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Sketchy Guy Tries To Get A Job At Toys R Us! Prank Call

Dec 16, 2010 1.7M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Juan
Prank Victim: Toys R Us
Rage Level: Mellow

Toys R Us prank call as a sketchy job seeker!

Best quotes: 

  • “You give me a uh, como se dice, uh, pinky swear?”
  • “I'm sitting on the hold music I listened to 4-5 songs already…”
  • “His foot you know, his foot just BOOM. BIG TOE FLY!”

Body of content:

In this Toys R Us prank call I tested the waters for how much sketchiness they’re willing to take from a potential new hire. As Juan, I told one of the employees that I was worried about handing over any references due to a gruesome incident involving a lawnmower and an ex-boss! They were totally weirded out and just wanted to get off the phone! Do you think they would have hired Juan after knowing what he did? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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[phone ringing]

Employee: Thank you very much for calling. Uh, this is Britney, how can I help you?

Pranker: Hola como estas? My name is Juan Martinez, I'm looking para un application.

Employee: Uhm, you can fill out the applications online.

Pranker: Okay, I have a uh, yo tengo un para, para, para el... El ahh, como se dice?

Pranker: Un manager please?

Employee: Okay, give me one second.

Pranker: Si, si, si...

[phone ringing]

Employee: ... calling Toys R' Us. This is Britney how can I help you?

Pranker: Hola, como estas Britney? I'm calling- I call ask for the manager, I wait on the phone for like uh- like uh 10- 10 minutes.

Employee: Okay, give me one minute okay?

Pranker: Okay, hurry up please.

[phone ringing]

Employee: ... Toys R' Us.

Pranker: Hola como estas? I'm calling now for three times para- I wan- I need to speak to the manager...

Pranker: ... and I calling I calling over, and over. I'm sitting on the hold music I listened to 4-5 songs already...

Pranker: I'm- I'm very tired! NECESITO hablar con el manager please!

Employee: Hold just a minute.

Pranker: NOOOOO [laughing]

Manager: This is Cheryl, how can I help you?

Pranker: Hola como estas, is this the manager para Toys R' Us?

Manager: It is!

Pranker: Oh hello, my name is eh Alejandro Juan Martinez, I'm calling now 5-6 times...

Pranker: Por que, I'm looking to get a uh, job opportunities.

Pranker: Okay?

Manager: Uhm, our Hr manager- uhm, you need to call Angie and you have to call tomorrow between 9 and 5.

Pranker: Okay, but I have a simple question for you. Do you- do you need-

Manager: Sure.

Pranker: Do you need a uh references para- para para los im para, como se dice...

Pranker: Uhm, references for employment?

Manager: No, we don't.

Pranker: Okay because I got to- I have a little bit of trouble con my last job.

Pranker: My manager, I- I get in you know...

Pranker: I just- no, no references, right?

Manager: Uhm, no. We- we won't- I don't think you will but you'll have to ask Angie.

Pranker: Okay, because my last manager- I working with him and I run over his foot uh with a lawn mower.

Pranker: And he's very angry at me so... So calling him for the references is not a- you know he won't be very happy.

Manager: I understand, just uh, just explain that to Angie.

Pranker: I-I d I- Do I have to tell her about the lawn mower?

Manager: Do you have too tell her? No, you don't have to tell her.

Pranker: Do you think I will get the job if I tell her?

Manager: I-I don't know the answer to that sir.

Pranker: Do you think a- is it- is it a bad thing in America? Because you know, it's an accident you know?

Pranker: I'm mowing the lawn- the lawn mower-

Manager: I- I- I'm with you.

Pranker: and his foot- his foot you know, his foot just BOOM.

Manager: It's- Sir? Sir? It's always-

pranker: BIG TOE FLY!

Manager: It's always good to be upfront- It's always good to be upfront with the HR supervisor...

Manager: ... but that's a question you're gonna have to go over with her when she goes over your application, okay?

Pranker: Okay, if- are you going to tell her if I don't tell her?

Manager: No. You- Just call Angie tomorrow.

Pranker: You give me a uh, como se die, uh, pinky swear?

Manager: Sir, is there anything else I can help you with?

Pranker: Okay I- last thing, pinky swear please?

Manager: Sir is there anything else I can help you with?

Pranker: No it's the last thing I just want to pinky swear por que if I don’t tell her about the lawnmower...

Manager: Okay

Pranker: I don't want to... worry.

Manager: Yes sir, anything else?

Pranker: yeah, un-un pinky swear please.

Manager: Okay. Anything else?

Pranker: C- can you tell me a pinky swear?

Manager: Yes sir. Anything else?

Pranker: Can you say it to me please?

Manager: Sir, you have a great day okay?

Pranker: Necesito! Pinky swear- [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

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