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James Bond Supercar Prank! Animated Prank Call Videos

Mar 19, 2015 1.9M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Animated Heads
Characters: Billy, James
Prank Victim: Car seller
Rage Level: Mellow

James Bond supercar prank call on an unsuspecting salesman!

Best quotes: 

  • “Let me ramble for a little bit longer. You know I've actually lost count of the number of ladies I've shagged in my DB9.”
  • “You know I've had some especially memorable moments with Jinx and Wai Lin”
  • “I'm ready to live the good life and the first thing I need is a super dun diddily doo dah duper awesome car.”

Body of content:

I called a guy who was selling a supercar to pull off a James Bond prank using my rarely heard British character. While questioning him about the Aston Martin he was selling, I kept dropping hints that I was a real life James Bond, with a little help from Billy! Should James Bond return for another prank call? Who should I call up next? Let me know in the comments!


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[phone ringing]

Guy: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Billy]: Uh- yeah hi, I'm calling about the uh- the Aston Martin you had listed for sale?

Guy: Okay?

Pranker: Do you still have it available?

Guy: Yes.

Pranker: Okay, excellent. I was actually recently on the Shark Tank I just sold off my business.

Pranker: I actually made a laser wrist-watch that- you know zaps the majoogalies... So I-

Pranker: I'm ready to live the good life and the first thing I need is a super dun didily doo daah duper awesome car.

Guy: What?!

Pranker: I wanted to buy-

Guy: You want it to buy? Or what? Because I really don't understand you.

Pranker: Yeah yeah I wanna buy your car amigo... I wanna buy the car from you.

Guy: Ok, amigo! Man- what do you need exactly?

Pranker: To- to be honest I'm actually not the best negotiator uh- my- my-

Pranker: L-let my friend James hop on the line for that. He's actually quite the car enthusiast himself. O-one second.

Guy: Okay...

Pranker [speaking as James]: Hello, this is James. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

Guy: I'm John.

Pranker: John. Excellent. You know, my mate Billy is looking for a new car. I- I'm actually quite familiar with the Aston Martins myself.

Pranker: Do you have any wiggle room on the pricing here?

Guy: Did you read the post? First?

Pranker: I- I did read the post. Correct.

Guy: Okay, this is not an Aston Martin, it's a replica.

Pranker: SO... It's an Aston Martin correct?

Guy: Yes.

Pranker: Excellent.

Pranker [speaking as Billy in the background]: Ca-can we get one with the rocket launcher like you had James?

Pranker [speaking as James]: No, that's from the after-market dealer Billy. Uhm...

Guy: Uh listen, I am just a friend. I can give you the number with the- with the guy who owns the car.

Guy: The number is 9 [censored]

Pranker: 9 [censored].

Guy: His name is Vinnie. Tell him you've just talked to Christian.

Pranker: But I thought you were John. I thought you told me your name was John?

Guy: Yeah but you know I- I am John but he's more easy for- for- and he knows me like Christian.

Pranker: Well tell me this, sir. Would you say this vehicle is likely to help my mate Billy acquire some ladies?

Pranker: This is- the main purpose behind this vehicle is that he's trying to-

Guy: Hey listen it's a- it's a r- sports car, it's a convertible, it's really nice car man.

Pranker: Excellent. Owning an Aston Martin has quite a few perks, whether it's the looks or the ladies that come with it.

Guy: Yeah, yeah what I'm saying. Yeah.

Pranker: Yeah I-

Guy: You can talk to him, he's got married and uh... I-I think he has few girls with this car.

Pranker: I got you... You know I've actually lost count-

Guy: C-call him and uh- Give me a call back and let me know what he says.

Pranker: Well let- Let me ramble for a little bit longer. You know I've actually lost count of the number of ladies I've shagged in my DB9.

Pranker: You know I've had some especially memorable moments with Jinx and Wai Lin and uh...

Guy: Yeah, yeah man- Okay, call him and uh- let me know what he says okay, give me a call back.

Pranker: Alright, so you wanted to call him and then call you back?

Guy: YEAH. Call me and tell me what did you talk to him.

Pranker: Alright, I will do that, thank you.

Guy: Okay, okay...

[phone ringing]

Guy2: Hello?

Pranker: Uh, hello. I'm looking for Vinnie.

Guy2: That's me, who's this?

Pranker: This is James, I actually just spoke to Christian, he referred me to you.

Pranker: Okay?

Pranker: I see that you've made quite a few changes to the vehicle. Do- do you happen to offer any further customizations at your facility?

Guy2: No. Not me.

Pranker: The reason I ask is because I used to work for the Queen, I had quite the customized vehicle actually...

Pranker: Whether it's Tyre Slashers, Bullet Proof Windows, Radar Trackers, the works...

Pranker: Uhm, so I was hoping that you might be able to do something similar?

Guy2: Uh, I don't know, you gotta talk to Chritian about that.

Pranker: But when I spoke to Christian he told me I have to talk to Vinnie?

Pranker: And then now, I'm talking to Vinnie and Vinnie's asking me to talk to Christian so...

Pranker: is there possibly a third-party that might be able to answer the question?

Guy2: Yeah, I'll answer you the question tomorrow after I talk to him.

Kid in the background: Goodnight daddy! [kiss] Love you.

Guy2: okay, I gotta go now.

Pranker: Sir? Y- He hung- [chuckles] He hung up...

[phone ringing]

Guy: Hello?

Pranker: Yes, hello John, uh- Christian uh- th-thank you for passing uh, Vinnie's info along. I actually just spoke with him.

Guy: What he says?

Pranker: He- he was quite talkative actually he uh- answered all my questions and everything sounds lovely.

Pranker: Let me set up an appointment to come see it please. Uh, can you take down my name?

Guy: Okay- What is your name?

Pranker: D- do you have a pen handy?

Guy: Uh, yeah.

Pranker: The name's Bond, James Bond.

Guy: James Bond? The- the guy with the 007?

Pranker: Correct. Correct sir.

Guy: Ooooh, okay- okay, okay. Okay.

Pranker: [stuttering] you know what I'm talking about right? The-

Guy: YEAH! James Bond, yeah I know.

Pranker: Alright, excellent I-I-I've been in some movies with the theme songs going something like...

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: [imitating James Bond theme song]

Guy: Yeah, I know. I know- I know- I know.

Pranker [speaking as James]: Well are- are you willing to offer James Bond a lower price on the vehicle?

Pranker: Uhmm... Yeah. Ahh... I-I- I can do something I guess.

Pranker: Excellent and lastly, are you a fan of my movies?

Guy: Yes, I am.

Pranker: Excellent, would you mind doing me one favour?

Guy: I like all the movies.

Pranker: C-could you give me your o- your own personal rendition of my theme song?

Guy: What is that?

Pranker: Could you go [imitating theme song]?

Pranker: could you sing th-

Guy: Naah... I'm okay- No, no, no. No.

Pranker: [stuttering] Sir- pl- it would really mean the world to me if you could just sing the song?

Guy: Okay, let me one second.

Pranker: Okay.

[phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing] He hung up... [laughing] He hung up...

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