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Meltdown With A Somali Auto Shop! - Prank Call CLASSIC!

Sep 28, 2014 5.9M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call
Format: Animated
Characters: Buk Lau
Prank Victim: Somali Auto Shop
Rage Level: Mellow

Somali auto shop mechanic laughing at hysterical prank call!

Body of content:

I may have been the one pulling the prank, but I think the person on the receiving end of THIS call enjoyed it just as much as I did! I did a Somali auto shop prank as Buk Lau, who is complaining about a completely ABSURD car problem, and the way the mechanic handles the ridiculousness is hilarious! 

This super chill guy is sooo thrown off with the insane sound effects Buk is doing that he can’t hold back his laughs! I couldn’t resist animating this funny interaction. Am I the only one who loves that he kept switching between calling Buk Lau "ma'am" and "sir/guy"? It cracked me up! Would you like to see more Somali prank calls in the future? Let me know in the comments below. 


Best quotes:

  • “You sound like my car now, youlo?”
  • “You gonna give them the DISCOUNTY but not me?!”

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Mechanic: This is Ali.

Buk Lau: Duhh yea, I want to talk to you abouuut, to get like estimate for my car repair, please?

Mechanic: Which kind of car?

Buk Lau: I have the 1982 Honda Civic.

Mechanic: Okay??

Buk Lau: Yea, I have a problem with it, youlo, I driving but ehhh, sometime the ignition take a long time to start, I have to pray with it for a long long time. And also it make like-a, like-a funny noise youlo? I don’t know what the heck happen. 

Mechanic: In order to know that we have to look at it.

Buk Lau: Deee yeah, but I can-

Mechanic: Dunno what you are expecting.

Buk Lau: but m-mainly its the noise, youlo? Maybe I can do the noise for you. I can try to make a sound for you, you can try to think about and see-

Mechanic: No, I cannot do that. On the phone I cannot tell ma’am. 

Buk Lau: I try, I try to st-

Mechanic: If you want you-


Mechanic: Yeah…

Buk Lau: What do you tink?

Mechanic: The only thing I can do is this - I’ll tell you rough idea if you come in front of me and then you do the duh-diagnose you are talking about. Then I can tell you exactly what you are expecting. 

Buk Lau: O-kay-

Mechanic: I have to hear it first.

Buk Lau: I know I-I-I-I okay, I do for you again, you do- it turn and go BULULULULLULULULULULLULUL-

Mechanic: Yeah, but-


Mechanic: Sorry, sor-


Mechanic: Sorry-


Mechanic: Sorry sir - Okay, when you- when you come I will see you, okay?

Buk Lau: BUT, BUT what can you do for me, youlo? I want to know- Okay, do you have like a twenty percent off or something, a coupon, or something liiike dat?

Mechanic: I dunno what I’m expecting unless I look at it.

Buk Lau: But yeah, okay-

Mechanic: But I’m not gonna boot- I’m- Okay.

Buk Lau: Okay, that’s- that’s good but, okay, but you can give me like-a-

Mechanic: Okay, ma’am

Buk Lau: Forty percent OFF for the first time customer, right?

Mechanic: Noooooooo. No, noo-


Mechanic: I cannot do that.

Buk Lau: You sound like my car now, youlo? You don’t want to do for me!

Mechanic: Okay, thank you very much, man, you are a funny guy, goodbye [chuckles]

Buk Lau: Wha- WHAT?! NO! 

Mechanic: [chuckling]

Buk Lau: L- I- Whaa.. 

Mechanic: [chuckling]

Buk Lau: What do you- 

Mechanic: [chucking]

Troll: [Breaking character] Hah - HELLO?!!

Mechanic: Yeah, goodbye. 

Buk Lau: LOOK-

Mechanic: Yah, let me work please, I got other line is coming in. 

Buk Lau: BUT, I know but y-y-you gonna give them the DISCOUNTY but not me?!

Mechanic: YES! Let me look at it, okay?

Buk Lau: Oookay I call you back in 5 minutes.

Mechanic: Buh bye.

Buk Lau: Ookay.

Mechanic: NO, don’t call me-

Buk Lau: Okay-

Mechanic: in five minutes bro-

Buk Lau: No no no no-

Mechanic: thank you.

Buk Lau: I call you 2 - 3 minute.

Mechanic: Okay.

Buk Lau: Oookay gimme duh kiss [kissing noise]

Mechanic: [Hangs up]

Troll: [Laughing] When he started laughing I lost it!

Buk Lau: My car still making duh noise and he hang up on ME! Anyway, if you enjoyed the video and want more animation, show your support by clicking the like button down below and sharing the video with your friend!

Troll: And don’t forget to hit subscribe to catch our future-

Buk Lau: To see more of me!! [Giggling] Thats right, I’m the best.

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