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Exploding Toilet Prank Video - Poop Everywhere! Ownage Pranks

Feb 5, 2017 2M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Animated
Characters: Billy
Prank Victim: Landlord
Rage Level: Hardcore

Exploding toilet prank video with a funny trailer park owner!

Best quotes: 

  • “I'm living on feces avenue because I'm literally knee-deep in some crap right now.”
  • “But if you literally just walk around and kind of sniff sniff I guarantee you'll notice the pungent smell.”
  • “Maybe just yell MARCO POLO until you find my ass.”

Body of content:

I pulled an exploding toilet prank call on the owner of a trailer park as Billy the hillbilly! I told her poop was flying everywhere and Billy was knee-deep in doo doo. When she went searching for Billy things got hilarious, she even played Marco Polo with me! Do you think she kept searching for the exploded toilet after we hung up? Where should Billy call next? Let me know in the comments!


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Pranker [speaking to audience as Billy]: This lady owns a trailer park. I got too high out there one day and got lost.

Pranker: She wasn't too happy with me. P.S. what do you think about new T-shirt? It's on sale now for a limited time only.

[phone ringing]

Lady: Karen.

Pranker: Yeah hi there Karen how you doing?

Lady: Just fine?

Pranker: The septic system is backed up again and there's just crap all over the place, I don't know what to do.

Lady: Who is this?

Pranker: This is Billy.

Lady: Which house?

Pranker: See I just moved in here I think someone's been throwing like de-dead animals in the septic system or something because it's all backed up.

Pranker: And I don't know what to do so uh- m-maybe I'm mistaken here but I-I literally just moved in two days ago.

Lady: Are you at the house right now?

Pranker: Yeah I'm inside but I don't know what to do here you know,the place smells like crap and I'm- I'm going cr-

Lady: Okay well come outside, calm down and we'll have maintenance take a look, okay?

Pranker: Ga- I fainted so can you come in here have the maintenance guy kind of help me out or something like that because I-

Lady: I'll have them- I'll have them come, okay, alright, bye.

Pranker: But can you come yourself because I'm way more comfortable with you- [laughing] Oh my God...

[phone ringing]

Lady: It's Karen.

Pranker: H-hi there Karen w-where'd you all go? I've been sitting here waiting for you all.


Pranker: I'm living on feces avenue because I'm literally knee-deep in some crap right now.


Pranker: I ge- What I'm asking you to do is can you come here maybe just yell MARCO POLO until you find my ass


Pranker: But if you literally just walk around and kind of sniff sniff I guarantee you’ll- you'll notice the pungent smell.

Lady: I'm going to drive these roads again and you need to be outside and your need to wave me down.

Pranker: Okay.

Lady: I'm looking for somebody, you're not having any house problems are you?

Pranker: A- ask-

Lady: Okay.

Pranker: Ask them if the house smells like crap I want to know if it's just me.

Lady: Well It wasn't- it wasn't the house your at it was somebody else saw me driving slow nad wanted to see if they could help with anything.

Pranker: Oh, got you. Okay, would you mind just trying Marco one time to see if I can hear you?

Lady [in the background]: MARCO?

Pranker: I- I think I heard you! Say it again!

Lady: MARCO!!!!

Pranker: POLO!!!!!

Lady: Look, I don't have time for this, I can't help you, BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU'RE AT

Pranker: I'm pretty sure it's B6.

Lady: P6?

Pranker: B6 right? Like B as in Billy.

Lady: Oh, B6? Nobody lives there.

Pranker: Ohh, well is no one supposed to be in there?

Lady: No!

Lady: The house has no door and it's missing windows. No, that house is not livable.

Pranker: [stuttering] It seemed pretty liveable to me.

Lady: No, nobody's living in that house. That house is a 3 bedroom, two bath with white trains and apricot.

Pranker: Okay, well I mean that's the one I'm sitting in right now.

Lady: You're staying in a house that has no floors, no walls, no nothing?

Pranker: I mean you know, you gotta take what you can get sometimes, you know what I mean it's- it's hard out there.

Pranker: Look I don't wanna get kicked out or nothing I need a place to stay ju-just forget I ever called okay? I-I'll figure it out myself.

Lady: Wait a minute, if you're in this house that you're claiming to be in which room are you in, because I'm at this house right now.

Pranker: look, I-I'll figure it out myself, I don't wanna get kicked out okay?

Lady: Well, there's nobody in this house.

Pranker: Wait- wait, is this the [censored] trailer park home?

Lady: Of course not.

Pranker: Just, don't- just don't freak out on me but I think I may have called the wrong place. I've been trailer hopping...

Pranker: ... and yeah I'm not there. Crap, I'm- my bad. My bad Honey Boo Boo.

Lady: Well I still have maintenance go around and check every house because there was a report made.

Pranker: Ma'am I did some drugs last night, I don't know where I am.

Lady: Well that's pretty sad. I'd still like to know how you got my number.

ranker: Listen you know I'm sorry I'm gonna find you one day, I'm gonna make my life's mission to find you one day take you out to a lunch time buffet. Okay?

Lady: Not necessary.

Pranker: Do you wanna like give each other phone kisses to hope- hopefully make it a little bit better?

Lady: Uhm, I seriously doubt it. You still on drugs? I don't have time for people that are on drugs.

Pranker: I- I'm i'm in the come-down phase.

Lady: OHH, okay well that kind of sucks, doesn't it?

Pranker: Yeah, ma'am my head is hurting so bad. You have any- you have any water by any chance?

Pranker: MARCO- [laughing]

[music playing]

Lady: Marco!

Pranker: POLO!

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