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Hilarious Prank Call - Mario Kart Vs Go-Kart Park

Feb 27, 2013 1.3M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Juan, Tyrone
Prank Victim: Go-Kart Track
Rage Level: Mellow

Mario Kart prank call on confused Go Kart employees!

Best quotes: 

  • “Oh sh*t! A strap-on! You are, uh, very KINKY!”
  • “Maybe you all could hook me up with like a little star on the side so I could be chilling right like ugh, just cruising down DOO DOO DOO D LOO DD DOO DOO D LOO, you know what I'm saying?”
  • “Can you tell him? Can you be like- can you be like ‘Sham lam doobily everything's going to be okay’, he can hear you.”
  • "There's nothing I can do about the fear of people throwing stuff at you!"

Body of content:

I pulled a Mario Kart prank call on a Go-Kart track as Juan and Tyrone, who took turns confusing the employees while making references to the video game. I asked the REAL questions on safety - banana peels, spiked shells, and koopas. These employees were unamused with my pressing questions and seem entirely oblivious!

At least one employee really considered talking to Tyrone's "shamlamdoobily" during these calls, she must have been SO confused. How can a bunch of Go-Kart track employees completely miss Mario Kart references? Should I do another Mario related prank call? Tell me in the comments below!


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Employee1: Thank you for calling [censored]. How can I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Juan]: Hola, como estas? Can I talk to somebody who can help me with the Go-Kart please? 

Employee1: Yes! I can help you sir.

Pranker: Wh- what are you having por-por safety on the track?

Pranker: Por like- do you have like a balloon on the side? Do you have a tire?

Pranker: Do you have loop dee loop, roundy round, up and down? Si?

Employee1: Oh, what do we have for safety on the track?

Pranker: Right.

Employee1: Uhm, we have uhm- they're-they're bumpers, it's like- 

Employee1: It's like uhm, walls, they're red and white walls and...

Employee1: You know we don't allow no bumping, whatsoever!

Employee1: Uhm, the cars, I mean we have strap-ons, helmets, all that stuff!

Pranker: Oh, crap! A strap-on? 

Pranker: You are uh, very kinky. You want to doing eh, go Kart date with me?

Employee1: [chuckles] That’s not going to happen sir, I'm sorry.

Pranker: Okay because th-the last time I getting kind of uh, af-afraid for my son!

Pranker: Porque I- We come there to the Go-Cart! And uh...

Pranker: While we were driving we see ah- the banana-the banana on the road! 

Employee1: Okay, would you like to talk to my manager so you can talk to him about it? 

Pranker: Uh, it's okay! I can talk to you, you sound like  very nice lady.

Employee1: Thank you. Uhm, anything else I can help you with sir?

Pranker: Oh no problemo!

Pranker: Do I- Do I sound like a nice eh- young guy? 

Employee1: Ugh... 

Employee1 [talking to someone]: Can you- can you uhm, call Brian?

Pranker: It's okay! Take your time.

Pranker: But it's not a hard question! 

Pranker: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: She just hung up?  

[phone ringing]

Manager: Thank you for calling [censored]. This is Brian, how can I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Uh, yeah, my boy Juan called earlier, had some uh, q-questions about some safety concerns.

Pranker: And I think there was like a language barrier so I wanted to call you all and ask some questions myself.

Manager: Uh, well yeah, what's your question sir?

Pranker: Eh- as far as like- like the safety on there you all got like balloo- like, like tires around there?

Pranker: In case people flip over or like, what happens?

Pranker: because, I'm mainly worried about like the red shells and the green shells and that stuff that-

Pranker: It gets kind of dangerous out there for a little kid. You know what I'm saying?

Manager: We do a brief thing to teach the kids how to use the go-kart. You sign a waiver. 

Manager: You sign a waiver that says "My kid can do this, my kid can control the kart and knows how".

Manager: You take responsibility by signing the waiver for the kart, for your child. 

Pranker:  Okay. Alright I feel you! And ugh...

Pranker: You all- You all got that like, like that kind of visual uh trickery?

Pranker: Where they got the upside down question mark?

Manager: There's no obstacles on the track! I would tell him not to drive, if I were him.

Manager: If he's scared, it's probably not for him. It goes 30 miles an hour.

Pranker: Oh, okay.

Pranker: Okay, an- and worst case scenario, right like, WORST WORST case scenario-

Pranker: You all got that cloud on duty right now, with the fishing rod?

Pranker: So in case like, somebody flips over, goes off to the side, goes a little too slow...

Pranker: ... goes back, goes backwards... That kind of thing!

Manager: I understand what you're saying, but that's not going to happen. So that you have to work that out with your son. 

Pranker: Wh-Wh-

Manager: It has nothing to do with us!

Pranker: What if someone flips, I mean the upside down question mark everytime I've seen that...

Manager: That didn't happen. 

Pranker: BANG DANG DIGGILY  flip over right?  It's-

Pranker: It ain't no like- like a little bit of a rumble or nothing. 

Pranker: I got to get the guy with th- with the fishing rod!

Manager: That doesn't happen here! You'll have to talk to him about that, not with me. 

Manager: All I can do is tell you first our track safety is good, we teach the kids if they wreck we-we don't let them drive.

Pranker: Oh no it's okay! I was just wondering like, you know, because I-I used to do go karting all the time as a kid right?

Pranker: I used to play that stuff ALL DAY! So I-I mean I-I- I was just worried about him... 

Pranker: ... you know I don't think he's ready for like the heat seeking stuff, and like the spike shell, and all that stuff.

Pranker: I-I-it's dangerous out there.

Manager: Okay, I get that but that doesn't happen here, so... 

Manager: That's something you'll have to work out with him.

Pranker: Alright...

Manager: There's nothing I can do about the fear of people throwing stuff at you.

Pranker: Alright... And uh...

Manager: No one throws anything on the track.

Pranker: Trying to think now, I kind of want to bring him in there but...

Manager: Sir,are y- are you getting what I'm saying? I can't make him not afraid.

Manager: If he's worried, somebody's going to throw something I can't help that.

Pranker: Can I pay a little extra? Maybe you all could hook me up with like a little star on the side...

Pranker: I could be chilling right like ugh... Just cruising down... 

Pranker: DOO DOO DOO D LOO DD DOO DOO D LOO, you know what I'm saying?

[phone call ends]

Pranker: Hello?

Pranker [speaking to audience]: [laughing] He hung up...

[phone ringing]

Employee2:  Thank you for calling [censored] how can I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone:Eh-Maria is this you?

Employee2: No, sir, you got the wrong number, this is [censored].

Pranker: Oh, yeah, my bad, I-I thought you were-you were another girl... Wh-what's your name baby?

Employee2: My name is Mellisa. 

Pranker: Alright Mellisa-Maria, close enough.

Pranker: Uhm, uh, I was wondering- I had some questions about the uhm, safety on the track you all got there?

Pranker: [clears throat]

Employee2: Uh-huh?

Pranker: So-So as far as like, th-the size for adults...

Pranker: Okay is there like a height maximum or like a size maximum a weight maximum a sham lam doobily maximum?

Employee2: Uhm-married-uhm, you just have to be 4'10. 

Pranker: 4'10 alright, I'm-I'm 6'2 am-am I-could I potentially be too big?

Pranker: I don't want to be too cramped up in there.

Employee2: Oh no, you'll be fine. 

Pranker: Okay... And what about like right in front of the- like-like th- like  the lap- the lap area?

Pranker: Like I'm trying to- I'm trying to make sure my SHAM LAM DOOBILLY is going to be snug and fitting in-in there and not be too tight.

Pranker: I ain't  trying to lye, uh, you know... Hit the horn or nothing.

Employee2: Oh, he'll be fine. Don't worry.

Pranker: Okay, alright-

Employee2: I-It's no- he's not going to be too tight or nothing, he'll be fine. 

Pranker: Okay, so m-m-my sham lam doobily will be cool?

Employee2: I'm sorry?

Pranker: But I-but I'm saying like sham lam doobily won't get like- 

Pranker: Because sometimes w-with like the vibrations and stuff because- uh- the go-karts kind of vibrate a lot right?

Pranker: Like will you be sitting in there it's like [imitating vibrating sound] right?

Employee2: Yes...

Pranker: Okay, and uh... I-I'm just worried about that because typically like...

Pranker: I-if it's the right kind of vibration my sham lam doobily gets real excited...

Pranker: ... and he gets-he gets a little bit out of control so, I w-I was just kind of concerned that maybe you know...

Pranker: If he's fug- if he's like hippity hoppity into the sky and stuff it might look a little bad. 

Employee2: Oh okay. No he'll be fine. 

Pranker: Okay... Alright. C-c-can you tell him? Can you be like- can you be like: 

Pranker: ... "Sham lam doobily everything's going to be okay", he can hear you.

Employee2: Okay I'll tell him.

Pranker: Alright go ahead say it. 

[phone call ends]

Pranker: Hello?

Pranker [speaking to audience]: [laughing] She hung up...

Tyrone: Man how come you get to talk to that cute-ass white girl and I got Mellisa?

Tyrone: You know how I love me some white meat.

Juan: But she wouldn't even go on a Go-Kart date with me. I wish I could speak with Mellisa. 

Juan: She sounds very delicious.

Tyrone: Man, you crazy! Ain't nobody want to halla at you Juanito! Relax!

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