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Hilarious Xbox Live Support Prank Call!

Aug 5, 2008 5.7M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Buk Lau
Prank Victim: Xbox Live support
Rage Level: Mellow

Xbox live support line gets hilarious prank call!

Best quotes: 

  • “He play de Four Auto Theft, you know?”
  • “He look at the penis, HE’S A GAY BOY NOOOW.”
  • “Be big boy, I’M A BIG BOY NOW!”
  • “I don’t play games, I play real life”

Body of content:

I don’t think Xbox live customer support was trained to handle a call like THIS! I called their support hotline as Buk Lau to complain that the game Grand Theft Auto IV was too vulgar for my son, he’s watching people do the “DIRTY THINGS”! The conversation turned out too funny!

The guy on the phone was pretty patient with me, even though it’s clearly not an issue for Xbox Live support. However, he had some issues when I brought up the game supposedly turning my son gay, and definitely started to get weirded out! How did this guy manage to keep it together during this weird call? Should I do more Xbox Live prank calls? Let me know your ideas in the comments!


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Pranker: Duh I watch my son he play the uh, Xbox live

Pranker: and it-it's not not good, very dirty things

Pranker: I need to- I need to explain to sumboodee here

Employee: Okay, hm...

Employee: What's the phone number on the live account?

Pranker: Uh... [clucking]

Pranker: It should be 3, 1, 0...

Pranker: The 2, 5, 0, 1, 3, 3, 7

Pranker: But my son, he like 16-

Employee: What?

Pranker: 1, 3, 3, 7. My son he's like 16 years old. He had a prepaid cell phone

Pranker: I think he make a payment with th-the credit card he buy from the Seven, uhm-

Pranker: Seven... Uh... 11. I need to get a- I don't know...

Pranker: I need to report maybe a bug, or maybe something that I don't know 

Pranker: These the regular things, I need to-to tell sumboodee what happen here

Pranker: Because it is not-not good for child to see.

Employee: Your name?

Pranker: I'm sorry?

Employee: Your name?

Pranker: A Buk Lau

[typing sounds]

Pranker: B U K L A U

Employee: Uh...

Employee: Can it be under a different phone number? 

Pranker: To be honest I don't know. My son he buy for-for-for three days 

Pranker: He keep saying "mommy I want to get the xbox live" I say no. He go buy the card himself-

Pranker: He-he activate it no my permission, I come into his room, he play the uh...

Pranker: The-the-the-the Four auto theft? You know?

Employee: Grand Theft Auto 4?

Pranker: The, yes! That game very dirty game I saw him naked ladies-

Pranker: I ok, I-I come in the room I see him on the headset he talk to the people he say

Pranker: " Alright ok shoot him, do this, do this" and I see the black lady on the ground.

Pranker: I see I don't know this a cheating this is the real the way the game is...

Pranker: I see two black people, they do the...

Pranker: Dirty thing you know what I mean? 

Employee: Ma'am uh... What it...  Did you buy the game? 

Pranker: No he buy himself, he buy himself I say no

Employee: They were not selling those, they were not supposed to sell those games to anybody under the age of 17

Pranker: Okay but look-

Employee: We have nothing to do with that

Pranker: Okay but look- No-no-no-no- you tell me that the porno look here

Pranker: there's-there's a black boy, there's a black lady and a black man, he say put in my butt

Pranker: he tell her to put in my butt, boom boom from the back bull crap, I don't like it.

Employee: Ma'am... As far as the Xbox-

Pranker: You guys-you guys that sells the game that have a sexy time in the game, not good.

Pranker: This a cheat code or something? You-you put in my butt, you use a K and Y Jelly?

Employee: Yes I... We don't make that game 

Pranker: Like a sumboodee, look here I tell you you guys make the Xbox live 

Pranker: sumboodee do the dirty thing-

Employee: Xbox, Xbox live is not- Xbox live is not the game. The game is...

Pranker: Okay look here big boy-

Employee: Made by Rockstar Games-

Pranker: But you guys support the game it play on your platform they need to do something about it.

Pranker: They have the uhm, they have the uh, THEY FARK IN THE BUTT 

Pranker: in front of my son, in front of him he-he look at his at the penis

Pranker: he's a gay boy now

Employee: You're going to have to uh, refrain from using that language on the phone

Pranker: PENIS is a medical term okay? It not-not the dirty word okay? Calm down.

Employee: [mumbling]

Pranker: What?!

Pranker: Oh, okay look...

Pranker: Okay, I'm sorry I try to keep my cool I am very angry!

Pranker: There's a vain in my forehead right now it about to POP

Pranker: Look, ok-

Employee: Use the family settings on the console 

Pranker: I DON'T KNOW CRAP, I don't know how to do anything!

Pranker: I like-I like [clucking] I don't, I don't even know how to turn-

Employee: That was... That-that another-another customer...

Pranker: Okay sir look here, you're not 10 years old calm down don't cry. Don't cry.

Pranker: Don't be like a immature okay?

Pranker: Be big boy. I'm a big boy now. You see the commercial?

Pranker: Look, I want to tell you this is not Pampers, you no wear diapers 

Pranker: I NEED to fix this problem. I don't know how to do it. I don't-I don't play games

Pranker: I play-I play real life. Okay? I do I work from 8pm to 6pm.

Pranker: I clean the house, then I work from 7pm to 10pm I cook the food at the restaurant.

Pranker: Okay I'm a very hard working lady. I don't work hard for my son to look at the-the dirty things.

Pranker: Hello?

Employee: Yes?

Pranker: Okay like a big boy what-what-

Employee: There is nothing-

Pranker: It is not okay, tell-tell me this...Tell me this. Is your game-

Employee: The account's not yours. If-if-if you don't...

Employee: If you-if your credit card is not on there you don't own the account.

Pranker: Okay, look here big boy, big boy, big-big-big-big boy look I tell you..

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