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Gay Hotline Prank Compilation - Gay Prank Video

Jul 25, 2013 3M views 0 comments

Category: Gay hotline pranks, prank call 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Rakesh, Buk Lau, Tyrone, Alexander, Russell
Prank Victim: Gay hotline
Rage Level: Mellow

Crazy gay hotline prank video gets WILD!

Best quotes: 

  • “I don’t got much sensitivity but it looks like a burnt hot dog, but I’m CHILLIN.’” 
  • “Would you like to spice up your life a little bit with my uhh, Indian HOPPITY SKILLY UMLEAH DONUT!”
  • “I want to release my PENILE WRATH on you! My brudda.”

Body of content:

The fifth edition of the gay hotline pranks turned out just as hilariously weird and unique as the others! I came across the perfect creepy dudes to make this compilation hysterical! A bunch of the favorite OP characters got involved in this one, along with my African character Alexander who made his debut in this video. 

Which of these creepy guys was your favorite? What other gay hotline prank videos should I try to pull off? Let me know in the comments!


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Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay Hotline1: Sorry- What's up man? 

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Not much dawg! Playing with my

Pranker: penis. What's  good with you?

Gay Hotline1: Oh, fark yeah! Doing the same man! 

Gay Hotline1: Feels good, huh?

Pranker: I mean it's alright. M-my penis got uh-

Pranker: I had a little  bit of a ACCIDENT a couple   

Pranker: couple weeks ago with uh, so-some 2nnd degree 

Pranker: BURNS down there, so I don't got much SENSITIVITY

Pranker: but it looks like a BURNT HOT DOG.

Pranker: But I'm chilling.

Gay Hotline1: [laughing] Yeah but it feels goo, huh?

Pranker: Not really dawg! It's still healing, so it-it kinda

Pranker: feels like crap. But I- [phone call ends]

Pranker:  [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay Hotline2: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lao]: The hello?

Gay Hotline2: Hello?

Pranker: How you doing today?

Gay Hotline2: How are you?

Pranker: I'm excellent. What is your name?

Gay Hotline2: James. 

Pranker: OH, I like that! My name is Buk Lao. Where are you from?

Gay Hotline2: New Jersey.

Pranker: Oh, okay! What are y- Are you playing with your 


Gay Hotline2: I'm gonna put it in your mouth.

Pranker: Eh, does it tastes like the, uh-

Pranker: how you say- crap? Or tastes like a good one? 

[phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay Hotline3: Hey how you doing?

Pranker [speaking as Billy]: I'm good man! How are you doing today? 

Gay Hotline3: Just really horny.

Pranker: Nice. I like that! 

Gay Hotline3: Mmm... How old are you?

Pranker: How old do you think I am? How about you take a guess...

Gay Hotline3: Um... 34?

Pranker: BINGO! You dun diddily GOT IT! 

Pranker: 34 years old!

Gay Hotline3: Oh cool-

Pranker: You are like a PSYCHIC! Or something... How'd you know that?

Gay Hotline3: Mmm. I don't know. 

Pranker: Nice. How big is your uh... 

Pranker: Your uh... You know.

Gay Hotline3: Um... About 7 cut. How big is yours? 

Pranker: Are you into kinda BIGGER ONES OR SMALL ONES 

Pranker: Do you have a PREFERENCE really or? 

Gay Hotline3: I-I don't. But who doesn't enjoy GETTING FARKED 

Gay Hotline3: by a big d**k.

Pranker: Awkward turtle. Well, I have 3 and a half inches unfortunately.

Gay Hotline3: What's that? 


Gay Hotline3:Oh wow. That's gotta suck. [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay Hotline4: Hey buddy.

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Yo, what's up man?

Gay Hotline4: Nothing, just laying back stroking on it.

Gay Hotline4: What about you?

Pranker: Nothing much man, just laying back, playing some

Pranker: iPhone APPS! Checking out what's FREE TODAY! [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Some guy: GO TO HECK! [phone call ends]

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lao]: WHAT THE HECK

Pranker [to audience]: [laughing]  What the heck!

Pranker: That's all he wanted to say. [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay Hotline5: Hey what's up man? 

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Hello how're you doing?

Gay Hotline5: Stroking my penis man, how about you?

Pranker: OH, I like that! 

Pranker: I am sitting here right now, DOING YOGA, leaning

Pranker: forward trying to lick my tip.

Pranker: You know what I'm saying?

Gay Hotline5: Ah, can you lick the tip of that penis?

Pranker: I am trying! So far NO SUCCESS.

Pranker: I am only able to lick my MAN TIT 


Pranker: Do you know eggplant?

Gay Hotline5: Yeah! 


Pranker: With my uh, Indian hoppity skilly umleah donut?

Pranker: OOH! [phone call ends]

Pranker [to audience]: OK! I believe I turn him off!

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay Hotline6: Hello! 

Pranker [speaking as Billy]: Hello! How you doing there buddy?

Gay Hotline6: Horny hungry bot- 

Gay Hotline6: HORNY HUNGRY BOTTOM BUDDY. What about you?

Pranker: You're like a HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPO! 

Pranker: But instead of  eh- looking for them little plastic 

Pranker: [phone call ends] balls you're looking for a penis!

Pranker: [laughing] 

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Pranker [speaking as Alexander]: Yes, hello.

Gay Hotline7: Hey what's up? 

Pranker: Uh, nothing my BRUDDA! I am from Africa! 

Pranker: You can call me Alexander. 

Gay Hotline7: Nice man, what're you doing?

Pranker: I come to America to visit my family but-

Pranker: They don't know I like to HIT IT FROM THE BACK

Pranker: with my fellow BRUDDAS. So I got a

Pranker: I got a big snake in my pants! And I would like to

Pranker: release it on you!

Gay Hotline7: Tell me about it!

Pranker: It is about uh, 9 and a half inches long!

Pranker: And a- a BIG FAT, look like a-

Gay Hotline7: Is it cut or uncut?

Pranker: It is uncut!

Gay Hotline7: Nice man, when's the last time you used it on somebody?

Pranker: I- The last time I use it was on my

Pranker: wife back in- BACK IN GHANA!

Gay Hotline7: DAMN DUDE! So you need to release it don't you man?

Pranker: I-I do need to! I want to RELEASE

Pranker: release my-my PENILE WRATH ON YOU! MY BRODDA!

Gay Hotline7: So what do you want me to do when you give it 

Gay Hotline7: to me man? You want me on my back?

Pranker: I want you to-to scream to me!



Pranker: Can you-can you scream it for me RIGHT NOW? 

Pranker: Give me a sample? 

Gay Hotline7: Tell me what you look like. 

Pranker: I am-I am 6 feet uh, 2 inches.


Pranker: And w-wh- well what else do you want to know?

Gay Hotline7: Damn dude, when's the last time you drained that snake?

Pranker: Uh- the last time I DRAINED THE SNAKE was

Pranker: maybe 2-3 days ago!

Gay Hotline7: Did you jack it?

Pranker: I did.

Gay Hotline7: You don't have-you don't have anybody suck on it?

Pranker: I-I-I don't- I told you I am visiting from Africa

Pranker: right now, and my-my family don't- they don't know

Pranker: I like to-to-to HAVE SEX with my fellow BRUDDAS!

Pranker: I am-I am- I am a little what do they say?

Pranker: IN THE CLOSET! 

Gay Hotline7: Damn dude-

Pranker: Can you say for me "GIVE ME YOUR AFRICAN C**K MY BRUDDA!"?

Pranker: Can you say it to me?


Pranker: Say- no-no- say "MY BRUDDA!"Don't say the T H

Pranker: I want to say MY BRUDDA! [holding back laughter]

Gay Hotline7: MY BRUDDA! 

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: [laughing]

Pranker: Thanks man, I appreciate it [laughing]

Gay Hotline7: You are a damn fool! 

Pranker: [laughing]

Pranker: I couldn't-I couldn't keep that going anymore man.

Pranker: Did I just ruin your erection? My bad...

Gau Hotline7: [chuckles] A LITTLE BIT! 

Pranker: [laughing] Alright man, well

Pranker: I'll let you continue your-your-your- quest for-

Gay Hotline7: No, no, no, no! No, no, no!

Pranker: WHAT?

Gay Hotline7: No, no, no, no! I went through all that bullcrap!

Gay Hotline7: You gotta tell me exactly what your d**k looks like now.

Pranker: Uh, sorry man.

Pranker: C-can't do that.

Gay Hotline7: Ah... 

Pranker: [laughing]

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