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Mom Freaks As Hacker Loses Chance At College - Prank Video

Jul 1, 2018 2.3M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Rakesh, Russell
Prank Victim: Mom

College prank video makes angry mom break down!

Best quotes: 

  • “With all due respect it sounds like you could not care less.”
  • “Well maybe perhaps he's a comedian because he seemed to give you quite a few giggles so I'm glad that we could hopefully cheer you up today.”

Body of content:

A parent’s worst nightmare is their child’s life falling apart. In this prank video, I told a mom her son had lost his chance at college! He had gotten in trouble several times before for hacking or tampering with his school’s computer network. The son had just graduated high school and was accepted into the college of his choice, but I called as a high school official to let her know his diploma is being revoked!

The mom was skeptical of Rakesh initially, and even laughed at him a bit when she heard what was going on. A quick chat with Russell seemed to change her tone and she quickly started to panic! Three-way calls with her son turned out to be total meltdown material! What was your favorite part of this crazy call?? Tell me in the comments how your parents would react to a call like this!


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: So this guy has gotten in trouble several times for hacking or tampering with his school computer network.

Pranker: He just graduated high school and was accepted to the college of his choice.

Pranker: I'm calling his mom Ronda, as a high school official to say that he was caught hacking into our computers again.

Pranker: And his diploma is getting revoked.

Pranker: She initially doesn't take me totally seriously...

Pranker: ... than gets hilariously roped back in and absolutely loses it.

Pranker: Check out what happens.

[phone ringing]

Mom: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Uh, yeah hello, can I please speak to the parent or guardian for Andrew [censored]?

Mom: Uh-huh. This is her!

Pranker: Okay, great uh, I'm actually calling from the IT department for North [censored] High School.

Pranker: Uh, how are you doing today ma'am?

Mom: Good, thank you.

Pranker: It looks like there was some unauthorized access by Andrew uh...  

Pranker: On the computer network. I am not sure if there has been a history of this kind of activity...

Pranker: ... Looks like there was uh- attempted access to change the grading system. 

Mom: Oh, okay. What's your name?

Pranker: Uh, my name is Harneet.

Mom: Harmeek?

Pranker: Harneet.

Mom: Uh-huh. Okay.

Pranker: Yeah ma'am I-I'm talking to you about this and you don't seem to think it's a big deal!

Pranker: Your- your- di- lately I don't know if you understand what the gravity of this situation is right now?

Mom: May I talk to your boss please? 

Pranker: Uh, yeah I- I can transfer him over and try to get him on the line but...

Pranker: Uh- h-

Mom: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Pranker: We call- okay please hold. 

Mom: Uh-huh.

[on hold]

Pranker: Hi, this is Russell with the [censored] county school district.

Pranker: Am I speaking with uh... Ronda? 

Mom: Yes!

Pranker: H- how you doing Ronda? I was just speaking with uh, Harneet... 

Pranker: He said you requested speaking with the supervisor here so I want to see what I can do to help you out.

Mom: I... Don't understand why you guys are calling me.

Pranker: Well, it looks like there was some type of uh, attempt to access an unauthorized section of our network...

Pranker: ... here at the school, but there was a security br-

Mom: Okay- No-now he's- I- 

Mom: He's and adult, he's 18, call him. 

Pranker: Got you-

Mom: He's an adult.

Pranker: Okay, so do you want to just write it off because I- I-

Pranker: I mean, as a mother I'm assuming you may- maybe care minimally.

Mom: Dude! Hey! I'm not writing-

Mom: I'm not writing nothing off!

Pranker: Well do you not care about your son's... 

Pranker: I guess graduation-


Pranker: Well- I mean ma'am- wi-

Mom: Seriously? [mumbling] ALL-

Pranker: With all due respect it sounds like you could not care less.

Mom: With all due respect, telling me I don't care about my son-

Mom: He's been accepted at Georgia Tech and all this stuff and you're telling me I don't care about my son?

Pranker: Well if Georgia Tech finds out about the fact that he was logging into our system...

Mum: Seriously?

Pranker: ... and trying to change grades that might change pretty quickly.

Pranker: So you should just wake up and maybe realize that issue.

Mom: It might change pretty quickly... 

Pranker: Yeah-

Mom: ... but my son didn't do that.

Pranker: We did internal audit, we hired somebody for 6000$ to come in 

Pranker: ...and audit the entire platform and figure out what was going on so...

Mom: I've got this number that you called me from, I'm going to call you back after I call him.

Mom: What's your last name?

Pranker: Schwartz. Schwarz.

Mom: And you're with [censored] county school system?

Pranker: Yes. [typing sounds]

Mom: Alright and I'm not writing anything off, don't take it that way...  

Mom: And I- am very offended that you would say that.

Pranker: I- I know but ma'am I'm very offended by how you-how you spoke to me

Mom: Thank you. I will call you-

Mom: I will call-

Pranker: You spoke to me like it was a joke, and apparently to my other colleague so just were like very-

Mom: I couldn't understand language.

Mom: I need to speak with someone that-that's got a better phonetic...

Mom: ...because I couldn't understand a lot of what he was saying.

Pranker: Got you... Well maybe perhaps he's a comedian because he seemed to give you q-

Mom: Because that's why I said I need to speak to you.

Pranker: Quite a few giggles so I'm glad that we could hopefully cheer you up today.

Pranker: But yeah, I-I-I'll keep an eye out for a...


Pranker: You call back. [phone call ends]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Alright, I texted him towards the end, as you could hear me typing...

Pranker: But dude, I LOVE the fact that she was like, laughing at Rakesh.

Pranker: That got [censored] roped back in.

Pranker: She was blowing up her son's phone and texting him non-stop.

Pranker: But I told him not to call back until he could three-way me in on their conversation.

Pranker: And here's what happened.

[phone ringing]

Mom: Tell me the truth.

Son: I'm not playing a joke on you! 

Mom: Well, somebody said they had to pay 6000$ and hire these people to come in... 

Mom: ... and find out who's been hacking into the system to change grades.

Son: Well I mean I don't know- I don't know how they would find out it's me so...

Mom: So you did that?

Son: It was just one grade...

Mom: Who's grade?

Son: Kimberly...

Mom: You're [censored] up man. You're [censored] up.

Son: Alright.

Mom: You [censored] up Andrew.

Son: I [censored] up?

Mom: Yeah, your diploma is going to be revoked. 

Son: What? Is that what he said is going to happen? 

Mom: Yup, and you're not going to go to college, because you can't go to college without a-

Mom: ... A DIPLOMA.

Son: Oh... Well, okay then. 

Mom: Seriously?!

Mom: You call this guy up, you're an adult, you can go to jail for it, not me!

Son: Okay... I mean I don't know how they figured it out-


Son: No.

Mom: You need to figure this crap out. 

Son: Okay...

Mom: That my son, that I'm extremely, extremely proud about is doing this to me!

Mom: And doing this to yourself! [sobbing]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Alright guys, hold up...

Pranker: Before I play any more of this, I need you to realise at this point...

Pranker: ... I'm thinking to myself "Oh crap, no. Please don't cry! No, no, no!"

Pranker: And it's killing me and I feel so guilty and I'm like " Oh why did it have to take this turn?"

Pranker: "What a buzzkill... UGH, think of the comments..."


Pranker: So anyways, I'm going to play the rest of this uncut segment... 

Pranker: ... of how she reacted, but I want you to know that it ends on a happy note!

Pranker: Just watch the whole video and don't click off after 15 more seconds because you feel bad.

Pranker: Okay, cool. Enjoy.

Mom: [sobbing] I can't believe you would stoop so low as to go into a system and change the grade!

Mom: How dare you? How dare yo-y-you?

Mom: I am devastated... [sobbing] 

Son: No- it isn't like that-

Mom: I am- I am completely devastated! You don't get it! [sobbing]

Mom: I am completely destroyed right now! 

Mom: How dare you do that and to know that it was your girlfriend! Figure it out!

Mom: Dumb**s! If they even got a little snippet of the who it was...[sobbing]

Son: I know... 

Mom: Seriously! Seriously!


Son: Well... Well I'm sorry, so I mean wh- we'll be fine- 


Son: I farked up, we'll get it figured out... 



Mom: Do you hear me? 

Pranker [speaking to audience]: So this whole time I've been texting him things to say to guide the conversation.

Pranker: So I told him to say the school is calling back on the other line so I could butt in.

[mixtape sound]

Son: They're calling me, hold on let me-


Son: Let me add them to the call, hold on.

Son: Yes, this- this is Andrew.

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Uh, yeah, my name is uh, Harneet. 

Pranker: I was calling from the school district. I've been trying to get a hold of you regarding an issue...

Pranker: ... I believe we spoke to your mother a while ago... 

Son: She's actually on the call too.

Pranker: Oh, okay! Great, uh, yeah Ronda, are you still there?

[phone call ends]

Pranker: Hello? 

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Dude, she hung up, she hung up. [laughing] Oh my God...

Son: [giggles]

Pranker: Okay, look, I didn't expect your mom to cry and I feel bad about it.

Pranker: And I promise you, I'm going to use every ounce of my being to make it right.

Pranker: And like, butter her up, and make sure she's okay afterwards.

Pranker: Uhm... 

Son: Alright [giggles]

Pranker: Did- did you expect her to freak out like that?

Son: No, not really.

Pranker: So... Wh-what can we do to like make her angry but not like crying?

Pranker: I feel bad, right like she's just worried about you...

Pranker: ... she just wants to make sure that you have a bright amazing future ahead of you.

Pranker: I get it, you know. She's your mom.

Son: Yeah...

Pranker: Uhm, but how do you think we could maybe position in a way where she'll be like...

Pranker: Like, would the fact that you're asking for money make her more mad than sad?

Pranker: Because I want to make her more mad, and like yelling at you versus like, let me cry and be miserable.

Son: Yeah I think that- Yeah I think it'll work.

Son: I'll do that. I'll ask her- I';; tell her that we need a donation. 

Pranker: And how do you think she'll react to like...

Pranker: " Hey mom, do you have extra 5000$ I can pay these people?"

Son: [chuckles]

[phone ringing]

Mom: What happened?

Son: I talked to the Indian guy, and I have some good news.

Mom: What?

Son: He said that uhm, they're not going to contact Georgia Tech or take away my diploma but...

Mom: Tha-that number's not legit Andrew!

Mom: I looked up those numbers, somebody's doing something to you.

Son: What?

Mom: Those numbers are not legit.

Son: Are you sure?

Mom: Those numbers are not [censored] county numbers! 

Mom: I tried to find Russell Schwartz [censored] county school system. 

Mom: There is no Russell Schwartz [censored] county school system.

Son: Then maybe like a private investigator or something.

Mom: The number said [censored] county school board, and I said so where do you work?

Mom: And then the Indian guy- he can't do anything over his supervisor. 

Mom: Somebody's playing a joke on you. Because they were very unprofessional with me.

Son: Well I just looked up the number...

Mom: So what are they going to do to you? 

Son: Well they said that they weren't going to- they weren't going to take away my diploma...  

Son: ... or contact Georgia Tech... But uhm...

Son: They did request a donation to cover the expenses.

Son: It was 5000$. So do you have 5000$? 

Mom: Wh- NO. Have you lost your mind?

Son: I don't know what we're going to do then?

Mom: Who were you supposed to send the money to?

Son: I guess [censored] county school system, I don't know.

Mom: I'm not giving a check of nothing until I know who it- this is.

Mom: And you're coming home so we can figure it out.

Son: Hold on, they're- They're calling me again. Stay on the line this time. 

Son: Because I don't want you-

Mom: PUT US ON THREE-WAY! Do you know how to put us on three-way? I'll be quiet.

Son: Yes... Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Yeah, hi. Is this Andrew?

Son: Yes.

Pranker: Hey Andrew, how you doing? This is uh, Russell calling again.

Pranker: I believe you spoke with uh, the other associate here, uh Harneet?

Son: Yeah, I talked to Harneet.

Pranker: Yeah so, uh, he asked me to give you a call. 

Pranker: Did you get a chance to speak too your mother or kind of get some- some clarity about how you want to proceed? 

Son: Yeah, she's actually on the phone right now. 

Mom: Yes, and I didn't really- I don't appreciate the way you talked to me and tell me I was being foolish about this.

Mom: You need to talk to him and then I can get the details. 

Mom: And I'm not trying to be ugly, I care more about my son than my own life.

Mom: So for you to say I don't care about my son, how dare you?

Mom: Don't ever say that to me.

Pranker: Well ma'am again-

Mom: You're kind of not- [giggles]

Pranker: I completely understand but again I just wanted to explain to you why that when I-

Pranker: When we called you with this very serious issue,you just seem to take it very lightly at the time...

Pranker: ... and then dish it off to say "You know my son's 18" whatever-

Pranker: We did spend 6000$ on the internal audit so if we can try to offset that fee in some way-

Pranker: I'm not sure if Andrew mentioned to you already...

Mom: Well he still has to be on some kind of payment plan because that, he doesn't-

Mom: He can't come up with 5000$. And you see how I say that. 

Mom: It's not being I don't care about him, but when you turn 18, you're out of under my wing.

Pranker: Do you have a check for 5000$ you can write out to us now then you can just go ahead and... 

Pranker: ... figure out this payment plan with him-

Mom: Seriously? Seriously? No. Not that-

Pranker: C-Could you put a lien on the house possibly? Or put up your car to get the money temporarily?

Pranker: I'm just trying to throw some ideas out of here, just in ca-

Mom: I'm trying to figure out a payment plan, to get paid back within a year.

Pranker: Do you have any Mac computers you could donate or any-any electronics that might be of value to us?

Mom: I-I tell you what Mr.Schwartz, Andrew's on his way home.

Mom: We will sit down and figure this out.

Mom: And we will give you a call back within the hour.

Pranker: Okay but, can I go ahead and put you down as sharing liability with Andrew?

Pranker: Just- so that you know, as his- as his uh...

Mom: Why am I sharing liability with him?

Pranker: Because you love him and I mean, you're his parent.

Mom: i mean, not that I don't care about him-

Mom: Oh, stop. 

Pranker: I'm- I'm just sorry I don't mean to assume but like-

Mom: Ah, I do love him, I am his parent.

Pranker: You-you still love him right? I-I mean after 18, there's still love there? 

Mom: [angry laugh] This is so unprofessional!

Mom: That's why I thought it was a joke. If-if-if my son goes to jail at 18, am I still respons- for him?

Mom: No, he's responsible for himself.

Pranker: Yeah but you still love him though right? You-you don't want to bail him out. 

Pranker: ... is what I'm saying so like, in this instance s you can bail him out-

Mom: I'm not- You know, I'm pretty tough love, I might let him sit in there a few days, yeah.    

Mom: Alright, there you go. You can put that down. 

Pranker: Fair- fair deal-

Pranker: I-I got to tell you one last thing before I let you go, it's very important. Are you sitting down? 

Mom: Yeah.

Pranker: The whole thing- I feel guilty because the whole thing was- was just a prank set up by your son Andrew.

Pranker: And he's not actually getting his uh, diploma revoked, he didn't hack any computers...

Mom: [chuckling]

Pranker: ... there's no 5000$ payment necessary but your initial inkling that it might-


Pranker: Ma'am if you love your son- [laughing] 

Mom: How dare you talk to me like that! 

Son: Mama-

Pranker: Okay-


Pranker: Andrew- Andrew loves you so much.

Mom: Go to your girlfriend's and do not come back. 

Pranker: He was messaging me being like "Oh my god I feel bad"

Pranker: I wanted to make sure to let you know within the hour so that- 

Mom: I am crying through the yard- I knew when I talked to the little foreign dude.

Mom: My son does this crap to me all the time, he'll say...

Mom: ... "Hello, this is AT&T can I finish the order?"

Pranker: Well, I want you to know that he- did not take it lightly and genuinely   felt really bad...

Pranker: ... for getting you worked up so I-

Mom: He should have because I have been crying, and Andrew I am not making your special dessert for you now.

Pranker: OHHHH

Mom: I sent him a text. I just sent him a text...

Mom: ... "Baby I'm making your dessert, your favorite dessert while you're at your girlfriend's house."

Mom: I'm not making CRAP now boy.

Pranker: Listen Andrew, I-I've messed that up for you man honestly-

Pranker: What kind of dessert is it? 

Mom: Ooey Gooey Butter Cake. 

Pranker: Awww... That is really depressing. 

Mom: [laughing]

Pranker: [laughing]

Pranker: Good team work you all.

Mom: [chuckles] yeah! Good for you guys! 

Mom: Andrew, do not come home for the next 3 days. 

Pranker: [laughing] No dessert, no coming home like, that so many punishments...

Mom: I will eat the cake all myself...

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Uh what the heck, man? How come she wouldn't believe me but when...

Pranker: ... Russell got on the phone she took him serious?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Ugh, maybe I just got lucky man. It's definitely not your fake accent or anything. 

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Uh yeah, yeah, for sure. That would be ridiculous. 

Pranker [speaking as Rassell]: Thank God I was able to smooth things over at the end.

Pranker: Otherwise I would've felt pretty bad.

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