, ‘Oh sh**, I’m from Saudi Arabia, I can buy another one.’”
  • “‘Habibi’ is not gay. I don’t know why you’re like-a homophobic, maybe your friend bend you over and hit you in za’ buttocks.”

Body of content:

This man from Saudi Arabia paid $1,200 for a new iPhone, plus another $100 for the shipping. One of his friends tipped me off that he had been waiting an unusually long time for it, and was getting concerned. I decided to call as “Fedex” to tell him the iPhone shipment was lost, and that he was NOT getting his money back!!

Understandably, he was furious and repeatedly asked to a manager, which meant he got to talk to Abdo, Buk Lau, and Abdo again! By the end of this prank he had totally lost his mind! Should I do more iPhone prank calls in the future? What was your favorite part of this call? Let me know in the comments!


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[phone calling sound] 

Saudi guy: Hi? 

Pranker: Uh, hello? May I speak with, uh, Ali please? 

Saudi guy: Yeah this is Ali. 

Pranker: Yeah, hello. I'm calling with FedEx, regarding a shipment 

Pranker: that was uh, sent internationally to Saudi Arabia. 

Pranker: Am I speaking with the right person? 

Saudi guy: Excuse me? What you-what w-what is your name again? 

Pranker: Uh, my name is Abdo, I'm calling with the FedEx International Office. 

Pranker: Oh I had to get like one- 

Saudi guy: Abdo so... Uh, do you speak Arabic? 

Pranker: Uh, I-I do but unfortunately the call is monitored and recorded for quality 

Pranker: and training purpose, so we must speak english. 

Saudi guy: I- anyway, anyway that-that's alright 

Saudi guy: but, uh, now I want to know like what-what happened to the- with the iPhone? 

Pranker: So yeah, you know like, uh, we had uh, one issue with the 

Pranker: uh, with the delay it seems like one of the shipment uh... 

Pranker: vehicles was had like a little bit accident. 

Pranker: There is still a small chan- 

Saudi guy: Wha-what you telling me is it lost or something? 

Pranker: Uh, basically, uh, to summarize, uh yes. 

Saudi guy: What do you mean yes? 

Saudi guy: Like uh, if it's lost and I have no insurance so that's it? 

Pranker: Uh, after the accident we had some looters 

Pranker: try to steal I guess the packages inside or something 

Pranker: uh, based on my understanding 

Saudi guy: What the fark? 

Pranker: From-from the reporting 

Pranker: But you know like uh- 

Saudi guy: Tha-tha-that eh, excuse me, but that's bull crap. 

Saudi guy: Can I-can I speak to the manager or something? 

Pranker: Uh, uh, sir please the you know like 

Pranker: try to work with me here, try to be respectful I- 

Saudi guy: No, no, no, no, let me speak-let me speak to eh the 

Saudi guy: the your superv- eh w-whatever. 

Pranker: Oh- [exhales] 

Pranker: Okay, fine. 

Saudi guy: I'm not speaking with you anymore, come on. 

Pranker: Uh, if you can please hold on one minute with me

Pranker: I will uh, send you over there.

Phone operator: All our representatives are currently busy. Please stay on the line.

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Hello, FedEx International, this is Buk Lau. How can I help you?

Saudi guy: So, do you know about the problem that is happening right now?

Saudi guy: I mean uh, did he- did someone told you?

Pranker: Yeah-

Pranker: Yes, so I-I it seems that he give you the updating right?

Saudi guy: Uh, you call this a an updating you-you know 

Saudi guy: what he told me is that uh, the shipment is lost and I have like that's it.

Pranker: That-that's why the insurance exist you know?

Pranker: Unfortunately you know, I know it's a very frustration but,

Pranker: every experience you know it has like a life lesson right?

Pranker: So this time today, unfortunately you know I-

Saudi guy: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Are you kidding me?

Saudi guy: Is that a lesson, you call this a lesson? [inhale]

Pranker: I-I sorry-

Saudi guy: Wh-what what's going on? No, no, no, what's going on?

Saudi guy: Right now, wh-wh-what's gonna happen? I'm-

Pranker: Well, wh-what-

Saudi guy: So you're just calling me to tell me that it's lost and that's it?

Pranker: Okay, so you want how much money do you pay for the shipment?

Saudi guy:I paid for the shipment f-for the shipment $100 

Saudi guy: and for the iPhone $1200.

Pranker: Yeah, but you want just a refund on the shipment right?

Saudi guy: Are you f- that's ridiculous. 

Saudi guy: Tha- this is re- tha-

Pranker: Wha-

Saudi guy: Let me- let me speak to you-your boss or whatever I'm-I'm I'm...

Pranker: Oh, okay! You know uh, I-I-I sorry abou-

Saudi guy: That's stupid, that-that is stupid, you know?

Saudi guy: Let me talk to him.

Pranker: Please hold for me I will transfer you to my boss.

Saudi guy: Okay, okay, okay.

Pranker: Ok. Thank you. 

[relaxing music playing]

Pranker [as Abdo]: Hello, FedEx International, Abdo speaking. How can I help you?

Saudi guy: I- who-who am I speaking with?

Saudi guy: You're the- You're Abdo?

Pranker: Uh, correct. Who do I-

Saudi guy: I wanna speak with the manager, WITH THE MANAGER, not with you.

Pranker: Oh, it's you again. Yeah but I-I am you know a manager too.

Pranker: But I am- I'm not like a tip top, uh, ice- uh-

Saudi guy: Yeah, I wanna, I want-I want I wanna speak with the tip top.

Saudi guy: I wanna- I don't wanna speak with you.

Pranker: Loo-look, habibi, you know let's li-like try to work something together.

Saudi guy: Habibi? Hamashallah! 

Pranker: Eh, I sai-

Saudi guy: [speaking in Arabic]

Pranker: I-I cannot get too much okay? Relax, uh

Pranker: I will get in trouble but habibi is okay. 

Saudi guy: I don't deal with that homo crap. Don't call me habibi.

Pranker: Listen, I am from Egypt and we don't do these things, okay?

Pranker: So I-I just need you to relax with me, and just take a breath, okay?

Pranker: No need for the hostility and this disrespect. 

Saudi guy:  The most stupid pe-people are in Egypt.

Pranker: What!? Excuse me? You donkey

Pranker: trying to talk about my country like that?!

Saudi guy: What-what-wha-what did you say, what did you say?

Pranker: Tr-tr-

Saudi guy: No look, now I'm on the street, I don't wanna speak with you with bad language. So...

Pranker: So you want to be a little bitch right?

Saudi guy: Respectful, please.

Pranker: I-

Saudi guy: Respect yourself, get some respect. 

Pranker: You just told me my people are the worst people. All this stuff, right?

Pranker: I try to hold my tongue. 

Saudi guy: Yeah, Don't  you see yourself? You're that - you're farking stupid. 

Pranker: Okay, donkey, listen. I don't yo-you're calling me stupid. 

Saudi guy: I- no-no-no don't call me donkey,  you farking bitch

Saudi guy: you farking moron!

Saudi guy: I can hear you right now [making donkey sounds] right? Relax.

Saudi guy: Let me-let me talk to your manager now! Do-do - don't say a word.

Saudi guy: I-I sa-

Pranker: I can do that but-

Saudi guy: Don't say a word I wanna speak to your farking manager.

Pranker: I can do that, but I need you to apologize about what you said about Egypt.

Saudi guy: Are you f- that's ridiculous. You know I'm-I'm on the street.

Saudi guy: I don't wanna scream right now like [frustrated gasp]

Pranker: It's-it's okay. Just don't - don't  worry.  

Saudi guy:  No, no, no, no. It's not okay. Let me talk to your farking manager.

Pranker: Just, look, but look-

Saudi guy: Right now. 

Pranker: Just si- I-

Saudi guy: Right now.

Pranker: I need you to say "Egypt is the best place" or I will close the file here.

Saudi guy: E-Egypt is the worst and FARK YOU and fark Egypt. 

Pranker: Okay, alright, let me go ahead and mark the file as resolved. 

Pranker: One second...

Saudi guy: My-

Saudi guy: [exhales]

Pranker: Look, habibi, I need you to relax. Okay?

Pranker: Stop saying this mean stuff.

Saudi guy: Hey listen to me, you farking gay. L-lis-listen, listen to me.

Saudi guy: When I told you that I wanna speak to your manager, you just give me a manager

Saudi guy: you don't - you don't talk to me like that, okay?

Pranker: Look, "habibi" is not gay. I don't know why you're like a homophobic 

Pranker: maybe your friend bend you over and-and hit you in the buttocks. 

Pranker: But there is no need to talk to me like this.

Saudi guy: You're not my friend to tell me habibi or something, okay?

Pranker: [exhales] look...

Saudi guy: I don't even know you!

Pranker: Just apologize about Egypt and-and we will-

Pranker: We can move on, okay?

Saudi guy: If I apologize you're gonna transfer me to your farking manager?

Pranker: So yeah, just say "Egypt"- jus-just say 

Pranker: "Egypt is the mother of the world" and we will transfer you, no problem.

Saudi guy: [speaking in Arabic]

Pranker: Thank you habib-  uh I won't say it. Thank you.

Saudi guy: A-alright. Thank you.

Pranker: Okay, you know what? I have uh, a special promotion 

Pranker: for you only don't tell anybody I did this for you, okay?

Pranker: But I will give you 50% of your next shipment. 

Saudi guy: No I- want the-the the iPhone's money. You know?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah-

Saudi guy: You-you don't understand me, you don't-you don't understand

Saudi guy: Just put yourself in my place.

Pranker: Yeah.

Saudi guy: When you pay like a tha-th the I- almost $2000

Saudi guy: to ship an iPhone as a gift in a specific day, and it's late.

Pranker: Yeah, but-

Saudi guy: What would you do?

Pranker: Yeah, I wo-I would be upset but then I would realize 

Pranker: "OH CRAP! I'm from Saudi Arabia, I can buy another one".

Saudi guy: [chuckles]

Saudi guy: I don't  know should I laugh, should I cry,  

Saudi guy: like are you kidding me?

Pranker: Uh, but I-I just- I I'm trying

Saudi guy: Do you- wh- like...

Saudi guy: ... what's going- [sigh of defeat]

Pranker: Uh, look, I am-I am being very very serious with you.

Pranker: I-I [exhales]

Saudi guy: Okay, may I speak to your manager, please?

Pranker: Please hold on for me and I will pass you to the manager. 

Pranker: But just tr- but please jus- the manager he-he will not 

Pranker: take like a bad word and stuff like that okay? He is not like me who is like a chill out 

Saudi guy: Okay, okay, okay.

Pranker: So it it-

Saudi guy: OKAY 

Pranker: just breathe okay, breathe, deep breath okay. One sec please hold.

[relaxing music playing]

Phone operator: All our representatives are currently busy.

Pranker [as Abdo]: FedEx International, Abu Abdo speaking, how can I help you? 

Saudi guy:  Fo- are you kidding me?

Pranker: Uh, uh, I-I

Saudi guy: Ar-are you kidding me? Th- eh, that's ridiculous!

Saudi guy: That's farking stupid, that's-

Pranker: Uh, I-I-I'm sorry sir, please start over. What-what happen here?

Saudi guy: Just give me your farking manager.

Pranker: Uh, I-I am I-

Saudi guy: That's it.

Pranker: I sir,

Saudi guy: That's it. 

Pranker: I- you are speaking-

Saudi guy: That's it.

Pranker: you are speaking with Abu Abdo, I am the manager here.

Saudi guy: Oh, you're not Abdo, you're Abu Abdo?

Pranker: Correct. 

Pranker: I-I am his father.

Pranker: Habibi, can I tell you one thing real quick? One thing before you blow up like a explosion.

Saudi guy: Nee- [exhales]

Pranker: Your friend... Set up a little prank on you.

Saudi guy: Whoa, what?

Pranker: Your-your friend set up a little prank on you.

Pranker: [laughs]

Saudi guy: My friend set up a little PRANK? 

Pranker: Do you have a friend named Mahdi?

Saudi guy: Mahdi?

Pranker: Yeah. [chuckles] 

Saudi guy: Noo! Oh crap! Oh, for real?!

Pranker: [chuckles]

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