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Michael Buckley CAUGHT WIth A Minor Grinding Prank Call!

Nov 22, 2015 987.4K views 0 comments

Category: Ownage Rewired, Prank calls
Format: Live video
Characters: Russell
Prank Victim: Michael Buckley
Rage Level: Moderate

Caught grinding with minors prank call scares Michael Buckley!

Best quotes: 

  • “There were reports of mass grinding on the dance floor..”
  • “Essentially, you just got your grinding fixed and then you wanted to just head back to the hotel?”
  • “I mean- Buck! What the- What the buck man?”

Body of content:

Michael Buckley is an old school YouTuber who has a huge fan base and is good friends with many creators. When a group of YouTubers teamed up with me to prank someone at Playlist Live, we agreed on Michael! Being such a good guy, we knew he’d be horrified if we told him during the prank that he was caught grinding with a minor at a party during Playlist Live!

When confronted about the illicit grinding, Michael was equally confused and apologetic! You can feel his relief when he realized it was all just a big prank! How would you react if you got a call like this after getting wild at a party? What other YouTubers should I prank call? Tell me in the comments!


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[music playing]

[current sound]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: We're back for another episode of Ownage Rewired.

Pranker: I have my good buddies Matt Santoro, Olga Kay, Steve Zaragoza and JC, sitting on the couch with us today.

Pranker: Uhm, we did a little bit of chatting and I think we're gonna prank Michael Buckley, uhm...


Olga: I'm so nervous-

Pranker: A lot of you guys may be familiar with his content uh, he's an OG youtuber and today...

Pranker: ... hopefully he's gonna get his ass pranked! So...


Pranker: Let go!

Olga: Let's do it!

Matt: For some context, Michael Buckley is known for tearing it up on the dancefloor.

Steve: Yes!

Matt: ... at every event. VidCon, playlist, and we're here at playlist and last night was no exception to that.

Matt: So, that's what this is based on.

Steve: Hey, he doesn't discriminate on the dancefloor, he dances with everybody.

Everyone: Yeah!

Matt: He's dancing with everybody...

Olga: [laughing]

Steve: No, he's gonna be a super good sport about this. He's very- he's got a very good sense of humor.

Olga: This issue is very illegal in America.


Olga: So, I don't know...

Pranker: Why don't we just get super apologetic- I'M SORRY FOR WHAT I DID! [laughing]

Everyone: [laughing]

Steve: You know what might be even better about this though, he might be a bit drunk right now.

Olga: Oh, yes...

Steve: Oh yeah...

[indistinctive speaking and laughing]

Pranker: Alright, let's do this...

Matt: We love you Michael...

Pranker: So, the way this is gonna work is, you guys have your white boards in front of you...

Pranker: You'll use your markers and write down suggestions to me in real time, of what directions you think I should take the prank in...

Pranker: ... or something I should say in particular, uhm, here are some samples.

Pranker: "Ok", "poop", "boobs", "shut up Steve"

Everyone: [laughing]

Steve: [indistinctive speaking]

[phone ringing]

Michael: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Uh, yeah hi, may I please speak with Michael Buckley?

Michael: Yes.

Pranker: Uh, hi, my name is-

Michael: Hi-

Pranker: Uh, my name is Russell, I'm calling with playlist live event management now, how you're doing this afternoon?

Michael: Good, how are you?

Pranker: I'm good, thank you, uhm, [clucking] I-I feel a little uncomfortable making this phone call but I was asked uhm...

Pranker: ... to just follow up regarding a couple anonymous complaints last night regarding uh...

Pranker: ... and incident that happened supposedly on the dance floor during last night's party here at playlist live...

Michael: Yes.

Pranker: So, uhm, essentially you know, we had some reports that indicate you know, there were some lewd dancing h-happening on the dance floor with a...

Pranker: ... supposedly much younger individual uhm...

Michael: Oh God!

Pranker: So, you know, we kind of wanted to just- get to the bottom of this, figure out what was going on if these are just rumors or if there's something that happened or...

Pranker: ... just kind of get some type of closure as to what's happening here.

Michael: I-I apologize if I was dancing with someone I would assume it was a friend or someone I knew and I certainly didn't mean to do something like that...

Michael: ... and I- I apologize-

Pranker: Well did you by any chance provide them with any alcoholic beverages by any chance?

Michael: There is no way I would have done that because I had just a couple of drinks to get for myself, I gave no alcohol to anybody, that would not have happened.

Pranker: Uh, but- but you were drinking yourself, correct?

[bell rings]

Michael: Yes sir...

Pranker: Ok. Another incident that we have uh- supposedly CCTV footage of and also just, from the different c-cameras surrounding the area...

Pranker: ... of course this is playlist last, a lot of people are vlogging these events uhm...

Pranker: The DJ at one point was yelling, you know, to grind on the dance floor, so there were reports of mass grinding on the dance floor and uh...

[bell rings]

Pranker: ... supposedly you partook and during that uh- portion of the dancing with the underage gentleman.

Michael: Oh God!

Pranker: Yeah, I mean-

Michael: Oh I-

Pranker: You know, between you and I, Michael, you know, is this something that you at least recall, did you mean maybe mean it in a more friendly manner that wasn't supposed to-

Michael: I definitely remember grinding and dancing on the dance floor, yeah, I do.

Pranker: Uhm, according to the footage and the complaints, the- the child was just extremely underage and some people were uncomfortable...

Pranker: ... a couple people supposedly left the party because they just- they felt it was wrong and that nobody was doing anything about it..

Pranker: ... and we were just hearing about it the next day so we had to just kind of figure what kind of horseplay is going on?

[bell rings]

Michael: Okay, well I'm very sorry and I assure you that nothing like that will happen again.

Pranker: Okay, uhm, c-can you work with me? Just let me know like, did you take this boy home last night?

Michael: I took nobody home last night! I was nowhere near anybody last night-

Pranker: [stuttering] Just to clarify there was no games by home, I'm referring to your hotel room-

Michael: I-I have taken nobody home, I went home alone and I went to sleep and nobody was in my bed last night.

Pranker: Essentially, you just got your grinding fixed and then you wanted to just head back to the hotel?

Michael: That is absolutely [indistinct]

Pranker: I mean, the word is apparently traveling quite a bit and there's just some buzz about it, you know we don't want another...

Pranker: ... we don't want another Sam pepper incident.

Michael: Oh my God. I can't imagine that. I- I can't- I can't imagine that somebody would take that- so I don't- uhm...

[bell ringing]

Pranker: We wouldn't want any poop here, we just want honesty.

Michael: Uh...

Pranker: Yeah...

Michael: Who am I speaking to?

Pranker: Uh, this is Russell.

Michael: Russell, what's your last name?

Pranker: Schwartz.

Michael: Schwartz, okay... This is- the most horrible embarrassing conversation I've ever had...

Michael: ... so I'm just like "Oh my God", uhm-

Pranker: I mean but if you think about it you know, there is- you know, people say no press is bad press...

[bell rings]

Pranker: ... I mean there's always that possible silver lining.

Michael: Are you serious? Are you serious? No press is bad press, that's what- that's disgusting. I'm not-

Michael: I'm a 40 year old person who's been in this community for 10 years and-

Pranker: My thoughts exactly, and the child was 15, you know what I mean so...

Pranker: [stuttering] It's very horrifying.

Pranker: I mean-

Michael: So, you were saying no press- no bad press is horrifying?

Pranker: I know but between you and I man, like, what the BUCK were you thinking?

[bell rings]

Michael: I wasn't- I didn't know who he was, I didn't know his age, I was just dancing on the dance floor with a group of people.

Pranker: Yeah, I mean-

Michael: I wasn't trying to- I-I don't know, I mean for all I know, he was 19 or 20- I don't know how old people are!

Pranker: Yeah, but you can- you can't just bucking approach a little like- 14 year old boy and...

Pranker: You know...

Michael: Oh... I feel like I should apologize to him, I mean, I feel- and I wish I could reach out to him and just email him.

Pranker: He probably thought you were trying to-

Michael: I don't know-

Pranker: ... get a little hooha and you know...

Michael: I mean- I don't know who it is!

Pranker: I mean- Buck! What the- What the buck man?

Michael: Am I being pranked?

Pranker: [sighs] Excuse me?

Michael: Are you pranking me?

Pranker: Uh- Buckley, I mean, this event, I mean, you do recall the grinding correct?

Michael: Oh my God...

[current sound]

[everyone laughing]

Michael: All I know is- all I know is the best part is I was just telling people how I [indistinct] to replay yesterday, twice!

[everyone laughing]

[Michael talking indistinct in the background]

Michael: I was just jokingly telling my friends how I'm always drunk at these things and now I'm like...

Michael: ... this is the single most horrifying thing... [indistinct]

[everyone laughing]

Michael: ... whether they were 15 or 50 or female or whatever I... [indistinct]

Pranker: [stuttering]

Michael: ... did I make somebody uncomfortable? [laughing]

Pranker: My name is Russell, I'm the comedian behind Ownage Pranks and you know I'm sitting-

Michael: Ownage Pranks! How did you get my number?

Pranker: I'm sitting down with some of your close friends.

Michael: Hi everybody! Did you hear me on speaker? Did I sound horrified? [laughing]

[everybody laughing]

Michael: I'm like, this is the single most embarrassing moment in my entire life!

[everyone laughing]

Michael: Who's there?

Pranker: Alright, well I'm sitting with uh, Matt Santoro, Olga Kay, Steve Zargoza and JC.

Michael: My absolute favorite a******s in the world!

[Everyone laughing]

Michael: Olga we're supposed to be going to- Olga we're supposed to be going to dinner, you c**t!

[Everyone laughing]

Michael: That is the way the universe works, so that I was bragging about my ability not being pranked, and then here I am, getting farking pranked.

[Everyone laughing]

Michael: I come and say hi- [indistinct]

[Everyone laughing]

Steve: You'll have a lot to talk about at dinner!

[Everyone laughing]

Pranker: Yeah-

Pranker: Uh, we're actually off site like two blocks away at the uh, at the [censored] but if you wanna swing by and say hi by all means...

Olga: Come on! Stop by!

Michael: I'll walk over, yeah! What's your name really?

Pranker: I'm sorry-

Michael: What's your name really?

Pranker: [stuttering]

Michael: Is your name Russell really?

Pranker: Yeah, Russell. Russell really.

[Everyone laughing]

Matt: I'm Matty Santoro!

Olga: I'm Olga Kay!

Steve: I'm Steve Zaragoza.

JC: I'm JC od whiskey Waffles.

Michael: I'm Michel Buckley!

Steve: And we're on a...


Michael: And I just got owned.

Olga: Oops! [everybody cheering]


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