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Fake Celebrity Prank Phone Calls To Anthony Anderson!

Apr 27, 2014 2.6M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo, Tyrone
Prank Victim: Anthony Anderson
Rage Level: Mellow

Fake celebrity prank phone calls to Anthony Anderson!

Best quotes: 

  • “That would be the good SAMAR-ITAN thing to do”
  • “You Anthony mother farkin’ ANDERSON!”

Body of content:

I collaborated with Power 106's radio host Big Boy to prank one of his celebrity friends, Anthony Anderson. I changed my caller ID to Big's cell phone number and prank called Anthony as if Big left his phone behind and I just found it! As Abdo, I told him I was a manager at a Foot Locker where the phone was found, and noticed pictures and text messages with the celebrity on the phone. 

Turns out, Abdo is a HUGE fan of Anthony’s work and now wants him to come to the mall personally to get his friends phone back! Anthony was immediately suspicious if it was real, but I lured him back in by reading actual text messages between him and Big Boy that were sent to me to make the call convincing!!

I had him really going by the end of this call, which made the reveal even more hilarious! He was such a good sport about the whole prank. What celebrity prank phone calls would you love to see happen? Tell me your thoughts on this prank in the comments below!


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: Quick context about this call, big boy who's super popular radio host-

Pranker: of a show in LA, allowed me to use his personal cell phone number to change my caller ID and-

Pranker: prank one of his celebrity friends Anthony Anderson. So basically when I call him, he's going-

Pranker: to see Big Boy on the caller ID and think he's the one calling, watch what happens.

[Phone ringing]

Anthony: BIG BOY!

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Uh, yes hello, uh, MISTER ANTHONY, I-, I-, I find this telephone here.

Anthony: Yes!

Pranker: Yeah I-, I find this telephone here! Uh, my name is ABDO, I am the store manager, at-, at the-

Pranker: Foot Locker and uh, TOPANGA MALL! And uh, I-, I look through it with my employee here and we see-

Pranker: all the picture with people and-, and-, uh-, TEXT MESSAGE! W-, W-, WILL SMITH! KANYE! I-, I don't-

Pranker: know what uh-, HIP HOP GUYS! And he tell me is-, it's the-. the radio guy BIG BOY. So I'm trying-

Pranker: to call uh-, figure out! What to do here! And-, and how to get the telephone back!

Anthony: Uh-, I will make a phone call to somebody, and let them know, that the phone is at uh-, the Foot Locker in Topanga Mall.

Pranker: Eh-, if you-, if I can wait till you're available, can you come GET IT FROM ME? Because like-

Pranker: t-, TO BE HONEST! Like I-, I-, I'm a huge fan of-, OF YOUR STUFF MAN! I've been watching you since like FOREVER.

Anthony: Oh, well thank you brother, I appreciate that man, but I'm 5-10 minutes away from the airport.

Anthony: I won't be back until next week!

Pranker: OK, NEXT WEEK! So if-, if-, how you-, le-, let's say I hold on TO THE TELEPHONE, TURN IT OFF like-

Pranker: till until you're back! I-, I-, I would really love, LOVE TO MEET YOU!

Anthony: [Laughing]


Anthony: [Laughing] I'll come in I'll meet you brother! But you know what? Don't turn the phone off man!

Anthony: That phone's very important to him!

Pranker: Yeah! Yeah, I-, I-, I KNOW MAN! But eh-, I-, I feel like I am being like a GOOD SAMARITAN, right?

Pranker: Like I could have done something like, call-, call like uh-, eh TMZ, or like a, TRY TO SELL IT-

Pranker: or something like that! But, eh-, after I-, ho-, HONESTLY after I saw your name, I remember you from-

Pranker: I used to watch you, on like uh-, BERNIE MAC! Back home in my country, we would see you on the KANGAROO JACK!

Pranker: WE used to laugh at it SO MUCH!

Anthony: Hm, that's good! That's good! That's good!

Pranker: YEAH. YEAH. YEAH.

Anthony: Alright hey. Put uh, out big-, PUT BIG BOY ON THE PHONE FOR ME.

Pranker: UH, WHAT's UP?

Anthony: Put Big on the phone for me!

Pranker: Uh-, BUT WHO?

Anthony: [Laughing]

Pranker: Look, look man. Look.

Anthony: If Big-, if Big is anything like me, and I know he is, and I know whose number he has in his phone, I'm pretty-

Anthony: su-, sure his phone would lock, as soon as he puts it down, so.

Pranker: OKAY.


Pranker: Look-, look-

Anthony: You almost got me!

Pranker: HABIBI! Okay so, eh-, uh-, I am little bit RIGHT now but, would O get in trouble if I take it to like uh-

Pranker: TRY TO SELL IT or something?

Anthony: YEAH. YEAH. You go do that! Go try to sell it!

Pranker: OK, I mean I-, I'm looking HONESTLY! I-, I see I-, I-, I only call you because I see you guys TALKING BACK AND-


Pranker: Any suggestion, he say: "Oh I got that ON LOCKS! I let him up! When do you nee it?" Next time, so: "Next week some time!"

Pranker: Sorry my English, A LITTLE BIT NOT THE BEST. BUT-, but yeah like-, my-, my co-worker here was like: "Oh man you can-

Pranker: call the-, the TMZ, and try to sell it! He has like a PICTURE INSIDE, so and so! BUT, I feel kind of bad ABOUT THIS!

Anthony: No, you should! YOU SHOULD. YOU SHOULD. What's your name brother?

Pranker: Uh, my name is ABDO.

Anthony: Abdul?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah.

Anthony: Okay Abdul.

Pranker: Yeah, okay, hold on one-

Anthony: Alright.

Pranker: one-, ONE SECOND HERE. Ty-, Tyrone come talk to this guy-

Anthony: Okay but-, HOLD ON! But-, but-, HOLD ON ABDUL! ABDUL! ABDUL! ABDUL!

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Uh, hello?

Anthony: ABDUL! Hello?

Pranker: Ey-, ey yo what's going on man? UH-, m-, my name is Tyrone! I work here at the Foot Locker in Topanga Mall! My manager-

Pranker: was just talking to you, I-, I-, I think BIG left his phone in here a little while ago!

Anthony: Yeah, yeah, he did man, your manager, what's your name brother?

Pranker: My name is TYRONE.

Anthony: Tyrone! Tyrone.

Pranker: Yeah.

Anthony: Tyrone and Abdul, okay cool, COOL.

Pranker: YEAH!

Anthony: Alright cool your-, your manager was talking about-, your manager was talking about uh-, SELLING THE PHONE, but uh-

Pranker: But-, bur real talk man! I mean like, YOU KNOW, BROTHERS GOT TO EAT and stuff man! I mean we-, we be working hard in-

Pranker: over here and stuff, we-, we-, we would like some type of REWARD.

Anthony: Okay PIMP! IT'S GOING TO-, IT'S GOING TO BE KIND OF HARD TO EAT WITH NO TEETH. That's all I'm saying dawg!

Anthony: IT'S NOT EVEN MY PHONE! I'm just saying!

Pranker: BUT-, BUT-, BUT DAWG! You know I'm saying like-, I mean-, we j-, we just want to get TAKEN CARE OF, a little bit-

Pranker: For our trouble! You know what I'm saying? Like just from, looking through this phone, he got a lot of stuff-

Pranker: in here that-, I don't think he would want just like any old SAMARITAN to be looking at!

Anthony: Yeah I know he wouldn't want, he wouldn't want any old SAMARITAN, to be looking through it-

Anthony: so that's why I suggest, you could just hold on to the phone until somebody comes and picks it up!

Anthony: That would be the GOOD SAMARITAN thing to do!

Pranker: Ca-, could you like uh, meet us up? If we wait till next week? Or something like that? And we can get this phone-

Pranker: back and call it even! Or what do you want to do?

Anthony: What do you mean CALL IT EVEN? It's not my phone! I got my phone!

Pranker: But yeah I-

Anthony: HEY TYRONE!

Pranker: YEAH


Pranker: Ey but-, BUT HOMIE! Le-, man-, ME AND ABDO, both-, both of us know who you are! We-, we a fan of your stuff!

Pranker: We want to be COOL ABOUT IT! You know what I'm saying? I ain't trying like UNDERCUT nobody and cause problems!

Pranker: An-, an-, an-, I mean, HIT ME WITH A COUPLE STACKS and we'll call it good!

Anthony: WHY THE FARK would I hit you with a couple of stacks when you holding my boy's phone?

Pranker: BECAUSE, he's your boy man! You just said it yourself! He's your boy, so you going to do him a favor right?

Pranker: Do him a solid-, he, I mean hopefully he would do the same for you some day!

Anthony: OH YEAH. Yeah, yeah, Big, BIG WILL DO THAT!

Pranker: I-, I'm looking through the pictures man, I see pictures of some LATIN CHICK! Right, I'm thinking like HE GOT-

Pranker: SOME GIRLS IN HERE! Some people with some LINGERIE! Like with BIG IN IT! Like it-, it-, I don't think he would-

Pranker: want that to necessarily to be out in the OPEN LIKE THAT!

Anthony: WELL it's already out in the open, TYRONE! You got it! BUT HOLD ON! I'll send one of my boys up there to pick it up for BIG DAWG.

Pranker: No, man I-

Anthony: Just hold on to the phone.

Pranker: But-, but-, but DAWG, it has to be your personally-

Anthony: Just hold on to it.

Pranker: No, but dawg, I want to see-

Anthony: No, you hold-

Pranker: you personally DAWG.

Anthony: You hold on to it, you hold on to it Tyrone!

Pranker: Are you going-, are you going uh-, hurt me or something? Like, what are you trying to say? I heard you like threatening me-

Pranker: earlier and stuff like-

Anthony: No, no, no, I didn't, I didn't threaten you, I just told you, you know, you should be the good SAMARITAN as you call it.

Anthony: And then give the phone up, but you want to sell somebody's phone for some BULLCRAP, so that's what you do.

Pranker: BUT DAWG!

Anthony: That's on you!

Pranker: You know what I'm saying? I'm on that HUSTLE man, what am I supposed to do? I'm working 9-5 here, getting paid 9 dollars an hour-

Pranker: What you expect? This is my BIG BREAK!

Anthony: No, well work 10-6, BETTER HOURS.

Pranker: Better hours? Why? So I can get some more sleep?

Anthony: Yeah, better hours. Yeah.

Pranker: Come on now DAWG.

Anthony: Better hours man.

Pranker: Y-, y-, you're-

Anthony: Better hours.

Pranker: DAWG, you An-, you Anthony MOTHERFARKING ANDERSON, you know what it's like to be GRINDING DAWG, I know you HUSTLING too dawg.

Anthony: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! But hey, PIMP-

Pranker: [Lip smack] what it do?

Anthony: I'm-, I'm pulling to the airport right now, so I'm about to get out my car and hop on this plane.

Pranker: YO BUT-

Anthony: BUT YOU CAN HOLD ON TO THE PHONE and I can have somebody there in twenty minutes.

Pranker: But-, but-, DAWG, you-, you still got through TSA and security you got at least 20-30 minutes ahead of you, let's figure this out.

Anthony: No-, no-, no-, no-, I'm flying privately, I-, I just drive up to the jet and get on the jet, so I don't-, I don't have to do any of that TSA and crap man.

Pranker: Okay, well-, well I got one last thing for you HOMIE.

Anthony: Talk to me.

Pranker [speaking as Big Boy] Brother Ant, your partner Big Boy what do they say about revenge is best when served cold? You know? You know what I'm talking about?

Anthony: [laughing]

Pranker: Anthony I have some good news-

Anthony: [Laughs] What is this-

Pranker: and I have some bad news, now Anthony, the good news is I still have my phone, uh, the bad news is I've been-

Anthony: Uh huh-

Pranker: waiting for years to get you back you've just been Phone Tapped by my boys over at Ownage Pranks, we just 'Owned' you ass and ANTHONY ANDERSON I'm holla at you later.

Anthony: [Laughing]

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Ay yo, my bad man, I hope I didn't-

Anthony: You ain't git-

Pranker: I-, I hope-, I hope I didn't catch you uh-, at a bad time or nothing DAWG! [Laughing]

Anthony: No I was entertained PIMP! I was entertained!

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Yo, I appreciate that man! My name is Russell, I'm actually a voice actor, I've been working with uh-, BIG these days of producing some of his-

Pranker: Phone Taps and stuff, he uh-, he actually had nothing but good things to say about you, and after politely asking, he said he would hook me up to-

Pranker: to briefly speak with you on the phone, so I hope I didn't catch you at too bad of a time or inconvenience you too much anything but, that was awesome! You're the man!

pull up right now, so you're good.

Pranker: Alright man.

Anthony: You helped me pass the time!

Pranker: Well I appreciate that, I actually, I-, I-, I know you're a busy dude yourself, I uh-, I'm actually a voice actor and comedian, I-, I have about 2 million subscribers-

Pranker: on YouTube, kind of doing this uh-, Comedy Prank thing as well, uh-, maybe you can check it out sometime when you're just chilling and winding down and get a better idea-

Pranker: of what I do, uh-, I have a bunch of videos up there using my 10 or so different character voices anywhere from [speaking as Buk Lau]: The Asian People! to [speaking as Billy]-

Pranker: Your friendly NEIGHBORHOOD HILLBILLY, so uh, you might get a kick out of it!

Anthony: I'll check you out, TYRONE! A.K.A ABDUL I GOT YOU!

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: YEAH, I appreciate that my brother. [Laughing]

Anthony: [Laughing]

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: So-

Anthony: Have-, have-, have-, have Big text me the info, or you text it to me since you got the phone MOTHERFARKA.

Pranker: [Laughing] Alright brother, I can promise you one thing, it will never ever ever this number will never see the light of the day or anything like that, I'm a trustworthy dude-

Pranker: and the fact that you were cool about it means a lot to me and I-, I'll go ahead and I'll text you that information.

Anthony: Do it, do it within the next 15 minutes because after now I'm changing my MOTHERFARKING number.

Pranker: [Laughing]

Anthony: Better get it to me quick!

Pranker: [Laughing] Alright brother, will do man, thanks again, I appreciate your time!

Anthony: Alright baby, you got it!

Pranker: Alright, take it easy man, peace!

Anthony: Peace!

Pranker: [Laughing]


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