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7-11 Free Slurpee Prank! 7 Eleven Prank Call Series

Jul 17, 2013 2.7M views 0 comments

Category: Gas station prank, prank call 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Buk Lau
Prank Victim: 7-Eleven
Rage Level: Moderate

7 eleven prank call

Best quotes: 

  • “You are being the butthole lady to me!”
  • “You very confucius, you know?”
  • “How DARE YOU make fun of my TOOTSIE ROLL?!”

Body of content:

Buk Lau put his negotiating skills to the test in this 7-Eleven prank call! Every year on July 11th (7/11), the convenience store chain offers free slurpees at all of its locations across the US for “National Slurpee Day”. I called poorly rated locations as Buk Lau to complain they didn’t have the coke flavor slurpee when he came on 7/11, so he’d like to come back another day and claim his free coke flavored slurpee.

Each location I called was totally thrown off by Buk’s request, and also had plenty of trouble deciphering what he was complaining about! It lead to some funny conversations with the employees that I included in this compilation. Should I try another 7-Eleven prank on 7/11? Which character should call them next time? Tell me in the comments below!


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[phone ringing] 

Employee: Thank you for calling 7/11 

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Uh, d-du hello? How you doing today?

Employee: Good.

Pranker: Ok! I come in the on the July 11th to get the FREE SLURPEE but you guys don't have the, uh...

Pranker: ... the Coke flavor in stock? And I wondering if I can come in today?

Pranker: Since you guys do the fark up and get the uh Slurpee for free?

Employee: You want to get free Slurpee today? I don't see that happening.

Pranker: Uh, but- BUT WHY NOT?

Employee: No, because we had one day free slurpees that was it.

Pranker: But I know! I come in to get the free slurpee! 

Pranker: But you guys don't have the Coke in stock.  

Employee: Uh, we did too have the cups inside the stock. 

Pranker: No, no, no! You don't have the Coke in stock! 

Employee: No, we had the cups.

Pranker: No!

Employee: I'm telling you. 

Pranker: Look I am not talking about the cup! Okay I talking about the Coke in stock!

Employee: Okay well, either way we-

Employee: You should've came up that day and you would've have a free slurpee so...

Pranker: No I- I can't-

Employee: You can't come up today. 

Pranker: Okay listen to me. I-I-

Employee: No. I'm telling you-

Pranker: Okay but WHY NOT YOU LISTEN? Look, I tell you, big boy!

Pranker: I-I-I come in to get the slurpee but the uh, THE FLAVOR is not in stock! 

Pranker: You know, the Coke not in stock. 

Employee: Yeah, well then I can't help you with that either way

Pranker: But-but-

Employee: You're still not coming in today and getting a free slurpee. 

Pranker: But you guy! But you guy do the fark up! But I can't-

Employee: You're not coming in today to get a free slurpee. 

Pranker: But explain to me why no-

Employee: I'm telling you why! 

Pranker: Why you so stingy! You know?

Employee: Because we had one day of a free slurpee. That's it! 

Pranker: But you gu- YOU GUY PLAY- 

Employee: You have a great day! 

Pranker: But you guys play the game! You know? Hello? 

Pranker: [laughing]

Pranker [to audience]: She's not having it!

[phone ringing]

Employee: ... calling 7/11. 

Pranker: Uh, duh yeah! Telephone got disconnect I think! 

Employee: It didn't- No it didn't get disconnected, I hung the phone up-

Pranker: But th-

Employee: You're not coming in to get a free slurpee today. That's it.

Pranker: But- Did you hear what is- DO YOU HEAR WHAT I TELL YOU?

Employee: I heard what you said! AND YOU'RE STILL NOT COMING IN TO GET A FREE slurpee TODAY! 

Pranker: But-But you did not have it! Okay I know what you guys do!

Pranker: You try to play the game! You say free slurpee today,

Pranker: but then you don't have the actual slurpee in available! You know? What do I do it?

Employee: First of all I can't understand what you're saying so...

Pranker: Okay!

Employee: You're not coming in to get a free slurpee. That's it.

Pranker: How much money you going to lose if you give me a cup of a slurpee right?

Pranker: What's the-

Employee: You ARE NOT COMING IN TO GET A FREEE slurpee.

Pranker: But why WHY ARE YOU SO-

Employee: YOU'RE NOT. And don't call back!

Pranker: K. BIG BOOOY! Don't be like s-

Employee: Don't call back. Goodbye!

Pranker: Don't be like a STUPID

[phone call ends]

Pranker: Hello?

Pranker: [laughing] 

Pranker [to audience]: Well let's be honest, I'm gonna call back.

[phone ringing]

Employee: Thank you for calling 7/11.

Pranker: I don't know how the telephone keep getting disconnect!

Employee: Because I keep hanging the phone up.

Pranker: But- W-what?!

Employee: Because I keep trying to get to you that you're not coming in to get a free slurpee!

Pranker: But you-you are being th-

Employee: This is the last time I'm telling you! 

Pranker: Look you are being the a*****e lady to me!

Employee: I'm being an a*****e, really?

Pranker: You are! 

Employee: Oh, okay well you know what? 

Pranker: But don't be lie- 

[phone call ends]

Pranker: Hello? 

Pranker: [laughing]

Pranker: I keep be on the break of laughter!

[phone ringing]

Employee2: Good afternoon, 7/11.

Pranker: Uh, duh yeah! I-I come in the other day to get the uh, free slurpee...

Pranker: ... on the 7/11 day. And I- you- you guy don't have the flavor I like it in stock.

Pranker: SO can I come in today to get the slurpee please? 

Employee2: You have to pay for it.

Pranker: Uh, but the last time I come you guys, you don't have the Coke in stock!

Employee2: There was no pop?

Pranker: No, the Coke was empty.

Employee2: We have a plenty of cups out.

Pranker: No, NOT THAT, the cup. The Coke! The Coke. The drink.

Employee2: I can't give you a free slurpee if...

Employee2: ... if the pop was out, and you left! 

Pranker: But I know but you don't have the Coke in stock.

Pranker: So what am I going to do? It's my favorite one! Everybody has a Coke.

Pranker: In stock. Usual- The 7/11 always have the fla-

Employee2: Ma'am we have plenty of cups here. We still have-

Pranker: No, ah, LOOK! I am not talking-

Employee2: 1200 left over! 

Pranker: No, not the cup! Okay, the Coke! The Coke, the drink! Coke.

Employee2: Yeah, THE CUPS! 

Pranker: No! [exhales angrily]

Pranker: Th-the Coke!

Pranker: The C-O-C- eh, th-the C-O-K-E. You know?

Employee2: Oh, the Coke! 

Pranker: The right! The Coke!

Employee2: Yeah, we have 2 bibs going.

Pranker: No, I-I waiting for the Coke but nobody have it! So I want to...

Pranker: I want to come today to get the free slurpee instead!

Employee2:  Yeah, you can get the Coke, but we have to charge you for the cups!

Pranker: But-but WHY? What is going to happen if you do it?

Pranker: You gonna get the fire or something?

Employee2: No, I'm...

Pranker: EXACTLY! Nothing will happen!

Employee2: We have Coke's running right now, it's fine!

Pranker: Nobody-nobody has to know! I won't tell anybody!

Employee2: No, but I'm on camera and they'll see me do it!

Pranker: Okay I come in there, I will buy a- I will buy a SNICKER BAR or something with it...

Pranker: ... and then you don't charge me for the slurpee. What do you think?

Employee2: I think you still have to pay for the slurpee.

Pranker: BUT THE CAMERA WON'T KNOW, YOU KNOW? It's not that smart.

Employee2: The camera's always on, it will always know.

Pranker: No, but it's going to know, he don't charge charge for the slurpee!

Pranker: [imitating alarm]  ALARM GO OFF or something?

Employee2: Ma'am, I'm done talking to you.

Pranker: But- Ha- [phone call ends]

Pranker: Hello?

Pranker: [laughing]

[phone ringing]

Employee3: ... 7/11?

Pranker: Uh the yeah, I try to come in the other day on the, uh...

Pranker: July 11th to get a free slurpee, but you guys don't have the, uh...

Pranker: ... the flavor I like it in stock, so I want to know...

Pranker: ... can I come in today and get a slurpee, please?

Employee3: Yeah, I have no way of confirmation  that uh, you came in or anything like that, so-

Pranker: I know but you can-you can take my word for it you know?

Pranker: It's only like one slurpee, it costing you like what 10 cent or something?

Employee3: [fake laughing]

Employee3: I-I mean- I don't know... I guess, I guess, I don't-

Employee3: I couldn't say something like that and then, you know...

Pranker: But what?! You very confusing you know?

Employee3: We've got a bit of a line and I mean I don't really know how to help you.

Pranker: Okay, do you want me to call you back in like, 5 minutes?

Employee3: Yes, yes, please.

Pranker: Okay, alright... I call you then.

Employee3: Okay, okay. Thank you, bye.

Pranker: Bye-bye.

[phone ringing]

Employee3: 7/11. 

Pranker:Uh, yes I'm BAAACK. How you doing today?

Employee3: Yeah... I'm okay. 

Pranker: Okay, great-

Employee3: Um, okay so I just wanna make sure that I understand your question.

Employee3: You're asking if you can come up here and get a free one 

Employee3: because we didn't have the flavor that you wanted on the free slurpee day?

Pranker: But ye-yeah the flavor I wanted was the- it's a melted or something,

Pranker: it was not ready you know? So I come in, I very sad boy...

Pranker: I had to leave, I very very crying you know? Very upset me!

Employee3: Uhm, okay well, I have no way of confirming that you came in.

Employee3: Not trying to be impudent or anything like that I just-

Pranker: I know, I know, but I'm a very

Employee3: I don't know-

Pranker: I'm a very honest person you know? You don't have to-

Employee3: Well, I mean... Any-anybody can claim that.

Employee3: I'm not-I'm not again I'm not trying to be-

Pranker: Why you-why you have to insult me you know? 

Pranker: I- if you come into my Chinese restaurant and you say "I come I want to get the eggroll",

Pranker: and I don't have it I give to you 2 for free! Not even one.

Employee3: Ma'am, I'm not in charge in like, creating the policies-

Pranker: Can I talk to like a someboodee who can help me then?

Employee3: Try again, I'm not trying to be impudent but I really have no way of confirming what you did!

Pranker: You calling me impotent! You make fun-

Employee3: I didn't say- I di- I'm not calling you impotent, it's IMPUDENT.

Employee3: I'm not trying to be rude-


Employee3: [sigh] 

Pranker: [stammering]

Employee3: I'm not- ma'am, I have to let you go if you-

Employee3: if you want to raise a complaint-

Pranker: Look you very upset me-

Employee3: Sorry for -

Pranker: You know? You have to- you make fun of my tootsie roll you know!

Employee3: I'm making [stammering] Ma'am, please.

Pranker: But-but-

Employee3: I don't have anything else that I could do for you

Pranker: How dare you! How dare you make fun of my tootsie roll-

Pranker: I am very self conscious you know?

Employee3: Self conscious of- ma'am okay are you...

Pranker: You th-

Employee3: Alright.

Pranker: I cannot-I cannot believe it, you know? 

Employee3: [clears throat]

Pranker: You make fun of my tootsie, I don't ever talk to you like that.

Employee3: Okay, I got to let you go. Alright? Have a nice day!

Pranker: Why?! WHY DO YOU HURT ME?

Pranker: [laughing]

Pranker [to audience]: Why do you call me impotent? [laughing]


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