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Crazy Russian Hacker Prank Call!

Nov 16, 2014 5.4M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Russell, Rakesh, Abdo, Buk Lau
Prank Victim: Taras the “Crazy Russian Hacker”
Rage Level: Mellow

The Crazy Russian Hacker gets a crazy prank call!

Best quotes: 

  • “I have a channel where I tell people how styoobid it is to throw a knife at your camera.”
  • “I have American BASSBORRR!”
  • “Okay what about two and a half? I have a one cousin he’s ryke a midget guy, he’s a small one, only count as half.”

Body of content:

I had an opportunity to prank call Taras, a popular YouTuber who goes by “Crazy Russian Hacker” and has a channel with millions of subscribers. His brother Dima and Dennis Roady, a fellow prankster, helped me set up a CRAZY prank that they knew he would believe and get totally freaked out over!

Taras sometimes films slow motion videos with a special camera that costs $180,000. His brother Dima got in on the prank by calling to claim he accidentally broke the camera with Dennis Roady, and I came in as tech support to give him the news of a VERY pricey repair. He completely bought the awful scenario and was not ready to hand over that kind of money!

In the end, Taras was a great sport about this prank, and it was awesome to get to pull off a call like this on a fellow YouTuber. Should I do some more crazy Russian pranks? Tell me in the comments what other YouTubers you’d like me to prank call! 


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-Pranked Taras - AKA CrazyRussianHacker

-Uses Hi-Tech Slow-Mo Camera worth ~ $180,000

-Collaborated with his bro Dima to pull of this prank

-Calling to tell him Dima accidentally damaged camera


[Now calling Taras with Dima's number on the Caller ID to make sure he answers]

[Phone rings]

Taras: Hey, what's up?

Dima: Dude, hey, what are you doing?

Taras: Just chilling, what's up?

Dima: [speaking in russian] You busy? We need to talk...

Taras: Ok, let's talk...

Dima: Uhm, I have a situation, you remember we did a video with Dennis Roady?

Dima: We were hitting... Hitting with machete.. Those...

Dima: ... Hitting apples!

Taras: Yes

Dima: You remember?

Dima: Well, in short, I wanted to film an intro today to upload the video

Taras: Uh huh

Dima: Just don't get mad though ok?

Dima: I think we can figure everything out, but uh..

Dima: In short, the machete flew into the camera...

Taras: And what? Dima and it broke the camera?

Dima: I threw the machete, and where the vents are you know

Dima: It cracked or something, I am not sure..

Taras: Where? What? What? What?

Dima: It hit there, fell down and broke..

Dima: As a whole it's ok, but something inside is broken..

Taras: Well understood, tripod is piece of crap

Taras: And shield, we should've bought the shield..

Dima: Hey, hey, I have this guy/rep on the phone

Dima: He wants to speak with you because you are the owner

Dima: He needs to talk to you

Taras: Call the insurance! I am in shock!

Taras: You talk to them yourself, tell them you are the owner..

Dima: Taras, I am with that tech on the line, you know...

Dima: He needs to talk to you...

Russell: Uh, uh, hello? Ye-, yeah, hi, I-, I don't mean to interrupt

Russell: My name is Russell, and I'm a customer support uh, manager

Russell: Here at vision research. I was speaking to I believe

Taras: Ok

Russell: Dima? Regarding some damage to a phantom V2010

Taras: Uh huh

Russell: Uhm, who am I speaking with?

Taras: Taras Cold, Cold, not ocld

Russell: Okay, Taras, alright, T-, Taras, can you explain

Russell: To me, uhm, I guess what happened exactly I am familiar with

Russell: Which part is damaged. But we're kinda, we need to know

Russell: How the damage happened just to be sure that perhaps

Russell: It could've went a little bit deeper than just the outside

Russell: Component.

Taras: Well, I think whenever we were filming, uh, we were supposed

Taras: To like, throw an apple, and, uh, I think machete fell and

Taras: Hit the camera and kinda fell or something.

Russell: Uh, uh, uh. what hit the camera sorry?

Taras: Well it's a machete. Machete, MA CHE TA.

Russell: A MACHETE?

Taras: Yeah

Russell: Oh, okay, s-, just to to make sure I'm understanding

Russell: The, the camera was-, was punctured with a machete?

Russell: Like a knife?

Taras: Yes, it hit the camera and then it-, it fell. On the ground.

Taras: And

Russell: I got you.

Taras: And uh,

Russell: Well

Taras: And we try to turn it on and it's not turning on.

Russell: Uhh, [exhales]. I'm trying to see what we can do here on my

Russell: End. Uhm, I think at this point it might be good for me

Russell: To go ahead and transfer you over to our, uhm, head tech support

Russell: Agent. In our call center over in India. Yeah, we have actually

Russell: Some of the most talented and brightest people over there who work

Russell: In-, in our repair division. Uhm, so, can I go ahead

Russell: And put you on hold to transfer you over there?

Taras: Okay, sounds good.

Russell: Alrighty! Please hold.

[Background talking]

Taras: What kind of part do we need?

Dima: I don't know, he told me that the insurance wouldn't cover this..

Dima: But he say they should take care of it...

[Background talking]

Taras: Why didn't you just tell them that you were driving and it fell down...

Dima: I don't know, I freaked out and I told them what happened

Taras: You should've just told them that you were driving and it just fell.

Dima: I got nervous you know?

Taras: Huh?

Dima: Got nervous you know? Just freaked out.

Taras: What are we gonna do now! Well, no we don't film if it's too expensive!

Dima: Let's talk, maybe they'll take care of it...

[Indian tech (pranker) answers the phone]

Rakesh: Hello my name is Rakesh. I'm calling with, uh, tech support

Rakesh: Department here at vision research. How may I help you today sir?

Taras: Yes, so what. kinda option do you have, to, to, to fix-

Rakesh: Okay

Taras: This camera

Rakesh: First, can you tell me exactly how that damage was done?

Taras: Oh it's, pretty much, it uh, fell down the tripod. Wa- was not

Taras: well secured or something and just fell down from the tripod. That-, on the ground.

Taras: And it broke.

Rakesh: Okay, alright.

Taras: It was, pretty much tripod's fault and stuff, and, uh, I wish

Rakesh: But what-

Taras: It was better tripod.

Rakesh: BUT YEAH, but, what did you hit it with? You know-

Rakesh: Our tripod is very SECURE, it does not fall by itself, you know?

Rakesh: Did you have earthquake or something?

Taras: It did not buy-, we did not buy your tripod.

Rakesh: Oh, that is the problem, right?

Taras: What do you mean?

Rakesh: Ou-, our tripod it is little-, little bit more secure

Rakesh: But I, think maybe, when you get the repair hopefully

Rakesh: You will buy also one tripod for more secure placing, right?

Taras: Okay, so how much is the-, what are the options?

Rakesh: We are having ELEVEN HUNDRED for the tripod. Our newest one

Taras: [Yelling] I DON'T WANT A TRIPOD. How much is it gonna be to fix?

Rakesh: With the, parts and labor, I-, it will be roughly



Rakesh: Okay.

Taras: I'm not gonna have-

Rakesh: Okay.

Dima: Taras, wait, let him tell you what the options are..

Rakesh: Okay, I-

Taras: So let me-, let me, ask my brother real quick HOLD ON a second, okay?

Rakesh: Okay, go ahead, right, right

Dima: Tell him, tell him you have a big channel

Taras: He said he is not going to fix it! What's there to ask!?

Taras: Hey, okay, okay, HELLO ARE YOU STILL THERE?

Rakesh: Uh, yes, hello sir, I am still here right now.

Taras: OK, I have a, three million subscriber channel, I was wondering

Taras: Are you guys interested any-, in, any, some, kinda, uh

Taras: Like a good promotion? The thing is I-, I have almost fourty

Taras: Million views, UH, monthly

Rakesh: [grunts]

Taras: And the thing is I can do either

Rakesh: Oh my God

Taras: Negative or positive, uh, videos, you know? I would like to like give you a

Taras: Very-, very good feedback for your cameras for, for your company.

Rakesh: Wh-, when you say negative or positive, what do you mean exactly?

Rakesh: I-, I am sorry, I don't understand too well.

Taras: I-, I'm just saying like if, uh, if you gonna take care of me,

Taras: I can take care of you very, very well. That's all I'm saying.

Rakesh: But, le-, let us say HYPOTHETICALLY, right? Let us say, we don't take

Rakesh: Care too, good right? Will you do anything bad?

Taras: I don't know, I'm just-, I don't know.

Taras: So what i'm asking you, could you help me out and fix it for free?

Rakesh: Right

Taras: I can give you a nice feedback.

Rakesh: I think, I am very interested, you know? You have very large audience

Rakesh: Sounds like it. BUT, what kind of channel is it?

Rakesh: Just so we can make sure it is within out demographicatamis?

Taras: It's in science experiments in D.I.Y. and life hacks and, uhm, technology

Taras: You know what I mean?

Rakesh: Okay, right, right, I get it, I get it. You know what

Rakesh: I took some notes right now, I will go ahead and pass you to

Rakesh: My supervisor who I think usually help people out with this

Rakesh: Right? So I will see what he can do for you. I'm sorry, I know, it is very

Rakesh: Stressful for you I don't mean-, I am very SYMPATHIZED with you, right?

Rakesh: So I will try to fix it right, I want to get it working for you, to make the

Rakesh: Videos.

Taras: Thank-, thank you very much. Sir, I'm very happy that you helping me a lot, thank you.

Rakesh: An-, anytime sir, it is my duty to-, to serve. Okay, please hold, right?

Taras: Okay, OK

[Background music], [Answers phone]

Abdo: Hello, this is Abdo, I'm calling with the Fro(fraud) department

Abdo: Vision Research, how can I help you today?

Taras: Hello!

Abdo: UH, YES! Uh, I actually just speaked with my, uh, employee RAKESH

Abdo: And, UH, he tell me about, UH, you have a little bit of a problem

Abdo: With your cAMERA, right?

Taras: I told him that I have a big YouTube following

Abdo: Yah, yah, how exactly did the camera break? I-, I think MAYBE my employee

Abdo: A little bit confused, he tell me something about a knife.

Taras: Yeah, it hit the-, the, the, pretty much knife, hit-, the

Taras: Because it was FLYING KNIFE HIT the camera, and the camera fell with the tripod

Taras: On the ground

Abdo: I-, I, I am very surprised for this, uhh, I've been here for a while

Abdo: Now, working here, uhh, and I've never heard something like this. Eh, It's a li-

Abdo: I-. It's sounds

Taras: Of course. BECAUSE

Abdo: A little bit STUPID, but yeah.

Taras: That's what I do. I do stupid videos, I do science experiment videos.

Abdo: Yeah, yeah, yeah

Taras: I do, I do life hacks and if you wanna check it out CrazyRussianHacker

Taras: I must have...

Abdo: Oh, okay, yeah, yeah, I, and, and I have EIGHTY million views too, alright? [laughs]

Abdo: Yah, yah

Taras: Wh-, What kind [phone key sound] channel do you have?

Abdo: I have a channel where-, where I tell people how STUPID it is to throw a kni-

Abdo: A knife at your camera.

Taras: Uhh, are you trying to offend me or what?

Abdo: NO, I-, I just, I don't know if somebody trying to make a joking or what.

Abdo: ARE-, are you being serious? Or are you joking with me?

Taras: [Yelling] WHY ARE YOU yelling at me?

Abdo: [Yelling] BECAUSE I, I PICK UP THE TELEPHONE and you're yelling at me and-

Taras: [Yelling] ARE YOU A MANAGER?

Abdo: [Yelling] YEAH I am.

Taras: Manager?

Abdo: I-, I am the manager yeah.

Taras: Okay, thank you very much. I'm gonna talk to a manager in America

Taras: And I'm




Taras: I'm gonna talk to-, I'm gonna talk to another manager, I'm gonna talk to

Taras: CEO and have, if I have to and I'm gonna tell everybody that you have treated

Taras: Me this way.

Abdo: Uh, ah-, what do you mean wha-, what do I do to you? I-, I am the top

Abdo: Manager you stupid. LOOK!

Taras: [Yelling in anger] DID YOU JUST CALL ME STUPID?

Abdo: No, no.

Taras: I don't understand why you don't believe me. I ha-, uh, I was

Taras: Doing a video, and it hit my camera, do you know crazy russian hacker?

Taras: You can pull it up right now, you can see who I am, and you can see what

Abdo: Wait, wait, wait, wu-, wha-, what is your name?

Taras: It's CRAZY RUSSIAN HACKER. C, a, r, a like crazy russian hacker.

Taras: Do you understand me?

Abdo: Yes, so you're saying you're crazy? Right? Because I don't know

Abdo: who would in the right mind would throw a knife at the camera.

Taras: Did you just [Exhale] okay

Abdo: Yeah

Taras: I don't need to explain to you anything, can you help me?

Abdo: Yes, I can-, I can, help you, I'm sorry, wu-, when I hear something STUPID

Abdo: I have to say it, but I will help you, please hold, I will look

Taras: OK, you just call me stupid, I'm gonna hang up on you and I'm

Taras: Gonna make a very big complain.

Abdo: NO, NO-, NO! NO.

Taras: [Yelling] NO!

Abdo: NO-, ST-, STO-, STOP IT!

Taras: [Yelling] NO, BUT, DON'T CALL ME STUPID, OK?

Abdo: I-, LOOK! I can, I will give you the discount, okay? Just please wait with me, okay?




Abdo: Ok, O-, OK, OKAY, LOOK, I-, I AM GOING TO LOOK UP THE, THE YouTube right now,

Abdo: I'm going to put in, UH, one-, one more time, I'm sorry, okay?

Abdo: Look I will look it up, give me just one minute, I will just verify, that you

Abdo: You are a-, you-, this channel, and, and see

Taras: [Yelling] I can't believe you don't believe me. Why would you-, why would I

Taras: Be joking? You know, I'M REALLY upset that i broke my camera, my business

Taras: Is hurting and now I have to listen to you

Abdo: Okay

Taras: I'm not trying to offend you at all.

Abdo: Okay.

Taras: [Yelling] BUT PLEASE DO NOT OFFEND ME, okay?

Abdo: No need to be a cry baby, okay, hold on.

[background noise]

Dima: What did he say?

Taras: Dima, did you hear what he said?!

Taras: You know what, let's just hang up!

Dima: DON'T, talk to the main boss! [mixed up voices]

Taras: [Yelling] He call me crazy! He call me-

Abdo: Hello?

Taras: Hello

Abdo: Yes hello, okay, mister, I-, I-, I look up, uh, the channel right now

Abdo: Uh, cr-, crazy, uh, hacker, I see it here, so you have like a big

Abdo: Audience, right?

Taras: Yes, I do have a big audience.

Abdo: Yea, yeah, but if we don't do anything for you, you still will be

Abdo: Nice, right?

Taras: Of course. I'm not gonna say anything a bad because I still love the camera

Abdo: Okay, alright, uh...

Taras: The thing is this camera was my dream...

Taras: but anyways, what's up?

Abdo: Yeah, I understand o- I'm I will go ahead and transfer you

Abdo: to our accounting department.

Abdo: and uh, we will see what we can do for you.

Taras: Okay. [music playing in the background]

Rakesh: Duh, hello?

Taras: Hello.

Rakesh: Okay,I see here my supervisor, he authorize

Rakesh: the-the good deal for you, right?

Taras: Yeah, he said it's for free

Taras: He gonna fix it for free.

Rakesh: A-actually I'm trying to process the replacement right here,

Rakesh: but the system not tell me

Rakesh: that actually somebody by the name of DIMA

Rakesh: was using it.

Taras: Yeah okay but-b I talk to manager

Taras: He said he'll-he'll do it for free for me.

Rakesh: Duh, yeah, you see we have the warranty replacement

Rakesh: if the authorize purchase person he break it, he break it...

Rakesh: then we can fix it for free.

Taras: I have talked to your manager and he said-

Taras: He said he gonna fix it for free.

Rakesh: Are you crazy?! 270 dollars?

Rakesh: Th-that cannot do for free if you not the one who

Rakesh: broke it, know?

Taras: Okay, Dima, I... Hold on-hold on a second, let me ask my brother.

Rakesh: Okay.

Taras: Dima how are we going to pay?

Dima: Well ask him, ask him if they can do it free

Dima: He was saying they can do it free and here we go again...

Dima: Put some pressure on him

Rakesh: eh-can you speak english? I want to understand, you know, I

Rakesh: don't want-

Dima: dude yell at him!

Taras: Hold on jus- I'M NOT GONNA

Rakesh: Uh-uh PLEASE!



Taras: Okay.

Rakesh: [talking in native language] How do you like it?

Taras: What did you say?


Rakesh: Yuh have to speak ENGLISH

Taras: Okay I'm sorry about that. Uh, I am saying, what I'm saying is I

Taras: I do not want to pay anything for this camera. If you saying

Taras: You don't wanna give me it for free, then you cannot help me.

Rakesh: Between me and you if I want to do that, can you give me if I give it to

Rakesh: You for the good price, I work in the accounting so I can take

Rakesh: It off NO PROBLEM, but can you give me the promotion too?

Taras: No

Rakesh: BUT WHY NOT?

Taras: No!

Rakesh: Don't, don't be so STINGY, YOU KNOW? I know you don't want

Rakesh: To pay the money, but promotion is free!

Taras: OH, what kind of promotion are you looking, what do, what do

Taras: What do you want?

Rakesh: I want you to give, I want you to give them a good, you know, review

Rakesh: For the camera, but then, next week I want you to upload one

Rakesh: About my chinese restaurant, right? We just have a new egg roll

Taras: OH, okay! That's fine! What kind of channel is that?

Rakesh: I have a chinese FOOD you know? We have a restaurant, I want you to

Rakesh: Make a video, you say HELLO, I am the crazy mudafarka hacker

Rakesh: I-, you know, I like the food, very tasty.

Taras: OH okay! That's fine.

Rakesh: Okay! But my sister too, right? She's trying to start a beauty

Rakesh: GURU, right? So can you help her too?

Taras: Uh, no, only two shout out. Just the- only one shoutout.

Rakesh: Uh, one more I promise you just JUST the three. Uh, right?

Taras: No I can't do that because the thing is if I do too many

Taras: People not gonna enjoy anything, like they, they, is gonna be negative.

Taras: Like, well, if I do too many, they, they gonna be very very negative.

Taras: About it, you know?

Rakesh: Oh, okay! So, okay, so it's three, you do the three shoutout and then

Rakesh: We give it to you for the at cost price of three THOUSAND, how you feel about it?

Taras: What kind of shoutout are you talking about

Rakesh: You give about one shoutout for the CAMERA, you give a one shoutout

Rakesh: For my restaurant, and one shoutout for my sister [native language speaking]

Rakesh: For her beauty GURU channel, you know?

Taras: No. Just two, just two, just two shoutouts

Rakesh: Okay, what about, what about two and a half, I have one cousin

Rakesh: He is like a midget guy, the small one only counts as half

Taras: NO, I can give you shoutout, so shoutout, uhm, uh, you and your

Taras: Sister shoutout in one video that's fine

Rakesh: Uh, no, but I don't want to share you know? I want to have my

Rakesh: Spot right, you know? Okay so we can do this here so basically

Rakesh: Just to confirm, I'm going to send out the contract to you

Rakesh: So you going to give us the four shoutouts, right?

Taras: Well uh, I wanna just see the contract before I wanna agree with anything

Taras: Does that sounds good?

Rakesh: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but you, you give me the verbal contract

Rakesh: Right now, right?

Taras: What?

Rakesh: But you give me the verbal contract, right? Right now.

Rakesh: You say: "I give you the four promotion?"

Taras: No I do not give you. No.

Rakesh: But you, you, but you say it, you already said I DO IT.

Taras: [Yelling] NO, I WILL NO.

Rakesh: But I'm sorry, this call is

Taras: [Yelling] NO I-,

Rakesh: [grunts]

Taras: LIKE A-

Rakesh: I-


Rakesh: Uh-, what?

[Phone ringing]

Taras: Hey Dennis can I call you back?

Dennis: Uh, hold on one second hey. I just got to Los Angeles dude.

Dennis: I'm at Vitaly's.

Taras: Nice! What's up guys?

Dennis: Uh.. Hey when are you coming out here?

Taras: We're gonna go there for Halloween. Halloween! We're gonna go there

Taras: For Halloween.

Dennis: Here.. Vitaly wants to say hey.

Taras: Okay

Vitaly(pranker): Uh, duh, HELLO?

Taras: Hello?

Vitaly: HELLO, how are you doing crazy guy?

Taras: [Yelling in anger] OH MY GOD! WHAT THE FARK! THIS GU- [Yelling hysterically]

Taras: OH YOU GUYS SUCK! [Yelling] GOD [laughs hysterically]

Taras: OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS SUCK [laughing out loud]


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