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Night Club Prank Call With A Seductive Cougar!

Feb 20, 2013 5.9M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo, Russell, Tyrone, Rakesh, Billy, Buk Lau
Prank Victim: Nightclub manager
Rage Level: Feel-good

Prank call to a nightclub gets hotter than expected!

Best quotes: 

  • “I dun-diddly-doo-daw tricked ya, didn’t I?”
  • “We’ll ‘get jiggy with it’ as Will Smith used to say”
  • “Yeeeaaahhhh… and then I was in your basement back door, if you will. Ha-Haaa”

Body of content:

I did a nightclub prank to their manager as Abdo, and was intending to push her for “com-ben-za-shen” after telling her I got a little too drunk in her club and made my wife angry. But this conversation ended up taking a much more wild turn!

While carrying out the prank, the nightclub manager, Brenda, becomes CONVINCED she knows me from somewhere, and no accent I use can shake her of that! She seems to think I’m either one of two men she knew from unspecified past experiences, or an actor who used to rent from her. The fact that she can’t figure me out drives her insane! 

I've always wondered if Brenda ever found the channel and listened to the call. Some viewers think the men she suspected me of being were her former lovers, do you agree? Things DID get surprisingly heated! And did you catch her randomly telling someone she’ll call “Jay-Z” back?! Let me know your thoughts on this crazy prank in the comments!


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 [Phone ringing]

Manager: Good afternoon, [phone buttons sound]

Pranker: Uh hello?

Manager: Hello?

Pranker: Can-, can I speak to uh, BRENDA PLEASE?

Manager: Can I say who's calling please

Pranker: Uh, this is ABDO.

Manager: From?

Pranker: Abdo from uh, customer from the [censored] nightclub!

Manager: Oh! Just a minute please

Pranker: OK

 [Phone ringing]

Brenda: Hello?

Pranker: Uh, hello?

Brenda: Hi

Pranker: Yes may I speak to uh, BRENDA PLEASE?

Brenda: Speaking

Pranker: Yes, I uh I have a problem at the nightclub! I want to

Pranker: talk to somebody about it, and uh, do explanation!

Brenda: Okay!

Pranker: Ah, I uh, last weekend I order uh, pineapple juice! And

Brenda: Right

Pranker: So I never have alcohol before! So like I'm drinking this one

Pranker: not-, no I thought it was like a different BRAND of pineapple

Pranker: juice or something! I drink that, and I get like, uh, a SILLY

Pranker: GOOSE, I become like a TIBZY MAN!

Brenda: Ok!

Pranker: And I make like, very embarrass myself on, on the floor, you know

Pranker: I'm like, uh, apparently my friends tell me, you know, I had uh

Pranker: the people dancing with me! I had like uh, the girls TOUCHING ME

Pranker: in the wrong way, as the music is playing, SHORTIE HAS THEM APPLE

Pranker: BOTTOM JEAN BOOT with the, the whole club was looking at HER

Pranker: SHE HITS THE FLOOR! Next thing you know! SHORTIE GOT LOW

Pranker: LOW LOW LOW LOW you know what I'm say

Brenda: Is this somebody playing a prank on me, right now?

Pranker: I, I, I, I'm very serious!

Brenda: Okay, I'm sorry, I-, I don't know what to say!

Pranker: Okay, but, I understand, so that happened, but what can we do now?

Pranker: Like I uh, my wife want to make like uh, A BREAK UP with me now.

Pranker: She tell me I want to take the house, take the car, you're

Pranker: "You're OUT OF CONTROL! I-, I thought you don't do the drinking!"

Pranker: So it make a BIG PROBLEM for me at home.

Brenda: Eh, I don't know that, if you got into a situation, and your wife

Brenda: wouldn't understand that, perhaps maybe there was a misunderstanding!

Brenda: And that, uh, it was an unusual situation.

Pranker: See like, but what you have to understand Brenda! Is my wife is not

Pranker: like YOU! Okay, she is not like reasonable understanding, all these

Pranker: things! She is from THE MIDDLE EAST! So it is like what they say?

Pranker: It is, HER WAY! Or the HIGHWAY!

Brenda: [Laughing] I'm sorry, who is this?

Pranker: ABDO!

Brenda: No, I know you name is Abdo, I'm wondering if you are just somebody

Brenda: who knows me and is just joking around

Pranker: Brenda! I-, I realize that maybe, you think this is kind of a, weird thing!

Brenda: How did you get my number?

Pranker: I call, I call the club, I asking, can I speak to a MANAGER PLEASE? 

Pranker: they tell me, Brenda is not here right now! Here is her number

Pranker: I call you ask for Brenda. They transfer, ME! Brenda answers the phone

Brenda: [Laughing] I'm sorry! I don't mean to be laughing, but I, I-, I mean

Brenda: I-, I don't know what I can do for you!

Pranker: Do you think maybe like, If I, if I talk to her, later tonight, and

Pranker: I give her, give her your name! And I tell her, "Brenda will tell you

Pranker: the story, you can talk to her about it?"

Brenda: Sure! That's not a problem, [talking through laughter] I'm sorry

Brenda: that you wife is not understanding! Uh, if you would like to your wife

Pranker: your wife to speak with me? I would totally speak to her no problem.

Pranker: Okay, so Brenda, who can I speak to, who can help me with like uh,

Pranker: COMPENSATION or something!

Brenda: Compensation, you want me to compensate you?

Pranker: Yeah if-, if you can, YES.

Brenda: I have no idea what kind of compensation,  you would be looking for!

Brenda: I mean if you would like me to speak to you wife, that's not a problem

Brenda: But there certainly is no compensation!

Pranker: But like uh, eh-, if you can give me like, I have to find a NEW GIRLS

Pranker: now or something, ca-, can you give me like

Pranker: UH A V.I.P treatment or something

Brenda: You have to find a new girl? [Laughing] Is that what you just said to me?

Brenda: You have to find a new girl

Pranker: Well ya

Brenda: So you want a V.I.P treatment. To come into a bar, and you don't drink.

Pranker: Well-

Brenda: Tell me does that make sense?

Pranker: Bas-, basically I can-


Pranker: I know I real-, let me, let me finish! I have a GAME PLAY. Okay look,

Pranker: I will come in like, A V.I.P SUPERSTAR! OK?

Pranker: And then, the, the girls, they will be all over me, and I will have,

Pranker: OPTION! Right now I am like, SINGLE MAN! 

Brenda: Okay enough! Who is this?

Pranker: Hello?

Brenda: Is this Wisam?

Pranker: EXCUSE ME?

Brenda: Ok, this is, eh-, this whole conversation is now getting a little bit silly

Pranker: It, I am not, look-, look

Brenda: You're calling me to tell me that, you've had some cocktails, you were

Brenda: dancing wildly with women. Uh, you're not used to drinking, your wife is

Brenda: pissed off at you, and now, you've got to look for a new woman

Brenda: And you want to have V.I.P treatment

Pranker: RIGHT! So I can use the V.I.P TREATMENT, so I can

Brenda: [Laughing]

Pranker: I can use it! I, the girls will be ALL OVER ME, you know how girls are!

Pranker: Sometimes they're like OH MAN he looks like a-

Brenda: Well you must

Pranker: LOOK!

Brenda: Only if-, only if you're nice looking, are you a nice looking man? 

Pranker: I am-, I am-, pre-, I AM PRETTY GOOD! I think!

Brenda: You're pretty good

Pranker: I-, I am-, I am-, you know I'm not TOO BAD.

Brenda: Okay

Pranker: Like probably like, 8.78 out of 

Brenda: Hey listen! Let me tell you, if you want to do, have V.I.P treatment

Brenda: and you want to walk into [censored], then you will definitely have to be drinking.

Pranker: I know but look, what I'm saying is, I will use the V.I.P TREATMENT

Pranker: to get the girls, I will be like: "Hey what's up, baby, I am a BIG BALLER

Pranker: SHOT CALLER! Here's my, V.I.P STYLE! Come back to my APARTMENT!"

Brenda: [Laughing] WHO ARE YOU? This is too funny for words, WHO ARE YOU?

Pranker: AH-

Brenda: [Laughing]

Pranker: My name is ABDO! I want to know what kind of like

Brenda: ABDUL! Who are you for real?

Pranker: I-, my name starts, with the W

Brenda: Hey, hello darling [laughing] WISAM!

Pranker: AH YOU GOT ME

Brenda: [Laughing]


Brenda: [Laughing] OKAY STOP.

Pranker: OK

Brenda: Talk in your normal voice

Pranker: Hey!

Brenda: Hey!

Pranker: So how's work going?

Brenda: [Laughing] You are so funny! You had me going and then I WISAM?

Pranker: Yeah?

Brenda: Hi!

Pranker: Hi?

Brenda: Is that really you?

Pranker: Of course it's really me!

Brenda: Oh [Laughing] [Speaking to someone in background], you, that was VERY FUNNY.

Pranker: So I had you didn't I?

Brenda: You farking had me big time! EXCEPT, some of your requests were a little bit ridiculous!

Brenda: and how could your wife be pissed off at you drinking? Because, that's how she knows you!

Pranker: [Laughing]

Brenda: [Laughing]

Pranker: That's a great point!

Brenda: Really good point, but you  do that really well!

Pranker: Well I'm glad I got-, so am I still getting, V.I.P treatment? Or what's the deal?

Brenda: You always will get V.I.P TREATMENT WITH ME BABY

Pranker: NICE.

Brenda: And I-, and I will dance wildly with you on the dance floor.

Pranker: I like that, I'm looking forward to it

Brenda: Been such a long time! How are you?

Pranker: It's-, it's-, it's been, I'm-, I'm pretty good, ho-, how have things been with you?

Pranker: I thought this would be a GOOD OPENER to get back in touch

Brenda: [Laughing] Well it's a great opener! How funny

Pranker: Yeah well, what's been new with you?



Brenda: IT ISN'T! Who is this?

Pranker: THIS IS ABDO!

Brenda: Who?

Pranker: He-, he-, hello?

Brenda: Hi

Pranker: Brenda, what's going on?

Brenda: This is not, OH FARKING ZIAH!

Pranker: [Laughing]

Brenda: YOU A**HOLE! [Laughing]

Pranker: [Laughing]

Brenda: OH MY GOD, it's Zia!

Pranker: [Laughing]

Brenda: Oh [Laughing]

Pranker: [Laughing] Oh, oh

Brenda: Oh my g-, you ha-, that was good, that was really good

Brenda: now you can go tell the whole world how you got Brenda [Giggle]

Pranker: Too funny! [Laughing]

Brenda: Really funny "MY WIFE she w-, you know I have to find myself a new woman"

Brenda: That was the good d-, the-the dead giveaway, because it was like

Brenda: "Okay no this is really silly" [Laughing]

Pranker: [Laughing] Alright Brenda, so w-w uh, am I going to come in there

Pranker: tonight and you're going to be around?

Brenda: Is this Zia? Oh now I'm getting really confused

Pranker: WHOA WHOA NOW- this is just, of course it's Zia!

Pranker:  Make up your mind, who do you want it to be? Yes it's Zia

Brenda: Where you work?

Pranker: WUH-WUH-WUH, we're doing like 21 questions now? What is this?

Brenda: Oh this is not Zia

Pranker: Kind of, I'm kind of in between jobs right now

Brenda: Ok, who is this?

Pranker: My name is Abdo, I want to get like COMPENSATION PLEASE

Brenda: No come on- come on, STOP, who is this [laughing] I'm going to phone

Brenda: Phone Denise [laughing] find out if this is all-

Pranker: [Speaking as Tyrone] AYO Brenda?

Brenda: YO

Pranker: What it do girl, how are you been? 

Brenda: Who is this?

Pranker: This is Tyrone

Brenda: Tyrone, now it's Tyrone, are you kidding me?

Pranker: You are y-, you don't, you don't swing that way?

Pranker: You only fark with the MIDDLE EASTERNS.. PEOPLE?

Brenda: [Laughing] yeah my life is all about Middle Easterns

Pranker: NICE.

Brenda: Nice.

Pranker: Ayo let-, I-I could show you the other side of the world

Pranker: right quick you know what they say.. Once you go black YOU DON'T GO BACK!

Brenda: Is this Roger now?

Pranker Wuh-wuh, what makes you think I'm Roger?

Brenda: [Laughing] Just tell me who you are [laughing]

Pranker: This is Wasam

Brenda: No it's not

Pranker: Hello?

Brenda: What's the name of your child? 

Pranker: Excuse me? What-what do you say to me right now?

Brenda: Oh you could be so many people, you're really good whoever you are

Pranker: OH NO

Brenda: Anyways [laughing]


Brenda: [Laughing] Now he's black [laughing] okay, tell me who you are please, [laughing]

Pranker: I-I I kin-, I think it'd be funnier just to kind of leave you wondering

Brenda: You know who I think this is?

Pranker: Who do you think it is?

Brenda: Oh my god, it's the guy who used to live downstairs in my house

Pranker: You're getting warmer

Brenda: Talk some more, HUH?

Pranker: You're getting warmer

Brenda: Who's in the background? Prompting you?

Pranker: Who's in the background prompting me?

Brenda: Yeah

Pranker: Uh, there's nobody prompting me

Brenda: Are you still there?

Pranker: I'm still- I'm still hoping for-for for that dance you promised me though

Pranker: That's still on the table, right?

Brenda: Always on the table baby

Pranker: NICE.

Brenda: [Laughing] "nice"

Pranker: Good

Brenda: Oh come on! What's your name? I know who you are! I know your voice now!

Pranker: I-, you have-, you have to just come up with it

Brenda: YOU'RE AN ACTOR! You used to live downstairs for almost three years in my house

Pranker: Okay now we're getting somewhere, but I can't-

Pranker: I can't tell you my name until you guess it

Brenda: And you had that cute little girlfriend

Pranker: Of course, all my girlfriends are farking cute.

Brenda: [Laughing] "Farking cute" okay now-now, you don't sound like him [laughing]


Brenda: Hey, come on, just tell me please [Laughing]

Pranker: This-this is really bothering you isn't it?

Brenda: IT IS!

Pranker: Like if I was to hang up right now, the rest of the day

Pranker: would consist of you wondering like "WHO CALLED ME EARLIER?"

Brenda: Who would I call, I mean no I'd have to- I'd have to remember. I know who you are

Pranker: It doesn't seem like it

Brenda: No-no you did.. that accent really well SO FUNNY

Pranker: what oh-, ABDO?

Brenda: Abdo, yeah

Pranker: H- how about this one [Clears throat] [Speaking as Buk Lau] Duh hello?

Brenda: Hello

Pranker: Can I talk to SOMEBODY who can help me with a problem I have today?

Brenda: [Laughing] You definitely have to be an actor when you can change your-your accents that much

Pranker: Yeah

Brenda: So have are you been? I've seen you on a couple of uh.. movies, not movies-series whatever

Pranker: I-I've been good, you know, just been uh, trying to work

Pranker:  just been working on that hustle if you will

Brenda: Good hustle

Pranker: Yeah, what about you, what's new with you, how's work, how's-how's how's the managerial life?

Brenda: Ask me something personal

Pranker: Well f-, we're on a public line come on

Brenda: No-no not personal in that sense

Pranker: B-Brenda we can't be talking about that on the phone

Brenda: Okay.. so who am I talking to?

Pranker: So first, y-you call me w-w-wuh WASAM, you call me uh-uh-uh ZIA

Pranker: Then y-then you apparently don't know my name anymore

Brenda: Well if you're the person I think you are

Pranker: WHICH IS?

Brenda: So just give me your name

Pranker: [Lip smack] [Frustrated exhale] Alright, my name is Rakesh

Brenda: [Seductive giggles] No it's not

Pranker: [Speaking as Rakesh] I want to talk to somebody who can tell

Pranker: me about HOPPILLY HIPPITY SKILLY customer relation, right now?

Pranker: WHOA

Brenda: Okay I'm like going to go if you don't-, tell me who this-


Brenda: I am

Pranker: Brenda, okay listen

Brenda: Yeah?

Pranker: I'm-I'm going to come in there tonight me and you we'll-we'll head

Pranker: back to the back room, you know, WE'LL GET, WE'LL GET, WE'LL GET

Pranker: "jiggy with it" as used to say

Brenda: [Laughing] Yes you'd definitely lot

Pranker: NA NA NA, UHH

Brenda: Okay come on tell me!

Pranker: [lip smack] HEY! Can you-can we we-can we agree to some UHH

Pranker: some funky time in the back room or wuh-wuh-wuh, what's the deal here?

Brenda: No funky time in the back room

Pranker: No-, yeah [lip smack] we used to do it all the time THOUGH

Brenda: Oh yeah I'm sure

Pranker: NOT IN THE back room but- you know I mean y-you're a wild one! That's for sure

Brenda: I'm totally wild, I'm wild and

Pranker: You're a f-

Brenda: boring BIG YAWN

Pranker: NO you-you have your freakish side, come on

Brenda: [Laughing] Tell me more-

Pranker: Okay [Music playing in the background] In West Philadelphia is where I was born and raised

Pranker: I-I typically spend my days on the PLAYGROUND chilling out relaxing all cool, occasionally

Pranker: I would shoot some B-Ball outside of the school BUT, you know, a couple of guys were up to

Pranker: no good, they.. Made trouble in my neighborhood I-I had some really bad problems with the

Pranker: fight, my mom got scared she said "you're moving with your Auntie and Uncle in Bel-Air" An

Pranker: and the rest is history!

Brenda: OH WILL, how are you Will?

Pranker: HEY! 

Brenda: Hey...

Pranker: FINALLY!

Brenda: [Laughing] okay, tell me

Pranker: It's Will 

Brenda: Yeah.. no..


Pranker: MOST OF MY D-, [speaking in normal voice] see? I could be Will

Brenda: You could be Will

Pranker: Yeah, except he doesn't sound quite as gangster

Brenda: No, so you moved to L.A. for a bit I think?

Pranker: YEAH and then I was in your basement back door, if you will [laughing]

Brenda: [Laughing]

Pranker: YEAH

Brenda: God that's interesting you said "basement" see I-then I never said the word basement 

Brenda: So yes I know who this is but I just can't remember your name

Brenda: and I feel so stupid because you lived downstairs for such a long time

Pranker: [Lip smack] You have to pull up the old lease or something [laughing]

Brenda: There was never a lease

Pranker: [Laughing]

Pranker: See the-

Brenda: So, so great chatting

Pranker: Alright

Brenda: Give me a call back when you want to reveal who you are

Pranker: Alright, well try-, don't let this get to you, too much now okay?

Brenda: I won't

Pranker: ALRIGHT. I love you

Brenda: You take care

Pranker: Do-do you love me to or-

Brenda: I-, can't tell you I love you because I have no idea who I'm talking to now

Pranker: You got to show the love what's wrong with showing a little love-

Brenda: [Coughing] okay

Pranker: XO XO [kiss sound]

Brenda: Bye

Pranker: Love you

Brenda: Have a great day

Pranker: [Speaking as Buk Lau] Do you love me too?

Brenda: Thanks [giggles] bye

Pranker: Come on, DON'T DO THAT TO ME!

Brenda: [Hang up]

Pranker: [Laughing]

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