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Mar 6, 2016 5.8M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call
Format: Animated
Characters: Rakesh
Prank Victim: 7-Eleven

Epic contaminated hot dog prank on 7-Eleven!

Best quotes: 

  • “Can I talk to somebody who can tell me about-ing hoppily-yumla-skillya-badikilah donut?”
  • “The hot doggie I come, right, and I buy it last time, NOT GORD”
  • “Mother yucker DOOONT make excuse with me, right?”
  • “F*** to your FAAAAAAAAAAAACE!”

Body of content:

This is one of my favorite animations EVER! Prank calls to 7-Eleven are always fun, but this hot dog prank turned out especially crazy!! I called as Rakesh to complain that I got a bad hot dog from their store that made me sick. The manager was NOT dealing with any of Rakesh’s nonsense. 

The manager seemed complacent at first and even offered up a new hot dog, but when I pushed things a bit by threatening to come do “bad things” he LOST IT. I called back multiple times and the conversation kept escalating until a nuclear meltdown at the end! This guy is WILD!

Can you imagine being in a 7-Eleven and hearing the manager yelling all this over the phone? What was your favorite line in this crazy mess? Tell me everything in the comments below!


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Cashier: Hello. 7-Eleven.

Prankster: Hello, can I talk to somebody who can tell me about-ing hoppily yumla skillyah badikalah donut?

Cashier: Give me a minute.

Prankster: All right.

Manager: Hello?

Prankster: Hello?

Manager: Yes.

Prankster: I want to talk to somebody who can tell me abouting hoppilly happily hot doggie, right?

Manager: Who can give you what?

Prankster: The hot doggie, I come, right, and I buy it last time not good.

Manager: Hot dog?

Prankster: Hot doggie, right.

Manager: Okay, why don't you come and I give you another hotdog.

Prankster: I got very sick, right, I throw up everywhere.

Manager: You threw up everywhere?

Prankster: Right. Somebody not wearing the gloves.

Manager: Did you see it? Who was it?

Prankster: I don't know, he look like young boy, right. He don't put the glove, he's getting bread, split the bread, not good, not good.

Manager: When did you -- when did you buy the hotdog?

Prankster: I buy hot doggie yesterday.

Manager: Yesterday, what time?

Prankster: Oh, two.

Manager: Two o'clock in the morning or in the day time?

Prankster: The day time.

Manager: Day time?

Prankster: Right.

Manager: Okay.

Prankster: Will you give me shopping spree?

Manager: Listen.

Prankster: What?

Manager: You come here and then, I'll talk to you.

Prankster: I will come right now and do bad things.

Manager: You come here and do bad things?

Prankster: I'm going to come, give you a kiss right now.

Manager: Why don't you come?

Prankster: No, you talk to me right now. You can talk, right? You're not stupid.

Manager: I -- now you're talking again stupid and all kind of things.

Prankster: Mother yuckar.

Manager: What did -- what did you say?

Prankster: Nothing.

Manager: You come here, I'd be happy to talk to you. I have a lot of things to do.

Prankster: Mother yuck -- mother yuckar, don't make excuse with me, right.

Manager: What did you say? Mother, what?

Prankster: Nothing.

Manager: You, you're talking a lot of things.

Prankster: No. Hello?

Cashier: Hello. 7-Eleven.

Prankster: Hello, can I talk to the manager, please?

Cashier: Who is this?

Prankster: Rakesh.

Cashier: Rakesh?

Manager: Who?

Cashier: I don't know. Rajesh? Rakesh?

Manager: Hello?

Prankster: Why did you hang up on me, mother yar?

Manager: Again, you are, you are using F-word and all kind of things.

Prankster: I am not. I said mother yar, okay.

You wanting me to use F-word, I will use it. Don't --

Manager: Hey, listen. Hey, listen!

Prankster: Hulalala!

Manager: Listen, you come here. I'll talk to you, okay? Don't talk in cell phone. I got a lot of things to do.

Prankster: You are stupid mother bitch.

Manager: All right, you're mother farker too!

Prankster: Fark to you, right. Fark to you.

Manager: Okay, you come and fark me. I'll show you how to fark. You come here.

Prankster: I will fark you from the back, right?

Manager: Oh, no, you come here right now.

Prankster: Right?

Manager: You stupid ass.

Prankster: Fark to you! Hello?

Cashier: Hello. 7-Eleven.

Russell: Yeah, hi. My name is Russell Schwartz. I'm calling in regards to a shipment I have for your 7-Eleven store location. Are you the manager?

Cashier: Yup.

Russell: Okay, great. Is the area clear right now? Can we get in through the front?

Cashier: Yeah. What -- what are you guys coming in for?

Russell: Coming to drop off a shipment. There seems to be some type of, some accounting error in the system.

May I please speak to the manager, please?

Cashier: Yeah, just give me a minute. Your shipment? Shipment on --

Manager: Again, this guy?

Cashier: No, no, no. Actual call.

Manager: What is the shipment on?

Manager: Hello?

Prankster: Whatting happen yar? You hang up on me again.

Manager: Why you keep calling here?

Prankster: Why -- I don't know why you cannot help.

Manager: Why you keep calling here?

I told you to come here.

Prankster: Why would you make motherfarker to me, right?

Manager: Listen to me, if you keep calling -- stop calling here!

Prankster: You stop it. You help me with my refundings.

Manager: What the -- refunding, whatever, I told you to come here and talk to me.

Prankster: Mother yucker, don't --

Manager: You keep calling me in the telephone? You stupid ass, do you know how to talk?

Prankster: Fark to you and fark to your face, right?

Manager: Fark you motherfarking whole every generous is a motherfarker.

Prankster: Yeah, scream it, yeah.

Manager: You don't know how to talk.

Prankster: Fark to your face. Hello?

Prankster: That was awesome.

Prankster: Thank you for watching.

I had to get creative to get that mother yucker back on the telephone, but it worked out pretty good. And don't forget to show your support by clicking the like button down below and sending the link to your friends. I'll see you subscribers next Sunday. That means if you have subscribed yet, subscribe right now. Do it.

Prankster: I'm going to come over there and take a pizza and slap you across the face with it.

Pizza Guy: Come on, son of a bitch. Come on, motherfarker. Come on, I'll fark your family. I'll fark your wife. I'll fark your daughter.

Prankster: Okay, go ahead. Go ahead. Conti --

Pizza Guy: Come on, son of a bitch. Come on, motherfarker.

Prankster: Okay. You done yet?

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