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Gay Prank Gone Right - Ownage Pranks

Nov 13, 2016 1.8M views 0 comments

Category: Gay hotline pranks, prank call 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo, Billy, Chris, Buk Lau, Tyrone, Rakesh
Prank Victim: Gay hotline
Rage Level: Mellow

Gay prank gone right on the insane gay hotline!

Best quotes: 

  • “I look like a motherfarking turtle, dawg, I got a lot of hood.”
  • “Ohh yeah, man I wanna make a risotto with that bitch, it’s like a big mushroom.”
  • “I would love to feed you a ham and d**k cheese sandwich.”

Body of content:

By extremely popular demand, I brought back the gay hotline prank call compilations for the tenth time! There are so many weirdos on the hotline and it isn’t easy to creep them out, so I really stepped it up in this edition of the craziest gay pranks gone right! Almost all of the Ownage Pranks characters made it into this wild session.

I don’t know if there’s a single weirdest moment in this compilation, but the last guy was too much for me! Which part of this call made you cringe the hardest?! Should I call up some different types of hotlines with the OP Crew? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay1: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: What's up my brother, how are you?

Gay1: All farking horned up bro.

Pranker: OH, yeah man! I'm actually you know, I've-I've been so rock hard and then uh...

Pranker: I've also been slightly mourning you know, Donald Trump winning the election so like...

Pranker: ... everytime I think about it, it gets soft.

Gay1: [sigh] Damn! Listening to you is making me horny...

Pranker: Yeah...

Pranker: Yeah... 

Gay1: Come on baby...

Pranker: [screaming] 

Gay1: Oh my...

Pranker: [screaming] 

Gay1: [moaning] 

Pranker: [making weird noise] 

Gay1: [moaning]

Pranker: [neigh]

Gay1: [moaning]

Pranker: Oh my brother, my brother...

Pranker: My- O- wait- wait who did you vote for?

Gay1: Yeah 

Gay1: I voted for Trump...

Pranker: Oh crap man... [clucking]

Pranker: [frustrated inhale]  [frustrated exhale]

Pranker: S-s-sorry man. I-I just went soft. 

Gay1: You want me to get that up again?

Pranker: Eh, yeah, c-c-can you talk about uh, Bernie Sanders?

Pranker: T-t-talk about him, it will get so  stiff.

[phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: Your one contact has ended.

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Pranker [speaking as Chris]: HELLOOOOO!

Gay2: Hello.

Pranker: Hey!

Gay2: Hey, what's up?

Pranker: Not much, how are you?

Gay2: Horny as fark.

Pranker: Crap man. W-what you're working with over there?

Gay2: Uh, exactly between 7 and a quarter, 7 and a half, I'm fully hard obviously.

Pranker: Oh my god. What kind of scientific ruler did you use over there?

[phone call ends]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay3: Hello.

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Yeah man, what are you doing right now?

Gay3: I'm stroking my penis. 

Pranker: Oh crap are you-

Gay3: Where are you calling from? 

Pranker: E- funny story actually I-I am in Mumbai.

Pranker: I-I-I'm- I'm actually at a call center, I heard about the hotline and...

Gay3: You're in Mumbai, India?

Pranker: Yeah, right. We- well-

Gay3: Are you masturbating right now? 

Pranker: Yeah, I'm touching right? I'm touching.

Gay3: And how large is your penis? 

Pranker: My-my-my penis is about 6 and a half inches I think. 

Gay3: What kind of underpants you you wear?

Pranker: I like to wear the tighty- the tighty...  

Pranker: What do they call i? The whiting? 

Gay3: Tighty whitey's?

Pranker: Right the tighty-tighty whitey. Yeah right.

Gay3: And do you think you can have an orgasm with me if-

Gay3: Can you masturbate with me?

Pranker: Oh yeah I-I could do that I-I can do it. Yeah.

Gay3: Now are you completely erect right now?

Pranker: Yeah, honestly like it, I got very hot and bothered, so right now it's sticking like chopstick right?

Pranker: Just BOOM.

Gay3: And how long would it take you to have an orgasm?

Pranker: Uh... [sigh] Maybe 45 minutes.

Gay3: 45 minutes?!

Pranker: Yeah, I- ha- to be honest man I beat it too much now- 

Pranker: It-it's kind of insensitive. So it takes me a while... Right?

Pranker: Unless I put something in my ass. 

[phone call ends]

Operator: Your one on one conference has ended. 

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Pranker [speaking as Billy]: Hello? 

Gay4: Hey. Just got home. 

Pranker: Okay. Is it out yet?

Gay4: Yeah.

Pranker: Oh crap.  

Pranker: Well-well-well tell me about it!

Gay4: Mmm, I'm 6 inches cut mushroom head.

Pranker: Okay!

Gay4: What color is your hair?

Pranker: I-It- it's- it's brown. W-what about you?

Gay4:  Well I got black hair but I'm bold on top.

Pranker: Oh okay! Do you have kind of like t-th-the Krusty the Clown going on? 

Pranker: Like- do you got some sides going or is- is it all-all not there? 

Gay4: I have hair on the sides.

Pranker: Oh okay. You mind if I call you Krusty?

Gay4: Yeah. [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay5: Hey sexy farker, what's up?

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Nothing, what the heck is up with you, you sexy motherfarker?

Gay5: I like your voice.

Pranker: Oh thank you so much you know, I try to talk to so many people on here.

Pranker: They SKIP SKIP SKIP me you know?

Gay5: You do animation? Voice over?

Pranker: What-

Pranker: Do I- [phone call ends] 

Pranker: [laughing]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: He knew bu he actually- he was in the hotline for its intended purpose.

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay6: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Hey.

Gay6: Hey what's up?

Pranker: Nothing. Uh, if I had to take a wild guess I'm going to say you're...

Pranker: Stroking your penis. 

[phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing] 

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay7: Hello.

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: [slapping] Hello?


Gay7: Hi.

Pranker: Yeah! What's good with you dawg?

Gay7: Ho, man just kicked back, stroking my d**k.

Pranker: Mee too dawg! Long ass motherfarking strokes!

Pranker: Takes me a while to get back down there.

[phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing] DAMN IT! Fark.

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay8: Hey.

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Yeah, hello man. How are you doing?  

Gay8: I'm good man, what you get into?

Pranker: Uh, not much, I'm actually sitting here right now, I put a few rubber bands around my balls. 

Pranker: I have about 6, I've been adding one every two minutes and just seeing what I can handle. What about you?

Gay8: Yeah it's not quite my scene but, have a great day guy!

Pranker: No! But- but why not? It's a- You know, be open-minded! 

[phone call ends]

Operator: Your one on one conference has ended.

Pranker: [laughing] 

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Yeah what's up man?

Gay9: Hey dude, just laying back, stroking d**k man. Pretty horny.  

Pranker: Yeah I like that crap dawg ho-how big is it?

Gay9: I got about 7 uncut.

Pranker: Cool brother, I-I-I got about 9 and a half over here. 

Gay9: Oh yeah? You cut or uncut?

Pranker: Uh, I'm uncut actually.

Gay9: I like that, you got a lot of hood?

Pranker: Uh, yeah man. I look like a motherfarking turtle dawg.

Pranker: Of course I got a lot of hood.

Gay9: Yeah.

Pranker: Yeah, w-w-w-what's your mushroom tip look like?

Gay9: Oh man, I got kind of  like a bullet head with a big slit in.

Pranker: Oh damn, you so- you got a big head?

Gay9: Yeah. 

Pranker: Oh yeah, an I want to make a risotto with that bitch. It's like a big mushroom. 

Gay9: It's han-hanging good right now.

Pranker: Yeah, it's hanging real good. 

Pranker: The only sm- crappy part is I got all this d**k cheese man, d**k cheese all over my god damn d**k.

Gay9: Oh yeah? 

Pranker: I haven't washed it real good you know my-my hood on there-

Pranker: My-my hood on there kind of keeps uh... Keeps thing real-real warm man.

Pranker: You know, manifesting man, bacteria grows like no tomorrow, you know what I'm saying?

Gay9: Right, yeah.

Pranker: But honestly though, one of my fetishes I would love to feed you a ham and d**k cheese sandwich.

[phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing] 

Operator: Your one on one conference has ended.

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Hey. 

Gay10: Hey. How's it going?

Pranker: Not bad man, how are you?

Gay10: I'm doing good, just really horny.

Pranker: Fark yeah, me too man.

Pranker: How big is it?

Gay10: 6 and a half cut.

Pranker: Crap. That's intense bro.

Gay10: What about you?

Pranker: It's about 4 inches hard. 

Gay10: Definitely to suck that.

Pranker: Oh crap. 

Pranker: Did you- did you cut yours by yourself or?

Gay10: What do you mean- by myself?

Pranker: Well I mean like- uh w- I-I-I-I-

Gay10: I was circumcised when I was born...

Pranker: Oh, got you, see I- I wasn't- my mom I don't know what the heck she was thinking...

Pranker: She didn't circumcise me when I was born so I had this, like farking Ninja Turtle hood all my life.

Pranker: But recently I kind of made a DIY project. 

Pranker: I just kind of snipped around it myself uhm, but it looks good now. 

Gay10: Oh cool. 

Pranker: I'd love for you to farking uh, suck on my foreskin. That'd be kind of dope.

Gay10: I'll definitely do that.

Pranker: Do that- I actu- I actually kept it in a little plastic bag, it still has some-

Pranker: Like dried blood encrusted on it. It's pretty farking cool.

Gay10: Definitely would like to get my mouth all over that.

Pranker: Oh, dude. I-I wish you could farking chew on this foreskin jerky.

Pranker: It would honestly turn me on so much.

Gay10: I'm mostly a bottom boy, but I'd pretty much do anything you tell me to do.

Pranker: Well I actually started another DIY project uh, that was-

Pranker: To- to castrate myself. 

Pranker: So I-I actually have-

Gay10: Yeah...

Pranker: I actually have one ball that's-

Pranker: Kind of separate but again I put it in a jar so it is ready for consumption or licking if you're interested? 

Gay10: Oh yeah...

Pranker: Oh fark, man. So are you into like, body mutilation at all?

Gay10: I definitely want to get some piercings done on myself so...

Pranker: I actually, I-I got a cyst on my- on my- on my left uh, testicle.

Pranker: You know, I thought I had farking ball cancer lately but they checked it out. It's all good.

Gay10: Oh that's cool. 

Pranker: Would you farking n- nibble on my- n- nibble on my testicular cyst? 

Gay10: Yeah...

Pranker: Oh... That's disgusting. I love that.

Pranker: Ah... [screaming]

[phone call ends]

Operator: Your one on one conference has ended. You will now hear music until the match is found.

Pranker [speaking to audience]: [laughing] I don't know, that guy was so down...

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