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Naughty In-Store Camera Prank! Ownage Pranks

Aug 24, 2013 2.5M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Buk Lau, Tyrone
Prank Victim: Walmart
Rage Level: Mellow

Naughty pictures left on in-store camera prank!

Best quotes: 

  • “Can you transfer me to croissant and let me talk to him?” 
  • “Basically, my son, he’s a little bit duuhhhh, how you say a-a FAT BOI”

Body of content:

I called an electronics store as Tyrone and Buk Lau to let them know that my son had taken some inappropriate pictures of his “man boobies” on the in-store cameras! Acting as a very distraught mother, Buk Lau asked the employee to go remove the scandalous pics quickly so the family could rest easy. Surprisingly, the employee was quick to lie and say they found and removed the pictures, even though they never existed!

Tyrone got to chat with the manager, who stood by the employee’s lie and refused to have them apologize. Buk got the final word in the end, having one last heated exchange with the employee! What funny camera prank should I try on a store next time? Do you think the employees even checked the cameras in this store? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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[Phone ringing]

Operator: Thank you for calling [censored], this is Christon, may I help you? 

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Duh, hello, Chriskomuhtan, can I talk to someboody in the camera department please?

Operator: Give me one second.

Pranker: Okay excellent, thank you!

 [background noises]

Pranker: Are you beating your meat or something?

 [background noises]

Pranker: Hello? [Laughing] [Phone ringing]

Employee: Thank you for calling [censored], how can I help you?

Pranker: Uh, duh, hello, I-, I want to-, I have a problem today, my son, he come in to look at the camera on display-

Pranker: you have it, and uh-, he tell me right now that he take the uh-, the bad picture on it. He take picture on it-

Pranker: and he-, he tell me inappropriate, so I want to know, can you look to the camera for me and make sure you delete.

Employee: Which camera was it? 

Pranker: Uh-, we-, we were looking at uh-, you know, three, four, five of them, I think it was the uh-, the Canon.

Employee: I have a lot of Canons my man, I have a bunch if customers in there that's why. 

Pranker: I know, but you have to understand, he tell me he take the picture of his uh-, his-, his body and stuff-, he's-

Pranker: a little boy, it's-, it's NOT GOOD! 

Employee: Yes ma'am, if you give me one second, I'll verify that one, because I have a customers waiting for me that's why, and.

Pranker: Okay, okay. HURRY UP!

Employee: [sigh]  

Employee: Yes sir, how can I help you? [Hang up]

Pranker: [speaking to audience]  Wait, he just hung up? He hung up on me 

 [Phone ringing]

Operator: [censored] This is Christon, may I help you? 

Pranker: Duh, hello, yes, I talk to you right now, uh-, s-, somebody, uh-, he-, he pick up the phone, then he hung up on me-

Pranker: in like-, in like one minute! 

Operator: Ok

Pranker: Okay.

Operator: Alright, do you remember who you spoke with? 

Pranker: Uh-, it's the Camera department, he sound like he very hate his life, he-, he sound like he very unhappy, you know?

Pranker: Does that help? I don't know.

Operator: I'm not sure, because we have various people who work here, I guess I can help you out with it, what's going on? 

Pranker: Okay. Basically, what happen here is, I-, I try to use the camera in the uh-, display section, right? But my son-

Pranker: he tell me right now that he take uh-, a very inappropriate picture there, he say, while standing there, he take-

Operator: Uh huh.

Pranker: he put-, he put in his shirt, he try to take the picture, all these things! And he tell me, he was about to look for it!

Pranker: So I want you to transfer me back to Camera department.

Operator: So, your son, took a inappropriate picture in the Camera department?

Pranker: Right-, right-, right. Basically my son, he's a little bit, uh-, how you say-, FAT boy, right? He have a little bit-

Pranker: extra WEIGHT, and he tell me that he, he talked to me, I don't know how to say-, he tell me he take a picture of his man boobie-

Pranker: he put inside the shirt-

Operator: Oh 

Pranker: he put inside the shirt, and he take picture of his egg plant, you know? 

Operator: Okay, got you. It was in the Camera department?

Pranker: Right-, right. 

Operator: Okay, I will be sure to tell my associates reset the cameras and make sure nobody-, and no the pictures not exposed

Pranker: I-, I know but it very upse-, it very upset me, so I want to know, can you go look for it now, and come back afterwards?  

Operator: Uh-, give me one second, okay? I'll check for you. 

Pranker: Okay. 

Employee: Hello ma'am? 

Pranker: Duh, yes? 

Employee: Okay, we actually found-, we found it. We found it. 

Pranker: You find it? 

Employee: Yes we found it, and we erased-, and we erased it and reset the entire camera, it was one of our Sony cameras.

Pranker: Oh excellent! Okay, I'm very glad! Okay, do you know what-, what T-shirt he was-, what did he look like? 

Employee: I'm not sure-, uh-, I mean I didn't get a chance to look, I think it was like-, I think I saw just his chest-

Employee: but other than that

Pranker: Okay, but you see, I want to-, I want to di-, discipline a thing with him, so I want to make sure when I beat-

Pranker: his ass, I don't want to beat him for no reason, you know? I want to make sure it was him so what-, what shirt was he wearing?

Employee: It didn't-, it didn't show. It didn't show any kind of shirt whatsoever.

Pranker: Okay, what about-, okay-, what did his man boobie look like? Look like a small one, or big one, or something?

Pranker: I want to make sure it's him, you know? 

Employee: Oh don't worry, you're fine ma'am, I can assure you we took care of it, okay? 

Pranker: But I-, I-, f-

Employee: Nevertheless-

Pranker: honestly, I feel like y-, you try to lie to me or something, get rid of me, you know? 

Employee: Yeah

Pranker: [neglected Asian stammer] 

Employee: [hang up]

Pranker: [neglected Asian stammer] I don’t even think it was, a-, a-, hello? [laughing] [speaking to audience] She hung up?

 [Phone ringing]

Operator: Thank you for calling [censored] my name is Christon, may I help you? 

Pranker: Christon why do you lie to me, then hang up on my case? I don't understand why you do that, you know? 

Operator: Uh, actually ma'am, I apologize, I think we must've got disconnected, but you-, are you-

Pranker: Okay

Operator: the person with the camera? 

Pranker: That's right! You know, y-, y-, you exhale on the telephone, then you hang up on me! It was not an accident, okay?

Pranker: Don't lie, don't do lie, the bullcrap with me, okay?  

Operator: Sure, I do apologize ma'am, one second. 

Pranker: Okay. [speaking to audience] I'll call back again real quick.

 [Phone ringing]

Operator: [Hang up] 

Pranker: [speaking to audience] She picked up and hang up right away, think she has caller ID.

 [Phone ringing]

Operator: Thanks for calling [censored] this is Christone, may I help you? 

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Hey yo, what's popping Krystal, how are you doing? 

Operator: How you doing? 

Pranker: I'm alright, I-, I believe you just spoke with my WIFE a second ago about the incidents that's happening! She's real HEATED-

Pranker: right now! Locked herself, in the bathroom and told me to call, so I don't know, WHAT'S GOING ON? But uh-

Operator: Right.

Pranker: Do you mind explaining to me what's popping right now? 

Operator: Yeah, sure, absolutely! She said that uh-, a picture uh-, she said I think her son, I think must have, put a picture on her ph-

Operator: took a picture with one of our cameras, of her-, of himself I guess? 

Pranker: OK

Operator: And we had saw the camera, and whatever like that, we uh-, erased the camera and everything like that. Because, you know, we-

Operator: don't condone that, and she keeps calling saying: "UH WEEL DESCRIBE IT, WHAT'S THE UH-, OR DO YOU DESCRIBE WHAT IT WAS?"

Operator: And actually sir, sir we actually erased the camera for us, to actually see what was going on? And we had already assured-

Operator: her that basically, not-, don't worry it was erased, nobody's not going to show anything or anything like that.

Pranker: BUT-, BUT-, yeah she-, what she explained to me, was that, you came back and, told her like-

Operator: Mhm.

Pranker: You already saw the PICTURE, and deleted it! And she said that, you told her it was a SONY camera! And she was saying that-

Pranker: you were only looking at the CANONS! Because-, she-, she don't mess with SONY-, SONY PRODUCTS! So she's pretty-, so she's-

Pranker: pretty sure that you were lying to her! And now you telling me that, you saw it, and deleted it. So I don't want somebody-

Pranker: just kind of taking a SHORTCUT to-, to-, you know-

Operator: Right

Pranker: BE LAZY, just so they don't have to like-

Operator: Uh huh.

Pranker: DO THEY JOB and just get somebody OFF THE PHONE! So I'm a little bit upset on her behalf. So-

Operator: Right. 

Pranker: WAS YOU LYING? 

Operator: I'll tell you what, not at all sir!

Pranker: Okay but well-, well since you saw THE PHOTO I know what my son looks like, so, what did he look like TO YOU? Like, what did-

Pranker: you SEE EXACTLY? I mean, if you could even give me a-, a brief explanation that-

Operator: Well I-

Pranker: that would tell me! 

Operator: Well I didn't personally see it, somebody in out Camera department saw it! And they erased it. 

Pranker: But see-, you made it seem like, YOU WENT and saw it yourself! But then you-, YOU DIDN'T! 

Operator: Right. 

Pranker: SO WHY YOU LYING GIRL? I don't understand why you would do that! 

Operator: Now that-, as a matter of fact sir, let me get you to speak to my manager so they can verify for you, FAIR ENOUGH? 

Pranker: Uh-, alright well he-, I think she wants an APOLOGY, you going to talk to her? 

Operator: Mm, yeah sure absolutely! 

Pranker: Alright one second. 

Operator: Mhm.

Pranker: [speaking in the background] Come talk to her! 

[Transferring call]

Manager: How can I help you? 

Pranker: Uh yeah, hello? 

Manager: Hello, how can I help you? 

Pranker: Uh yeah, I was talking to some lady at the front, eh-, her name is SHA-, SHARQUANDA or something like that, uh-, she uh-

Pranker: she was telling me that she had a photo deleted on a camera, and I believe she was lying to me, any my wife's a little bit-

Pranker: UPSET RIGHT NOW. An-, it's just real HEATED ENVIRONMENT here in the house, and I'm not sure what to do.

Manager: Oh, I'm not sure, and I don't have a girl named Shaquanda but-

Pranker: Okay, it-, it was a-, she was a AFRICAN-AMERICAN GIRL CH SOMETHING! I don't remember how it started! She's the one who answers-

Pranker: the phone, I guess she routs the phone calls? 

Manager: UH IT'S A HIM. The one that answers phone calls IS A GUY. 

Pranker: That-, that's a DUDE? OH-, oh.

Manager: Yes there's a guy answering phone calls.

Pranker: Okay my bad! Well him/her WHATEVER, at this point, my wife's locked herself in her room! SHE'S REALLY ANGRY. Can we just get an-

Pranker: APOLOGY from that guy who answers the phone? That would probably be THE BEST SCENARIO right now. 

Manager: Okay, well, if he-, I can't get him to-, I can't force him to apologize-, I apologize for whatever confusion it caused!

Pranker: BUT YEAH! It's not the same if- 

Manager: So yeah.

Pranker: you apologize ON HIS BEHALF, should I just, CALL BACK?

Manager: He's not going to apo-, I'm not going to make my employee apologize once-, the only reason is, I can't make him do that! 

Manager: I get in trouble for making him do that!

Pranker: I KNOW BUT, I'm not saying you, you making him do anything! I mean, maybe he'll do it himself!

Manager: Yeah.

Pranker: What's the big deal? You know what I'm saying? Like-

Manager: The, the big deal is just it's-, I can't-, WE CAN'T DO THAT! 

Pranker: Ok, I'm not asking you to-

Manager: But I have Sony's-, LISTEN.

Pranker: I'm not asking you to MAKE HIM!

Manager: LISTEN! I have-, I have Sony's and Samsung's that hold pictures! 

Pranker: OK. Alright you-, NO YOU "LISTEN- LISTEN", what's I'm saying-, I'm simply, asking him to APOLOGIZE to see if he'd CONSIDER IT!

Pranker: I mean what's the big de-, YOU CAN'T EVEN ASK? 

Manager: No, no well I-, he's working sir! he's wor-, he's on the phone working, you are now talking to a manager! This is a-, a situation-

Manager: that a manager is taking care of! 

Pranker: I KNOW BUT-

Manager: You're now talking to me! I can't-, no-, I can't go to ask my-

Pranker: But, you're not the one-, you guy-

Manager: if I-, if I go ask my employee to do something that's outside of his core job accountabilities! YOU KNOW? 

Pranker: Okay so, what you saying is, I need to CALL BACK to get him! Because I mean that-, that seems like the MOST VIABLE OPTION at this point, right?

Manager: Well I-, I-, I-, honestly I think that-, I mean if-, the situation has been handled, or he said that he handled the situation I mean-

Manager: I don't see what the big deal is.

Pranker: Well I mean-, w-, why you talking all ADVANCED and stuff? You talking DOWN TO ME like I don't understand what's going on, THE BIG DEAL-


Manager: I'M SORRY? Excuse me? 

Pranker: I said-, can you-, can you transfer me to CROISSANT and let me talk to him?  

Manager: UHM, I MEAN. What is there to talk about? 

Pranker: She was-, BULLCRAPING us! So I'm trying to talk-, I mean HE was bullcraping us! So I'm just trying to talk to HIM to see if he wants to just QUICKLY-

Pranker: give a BRIEF APOLOGY, I'm not saying you HAVE TO make him do ANYTHING, but-, I mean I could-, I COULD ASK HIM! 

Manager: IT'S MY STORE AND I KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON. Two of my employees were taking care of it! And they-, THEY HELPED YOU, OK?

Pranker: Okay, well-

Manager: So we helped you.

Pranker: OKAY, ALRIGHT! 


Pranker: CAN YOU CALM THE FARK DOWN? DAYUM, you keep talking over me-, and I'm trying to talk with you!

Manager: OKAY, I'M NOT-, I'M NOT going to talk to you if you're-, YOU'RE THAT VULGAR. THANK YOU.


 [Phone ringing] 

Operator: [speaking to someone in the background] that's all I'm saying, maybe we can find it.

Operator: Thanks for calling [censored] this is Christon, may I help you? 

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: ALL I'M SAYING IS YOU ARE THE MOTHERFARKING PEDOPHILE LADY, you know? I don't know why you-

Pranker: try to GET RID OF ME and do what YOU DO! I am not a STUPID, okay? I know WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

Pranker: HELLO? 

Operator: Ma'am, I'm hanging up now- 


Operator: I'm hanging-

Pranker: YOU VERY UPSET ME! Okay you are very STUPID CRAP! And you tried to LIE TO ME! To get rid of me! 

Pranker: And you think I am like a-, I don't know anything! I was born YESTERDAY or something like that! 


Operator: YEAH OKAY. 

Pranker: YOU ARE THE COMPULSIVE LIAR! And you don't even want to admit to me that you don't LOOK FOR THE-

Pranker: PHOTO, you know? And to be honest, you kind of sound LIKE A GIRL! You know? Kind of like, ME. [Laughing] sometime.

Operator: [Hang up]

Pranker: [Laughing] [speaking to audience] He hung up.


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