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Apr 24, 2016 2.6M views 0 comments

Category: Live prank call, prank call 
Format: Live video, subtitled
Characters: Billy, Tyrone, Russell
Prank Victim: Matt
Rage Level: Moderate

Cell phone hack prank with a CRAZY hillbilly!

Best quotes: 

  • “I see Becky’s hoo-haws in this phone right here”
  • “Don’t be a little pansy b*tch now talk to me”
  • “Your friend just got your phone dun diddly doo daw hacked”
  • “Apple support ain’t got nothing on me”

Body of content:

My friends from Wassabi productions joined me to pull off a hilarious cell phone hack prank call on one of their friends! I called their friend Matt as Billy, a hillbilly mastermind who has hacked his phone and is ready to create chaos! Things got hilarious right away, and you can see the funny reactions from the Wassabi guys on video. 

Initially I said Billy was just trying to return one of Matt’s friend’s lost phone, and wanted some money as a reward for finding it. He quickly knew something was up when I called back from multiple friend’s phone numbers, and came to the conclusion his cell phone was hacked! With him believing he was at the mercy of crazy Billy, I got him to say some pretty hilarious stuff.

What other YouTubers would you like to see me team up with to pull some prank calls? Should I try out another hack prank in the future? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: Today I'm here with my good friends from Wassabi Productions!

Wasabi: [clapping hands] Yeah!

Pranker: Nice. So we chatted a little bit about who we can pretentiously prank together,

Pranker: and we decided to call ALex's  good childhood friend, 

Pranker: and we are gonna make him think his phone was hacked by calling him from a bunch

Pranker: of different numbers that he has saved in his contacts list. 

Pranker: I think we should get a really good reaction out of him, but let’s see how does this goes

Pranker: Alright, are you guys ready? 

Wasabi: YEAH! Let's go! Let's do it.

Pranker: Alright, dialing now. 

[phone ringing]

Friend: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Billy]: Uh, yeah c-can I talk to Matt, please?

Friend: Uh, speaking?

Pranker: H-How you doing there today? 

Friend: Good, how are you? 

Pranker: I-I'm excellent-

Friend: Who's this?

Pranker: Y-you see, I found this telephone here and I was wondering like...

Pranker: I saw you in the contacts list so I wanted to see, y-you know...

Pranker: If maybe you were interested in getting this phone back? 

Friend: Who is this? 

Pranker: Uhm, my name is Billy. 

Friend: Oh you found this cell phone? 

Friend: Uh, tha-that's right. 

Friend: Well I don't live near uh... Zach. I'm actually out of state.

Pranker: But d-do you think you could send me some mula, and I'll send you th-this telephone in the mail?

Friend: No, I can't do that. You should do the right thing and give the phone back to the owner.

Pranker: W-w-well I am doing the right thing, I just want like a nice little finders fee...

Pranker: ... or like, you know, bonus something. 

Friend: Ok, so you- you're really, you're gonna- you're gonna try and ask me for money?

Pranker: Yeah, and are you really gonna be that stingy and not want to help your friend out?

Pranker: Like, what kind of friend are you? 

Friend: What kind of person are you? 

Pranker: If you ask me you're a piece of crap man. 

Friend: What are you-what are you going to do if I say no?

Friend: You are just going to not give him his phone?  

Pranker: Yeah, I guess I'll just go on, you know, the e-bay or something.

Pranker: and probably get more than- than the reward money you would have paid me so uh...

Friend: Billy, what do you want? How much money do you want? 

Pranker: Uh... I'd say... Oh damn! There's a girl in here named Becky. 

Pranker: Who is Becky? Not too bad! 

Friend: Who's who? 

Pranker: I think the price just went up because I see Becky's hoo-ho's in this phone right here.

Friend: Mm, no you don't. Go fark yourself. 

Pranker: Okay, uh... 

Pranker: Well see that same contact photo for Becky looks like the hoo-ho's in the photo album.

Pranker: So, you put two and two, I'm not good with maths but you know...

Pranker: ... you put two and two together and... You know. 

Friend: Okay, alright Billy, so what do you want me to do? How do you want me to send you the money?

Pranker: [cough] Eh, if you want to roll through like the Western Union, or something like that-

Friend: I'm not going to Western Union right now, I'm going to the bar.

Pranker: Oh, okay-

Friend: Uhm...

Pranker: Well what's a good website where I can post some of these pictures maybe and make like a return?

Friend: Uhm... How about

Pranker: Uh, wai- wh- How do you spell that?

Friend: Hold onto this phone, I'll call you back. 

Pranker: No- excuse me, it doesn't work like that, ma- [phone call ends]

Pranker: He- [laughing] 

Wasabi: [laughing] [someone mumbling something about Zach]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Now I call him back as his friend Becky..

Pranker: He has her number saved in his contacts list as well.

Pranker: That means, when I call he'll see the name Becky on the caller ID before he picks up.

[phone ringing]

Friend: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Billy]: He-hello. Wh-what's going on man? It's me again.

Friend: Uh, why are you on a different phone number this time?

Pranker: Well no, I- you see I found this cell phone too. 

Friend: Mhm. So what the fark are you doing Billy? Are you farking- did you hack into my phone or something?

Pranker: No, I-I'd-I'd don- diddly doo da- I don't know about all these hacking things you know what I'm saying?

Pranker: But like, you weren't trying to help me and-and-and I...

Pranker: I was a little bit upset about it. You know-

Friend: Listen here man, I just spoke to Zach he has his phone in his hand.

Friend: You're calling me on a different farking contact that I had in my phone. You've hacked my phone.

Friend: I work for the [censored], I'm in a navy and I will farking figure this out if you don't farking 

Friend: stop farking with me. He-

Pranker: Now I don't care about what-

Friend: Hey-

Pranker: ... you're trying to say, here man-

Friend: Shut up Billy.

Pranker: Listen, you shut u- YOU don't tell me to shut up boy!

Friend: You fark with me anymore.

Pranker: You o- you owe me 200$.

Friend: I'm go-

Friend: yeah, fark yourself.

Pranker: Okay, w- I- I I don- hacked your phone man.

Pranker: Should I call you back from somebody else you know?

Pranker: [laughing] 

Wasabi: [laughing]

Everybody: [indistinct speech] [laughing]

Pranker [speaking to friends]: Anybody know of, of a photo on his phone? It'd be funny if I...

Pranker: If he's happen to have a photo on his phone that like-like describe like [indistinctive speaking] 

Pranker: Who else- who else need a-

Zach: Let me look at out conversation from long time ago, see if there's anything here...

Pranker: Just see- just see who's in your phonebook that also...

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Now I change my caller ID again and call as his friend Brian to get him to pick up.

[phone singing] 

Friend: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Uh, yeah ey what's up homeboy, how you doing?

Friend: Good, how are you?

Pranker: You know I'm-I'm alright man, can't complain, you know what I'm saying?

Pranker: Like, not  bad night. Uh... But it is a bad night for whoever lost his cellphone, you know what I'm saying?

Pranker: So I'm trying to make it a good night so uh, what you want to do about this?

Friend: Who's- who's phone do you have?

Pranker: Eh- w-when looking through it, it-it looks like it's connected to a Brian but...

Pranker: I-I-I don't know the dude personally. 

Friend: You know Billy?

Pranker: Uh, who?

Friend: Billy.

Pranker: I don't know no Billy, I went to a high school with Billy but uh...

Pranker: I haven't seen h-

Friend: Alright, how about this: why don't you stop farking calling my phone alright?

Friend: I don't know Brian, and I don't know you, I'm not giving you any money...

Pranker: Dawg, what are you talking about? Daw I-I-I'm being good civ- [phone call ends]

Pranker: He-hello? 

Pranker: [laughing] 

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Now I call back and pretending to be a technician from Verizon, which is cell phone provider that he uses.  

[phone ringing]

Friend: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Uh, yeah, hi. May I please speak with Matthew [censored] please?

Friend: Spe- Who's speaking?

Pranker: Uh, this is Russell, I'm calling with Verizon mobile support.

Pranker: I'm actually calling from the security and fraud department.

Pranker: Uhm, but I just wanted to double check that everything was okay with you cell signal 

Pranker: ... and cell line tonight. Uhm, we did have some odd activity uhm...

Pranker: Sometimes these are false positives so it could just be nothing but, has your phone been working okay tonight?

Friend: Yeah, I'm having a- I'm having a issue. I'm getting harassing phone calls from somebody that's calling me from ca- ho- 

Friend: Actually, what's your- what's your uh...  

Friend: How do I know that you are who you say you are?

Pranker: Uhm, can you elaborate further sir? 

Pranker: Like I said I was- I'm not calling for any- 

Friend: Well- I-

Pranker: We're not allowed to ask for any private information over the phone, like social security number, credit card etc.

Pranker: So, we're not asking for anything like that uhm- Again I'm literally just calling you as a courtesy... 

Pranker: ... I just wanted to make sure there weren't any me-

Friend: No, no. No there is but like, I- like the guy has literally been calling me and...

Friend: ... showing up in my phone as phone numbers that are on my contact list and...

Friend: ... he's been calling me demanding money from me.

Pranker: Oh, wow.

Friend: SO I just called Verizon wireless and then you beeped me over and it's-

Pranker: I got you-

Friend: ... suspicious to me because he's been masking his phone calls obviously and then...

Friend: ... you're showing up all of a sudden as a phone call. 

Friend: So what I'm asking you is how do I know that you're not him right now? 

Pranker: So what you're saying is you were getting phone calls from various different phone numbers, were these your friends calling you?

Pranker: Or, who- who were they exactly that you heard on the phone? 

Friend: No. No. No, because when I call the phone numbers themselves they actually got to my friends and...

Friend: ... thei- their phones are in their hands.

Pranker: Okay, that is quite odd, uhm... 

Friend: Your reception seems to be breaking up the same way that his was. 

Pranker: Possibly-

Friend: You're getting like a digital- digital disfunction. 

Pranker: A digital disfunction, are you sure it may not be your cell signal sir?

Friend: No, I'm outside right now.

Pranker: Okay, uhm, once again I-

Friend: How about this: why don't you give me a phone number and I'll call you back?

Pranker: Well, I am in the security and fraud department- I don't have any- a direct extension to me unfortunately... 

Pranker: I-I'm literally calling you as a courtesy, it sounds like it could be a major issue...

Pranker: ... bu it sounds like it may also be your friends trying to pull a practical joke on you uhm, do you mind holding for a moment?

Pranker: I can go ahead and ask some of my superiors about what kind of issue this may be...

Friend: Uhm, I'll- I'll call Verizon myself.

Pranker: That is fine sir, but again, uhm- 

Pranker: They're not gonna be able to look into the OC3 optical lines of the cell signals like I would be able to. 

Friend: They should be able to transfer me over to you, correct?

Pranker: Okay, uhm- once again I am working in a department that doesn't accept any incoming calls, ugh... 

Pranker: My job is just to reach out to people that are having issues with their cell signal, uhm- [phone call ends]

Pranker: He hung up, he was getting suspicious...

Everyone: [indistinctive speaking] [laughing]

Pranker [Billy's voice]: I heard you talking to the-

Wasabi: [laughing] 

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Now we decide to get his friend Brian in on the prank.

Pranker: We used his number on the caller ID earlier to get Matt to pick up. 

Pranker: I conferenced him in on the line and called Matt back, but let Brian do the talking.

Pranker: Check out how this goes down.

[phone ringing]

Brian: Hello?

Friend (Matt): Yo. 

Brian: Dude, you called me like fiv- hello?

Matt: Yeah, this is me. 

Brian: What the fark? 

Matt: Did you call me? How many times did you call me?

Brian: Dude, I literally just got like 4 calls from you.

Matt: How many times did you call me?

Brian: I didn't call you one time.

Matt: Uh, let me tell you what's going on. So I'm hanging out right? 

Matt: And I just get a phone call from Zach's phone, right?

Brian: Uh-huh?

Matt: And uh, it's some guy with his country-ass-accent and he's like " yeah I found this phone up in uh, North Carolina",

Brian: What the fark?

Matt: So I'm like, alright, whatever. And he's like " Uh you know I'm trying to get it back to the owner"

Matt: And I'm like: "Okay, well so I don't live over there I live in [censored]" and uhm...

Matt: Basically he- this dude is like: "Well no, you just need to give me farking money" 

Matt: And I'm like: " Yo what are you talking about?"

Brian: Well- [laughing]

Matt: I'm like "Yo what are you talking about?"

Brian: How weird is that? 

Matt: Yeah, dude, so this dude farking calls me and he's freaking out man!

Matt: So then I hang up on him, because he tells me he's got like naked pictures of Becky...

Matt: ... all of a sudden he's like: "Yeah I found this phone number uh Becky in here and I've got naked pictures".

Brian: What the- [laughing]

Matt: ... all of this crap I'm like:"Yo, shut the fark up get out of here", so I hang up on him.

Matt: And then I call Becky's phone number and she gives me Zach.

Matt: Zach he's literally sitting right next to her and he's like:"Yo I have my phone in my farking hand".

Matt: Like, no one called, and then I get a beep on my other line and it's farking Nick's number.

Matt: And it's this dude again he's like:"I found this phone number too" and then I get a phone num- 

Matt: ... a phone call from Brian [censored] and it's the same dude. And he's like:"Yeah I got this phone too".

Brian: What the fark?

Matt: Then- and then so I'm like:"Alright yo somebody hacked my crap".

Matt: So I call Verizon, right? And then all of a sudden my line gets dropped.

Matt: And then Verizon calls me back, like on Verizon's number. And then it's this dude again.

Matt: He's like:"Yeah this is Tom I work for Verizon" and he's trying to get my farking credit card number. Apparently-

Pranker [speaking as Billy]: C-can you stop spreading lies about me? That's not very nice, okay?

Matt: Dude, did you hear that crap?

Pranker: I heard everything you said, you liar!

Matt: Hear that crap?

Pranker: Why do you trying to pain me in such a bad light? Saying I wanted your credit card number, I wanted non of that!

Brian: What the fark is wrong?

Pranker: Alright, listen you all, can one o- can one of you all just PayPal me 200$ and so we can move on?

Matt: ... fark up man.

Brian: What- Hello?

Matt: I'l-I'll talk to you later.

Pranker: Don't be a little- don't be a little pansy bitch now, talk to me! [phone call ends]

Brian: [laughing]

Pranker: Hello?

Brian: He hung up.

Wasabi: [laughing] 

Pranker: So now he's scared to call back, he's like "This motherfarker is on every line" [laughing] 

Wasabi: [laughing]

Pranker: He thinks I'm listening to everything. [laughing]

Everyone: [laughing] [indistinctive speaking]

[phone ringing]

Brian: Hello?

Matt: Yo, it's me. 

Brian: Fark is going on man? 

Matt: Dude I don't know I'm-I'm talking to Apple, I wanna keep this short because I don't know if this guy's on your...

Matt: ... phone too now, I don't wa-

Brian: Ooooh my god, man! I'm freaking out. 

Matt: Dude, I am too, uhm...

Brian: Holy crap. 

Matt: I'm wondering if someone just has like- someone's phone that knows all of us? 

Brian: Well I don't know just-

Brian: But if- But if I get something hacked because of you dude, I'm gonna be farking mad. 

Brian: I can't do this crap right now, I have- like I'm already in a ton of trouble, I got- I got pulled over  the other day...

Brian: I had some crap on me and I'm already farked dude. Oh my gosh this is horrible dude. This is farking horrible.

Matt: Dude, I'm- Like, I'm sorry man. Like I'd-

Brian: I know, you can apologize all you want dude, I just like- I- fark I'm- I'm farking livid, dude.

Matt:: Like, I didn't-

Pranker [speaking as Billy]: You see Matt, I told you to pay the 200$ but you were being to difficult man, you were being too stigly! 

Pranker: Your- your friend Matt just got your phone don diddly doo da hacked man! It's all his fault.

Brian: Oh my go- 

Matt: You're a coward. 

Pranker: Okay listen man, c-can you just send me a 100 bucks and we'll call it a day, I just want to go to dinner right now.

Matt: Dude, go the fark away, man. You're farking bothering the wrong people.

Pranker: Matt, can you stop being little bitch right now? Can you just please d-do me a favor. 

Matt: No.

Pranker: Stop being a little gosh dor-

Brian: Fark you man.

Pranker: Oh, excuse me?

Matt: Hey, I'm just- Look-

Pranker: We were just making progress man! I was about to dun diddly do do end this!

Matt: Look, I apologize sir, can we just move on and you have a good Sunday night, and then we'll just...

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, yeah just say: B-bB-Billy you are the real genius.

Matt: The real what? 

Pranker: The- You know how you're calling Apple right now trying to talk to the quote unquote geniuses right to help you fix you tele.

Pranker: W-What I'm sayin is Apple supp-

Matt: What do you want me to say Billy?

Pranker: Apple support ain't got nothing on me. So I just want you to say: Billy, you're the real genius".

Matt: You're the real beavus?

Pranker: Genius! Like smart!

Matt: Genius.

Pranker: No but you see-

Matt: Can we go please?

Pranker: Yeah. I- bu- but you got to say it like me! Billy you're the real dun diddly doo dan genius.

Matt: Billy, you're the real bubbly doo dub genius.

Pranker: That was actually extremely close, but let me just say it one more time. Billy you're the dun diddly doo dan genius! 

Matt: What the fark? 

Pranker: I promise you, I pr- I-I give you my word that after you say this we will be done.

Matt: Billy, you're the real bubbly doo dub genius.

Pranker: [exhales] That was real close man but l-le-le- I pro- Let me just say it slow so you can get it...

Matt: You gave me a word, Billy. 

Pranker: I know but you didn't say it right man.

Matt: Billy. You gave me your word.

Pranker: You didn't say it right. Just hear me i-it's with a D, not a B!

Pranker: I was sayin Billy you are a DUN DIDDLY DOO DAW GENIUS! 

Matt: [sigh] 

Pranker: Say it one last time, okay?

Matt: Billy, one last time.

Matt: Billy, you're the real dun bobbly doo bop genius!

Pranker: Okay man. You know what I mean, I guess saying it three times the wrong way should be equivalent to saying it once the right way so...

Matt: I appreciate that. 

Pranker: Okay man. I have somebody that wants to speak with you here for a second...

Zach: Hello?

Matt: Hello? 

Zach: Hey...

Matt: Who's this?

Zach: Did you call me? 

Zach: Matt?

Matt: Alex?

Alex: Yeah. 

Matt: Is this Alex?

Alex: Did you call me?

Matt: Hey dud did you fark with me this whole time?

Everyone: [laughing] 

Alex: I'm sorry man, it's been my prank! [laughing]

Pranker: Alright, that was amazing. Special thanks again to the guys from Wassabi Production who was down for this...

Wasabi: YEAH! 

Pranker: Hopefully we'll have another episode some time soon. 

Wasabi:[laughing] Tomorrow.

Everyone: [indistinctive speaking]


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