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Unbelievable Danish Kebab Prank Call! Ownage Pranks Classics

Sep 15, 2016 1.7M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo, Buk Lau
Prank Victim: Kebab shop
Rage Level: Feel-good

Kebab prank call gets prankster called out!!

Best quotes: 

  • “Literally all I hear in the background is HEE-HAW, right?”
  • “Habibi, you're being a little bit of a jack***, right. Just a little bit. Just a small amount.”
  • “My friend is very stupid if you talk to him he not understand anything from you!”
  • “We give you shawarma and kiss for free!”

Body of content:

I wanted to do a kebab prank call on a shop in Denmark where they sell shawarma. It was my first time calling Denmark and I was hoping using Abdo to complain about getting food poisoning from their food would produce a great reaction! Things didn’t go as planned, but what happened instead was so much funnier!

Buk Lau got in on this prank too, as “Abdo’s wife”, which tipped them off about what was really going on and created the funniest conversation. These guys had an amazing sense of humor about the call. Would you like to see more prank call fails? Should I try calling up some more Danish restaurants? Tell me what you think in the comments below!


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[phone ringing]

Guy1: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Yeah, yeah, hello my brother, how are you?

Guy1: How are you? 

Pranker: Yeah-


Pranker: Lo- Look, I have one- I have one issue here.

Pranker: I actually came in for some food the other day, and uh...

Pranker: I don't know what happened man, but honestly man, for the past like 3 days I've been on the toilet.

Pranker: Like the- the- the kebab you gave me like - really REALLY really was like uh- it-it-it messed me up.

Guy1: You can drink Cola.

Pranker: Cola yeah, I have on-

Guy1: It's good for your stomach.

Pranker: I have enough Cola the wh- the whole ground looks like a Cola now, it's crap everywhere.

Guy1: Okay. I'm sorry for you my friend. What do you want me to do for you?

Pranker: I want you to you know, maybe you can you know, give me like a-a 

Pranker: ... free kebab for me and my family or something like a dinner or something like this to make it right.

Guy1: To make it right?

Pranker: Yeah, because right now you made it wrong.

Guy1: What- what- what is wrong with you- wha- what is wrong with you?

Pranker: Look, the-the-the-the-the meat was not cooked all the way, right.

Pranker: I was very hungry so I say you know, yalla, let's do it, right?

Praanker: I will still do it, right.Like, yalla, yalla right. I will do it-

Guy1: Hmm, okay. But you wash your hands before you eat?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah of course man.

Guy1: Maybe you not wash your hands before you eat? 

Pranker:No, no, no, I don't like, wipe my ass and then eat after that.

Pranker: Yeah, of course I wash my hands. Maybe you have some disgusting crusty crap under you finger nails...

Pranker: ... and that's why like I got sick.

Guy1: Okay but listen you have- you have been here today? Or when was it you were here?

Pranker: It was two days ago. I-I-I've been to the doctor, you know. 

Pranker: Like I wasn't even able to get up like-

Guy1: Okay, what clock you was here? I can see on the camera then I can talk to you again. 

Pranker: [clucking] Look you're stupid it's- a- Of course I'm on the camera right.

Guy1: Because-

Pranker: Yeah I was in there I have the receipt-

Guy1: I- But LISTEN, don't- don't speak- don't- you want something and I-I want to make it right.

Guy1: So don't speak bad... To me.

Pranker: No, no, you want to laugh at me right? 

Pranker: You say like "Oh, drink a Cola" right, like [fake laugh] I'm st-

Guy1: Why-why don't you like- [chuckles] WHY DON'T YOU COME IN HERE? WHY YOU CALL?

Pranker: You see, look-

Pranker: It's- it- 

Guy1: I'm not taking you serious when you call!  

Pranker: Look, it's far away right, I have to drive all the way, it's maybe 40 minutes, right?

Pranker: It is not close to me right, or I will talk to you face by face, right? 

Guy1: Okay, come here down and we can talk about it.

Pranker: Look, can this-

Guy1: And I will give you everything you want.

Pranker: Man, I don't think so man, because honestly all day I throw up like [fake throwing up] all day right.

Guy1: you have paper from doctor you have food poisoning from here? 

Pranker: Yeah, I can get the doctor I just have to call him, he will write it for me, yeah no problem.

Guy1: Okay, listen I not take you serious when you- when you call and you call us stupid and a**holes...

Guy1: ... and I don't know what- 

Pranker: Listen- [clucking]  yo- your si-

Pranker: Listen! Look, look, look! Listen to me, you donkey!

Pranker: You are laughing at me so of course what do you expect? What-

Guy1: Look, look you do it again! You not speak good to me.

Pranker: Because all- literally all I hear in the background is [donkey sound], right?

Pranker: What am I going to do here, you and your friend just sitting there and laughing at me right?

Pranker: Of course I'm going to be mad.

Guy1: [chuckles] Because you talk funny, that's why. I'm sorry. 

Pranker: Oh, I talk funny right?

Pranker: Habibi, you're being a little bit of a jack***, right. Just a little bit. Just a small amount.

Guy1: Yeah but why you make this a problem, why you say donkey and I don't know why and I don't know what...

Pranker: Because man you hurt my feelings!

Pranker: Look you don't understand right, for the past three days right, like my stomach ohhh...

Pranker: ... all day right, I feel like a- I feel like a I've been having-

Guy1: Yeah but listen- listen my friend- listen-

Pranker: I feel like I'm going to have a baby right, like-


Pranker: Do you- do you hear yourself? You ask me why I call you a donkey and then you just laugh at me right?

Pranker: Of course you're-you're being stupid, I'm sorry man but you are being sooo stupid... 

Guy1: Yes man.

Pranker: STUPID!

Guy1: Yes I'm sorry I'm very stupid.

Guy1: Where you from my friend? Where you from?

Pranker: N- Uhh, where are y- I am from Egypt, where are you from?

Guy1: You are from Egypt?

Pranker: Yeah.

Guy1: Can you speak Arabic? 

Pranker: My wife is here, she's very upset you know, she wants to understand what I'm saying.

Pranker: So she says only english.

Guy1: Speak Arabic, don't only say habibi. Speak Arabic to me, and I will...

Pranke: [sigh] Look, uh, Buk!

Pranker: Yeah look, this guy wants me to speak uh, Arabic with him. 

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: No, don't talk- Uh hello?

Guy1: Uh, hello!

Pranker: Yeah look here man, my husband, he come to your store and you know, he try to get the food and-

Guy1: [laughing] 

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Uh he-hello?

Guy1 [speaking in Danish]: I think it's that Ownage guy! [laughing]

Guy1: Where are you calling from? 

Pranker: Are you g- are you going to sit there and make fun of my wife like this?

Guy1: No, no, no, no, no, no my friend! I'm not making fun of your wife!

Pranker: D- u- The other guy maybe he's not stupid. Can I speak with him maybe?

Guy1: My friend is very stupid if you talk to him he not understand anything from you!

Pranker: No, no let me talk to the donkey. 

Guy1: You want to speak to the donkey. Here my friend you speak with this guy. [laughing]

Guy2: Hello?

Pranker: W-what's wrong with your friend, is he stupid?

Guy2: No, but uh, I don't know what's happening, tell me what's wrong. How can we help you?

Pranker: Uh I come in there right, the food was not good so I'm asking you just-

Pranker: I will come with my family and you can give us all you know, uh, a few 3-4 shawarma for free, okay?

Guy2: For the whole family? 

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, because-

Guy2: If because you don't have money I give you shawarma for free, no problem.

Pranker: No, no, no I have- I have money right, I'm actually- I have American passport, right?

Pranker: Like, and- and I actually I-I wipe my ass with a 100$ okay so when-

Guy2: You have American passport? 

Pranker: Yeah I do, right like I-

Guy2: Hey, my friend if you come here you talk you tell like this before you call, we make it right, no problem.

Pranker: What I am telling you right now is you guys make me sick and I needed you to fix it.

Guy2: And what you need then, you happy not sick anymore?  

Pranker: Four-four shawarma and one kiss.

Guy1: Come I give you shawarma, no problem!  

Guy2: Four shawarma and one kiss?

Pranker: Yeah, and one kiss. 

Guy1: And one kiss on the mouth!

Pranker: No, no, no, no, no

Guy2: Come, I give you one kiss, no problem.

Guy1: I give you two until-

Guy2: I give you-

Guy1: And take you... 

Pranker: Number one, you have to understand I don't want to make a gay with you.

Guy2: You come I give you 4 shawarma and one kiss. 

Pranker: But we're not going to make a gay right?

Guy2: I-I no make it gay. I make it very very nice for you.


Pranker: Who- who- is your friend in the background playing with your balls or what?


Pranker: Listen , you-you-you donkey. I don't understand what you're trying to say about my wife.

Guy1: You are the one who’s making this, uh, prank call?

Pranker: No habibi, I don't know what you're talking about...

Guy1: You are the one, yes. 

Pranker: No, no, yes I don-

Guy1: Yes, yes! You are the one! I know your voice! You are the one!

Pranker: No, no, I think you are mistaken...

Guy1: You're not calling ohh, you are not from this guy who is uh, making this uh, Ownage Prank Call?

Pranker: Nooo, no, I don't know eh- I don't know...

Guy1: Are you sure? You're the one!

Pranker: But-

Guy1: [laughing] I know your voice, you are the one!

Pranker [as Russell]: [giggling]

Guy1: You're not the one who make this like a sum boo dee fark you bitch? 

Pranker: [laughing] like a- [laughing]

Guy1: YOU ARE THE ONE! I know your voice! 

Pranker: [laughing] Like a sum boo dee fark-

Guy1: You're very good at it man!

Pranker: [laughing] yo- okay you got me!

Guys: [laughing] 

Guy1: You are the one like a sum boo dee fark you bitch ha?

Pranker: [laughing] well when w-

Guys: [laughing] 

Guy1: You're very funny man, that's why I laugh I could- I could hear your voice! You are the one!

Pranker: Ohh, that's so funny! Okay man, you-you got me.

Pranker: You're right honestly I wasn't sure then- 

Pranker: Once I brought Buk Lau I heard you say something like a sum boo dee in the background!

Guy1: I knew it was you I swear it! I cou- I could hear it on your voice! 

Guy1: If you can come eat shawarma you're welcome!

Pranker: Um, um, IS IT GOING TO BE FREE? [laughing]

Guy1: Yeah of course! [laughing] You're farking funny!

Pranker: [laughing]


Guy1: You will get my friend again! 

Pranker: No, that- they- [laughing] 

Guy2: Hello!

Pranker: Hello! 

Guy1: You almost got us! 

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Hello my brother! [laughing]

Guy2: What's up man? It's a prank huh? [laughing]

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Yeah, it's a prank, it's a prank... [laughing]

Guy2: It's  good, it's good, no problem man!

Pranker: No, we-well thank you-

Guy2: You're always welcome shawarma- our shawarma don't make you sick!

Pranker: No th-

Pranker: NNo, thank you very much I-I appreciate that.

Pranker: Sorry for calling you guys and saying all those nonsense. [laughing]

Guy2: No, no problem! 

Pranker: Today is the first day I've ever called Denmark, ever in my life.

Guy2: Really?

Pranker: Yeah!

Guy2: We're the first time ah we, we know- we know this prank from the internet man!

Pranker: That's so funny, yeah I know it's just a funny coincidence.

Pranker: Like, literally, this is-this is the first day I've ever called Denmark, EVER. 

Pranker: And it's just funny that you guys recognised that! [laughing]

Guy2: We lucky-we lucky then man, we lucky then!

Pranker: [laughing]

Guy2: You're welcome if you here sometime, you're welcome uh...

Guy2: We give you shawarma and kiss for free!

Pranker: [laughing]

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: But we're not going to make it gay, right? [laughing]

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