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Sister Is Passed Out Prank Call! Hilarious Pass Out Prank

Aug 23, 2015 2.2M views 0 comments

Category: Ownage Rewired, prank calls
Format: Live video
Characters: Tyrone
Prank Victim: Kel’s brother
Rage Level: Moderate

Sister passed out prank call on girl’s angry brother!

Best quotes: 

  • “I don't know if you know where that birthmark is, but like, it's like begging for trouble.”
  • “I mean is it cool if I poke the birth mark? I feel like she might react to it, right? It looks like an erogenous zone”
  • “Hold up, is it cool if I kick her a little bit?”

Body of content:

I filmed this live prank with my friends from Simple Pickup! We decided to prank their friend’s brother and trick him into thinking his sister was passed out after partying too hard. This prank got more elaborate than my usual calls because I was able to get the sister involved in real time and even send the brother staged pictures to really freak him out!

This guy was FURIOUS with me by the end of the prank, and even had the local police on the line listening to what was going on! What would you do if you got this call about your sibling? Who would you like to pull a prank like this on in your family? Tell me in the comments below!


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Pranker: Meet Kel. Today we're gonna pull off a crazy prank on her brother. 

Pranker: You guys are in for a treat. I'm here with my buddies from Simple Pickup  

Pranker: We're trying to get a new show format, a nice little series for you guys.

Pranker: You know usually when I'm doing these calls it's either by myself or with a couple buddies.

Pranker: But we figured it'd be kind of fun to bring a bunch of cool people together and pull off some of these calls.

Pranker: And show you guys how it goes down.

Guy1: I'm really blessed that you would consider us cool people. 

Guy1: I also feel blessed that I'm the only one who can see your face right now, and that everybody over there like...

Pranker: People are gonna be trying to zoom into your eyeballs and see the reflection from your retina... 

Pranker: ... and be like "if you zoom in and enhance you can kinda make out a silhouette.

Pranker: I want you guys to dig deep and think about who would be perfect prank victim...

Pranker: ... and who you wanted to get back for a while, who you have a lot of information about who you think would have a good reaction. 

Kel: You could do my brother and say you found my phone and I'm passed out and I'm not okay.

Jesse: Ohhh!

Pranker: Sounds good, sounds good. 

Kel: No, I don't know how much he loves me. [laughing] 

Pranker: [laughing] You're going to find out today.

Jesse: Dude, he's 17 so you can go as far, he'll believe anything

Kel: We both have the same birth mark here.

Pranker: Uh-huh... SO be like "dawg her birth mark is showing there's 8 people..."


Pranker: "I told them they could look but they can't touch yet".


[phone ringing]

Brother: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Yeah, is this Nick?

Brother: It is.

Pranker: Yeah. What's up man? So uh, I know this is a little bit weird... 

Pranker: ... but I found this cellphone on the ground here on the sidewalk in Hollywood...

Pranker: ... and you know I was just trying to call somebody that could help me with the situation right now.

Pranker: So, can you help me out? You was in the favorites so I was trying to you know...

Pranker: I figured you might be somebody good to hit up.

Brother: Uh-huh... 

Pranker: Yeah. So man, what you wanna do about this?

Brother: I'd say give the phone to whoever owns it. 

Pranker: Yeah, but what I'm saying is like there's a girl here on the ground like passed out so like...

Pranker: ... the phone was in her hand like there’s a dog pulling on her wrist right now.

Pranker: She has brown hair. 

Pranker: Some like, skinny chick. Know what I'm saying?   

Brother: All right, let me call you right back.

Pranker: Dawg...

Brother: [mumbling] 

Pranker: Dawg, did you hear what I said? There's a girl passed out on the ground here right now.

Pranker: I don't know what to do, here's mad people walking by like looking at her like I mean...

Pranker: I don't know dawg. I don't know what's about to go down but I can't sit here all night. Clock's ticking.

Pranker: So like, what do I do? 

Brother: Yeah I know, I called- I'm trying to get his phone... the boyfriend's phone number. 

Brother: Is there anyone else around her? Do you know?

Pranker: There's just two people passed out here on the ground so like, I only got the one phone.

Pranker: I don't know the other dude looks like he could kinda fend-

Brother: If there's two people passed out on the ground call the cops.

Pranker: Okay, alright. But like you know, most importantly that is a priority of mine, but it's not my number one priority.  

Pranker: So I like- how about I just take the phone right? I'll meet you up.

Brother: I don't live over there. I live 6 hours away, you're talking to her brother.

Pranker: Oh your her brother? Oh okay perfect man. I didn't know that.

Brother: Call the cops right now. 

Pranker: Yeah but you see like, I can't call the cops right now. I have a record. You know what I'm saying? 

Pranker: So like... Dawg-

Brother: Where are you right now?

Pranker: Dawg, you better do something dawg. She's laying here right now and her birth mark is showing.

Pranker: Like, I don't know if you know where that birth mark is, but like, it's like begging for trouble. Know what I'm saying?

Brother: Don't- don't touch her.

Pranker: But dawg... she's like... You know [stuttering].

Pranker: The way she's positioned right now, it's like... 

Pranker: I feel like she kind of wants it. 

Pranker: She's holding like and epi pen in her hand right now so like... I heard about those like...

Pranker: Should I stab her with it? Or what do I do? 

Brother: Do not touch her. Do not stab her with anything.

Pranker: Okay, okay... Alright, deal. 

Brother: [mumbling] 

Pranker: Deal, deal, deal, just go ahead do me a favor right quick just go ahead and roll through...

Pranker: ... the Western Union right. Take my name down, and just go ahead and...

Pranker: ... toss me a you know, few hundred dollars and you know, I'll be good samari-tan.

Brother: If you don't... Being a good samaritan is not being paid for helping someone passed out on the floor. 

Pranker: I know it may seem a little weird to you but do you love her? 

Brother: Alright.

Pranker: Answer my question dawg. Do you love her? 'Cause if you love her you're gonna come through with this right?

Pranker: Don't waste my time now.

Brother: Yes sir. Of course. 

Pranker: I wanna hear you say it man. 

Brother: I'm not wasting anyone's time. 

Pranker: Tell me you love her right now, so I know you serious.

Brother: Kel, I love you. 

Pranker: Okay alright. Cool man. Just making sure man, alright.

Pranker: But just keep in mind that she couldn't hear your ass. She's passed out right now. 


Brother: ALright, you said your first name was Tyrone, alright, I'm gonna get you money, what's your last name? 

Pranker: Williamson.  

Brother: If she is... if they're both okay and I have proof that they're both okay... 

Brother: I will personally go down here and give you 200$. 

Pranker: 200? Motherfarker I asked for 300, why you telling me 200? What you think this is? We ain't negotiating.

Pranker: If anything it's going up. Not down.

Brother: Hey, alright, 4.

Pranker: Okay, alright. I like the way you think my dawg. I like that crap. Tipping me.

Pranker: Alright cool. Let's just call it 500 even. Just to keep it simple. 

Brother: I have to see that they're okay both of them and if that is the case then- 

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, but- 

Brother: What I'm asking you right now is, can you sand a pi- if you send a picture to me right now of them...

Brother: ... I will hold my end of 500 dollars. 

Pranker: Dawg but I... 

Brother: Take a picture of them-

Pranker: =ike I mean...

Brother: No. I'm saying take a picture. 

Prnaker: If I send you the picture, I expect at least 750$ but I could do that for you dawg.

Brother: Just send me a picture and if it's them and... 

Borther: And everything's okay, then yes.

Pranker: Give me a minute I'm gonna take this picture and call your ass back. 

Brother: Alright. 

Pranker: Hang tight boo boo.

Pranker: Okay let's take this farking picture. [laughing] 

Pranker: We quickly took this picture and sent it back to him. Looks pretty good, huh? 

[phone ringing]

Brother: Hello? 

Pranker: Hey yo, what's up? I got this photo here, it's coming to you right now.

Brother: Alright. Hey [mumbles] can you do me a favor?

Pranker:  Uh... It depends. But like yeah. What's up?

Brother: Uh, alright, what I want you to do is call the police. Is there anyone else around you? Or can you not call the police? 

Pranker: Dawg, dawg, dawg, you can't keep telling me like " oh do this and I'll do this" and then throw in some more terms dawg. 

Pranker: How you gonna do me like that? You know what I'm saying? I went out of my goddamn way to take this photo for you. 

Praanker: I had to drag his ass next to her head so I could get one photo and show you both of them.

Brother: I know I appreciate the photo, thank you and I see it. But Darius, can you do me a favor please, and call the police?

Pranker: Okay, alright. But I mean... [sigh] Okay, I will do that.

Pranker: But you know, you got like PayPal or something? 

Brother: If you call the police, and they are okay and I see that, I will vouch for you to the police and tell that you did...

Brother: You're good... [overlapping conversation]

Pranker: You're gonna tell them I'm a good samari-tan?

Brother: I will tell them you're a good samaritan and I will help...

Pranker: No dawg. What the fark is samaritan? I said you're going to tell them I'm a good samari-tan?

Brother: Put her on the phone. 

Pranker: She's passed the fark out, what am I supposed to do, put her on the phone dawg? 

Pranker: They're both sitting here right. Is it not her or what? I took the photo for you right?

Brother: Yeah, and I can see that. 

Pranker: The homies are giving me crap right now for being like protective and stuff and like you're being a bitch dawg.

Pranker: All due respect dawg, you're being a little bitch right now. I don't know what to do.

Brother: Alright, hold on.

Pranker: Where's my money dawg? Like I've been asking about this god damn money!

Pranker: You beating around the goddamn bush right now.I'm standing here like a dumb ass motherfarker protecting these fools.  

Pranker: Oh crap, ay yo, crap! She's waking up man! Hold on. Wait.

Pranker: Hold up,is it cool if I kick er a little bit? 

Borther: No, you don't kick her. 

Pranker: But... 

Brother: If you want to like touch her with your foot that's fine.

Pranker: Alright. But c-c-c-an I poke the birth mark? 

Brother: What?

Pranker: I mean is it cool if I poke the birth mark? I feel like she might react to it, right? It looks like a erogenous zone.

Pranker: [laughing] I mean... [laughing]

Brother: Yeah. You can poke her butt. 

Pranker: No, dawg, like no. No, no, no, come on dawg. Not the booty. I'm talking about like...

Brother: Alright, I had enough. I'm hanging up in 10 seconds and I'm about to call the cops.

Pranker: Dawg. She's waking- she's waking up. 

Brother: [mumbling] 

Pranker: She's waking up right now, you don't want to talk to her?

Brother: If she's able to talk then put her on the phone.

Pranker: Alright, hold on. L-l-let me slap her around a little bit, hold on.

Brother: Alright. I'm going to hang up right now and call the cops.

Pranker: Hey hold on. [slapping sound] Ay yo wake up boo boo.

Brother: Put her on the phone. Put her on the phone and- [mumbling]

Pranker: Ay yo can you just, can you tell him that you're okay and there's a friendly black man helping you? Hold on.

Pranker: Hey don't fall back asleep girl! [slap] Yo what the fark's wrong with you, hey girl wake up! [slapping]. Oh okay.

Pranker: She's getting conscious again. Hey yo tell him you're alright. 

Kel: Hello? Hello? 

Brother: Kel? 

Kel: Yeah? 

Brother: Where are you? 

Kel: I don't know. Wait hel-

Pranker: Alright. That's enough of that homeboy.

Brother: Alright, I'm calling the police and telling them to track her number down.

Pranker: Dawg, you're being a little bitch dawg! Like... [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing] He hung up again...

[phone ringing] 

[police dispatch in the background]

Pranker [to others]: Do you hear the farking dispetcher?


Pranker: Ay yo dawg? 

Brother: Hello? 

Pranker: Aye yo dawg. Yeaah she's good. She's good now. You want to talk to her?

Brother: No, I'm calling the police right now.  

Pranker: Dawg-

Brother: I'm literally on the phone with LAPD.

Pranker: I know but they're both awake now. They headed home dawg. Like, you all like, you being a little bitch like, it's all fine. You want to talk to her?

Brother: Alright give her the phone please. 

Pranker: Alright. Go ahead.

Kel: hello?

Pranker [to Kel]: Without the muffle!

Kel: Oh hi. Hey, I'm just drunk. I'm just drunk. I'm good though. I'm going home.

[phone call ends] 


Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Hey. Hey, yo Nick. What's up man? This is Russell. So, yeah, that was just a prank. 

Pranker: I'm sorry for getting you worked up so much, you were a great sport. 

Brother: I don't like you people.

Pranker: But no, I am sincerely sorry, and if you want to prank one of your friends one day here is a...

Pranker: ... a coupon with no expiration date to prank one of your friends just as badly. 

Brother: Alright. 

Pranker: Alright, thank you guys so much for tuning in and huge huge thanks over o the guys as Simple Pickup...

Pranker: ... and their three friends for setting this up. They set up the cameras, they set up the couches.

Pranker: No one else is rounding of applause.  

[applause] [laughing]

Pranker: Yes! Let me know in the comments down below, do you wanna see more of this?

Pranker: I think we'd be a fun little series potentially, but the only way I'll know is if you smash that "like" button and show this to your friends.

Pranker: I think it will be sweet to bring a bunch of YouTubers on and just make it a regular thing where we prank their close friends and family... 

Pranker: ... and pull out some farking amazing crazy prank concepts. 

Guy2: That was fun. Thanks for including us on that Russ...

Pranker: No dude, it was my pleasure and until next Sunday subscribe for a new video and keep looking at the back of my head.

Pranker: Yeah! [laughing] 

Jesse: I can't believe you look like that dude.

Guy1: I never would've imagined your face was....

Pranker: Dude stop making eye contact dude! 

Guy1: ... was like that.

Guy1: Yeah, I never would've imagined your face was like that. 

Pranker: Alright guys, see you guys next week!

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