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Heartless Scammer Prank Call | IRS Prank Scam - Major Trolling!

Jul 3, 2016 3M views 0 comments

Category: Scammer pranks, prank call 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Buk Lau
Prank Victim: IRS scammers
Rage Level: Moderate

Heartless IRS scammer prank call!

Best quotes:

  • “My name is officer Jack… J-S-C-K”
  • “How about you take a plane from India and come see me yourself b*tch!”
  • “YOU are the asshole scammer motherfarker”

Body of content:

Every year, tons of innocent people are scammed out of thousands of dollars by scammers claiming to be from the IRS. They’ll leave threatening voicemails, stating that the person could be arrested if they don’t call back and pay the taxes they owe! Some people get scared into paying up and can lose out on tons of money that can’t be recovered. I decided to prank call a group of these scammers in India to see just how heartless they really are!

Calling as Buk Lau, I pretended to be a distraught parent overwhelmed by the idea of having to pay thousands in owed taxes when my child with cancer is going through expensive chemotherapy treatments. I thought explaining the amount of money going into the kid’s treatment would break these scam artists, but I was wrong! They pretended to “help” me by only asking for $1,000 up front. 

These scammers are absolutely unbelievable! Would you like to see another IRS scam prank? What crazy scenarios should I pull on them next time? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: I'm back with another prank with some super scummy IRS scammers in India-

Pranker: I wanted to showcase quite how incredibly heartless these guys are. I was really really hoping-

Pranker: this prank wouldn't go down the way it did. Check it out.

[Phone ringing]

Lady: "Internal Revenue Service". How can I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Uh yeah, hello, I-, I got a voice message about OUTSTANDING balance or-

Pranker: something like that for my tax? I wanted to just figure this out and-, and get it take care of today.

Lady: Okay, so, can you verify me the number on which you received the phone call?

Pranker: My wife got the telephone number, I'm calling from my cell telephone now, 2-1-2-8 [censored].

Lady: On which number did you receive the phone call?

Pranker: Y-, yeah, I-, I di-, I think on my wife number, she give it to me to call back, because it asks-

Pranker: for my name but, you need my Social Security Number?

Lady: No, I'm not asking your Social Security Number, I don't want that. What I'm asking is to verify me-

Lady: the number on which you received the phone call.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, I know, but they tell me that I have six thousand dollar to pay it, I am already to pay-

Pranker: it right now, I can give you my number if you want to pull it up, my Social Security Number is: 5-2-9.

Lady: I'M NOT ASKING YOU YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, okay? Can you verify me the number first?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, it's-, it's a 5-2-9-1-8-2-5-2-7.


Pranker: YEAH AND I'M-


Pranker: Yeah, no, but I'm giving you my Social Security Number to look it up, you know?

Lady: I'M NOT ASKING YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, I'm asking your phone number, okay?

Pranker: Yeah, I know, but I don't get it, you know? I'm trying to give you my money, and you're yelling at me-

Pranker: uh I-, I just want to fix this, you know?

Lady: Can you verify me the number, or not?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, I did it already, you know? I give you my phone number it's: 2-1-2-

Lady: Mhm.

Pranker: [censored].

Lady: Did you receive a phone call in this number or in another number?

Pranker: LISTEN LA-, YES! Eh-, my-, I TOLD YOU! MY WIFE, she get the phone call, I don't know WHAT THE HECK IS THE-

Pranker: is the difference, you know, I'm calling you back to pay the money, and you're being SO DIFFICULT, I give-

Pranker: you MY NAME, I give you my SOCIAL NUMBER, I give you my PHONE NUMBER.

Lady: Can you verify me your first and the last name?

Pranker: Yeah, it's a BUK and the last name is L-E-U-L-A-U.

Lady: Okay, and do you know what was the call about?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, they leave the voice message, they say that, the IRS has a OUTSTANDING BALANCE that was not paid-

Pranker: for a seven thousand five hundred something like that? So, d-, do I have to-, do I have to go on the IRS website-

Pranker: or something to pay for it or how do I do that?

Lady: I'm just here to inform you, this-, on this uh-, transfer this call to one of my Senior Officer-

Pranker: Yeah-

Lady: and my Senior Officer will help you out!

Pranker: yeah! Please! Whatever we have to do, please, yeah.

Lady: Okay, then just be on hold, don't hang up the call, okay?

Pranker: Okay, I will-, I'm waiting here.

Guy: You loan has been transferred to the Senior Supervisor. This is Officer Jack Backr, and I believe I'm talking to Buk? Luaeu?

Pranker: Yeah.

Guy: that's your name?

Pranker: Yeah, correct, sorry, what was your name, so I can write it down in case I have to call back?

Guy: Oh well, my name is Officer JACK, J-S-C-K, the last name is B-AK [AK-47 sounds]-E-R, BAKER.

Pranker: Okay, Jack Bauer, right?

Guy: It's Baker, not Baelor.

Pranker: Oh okay, uh-, er-, Baker, okay, I got it, thank you.

Guy: And what is your intention right now?

Pranker: Yeah s-

Guy: You want to go ahead and resolve this, matter?

Pranker: Yeah, I just, I pulled some money from my account, and-, and I'm ready to pay for it somehow, if I have to, but you just-

Pranker: tell me how to take care of it.

Guy: Okay, not an issue, I will explain it to you each and everything, but first of all, do you have this amount with you ($7,500)?

Guy: To resolve the matter?

Pranker: Yeah, but I have one problem, you know, my son actually, m-, my son right now, he's very sick, he in the hospital he have-

Pranker: a CANCER right now, so he's-, he's very SICK and I don't have a very good insurance so, unfortunately every day, we're paying-

Pranker: like three hundred, three hundred fifty dollar for his care there in the hospital. So, I just wondering, you know, I can-

Pranker: PAY this money because I don't want to go to jail, he be very HEART BROKEN, if he-, because everyday I try to go visit him-

Pranker: after work, you know, he's [sniffle], he's having a hard time right now, but I just wondering, can you do anything for me-

Pranker: on the price, just wondering, you know, if-, if it's possible, to-, to lower the fee for me a little bit, because, you know-

Pranker: seventy five hundred, that's a lot of money, you know, it's-, it's-, but most of my BANK ACCOUNT, you know?

Guy: Okay, what I can do to help you with that plight, we can put you on a Monthly Payment Plan, but eh-, in order to cancel your-

Guy: Arrest Warrant, in order to show that you are not trying to run away from the situation, you have to show the positive intention to us.

Pranker: Oh, I have the money and if I have to, I'll pay for it, I'm just a little bit worried, because, you know, they want to do the-

Pranker: Chemotherapy for my son and I think it's going to cost like four-five thousand for this procedure, you know? [Inhale] I just worry-

Pranker: you know? C-, can I do something small, just like fifty dollar to start?

Guy: Uh, the case has already been registered under your name and uh-, I don't think fifty dollars will cancel your arrest warrant-

Pranker: So w-, what do you-

Guy: But uh, I don't think it will resolve the problem.

Pranker: W-, w-, w-, how much do you recommend?

Guy: At least, you have to come with uh, a thousand dollars, so that I can go ahead and forward this issue to the courthouse, that, yes-

Guy: you are showing a positive intention-

Pranker: Yeah, but, I'm just wondering, you know, like, even though like my son Neelo, he's in the hospital, he's DYING right now, you know-

Pranker: like, don't you think the government will have sympathy about that? You know, he-, I-, he's-, he's actually DYING-

Guy: Yes, sir, I can understand your situation right now, we're trying to give you the option to resolve the matter. Before we go ahead-

Guy: and proceed with the legal procedure.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, I understand, you know, and I-, I thank you for trying to help me and being patient with me, you know? Just again, I-

Pranker: just uh-, I'm not trying to be difficult you know, I don't want TROUBLE really, the-, the-, the last thing I want is TROUBLE.

Pranker: But my son, right now, you know, he's in the HOSPITAL, and, you know, he's-, everyday I see him he look like he drift away-

Pranker: MORE and MORE, you know? It make me very UPSET, you know? It's MY SON, you know, I hate to see HIS PAIN, you know? I wish I can-

Pranker: take his pain myself, so I just asking you, right, even though, my son is in the HOSPITAL DYING right now, like yeah-, I-, I have to pay it, right?

Guy: Yes, I'm so sorry, I'm just the apart of the system and believe me, I'm doing MY JOB as a member of "Internal Revenue Service".

Pranker: I need to send ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR, right? I can do that, I need to send one thousand, right?

Guy: Let me just go ahead and uh-, forward this issue to the courthouse and see what can be worked out, just hold on a moment, let me-

Guy: forward this case and I'll come back to you with information, okay?

Pranker: Okay, okay, alright.

Guy: Thank you.

Pranker: Okay, okay.

Guy: Hold on a moment.

Pranker: Okay.

Pranker [speaking to audience]: At this point I was thinking, oh wow, maybe I did actually get through this guy and he does have a heart-

Pranker: but here's what he came back on the line with.

Guy: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Yeah, yeah, hello?

Guy: Yes, sir, thank you for waiting on, I have forwarded your issue to the courthouse, uh-, they-, uh-, I was with "Attorney General", he's-

Guy: willing to give you the chance to resolve the matter by paying a thousand dollars, so that-, the rest of the amount we can put you on a-

Guy: Monthly Payment Plan, you got it sir?

Pranker: Yeah, okay, but you told him about my son DYING, right? Like, he knows about that too, right?

Guy: Yes I-, yes I've already explained to them that you're a-, you have a situation which you cannot come up with the amount that you owe to-

Guy: the "Internal Revenue Service", then you-

Pranker: Yeah.

Guy: will get some time, uh-, to pay that amount-

Pranker: so-

Guy: sound fair to you?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, so uh-, DO YOU THINK-

Guy: Okay so-


Pranker: You have a NO HEART, okay? I want you to know that, I tell you my son is DYING, I tell you he's DYING with a CANCER in the HOSPITAL-

Pranker: AND YOU STILL-, AND YOU STILL TRY TO STEAL THE MONEY FROM ME?! What the fark is wrong with you?

Guy: Yeah, uh-

Pranker: Tell me! I want to hear like, do you have a NO HEART?!

Guy: Okay uh-, just be at the mailing address, okay? I will send the local authorities to your place, don't worry. Be there.


Guy: You will chat with the officer, okay?

Pranker: TO PLAY GAMES WITH ME, okay? I know what you are doing!

Guy: I will send them to your place to get you arrested and I will-


Guy: meet you when you are behind the bars.

Pranker: HOW ABOUT, HOW-, HOW ABOUT YOU TAKE A PLANE from India and come see me yourself BITCH, how about that?

Guy: [Laughing]

Pranker: [Ironic laughter]

Guy: Just be at the mailing address, I'll send them to your place.


Guy: You will get arrested, so.

Pranker: You are so STUPID.

Guy: Son of a bitch.


Guy: Wow, you son of a bitch.


Guy: Piss off.


Guy: Why don't you go and FARK YOURSELF? Son of a bitch.

Pranker: You got, you got-, so excited!

Guy: Go and FARK YOUR MAMA, you want to suck my d**k?

Pranker: AHH, [laughing]

Guy: Suck, d**k?


Guy: Suck, d**k?

Pranker: YOU ARE VERY SAD BOY! HELLO?! [Laughing] [speaking to audience] farking scumbag, oh my god!


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