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Caught Grinding With Minors - Behind The Scenes Of Our Prank Call!

Nov 25, 2015 564.4K views 0 comments

Category: Ownage Rewired, Behind the scenes
Format: Live video
Characters: Russell
Prank Victim: Michael Buckley
Rage Level: Feel good

Behind the scenes of our prank on a YouTuber!

Body of content:

Here's behind the scenes of what happened after the crazy prank we pulled on Michael Buckley! He was an incredible sport about it and genuinely nice. It was amazing to get to meet him so quickly after doing the prank. Want more behind the scenes prank footage? Tell me in the comments below and I’ll try to make it happen!


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Guy: If I think about your voice is that, like, you can't tell, like, you could be anybody.

Pranker: Yeah.

Guy: It's like- it's very like anybody voice. It's a good voice but you could be anybody, you know?

Lady: Okay, he's here, he's coming out. [giggling]

Guy: Here we go! [people speaking in the background]

Guy1: Oh it's my guest friend.

[people cheering] [laughing]

Guy1: I love [indistinctive speaking]

Lady: Thank you so much!

Guy1: Oh, thank you.

Guy: I'm sorry dude.

Guy1: I know, it's hilarious [indistinctive speaking] the second and horrify, I mean but I love like- this is the single most-

Guy1: horrifying moment of my adult life [people laughing], was it you?

Guy2: I was support.

Guy1: You were great, it's so funny!

Guy2: I know, I wasn't a voice, the gentleman off camera right over here, this is the voice!

Guy1: Hi, I am Michael Buckley, nice to meet you!

Guy: He was at the party last night. [Pranker speaking in the background]

Guy1: That's amazing, this is beautiful. [indistinctive speaking in the background]

Guy1: My [indistinctive] was uhm, I mean I am generally- I am drinking and dancing and being a lunatic [people laughing], so I didn't wanna-

Guy1: I mean again, I remember the whole night, so I even saw straight out- I was like I am dancing with you last night, so I'm like [indistinctive]

Guy1: we got so many friends, no one's complaining, [people laughing], I am a responsible nice person, so I wanted to do the right thing, so I was willing to just listen.

Pranker: How many- how many bucks did it take you to realize like, something is going on here?

Guy1: I mean- [mumbles], uh, like 3 [people laughing], you are way to clever. [people laughing] I am literally- [indistinctive] he was just having fun with my name.

[people laughing]

Guy1: So, I was- he was pretty smooth sailing and tell- and that when you said don't [indistinctive], I am like- I wrote that down like this a**hole!

[indistinctive speaking in the background]

Guy1: [indistinctive speaking] I thought [people laughing], in the same sentence. All I invest, I got- all I invested in the community [indistinctive] to the every person I met-

Guy1: in real life and on the Internet that there's gonna be an article and it's going to like [indistinctive] me, [people laughing] I think I wouldn't do a [indistinctive]. I was like-

[people laughing]

Guy: The way that works is we write on those white slabs and we just- so, at some point we want to integrate word poop into the conversation, did you recognize that?

Guy1: No, they say poop.

Guy: See, he didn't even noticed.

Guy1: No I was- I was just trying to say the right thing and I just- my brain was working overtime-

Guy2: He said it was like a poop situation [people laughing].

Guy1: Thank God I didn't [indistinctive speaking], and then the worst thought was- the worst thought that went in through my brain was uhm- when you were like the footage, I was like-

Guy1: the thought of going on like [people laughing].

Guy1: I just said I'm sorry, and I really want [indistinctive] [people laughing].

Lady: You just didn't want to stop drinking.

Guy1: No, I've already had one drink today. [indistinctive speaking] It was yesterday I drink in the afternoon so I was wild [people laughing], so when you called I was fully in control of myself [people laughing].

[indistinctive speaking]

Lady: Is that prosecco in your water bottle?

Guy1: It is prosecco [people laughing] [indistinctive speaking]

Guy: So, it was done, what did you feel, like relief, just huge relief?

Guy1: So obviously I was really glad to be [indistinctive] away, because I'm not someone who like pranks fundamentally and I sometimes- but I thought: "Good job!" [people laughing] I got pranked [indistinctive] three of my favorite people in the world-

Guy2: Feel so new, like, we're kind of making and all that brought it up, we were like- [indistinctive] gonna like it, he's gonna be okay.

Guy1: I'm fine with it, I wanna hear it back.

Guy2: You sounded very intelligent [people laughing]

Guy1: He's like I got to call a lawyer [people laughing]

Lady: You got to be careful.

Guy: I thought we were gonna cut it off, be like at this point I can't speak anymore, I need to call a lawyer.

Guy1: [indistinctive speaking] You sounded nice and I really-

Guy3: I'm good with that.

Guy1: [indistinctive speaking] I just wanted to do the right thing, and I don't want to- that's when I stopped for the second, whether it be a fifteen year old boy, a 50 year old man-

Guy1: or a woman, or anybody if I thought in any way I made someone uncomfortable, I'd be very sad, I'd be very heartbroken.

Guy: [indistinctive speaking] We knew that you are a good person.

Guy1: [indistinctive speaking] oh, thanks guys. 5 stars [people laughing] subscribe, [people laughing and cheering]

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