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Old Man Prank Call- He's Pooping On Our Lawn (Animated!)

Apr 17, 2016 3.3M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call 
Format: Animated
Characters: Russell
Prank Victim: Nursing home
Rage Level: Mellow 

Things get GROSS in this crazy old man prank call!

Best quotes: 

  • “You don’t have anybody that takes a poopoo?”
  • “There is crusty doodoo on my mail post”
  • “I want to get mail tomorrow morning, I’m expecting a package, and I don’t want to have bits of crusty old doodoo”

Body of content:

I pulled a crazy old man prank call on a nursing home that I told had a potential resident on the loose! The super sweet receptionist was shocked when I said there was a wild old guy pooping on my lawn and yelling the name of their nursing home! Things only escalated from there and I added in some sound effects to make her think I was firing warning gun shots in the air.

The receptionist seemed to believe the crazy story, but was also certain that none of their nursing home residents were the types to poop on someone’s lawn! This interaction turned out so funny I had to have it animated. What was your favorite part of the animation? Do you think an insane incident like this has ever happened for REAL?! Let me know in the comments below! 


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[phone ringing]

Lady: Good afternoon. Grandview homes.

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Yeah, hi, um, I'm actually y-

Pranker: I'm sitting outside of my house right now and

Pranker: there's-there's and old man running around 

Pranker: screaming "GRANDVIEW, GRANDVIEW" so I-

Lady: Really?

Pranker: Yeah. I looked up "Grandview", and this is the Grandview

Pranker: homes I saw and he's actually squat-

Lady: Okay-

Lady: Can you tell me what he looks like? 

Pranker: Uh, he's old-

Lady: [laughing]

Pranker: wrinkly... Um...

Lady: [chuckles] Wrinkly? 

Pranker: White-

Lady: Is he tall? Is he tall?

Pranker: He's medium. I h- I don't know if he's tall or not.

Pranker: He's squatting down and he's taking a crap on my lawn right now.

Pranker: I'm not even-

Lady: Are you kidding me? 

Pranker: No, I'm not.

Lady: Oh my God, I don't think that's one of ours

Lady: but [laughing]

Pranker: You don't thin-

Lady: We don't have anybody who- but, okay. Where's..?

Lady: Where's your address?

Pranker: You're telling me you don't have anybody that takes a

Pranker: that takes a POO POO?

Lady: Not outside, usually. [holds back laughter] 

Lady: Uh, I know that there is a uh, a homeless guy 

Lady: who tends to do that and he's-

Lady: Hold on one second, [eating sounds] and I'll go out and check.

Pranker: Oky, what can I do? This guy's taking a dump

Pranker: on my lawn and I'm kind of irritated right now.

Pranker: I-I-

Lady: I understand-

Pranker: Should I- should I sh-shoot- fire sh-?

Pranker: Should I like, shoot my gun [gun sounds] in the air

Pranker: and scare him away?

Lady: NO, NO, NO! [chuckles]

Lady: No! Um...[footsteps in the back] Can you hold on

Lady: and I'll go have them check on the one guy 

Lady: who gets out, okay? 

Pranker: Oh... Ohohoh, oh my god.

Pranker: He's pulling up my m- 

Pranker [to the old guy]: HEY!

Lady: He's what? 

Pranker [to the old guy]: STOP DOING THAT!

Lady: Ask him his name. 

Pranker [to the old guy]: WHAT'S YOUR NAME?

[old guy mumbling]

Pranker: He just said GRANDVIEW!

Pranker [to the old guy]: What does that mean? 

[old guy mumbling]

Pranker: GET OFF MY LAWN! [crunching]

Pranker: He's taking- he-he's pulling- he-he's yanking out my mailbox.

Lady: Oh my god, okay what's your cross street? 

Pranker: Oh my god. 5th Avenue and Westington.


Pranker: Oh my- hold on.

Lady: Oh, I don't think that's-

Pranker [to the old guy]: WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN?! 

[cracking sounds]

Pranker: GET AWAY! 


Lady: I'm...  almost positive that's not one o our guys. [chuckles]

[radar sounds]


Pranker: Ok, he-he's screaming out "Grandview" taking a crap 

Pranker: on my lawn. He just used my mail post to wipe his ass.

Lady: Oh, my god.

Lady: [surprised gasp]

Lady: Oh my god! Um-

Pranker: There is crusty DOO DOO on my mail post.

Lady: OH MY GOD! 

[gunshot sounds]

Pranker [to the old guy]: BACK UP! 

[gunshot sounds]


[old man mumbling]

Lady: [gasp]

Lady: Hello?

Pranker: Okay, there is nothing phasing this guy whatsoever.

Lady: I would call the police.

[evil laughter]

Pranker: Oh my god!

[fire sounds]

Pranker: What the...

[evil laughter]

Lady: What the heck?


Pranker: This guy is FREAKING the heck out of me.

Pranker: Jesus Christ, can you pl- HOLY C-

Pranker: Eh- you'll- I'm- it's really taking me a lot 

Pranker: to keep my cool right now and I-I-

Lady: I-

Pranker: I'm just gonna fire off gunshots.

Lady: No, you shouldn't-

Pranker [to the old guy]: HEY!!! 

[gunshot sounds]

Pranker: GET AWAY! 

[gunshot sounds]

Lady: Is this some kind of PRANK CALL or something?

Pranker: Excuse me?

Lady: Who is this? 

Pranker: This is Russell. There's a guy taking a dump on my lawn.

Lady: What's your phone number, Russell?

Pranker: No, no, no. Listen, listen.


Pranker: There's avery urgent issue here okay?

[gunshot sound]

Lady: I understand you have an issue-

Pranker: I don't know what's going on. I want to get mail 

Pranker: tomorrow morning, I'm expecting a package,

Pranker: I don't want to have bits of crusty old doo doo.

Lady: You know, I really don't have time for this.

Pranker: I don't have ti- I don't have time to 

Lady: I'm sorry.

Pranker: watch this guy wipe his ass with my mail post,

Lady: Well I don't have time, my lines are ringing, you know?

[police sirens]

Lady: Call the police. [phone call ends]

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