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Bitcoin Scammer Breaks Down Crying! - Prank Call

Jun 10, 2018 1.5M views 0 comments

Category: Scammer pranks, prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Chris, Buk Lau
Prank Victim: Scammer
Rage Level: Moderate

Scammer breaks down crying in crazy call over cryptocurrency!

Best quotes: 

  • “Can we talk later, I am watching a movie right now?”
  • “So, it's, right?”
  • “So- si like, when you connect to my computer like, what can you see exactly 'cause you know, I have a bunch of nudies….”
  • “I wish you didn't change your tone like that, I kind of miss creamy voice John, you know? Like, where you were just- so like sultry and nice, now you're kind of scary killer robot John.”

Body of content:

Things got weird in this bitcoin scammer prank call - I even had one of them CRYING! This is a follow up to the original prank call I did on the same group, so be sure to catch part one if you haven’t. There were a few unexpected twists from the seemingly heartless scammers at this call center, including a plea for a job that may have been a total sob story!

What are your thoughts on this bizarre call? Do you think Sarah was just wasting my time in revenge for wasting hers or did she really want out of her scammer lifestyle? Have you ever dealt with cryptocurrency scammers? Tell me in the comments below!


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: I'm back with some more calls to this CRAZY cryptocurrency scamming call-center.

Pranker: This time things get even more ridiculous. If you want to see PART 1 first, the link is down below-

Pranker: I cannot believe people spend all day doing this kind of stuff. It's insane!

[phone ringing]

Lady: Thank you for calling support, my name is Sarah, how may I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Eh yeah, hello Sarah, how are you doing? I was calling about the b-

Pranker: Bitcoin support on the coinbase.

Lady: What kind of support?

Pranker: Uh yeah, basically I- I put my money in there and I wondering like a- what- what kind of like growth can I expected from that?

Pranker: I put a $5000.

Lady: If you spent 5000, you will get 9% interest on this [mumbling].

Pranker: Uh, Sarah are you eating like a chicken tikka in the background, I hear you chewing something, you know?

Lady: Mhm, I'm eating something.

Pranker: Eh what do you- look, let's- real quick before you give me the support, like, let's- let's play a guessing game-

Pranker: are you eating like a lunchie or snack?

Lady: Hmm, snack.

Pranker: Okay, are you having like a- like a wrap or something like that? Like chicken korma something like that?

Lady: Hmm, I don't like chicken. I love more vegetables.

Pranker: OH, I love it, you know, like a my friend he's from India, he's a vegetarian for the past 10 years, they eat the best food-

Pranker: you know like a curry sauce all that.

Lady: Where are you from- where are you from?

Pranker: I am half Vietnamese half Chinese.

Lady: You're Chinese?

Pranker: Yeah, right.

Lady: But you sound like that I- that you are not a Chinese but you are N WORD.

Pranker: Wha- what- what?

Lady: I just said it in English, don't you understand that?

Pranker: Yeah, but I thought we are being friendly and all of a sudden you say like a racist thing to me like not alright, with the HARD R-

Pranker: like a- like a SO racist, right?

Lady: Can we talk later, I am watching a movie right now?

Pranker: But you are- you are at work, you're eating lunch-

Lady: you want- you want-

Pranker: you- are you kidding?!

Lady: No, I'm not eating lunch, I am watching a movie, uh, the name is Veronica 2017 and it's a horror movie and I love horror movies.

Pranker: How old are you?

Lady: So, that's why. I am 21 years old.

Pranker: Wow, oh my God crap.

Lady: What- what the heck just you said?

Pranker: No, I'm saying but you're twenty one y- is your first job like trying to be a scammer, you don't feel bad about that?

Lady: I know, I don't feel bad about it, because I'm getting paid [mumbling].

Pranker: I know- I know, between me and you, right, you don't trick innocent people?

Lady: So, you got me a job, you got me a job if you want, I'll leave this thing forever.

Pranker: I do have a job, do you need a job? I'm happy to do that.

Lady: Yes please, help me, help me.

Pranker: Honestly, if I can help, remove you from the scamming industry, I will do it, I will give you a job, but you have to promise me you'll quit.

Lady: Yes, I promise you, I will quit forever and ever.

Pranker: Okay, alright, let's talk business then, like what kind of skill set do you have it? [typing sound]

Lady: Uh, I can work uh, do you typing something?

Pranker: Uh yeah, I'm on my computer.

Lady: What are you typing?

Pranker: Uh- w-

Lady: Are you making any of video?

Pranker: No! Not at all! I'm- I'm literally calling you just to ask you about, what your skill set, so I can try to find you the job. I'm serious.

Pranker: I SWEAR ON GOD, I was just taking a note because honestly, the idea of trying to finally save someboodee from this type of culture, it's like-

Pranker: it's- it sounds good to me, I'm happy to do that for you.

Lady: Yeaaaa… I'm sad right now, I'm sad.

Pranker: Why are you sad?

[crying sound]

Pranker: Talk to me, why are you sad? What happened?

Lady: I feel bad now.

Pranker: But tell me, why do you feel bad? Talk to me, Buk Lulu, here to listen, right?

Lady: I feel bad that I am scamming people.

Pranker: Ok, I understand, but how can I reach you?

Lady: You can come in India.

Pranker: But coming to India gonna be very hard for me, you know, I'm in the United State now, but I can give you a job to work for me remote, you know?

Lady: I'm scared.

Pranker: What- t- tell me, why are you scared, like explain to me, you know I- I'm- I'm here to help you.

Lady: Maybe you misuse this number or you, mmm like, keep all things and on YouTube or you make a fun of this conversation.

Pranker: Eh no, if- if I try to call you back here and ask for Sarah, will they transfer me?

Lady: No sir, don't call here, because they maybe make fun of you or maybe they like- they maybe like kick me out from this office. I don't want this.

Pranker: Okay, no problem, just please don't forget to message me then, okay? Because, if you don't do it I can't help you, right? So like just-

Pranker: don't- don't forget.

Lady: Yeah, I'll call you.

Pranker: Okay.

Lady: I'll message you.

Pranker: Okay, I will wait for you message, you can send me the SMS too, that's easier, that might be better, right? You can send me like a SMS or something like that.

Lady: Yes, I will.

Pranker: OKAY, alright Sarah, I'm gonna be looking forward to your message, okay? I will do my best to help you, I'm gonna talk to me colleague to see what kind of-

Pranker: job we can give you for like a data entry something like that. Something better than having to be on the phone all day, you know?

Lady: Okay, okay.

Pranker: Okay, alright, don't forget, okay? I'm gonna be waiting for your call, okay?

Lady: I will call you.

Pranker: Okay, alright, take care now.

Lady: Bye. You too.

Pranker: Alright, bye. [hang up] [explosion sound]

[phone ringing]

Guy: Thank you for calling the support, this is John.

Pranker [speaking as Chris]: Yeah! I was just calling regarding the uh- crypto currency support.

Guy: Okay, first of all, can you help me with your name?

Pranker: Yeah, it's Chris.

Guy: And what is the email address that you use to create your account? What did the [mumbling] on your coinbase?

Pranker: Okay, by the way, your voice is so soothing and sultry, I loooooove it. Uh, lem- let me go ahead and pull it up real quick.

Guy: Sure.

Pranker: Okay, yeah, this is the one I use, okay it's Chris-

Guy: Mhm.


Guy: So, it's, right?

Pranker: Yeah! That's right.

Guy: Do you have a computer or laptop to your side?

Pranker: Yeah, I have a computer.

Guy: Get to the browser, open it up.

Pranker: Okay, it's open.

Guy: Now, I just need you to go ahead and get to the address bar in Google Chrome and you type www.-

Pranker: Okay wwww.-

Guy: sir, it's 3 w's.

Pranker: Oh, okay. Okay 3 w's, okay go ahead.

Guy: dot ANY DESK, you see that? Now do you have, [indistinctive speaking] green which says download?

Pranker: Yeah, I see the button here.

Guy: Yeah, click on that and download the file.

Pranker: Okay, so, what is it, are you going like to connect to my computer or how does that work?

Guy: Yes, once it is downloaded, [indistinctive speaking] to run this for yourself and do let me know what you get.

Pranker: Okay, I have a DSL connection, so I think it's taking a second here for some reason.

Pranker: Tell me some more about yourself, while I'm downloading the file here, like, what do you like to do for fun-

Pranker: like- how's work?

Guy: For fun I also like to work, okay? That's the only thing that I love about.

Pranker: Oh my God.

Guy: I love making money.

Pranker: You love making money, I like that, well- well- how do you make your money usually?

Guy: That's something that I cannot give descriptions about, there is not one thing that I do, I never make my income type fixed.

Guy: It has to be different once, even if one fails, the others will do the job for me.

Pranker: Oh my God, that's amazing, ha- have you ever heard of BitConnect by any chance?

Guy: Yes sir.

Pranker: I heard they have huge returns, but I haven't tried like uh- with them yet, but I-I heard-

Pranker: I saw some commercials with this cute, bald guy.

Guy: [indistinct] getting downloaded I guess it would have been done.

Pranker: Yeah, no the download is done so I'm ready to go!

Guy: Yeah, launch this thing and do that, you know what uh- what screen do you get?

Pranker: Uhm- So- si like, when you connect to my computer like, what can you see exactly 'cause you know, I have a bunch of nudies...

Guy: Whatever I see will be completely- [chuckles] I do understand sir, I have no way to concern about what personal files you have there.

Guy: I'm just talking business here.

Pranker: Okay! Just don't go snooping around there John! Okay, you promise?

Guy: I can't sir- I can't. Whatever I will do it will be visible to you as well. I cannot do anything on my own.

Pranker: I- it says "Access collaborate assist". I'm worried that you might assist yourself to my nudes folder.

Guy: No, my tail does not swing both ways, I'm completely straight.

Pranker: OHHH! Ok! Let me- aren't you kind of curious?

Guy: No, just not. I have more important things to be worried about.

Pranker: Honestly, okay hold on. Let me- I understand, let me change my background photo, I'll show you my shlong real quick so that way you can at least like, you know...

Pranker: ... accidentally like, get a little taste.

Guy: What- what page- [stuttering] you run that application tha- that you downloaded?

Pranker: Yeah, it's open now.

Guy: What does- what all information does it have on your screen?

Pranker: [stuttering] honestly, I just did a quick Google search, and- and- the search was here about like a scam or something like that.

Pranker: I just don't wanna get like, robbed. So like, I just- You could look at my nudie pics that's fine but like...

Pranker: You're not gonna take my Bitcoin right?

Guy: In that case, you're gonna hang up the call sir.

Pranker: Wait-

Guy: If you feel that, you're gonna hang up call and you can go find someone else who can help you. [indistinctive speaking]

Pranker: [stuttering] JOHN! J- eh- look John, don't give me ultimatums and be difficult, I'm just asking you like, man to man.

Pranker: Like just, tell me the truth like... Can you just promise me? Because I just need some reassurance.

Guy: Sir, the only thing that I need is that you will have to open up your computer or connect to your computer.

Guy: After that, you will have to open up your coinbase and your email, so that the they can connect to the server and find out what bugs there is- [indistinctive speaking]

Guy: ... allow me that action, to go over, once I find the resolution, I can maybe- I can post the transaction back in to your account or what [mumbling].

Guy: ... and I'm gonna provide it back to you. There is nothing that I can ne- that I need anything in your computer.

Pranker: No, I understand but like- I just- I- You know [stuttering] I wish you didn't change your tone like that, I kind of miss creamy voice John, you know?

Guy: [indistinctive speaking]

Pranker: Like, where you were just- so like sultry and nice, now you're kind of scary killer robot John.

Pranker: Like...

Guy: Sir, every action has a reaction ok?

Pranker: No, no I- I- understand like, I know your tail doesn't swing both ways, I didn't mean to make you react too hard there but like, you know..

Guy: [mumbling]

Pranker: If you wanna get hard that's okay with me! [giggles]

Guy: That's nothing like that. You're gonna send me the code, that will be great

Pranker: Okay.

Pranker: Yeah! I just a- again, like- [stuttering] I just- that voice you had before was as creamy as chicken korma so like I kind of...

Pranker: ... I kind of miss it but, uhm- yeah! The code is 625...

Guy: Mhm?

Pranker: ... 79...

Guy: Yeah?

Pranker: 813.

Guy: Okay- go ahead

Guy: 62579213, right?

Pranker: Yeah.

Guy: I guess there is a- something missing in there.

Pranker: So... 625792813, you have that right?

Guy: 625792, after that?

Pranker: Uh- it's 813.

Guy: Thank you...

Pranker: W-where are you from John?

Guy: India.

Pranker: Oh, okay! Great. Honestly like one of my best friends is from India, like they're some of my favorite people!

Guy: That's why I said your voice was creamy as chicken korma, you pick that up?

Guy: I did pick that up but I told you, I only talk business, nothing else.

Pranker: Oh yeah, I know. I'm just saying like-

Guy: I know, thank you- you have not- not provided the- [phone call ends]

[phone ringing]

Lady: Welcome to support, my name is Lisa, how may I help you today?

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Eh, yeah, hello Lisa how are you doing?

[phone call ends]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Dude, Lisa [censored] hung up dude! Lisa is [censored] terrified!

Pranker: Anybody that sounds remotely sketch, she's like ABORT, ABORT.

Pranker: Let's call her again...

[phone ringing]

Lady: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Yeah, my phone died, I was talking to I believe Sarah and my phone died, so I was just trying to call back to her.

Lady: Don't you have any work?

Pranker: What are you talking about?

Lady: What I'm talking about- I'm saying how free you are?

Lady: You don't have any work?

Pranker: Eh b- I'm working right now, I'm at work right now, I was calling you guys back.

Lady: Okay [giggles] Okay. Now tell me, that I- I want the job, can you just provide me a job?

Pranker: Uh- you want a job?

Lady: And I- I desperately need a job. Tell me.

Pranker: What kind of job?

Lady: What kind of job you will provide me?

Pranker: Okay. Well tell me, what experience do you have with the Word?

Lady: Only 5 days experience.

Pranker: Only 5 days experience? Eh- what about for scamming? How much experience do you have it?

Lady: For- In that I have 10 year experience.

Pranker: Wow! That's a so good, okay tell me about it like, what do you do like, what's your secret?

Lady: Like what?

Pranker: Like, do you like uh- try to tackle the old people, like the vulnerable old people, do you go for the uh- young people? Like, what do you think is the easiest people to scam and take advantage?

Lady: Uh, like- like uh- the old people... who can not even speak, who think that they are smart but they are not...

Lady: ... and uh- who think that uh- they are very rich but they are not and like the- people like you.

Lady: Okay? People like you.

Pranker: Oh...

Pranker: But is this- is this Lisa?

Lady: Yes.

Pranker: Oh, Lisa, you're my favorite you know, like you're my favorite one there.

Lady: Okay.

Pranker: Yeah-

Lady: Thank you.

Pranker: So tell me Lisa, like you don't honestly feel a little bit guilty like [stuttering] I know they pay you the money and stuff like that but...

Pranker: ... like you don't feel kind of bad? Like just-

Lady: No! At least I'm not like you! Uh- like uh- like we are working- we are working- we are working right now.

Pranker: Yeah, you don't think I'm working too?

Lady: Like, you don't have any job, you don't have any work, no you're not working, you're just-

Pranker: I uh- No! Actually believe it or not, I have a 5 million subscribers on YouTube and I'm working right now to make a video about scamming call centres.

Lady: Oh, what, they're gonna pay you for this [censored]?

Pranker: Uh yeah- y-you don't see the advertisement on YouTube? Like, an ad monetizing but hopefully when I put the title as like...

Pranker: ..."Scamming Call Centre [censored] douchebag guy", like, they're gonna monetize it but...

Pranker: ... I have to say, but yeah.

Lady: You know what?

Pranker: Tell me, what?

Lady: Just get lost.

Pranker: No, but are you- what? Are you getting stuck now? You don't know what to say to me, so you're just gonna say "get lost" or hang up like- [phone call ends]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: [laughing] Oh my God! So... There is a solid chance that Sarah...

Pranker: ... gave me a sob story. I- I'm wondering if that all was a sob story? It could have been, 'cause like the crying sounded kind of fake...

Pranker: ... but I thought it'd be so interesting to get her to give me like candid honest interview about what it's like to work in a scamming call centre.

Pranker: But the way Lisa or whoever just responded and saying like "can you give me a job" makes me kind of like...

Pranker: ... I don't know, but definitely still interesting!

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