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Hilarious Prank! Store Refuses To Gold-Plate a Falafel

Feb 3, 2013 1.2M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo
Prank Victim: Jewelry Store
Rage Level: Mellow

Gold-plated falafel prank on a jewelry store owner!

Best quotes: 

  • “No, no, that's like eh, what do they say? Ghetto crap. I want to do like, uh, ICED OUT big baller shot caller kind of things!”
  • “I hear you say coal, like you're Santa Claus or something.”
  • “Oh, it sounds like you're playing soccer, and you have GOOOOAL! Sorry, you confuse me.”
  • “You throw at somebody's head, it will hit them! Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!”

Body of content:

There's just some things this jewelry store owner won't do - like gold-plated food! In this prank on the store I told the guy that Abdo owned a falafel shop and wanted to gold plate one of the falafel. I assured him it was ready for the process after sitting out for weeks and turning hard as a rock, but he still wasn’t down!

The prank call took a funny turn when his buddy recognizes Abdo’s voice! What store should Abdo prank next time? What was your favorite part of this prank call? Tell me in the comments below!


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[phone ringing]

Guy: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Hello?

Guy: Yes?

Pranker: Yes, I want to speak with somebody who can help me with- uh the gold plating!

Guy: Gold plating? Yes? I don't do gold plating though.

Pranker: Wh- why not?

Guy: We only do gold plating on gold, not in custom jewelry.

Pranker: What about uh- like uh SILVER PLATING?

Guy: Eh, not really, I'd only do gold plating. Gold, gold plating and coal.

Guy: You have places that does it, you have to look at direction you can find it on yellow pages?

Pranker: But like uh, I will eh- I-I-I like your place! Like, we can do it. Uh, if you can do like, can you do...

Pranker: ... DIAMOND eh, encrusting, or no?

Guy: Diamond encrusting?

Pranker: Right.

Guy: No I don't do all of those man.

Pranker: Well what- what do you do there then, huh?

Guy: We do all kinds of stuff here.

Pranker: It does not sound like it. I ask you now for like, uh very basic uh, jewelry uh maintenance uh...

Pranker: ... organisation, and you won't do with me huh?

Guy: [chuckles] Come in and let's chat man. Let's see what you have.

Pranker: But because like- like I want uh, t-t- do- where are you from?

Guy: Ghana.

Pranker: Oh, my- you are like my- you are like my brother!

Guy: And you?

Pranker: You are my African brother!

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: See w-what happened here is, I have like uh, a restaurant. I sell uh, the falafel sandwich.

Pranker: And I was wondering, I-I want to have like uh, promotional activities for my store!

Guy: Yeah!

Pranker: And I want people to know that I have like the best one! Like the gold- the good crap! You know?

Pranker: As they say, the kids here, they say that! I-I left out a couple- a couple pieces of the falafel uh...

Pranker: ... on the counter for two months now, and it is like eh, very hard.

Guy: Yeah!

Pranker: So I want to- to make like a gold plating for that, and I can hang it like uh, ornament in the window.

Guy: Oh you want a gold plate the falafel!

Pranker: Right.

Guy: No, I can't do that.

Pranker: Wh- eh- it- it's not like, uh, fragile and soft like, now it's like a rock!

Pranker: You throw at somebody's head, it will hit them! Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

Guy: Get some gold spray and spray it!

Pranker: No, no, that's like eh, what do they say? Ghetto crap. I want to do like, uh, ICED OUT uh...

Pranker: ... like big baller shot caller kind of things!

Guy: No, I don't do that brother, sorry!

Pranker: Ok, look, how much can you charge- it's not hard or anything, you have to like-

Guy: No I- I don't do it!

Pranker: You get the gold!

Guy: I don't do that!

Pranker: I know but like, this is like elementary like, beginner stuff!

Pranker: I want you to just like eh, do you get a- you get a POT, you melt the gold, you pore the gold, you make a gold plating. It's not difficult.

Pranker: Why-

Guy: I don't do it.

Pranker: W-why not?

Guy: I don't do those kind of stuff.

Pranker: Ok, eh- look my fr-

Guy: I only do gold man.

Pranker: Look. You do what?

Guy: Only gold.

Pranker: I c- I hear you say coal, like you're Santa Claus or something.

Guy: Santa Claus?

Pranker: Do you say coal? Or, or gold? Sorry.

Guy: GOLD, GOLD. Only gold planting I do on gold!

Pranker: Oh, it sounds like you're playing soccer, and you have GOOOOAL! Sorry, you confuse me.

Guy: Uh, no-

Pranker: I uh, I uh, ok, let's eh- look- you- can you do for me?

Pranker: I want to- I will pay you any money. I have like uh, I have the funds available!

Pranker: I just want you know, a good african man from- from Ghana to- to help me!

Guy: Yeah?

Pranker: Right.

Guy: Come in and see me!

Pranker: Look, I want you to to pimp my falafel!

Guy: Buddy I can't do it on your phone! You're getting me annoyed now! You got to come in and see me!

Pranker: Look- Look! Look ok, I understand but I want to- I have to drive the car with the gas!

Pranker: All these things, I want to speak with you-

Guy: Okay, you don't have money then! If you don't want to drive the car, get gas and come in.

Pranker: I have a lot of money! But I am just being- I'm being environmentally conscious!

Guy: No, no, you got to come in and see me, I can't do it.

Pranker: You know-

Pranker: Look mister, MISTER!

Guy: I can't do it over the phone!

Pranker: STUPID! Look, the- O-zone layer! Global warming! All these things, I don't want to drive unnecessary!

Guy: That's your problem, you deal with global warming! If you actually want this stuff done, you got to come and see me, I can't do it over the phone!

Pranker: Ok! Let us- let us at least talk about it, ok? We- we'll- We will speak together...

Pranker: ... we will get to a conclusion, we will have to agree on a price, and I will come in eh- with my falafel sandwich.

Guy: I can't see it on the phone! I can't do it on the phone!

Pranker: Look-

Guy: You have to come and see me!

Pranker: I will bring you a sandwich for free! Ok?

Guy: I don't want the sandwich! You have to come and see me to get it done!

Pranker: I will bring you 2 sandwiches! With- with my- with my falafel to- to gold plate it and then we can talk about these things!

Guy: No-

Pranker: What I want to-

Guy: No- no, you as- that's not, that's not a way done on the phone, you have to come and see me and bring it...

Guy: ... let me see what you're talking about!

Guy: No! But like now- you're like- you're like doing intimidating now! Like you want to come like- smack me with a gold plate shoe or something!

Guy: I didn't see anything and I can't talk about anything!

Pranker: Eh- Look, I will- c-can you tell me just what is a-

Guy: You understand what I'm saying brother?

Pranker: No-

Pranker: Look, brother. Don't be like, stupid. Ok? Look.

Guy: I'm not stupid, you are stupid!

Pranker: No you-

Guy: Okay you're acting stupid!

Pranker: You're being stupid!

Guy: Are you-

Guy: Ok, bye. Talk to you later.

Pranker: Don't- don't do that to me! It's very disr- hello?

Pranker: [laughing]

[phone ringing]

Guy: Hello?

Pranker: H- hello what happened man? You- the phone- the phone hang up?

Guy: How you mean it hung up? Because you don't understand what I'm saying?

Pranker: Look I- But I- I understand! But you have like uh- you have to understand me now!

Pranker: I will- I will pay you the money, I will bring you 3 falafel sandwiches! I never give anybody free sandwich!

Guy: I don't want your falafel sandwich!

Pranker: Why not?

Guy: I don't want it! I wanna see what you wanna do!

Pranker: I know, but I want-

Guy: Gold plate falafel?

Pranker: No but you-

Guy: I can't gold plate falafel!

Pranker: Look you- you told- you told me- you do a lot of things!

Guy: Hold on, this guy will talk, see what he can do.

Pranker: No I want to speak with you! Hello?

Guy: This guy is the boss.

Pranker: No, no, no, you are BIG BOSS MAN!

Guy: He's the boss, talk to him!

Pranker: Hello?

Guy2: Hello?

Pranker: Hello?

Guy2: Yes sir.

Pranker: Yes, hello, I'm sorry, I'm talking to this other guy here, he's being like stupid.

Pranker: I want to- I'd want to do something very easy! But he won't do for me!

Guy2: [chuckles] You know what's funny? I'm actually- I'm actually familiar with your, ONLINE PRANKS...

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: God dammit.

Guy2: You do the online pranks, right?

Pranker: Mother fark. Hey! What's going on man?

Pranker: [laughing]

Guy2: [chuckles] Good one buddy! I heard your pranks before.

Pranker: Dude! This is killing me! Man, the guy's reaction was so perfect too!

Guy2: [chuckles] I know, he passed me the phone and he's like "Speak to this guy".

Pranker: Oh man!

Guy2: He thinks it was real! [chuckles]

Pranker: Ah, man! So will- what's y- are you the manager there? Or what's the deal?

Guy2: No, no, no, no, I'm the- I'm just his neighbour! I'm a jeweler next to him!

Pranker: Ah...

Guy2: And he's like, because I'm Arabic too right?

Pranker: Uh-huh.

Guy2: So I, as soon as I heard your voice, I'm like, it started becoming very familiar, very familiar!

Guy2: And I'm like...

[both laughing]

Guy2: You know what, I caught this guy!

Pranker: [laughing] Ah!

Guy2: But you're a good man, I love your jokes! Your jokes are amazing!

Pranker: Ah, thanks man! I appreciate it, it's too bad-

Guy2: Yeah for sure-

Pranker: Alright.

Guy2: I-I'm actually glad, I actually got to talk to you brother!

Pranker: I'm a-

Guy2: This is actually crazy!

Pranker: Dude I'm happy to hear it, so what are you gonna tell him now? Like when he- when-

Pranker: When you get off the phone call and he's like "so what happened with the guy who wants to gold- gold plate his falafel?" What you gonna say?

Guy2: I- I- I'll maybe- I'll make him hear your pranks and then we'll go on from there!

Pranker: All right man, sounds good. [laughing]

Pranker: Alright, I guess I'll just-

Guy2: That's amazing, I would have never thought in a million years I would hear your voice like actually calling!

Pranker: I did- I honestly didn't expect you to recognize the voice either but...

Pranker: ... it's fine, I guess on to the next jewelry store! [laughing]

Guy2: [laughing] On to the next st- but you know what? Let me hear it online though! This is a good convers-

Guy2: This is a good conversation.

Pranker: Who knows, may- maybe you- maybe you'll see this clip online somewhere. Keep an eye out for it.

Guy2: That's amazing brother! Have a good day.

Pranker: Alright man, take it easy. See you!

Guy2: Good luck my brother...

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