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Arabic Guy Wants A Restaurant Discount - Muslim Prank Call

Jun 3, 2018 1.4M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls, ramadan pranks
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo, Russell
Prank Victim: Arab fast food restaurant
Rage Level: Hardcore

EPIC Ramadan prank call on muslim-owned fast food restaurant!

Best quotes: 

  • “Why are you so cranky? Why are you so CRANKY?! What's wrong, like are- is your blood sugar low or something?”
  • “I will slap your ass, you stupid! YOU STUPID! STOP IT, STOP IT!”
  • “My brother- you have like the- the devil- the devil- the devil is breakdancing inside you.”

Body of content:

It’s Ramadan, and Abdo is searching for a free meal for him and his whole family! I prank called a muslim-owned fried chicken restaurant that is known for having great food. The owner tolerated Abdo temporarily, but quickly lost his temper and told Abdo to go to a mosque if he wanted a free meal.

Not just any meal would do for Abdo though - so I called him back over and over during the month of Ramadan and he completely flipped out!! What prank calls should I do next year for Ramadan? Let me know in the comments below!


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: I called up this fried chicken spot that's run by some crazy Middle Eastern guys, during Ramadan.

Pranker: The month of Ramadan is where Muslims fast every day from dawn to sunset, not having any food or water during that time.

Pranker: Typically they should avoid cursing in order not to break their fast, but I think these guys might have missed the memo. Check this out.

[phone ringing]

Guy: [censored], may I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Yeah, hello [censored], how are you my brother?

Guy: My brother, how are you?

Pranker: I'm so good, happy Ramadan habibi! How- how is the month so far?

Guy: [speaking in Arabic], you?

Pranker: Uhh, so good! Are you fasting? It's s- it must be so hard for you right?

Guy: Uh, eh- [speaking in Arabic], God bless.

Pranker: Yeah, for sure man, sure. God bless. Uh, so I was gonna see I- I wanted to come there for iftar time, but I actually uh, I just lost my job so time's are tough...

Pranker: ... you know, I was gonna see like, you know in the Ramadan spirit, do you think I can come with my wife and my-my son, Jabari to-to have like a just a nice meal with you guys?

Guy: Sure!

Pranker: W-w-will you be able to make it on the housie?

Guy: On the what?

Pranker: On the house h- uh, f-f-for like a free!

Guy: For free?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah.

Guy: I'm sorry, who am I speaking with?

Pranker: It's Abdo!

Guy: Who's Abdo?

Pranker: U- I- I eat there very frequently. When you see me, you'll remember.

Guy: I gotta see your face, honestly.

Pranker: Yeah, I- I know but I already told you like, you were so nice about the Ramadan, like in the Ramadan spirit right?

Pranker: Like you- you can't say yes?

Guy: Buddy, buddy, you want- you're looking for a free iftar?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, just because I'm so-

Guy: Go to the mosque, buddy.

Guy: Just go to the mosque.

Pranker: What but- but they don't have the chicken like you right, like, I- I am coming to you 'cause m-my son he's been nagging and crying saying I missed the chicken from [censored].

Guy: Oh...

Pranker: Th- they don't have the chicken wings you understand, like they- they're gonna have like soup or something like that, like it is not that good.

Guy: You- you like to talk us? Just come in- come in person man.

Pranker: But why're you being so mean now? You might break your fast-

Guy: I'm busy man, because you're wasting my time buddy!

Pranker: I know but you're making so difficult over-

Guy: I'm busy, I don't have time for you man, come on now!

Pranker: ... two dollars!

Pranker: Habibi, uh don't- don't scream you gonna break your fast, stop it. Uh, just-

Guy: [speaking in Arabic] broke my fast for you man, come on now.

Pranker: Look- look- look- uh- look I- it's very frustrating, all I'm asking is can I have like at least a discount, like a free food something right, for- for my son?

Guy: No. We don't have this, we don't have this, you want free uh- you-you looking for a free iftar, go to the mosque buddy, or go to the church.

Pranker: Yeah- I-I know but it's my favorite! But habibi, Jabari, he's crying.


Pranker: He's crying-

Guy: Habibi...

Pranker: He's- he's crying so much!

Guy: Habibi!

Pranker: Yeah- yeah I'm here, I'm here.

Guy: [speaking in Arabic] Get out of here man!

Pranker: OH! MY GOD MAN-

Guy: Get out of here man, go somewhere else man.

Pranker: You're so heartless- YOU'RE SO HEARTLESS MAN. NO HEART. You are-

Guy: [speaking in Arabic]

Pranker: Wh- what you know like it's spirit of Ramadan, I thought you'd be nice and have a heart-

Guy: [speaking in Arabic] get out of here, don't- don't make me-

Pranker: You- you're a zalamama, you keep joking with me, like making all this like eh-

Guy: [speaking in Arabic] GET THE FARK OUT OF HERE MAN.

Pranker: WH- WOOOW!

Guy: Fark outta here.

Pranker: Well- uh- you GO EAT SOME CHICKEN WINGS MAN, pick up some wings, eat it you might as well man.

Guy: Fark out of here man.

Guy: Ok, come eat it with me, bring your wife and kids in here.

Pranker: Yeah I w- can I come for free?

Guy: Yeah, come for free.

Pranker: Oka-

Guy: I'll beat your ass if you come over here.

Pranker: [clucking] OH [stuttering] YOU'RE GONNA SWEAR AT ME AND BE SO DISRESPECT?

Guy: Ohhh...

Pranker: Wh- what kind of, what kind of religious man are you man? Like so disrespect-

Guy: You- what kind of- what kind of person you are man?

Pranker: I put my heart on the line, I'm poor! You know my son he's crying-

Pranker [speaking to audience]: [laughing] Oh my God! This guy dude is farking funny!

[phone ringing]

Guy: [censored]

Pranker: Yeah, habibi, did you have a chance to cool down man? C-can we just talk like- like adults?

Guy: [sigh] My friend!

Pranker: Yeah?

Guy: Who am I speaking with my friend?

Pranker: It's Abdo.

Guy: Who's Abdo?

Pranker: I told you- [stuttering] Abdul Jabar, uh- I will- I will come uh-

Pranker: I will come tonight, you will see my face, you'll remember me. I'm telling you, I haven't been there in like, one week because of working but...

Pranker: ... they let- they laid me off and now I can't feed my kids, like it's very hard...

Guy: Ugh man, why wo- what you was there? Like how-how did you lost your job?

Pranker: The boss man, he uh- he like- he c- caught me like- his- his daughter you know she working with us and like she- she was all over me and...

Pranker: [stuttering] It's long story man, it's- it's- it's eh... I'm embarrassed, I don't want to break my fast just thinking about it, I might get like uh-

Pranker: ... like horny or something...

Guy: [laughing] [people laughing in the background]

Pranker: Okay, okay... Habibi, I'm gonna g- and what is your name?

Guy: Jabrin.

Pranker: WOOW, it took you like, 8 seconds man. Like why do you have to lie to me, like what- what's your real name like just be- be honest.

Guy: [laughing] [speaking Arabic]

Pranker: [sigh] Look man, [stuttering] I understand what you're saying okay, so like, relax. Like, eh-

Guy: What?

Pranker: Uh, you think I'm gonna smoke weeds like- while uh- while I'm fasting?

Guys: [laughing] [phone call ends]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: [laughing] This guy dude... I wh- [laughing]

Pranker: Dude, it's pretty funny hearing him like [censored] lose it with his friend on the speaker in the background.

Pranker: It's so funny when I ask on of their names and they have that weird definitive pause like uh- George! [chuckles]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: One week later, I called back.

[phone ringing]

Guy2: Can I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Yeah hello, my brother. H- how are you?

Guy2: Hey brother, how you doing?

Pranker: I'm good man uh- You were the guy I spoke to last time right?

Guy2: Hey, it's- it's early in the morning to start farking with me.

Pranker: Wha- [clucking]

Guy2: I wanna tell you, shut the [censored] up! You stupid ass mother [censored], and [censored] your whole [censored] family!

Pranker: [stuttering]

Guy2: [censored] WHO YOU [censored] YOU ARE? SO SHUT THE [censored] UP, AND I WANNA COME AND [censored] YOU AND [censored] YOUR DAUGHTER AND [censored] YOUR WHOLE [censored] FAMILY!

Pranker: [stuttering] My brother-

Pranker: A- a- are you fasting? Habibi?

Guy2: [censored] WHO YOU EVER YOU ARE!

Pranker: [stuttering] are you fasting or what? [phone call ends]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: [laughing] Dude I- I haven't talked to this guy or this store in a week! And last time I called them was the first time ever!

Pranker: This guy was having the worst day already or something!

[phone ringing]

Guy2: What you need?

Pranker: Brother I don't understand why you're so disrespect. I had to call you from my wife's phone like uh...

Pranker: I was-

Guy2: Man, [censored] you and [censored] your wife phone and [censored] who you are and [censored]-

Pranker: [stuttering]

Pranker: All I said was "Hello my brother" and you're going crazy!

Guy2: [censored] you, I'm not your brother, [censored] you!

Pranker: But-

Guy2: You're not my brother, YOU ARE MOTHER [censored]!

Pranker: Why are you so cranky? Why are you so CRANKY?! What's wrong, like are- is your blood sugar low or something-

Guy2: Because I wanna [censored] your family and I'm not gonna [censored] anyone, that's why. If you are [censored] real man, bring your face and let me show you your [censored] face.

Pranker: I don't know-

Guy2: And trust me, I will slap your [censored] face in my [censored]! I'M NOT YOUR HABIBI!

Pranker: I will slap your ass, you stupid! YOU STUPID! STOP IT, STOP IT, YOU-

Guy2: [indistinctive cursing]

Pranker: YA- OH- OH! I CAN'T- [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing] This guy is amazing... All I know is, whatever he said at the end sounded aggressive...

Pranker [speaking to audience]: He kept picking up the phone and hanging up right away, so I changed the caller ID and called back as Russell.

[phone ringing]

Guy2: Uh-huh?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Hello?

Guy2: [speaking in Arabic]

Pranker: Uh- ex- uh... Is-

Guy2: [speaking in Arabic]

Pranker: I- is- is this- is this [censored]?

Guy2: Yes.

Pranker: Sorry, what were you saying?

Guy2: Who is this?

Pranker: Uh- This is Russ. I was calling to make an order for food.

Guy2: Okay, what's up Russell? How's it going?

Pranker: Si- uh- I'm fine. What were you saying a- at first? 'Cause I called and the phone was disconnecting and I- I didn't know if you guys were having a phone issue or what was going on?

Guy2: No, honestly I got- someone, he be calling from the same number and he give me a harder time.

Pranker: Got you. So are you guys open an- and taking orders now or?

Guy2: Yeah. Yeah.

Pranker: Okay, great, uh- w- what are lunch special you guys have right now? Just uh- for- for carry out?

Guy2: I got 3 wings and one piece of fish.

Pranker: [speaking to the roommate in the background] Got you. Okay let me see- uh- W-what did you wanna get?

Pranker: My roommate recommended this place- hold on-

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Uh yeah, my brother I have to have this guy call for-

Guy2: [speaking in Arabic]

Pranker: My brother, you're- you- I will pay you- I will pray for you, okay?

Guy2: Don't call me your brother! [speaking in Arabic] [censored]

Pranker: Because something's going on in there- Yeah, yeah...

Guy2: I wanna pray for your sister to come and suck my d**k!

Pranker: Wow man...

Guy2: [speaking in Arabic]

Pranker: My brother- you have like the- the devil- the devil- the devil is breakdancing inside you.

Guy2: Don't call me your brother! [speaking in Arabic]

Guy2: [speaking in Arabic] [censored]

Pranker: [stuttering] my brother, c- can you just stop like, being so rude? [phone call ends]

Pranker: [chuckles] Oh my God! This guy is [censored] livid.

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