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Robber Wants To Unlock His Stolen Phone! Prank Call Videos

Feb 28, 2016 2.5M views 0 comments

Category: Robbery pranks, prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo, Rakesh, Tyrone
Prank Victim: Robbery victim
Rage Level: Hardcore

Stolen phone prank makes robbery target lose his mind!

Best quotes: 

  • “Yeah, that was right on my farking ass, thank you. My right butt cheek.”
  • “Listen, you sound like you're about to have a mental breakdown. So if it happens please let it happen on the telephone so I can at least hear it okay?”
  • “To be honest you know we are all of us here like to make uh- a little bit gay only Friday Saturday but Saturday to Thursday we don't make gay right.”

Body of content:

In this stolen phone prank call, I ring a guy who got jumped right outside of an elementary school playground as the thieves who organized it! He was NOT pleased when the supposed thieves called back to get his phone passcode so they could check out his pictures. Abdo tried to make amends by getting a kiss from him, but instead he farted into the phone!

Things got heated and he raged hard when the Ownage characters kept pushing for him to say he forgives them! What would you if the person who took your phone called back to ask for the passcode? Would you like to see more robbery pranks with the OP Crew? Let me know in the comments!


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Outrageous Robber Prank Call



Pranker [speaking to audience]: So this guy got jumped at an elementary school playground on his way back from work.

Pranker: He had his wallet, cell phone and some weed stolen. I of course gave him a call as the guys who jumped him.

[phone ringing]

Guy: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Yes, can I talk to uh, Merice please?

Guy: Yeah this is him.

Pranker: You used to have like a android uh Razr telephone right?

Guy: Yeah, what about it?

Pranker: We're trying to open up the apps but it's like- locked or something like that so like I was wondering can you tell me what the passcode s?

Guy: How did you get my phone? Who gave i- you buy it from somebody?

Pranker: No, no my colleague he told me he got it from you like- we have like operation together like-

Guy: No, no, I got jumped. I got jumped. I didn't give- I didn't give my phone away or anything, I got that stolen from me.

Pranker: That's right, like- it was- he jumped you he told me it was like very civil, very calm, very- very good.

Guy: No, he had a knife.

Pranker: Ohh, oh sorry man, I- I didn't want him to do that, my bad man. Like, so bout that.

Guy: That was- No, no, no, no, bro you got my phone like-

Pranker: A we- okay well I mean I can- I can give it to you but- what do you think like-

Pranker: How about we call it like 200$? I'll give it you back.

Guy: No, I'll come and pick it up and- and maybe you pay me 200$ how about that?

Pranker: Yeah well that's just wishful thinking habibi. On what planet do you think that's going to happen?

Guy: Farking- Ha- habibi, did you just call me habibi?

Pranker: Yeah, I'm trying to be friendly right, so like all the people I rob I call the habibi, you know.

Guy: I thought- No, come on bro you said your- "your colleague" or some crap, and now you're saying "everybody I rob" habibi

Pranker: Well- well yeah I mean like it's a joint operation right?

Pranker: So like you know what, he steals, I steal, it's like you know, what's his is mine. That kind of thing you know.

Guy: So- so- where are you at?

Pranker: Look, look let's come to an agreement okay like meet me halfway, okay?

Guy: No, the agreement is I'm going to come and find you, I'm gonna meet you somewhere and you're gonna give me the farking phone civily...

Guy: ... or I'm gonna farking get the cops involved. I'm gonna farking bring my homies with me and crap and then farking see who gets jumped now.

Pranker: Oh, crap, well how many homies do you have? Just so I know if I should be scared or not.

Guy: I definitely got at least farking three right now.

Pranker: Okay sure and they have your back like- and stuff??

Guy: Yeah!

Pranker: Crap. Yeah crap I'm worried-

Guy: You were farking lucky I wasn't with them the night I got jumped. Farking crap would've farked up.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah but instead only you got farked up right?

Guy: Look bro, where are you at?

Pranker: Look, I'll meet you halfway, we'll call it 100 instead.

Guy: Uh, you're going to pay me a hundred bucks, okay where you at? I'm ready.

Pranker: No, are you gonna give me the 100 like-

Guy: No, no.

Pranker: Look man, DO YOU WANT YOUR CRAP BACK OR NOT? Like-

Guy: Yo, where you at man?

Guy: Yeah, I'm gonna get my crap back but you're gonna tell me where you are. I'm trying to be nice about it.

Pranker: Look, there is a- I'M- I'M TRYING TO BE NICE ABOUT IT TOO!

Pranker: I WAS GONNA JUST RESET THE TELEPHONE, but I figured you might have some like- interesting pictures or something like that.

Pranker: I don't know, if you're like a big baller or maybe like, you know you fark some hot bitches you know, you have some nice picture...

Pranker: But you know I don't have to take the passcode I was just calling to-

Guy: Yeah you're not gonna farking see my hot bitches. Now look dude, I gotta go to work in like farking 50 minutes...

Guy: ... so just tell me where the fark you are unless you wanna come to my work and you're gonna give me my farking phone.

Pranker: Look, look, I'm sorry about what happened okay? Do you accept my apology?

Guy: Uh, yeah when you bring me my phone with a hundred farking dollars.

Pranker: Okay but first I need to know that you accept my apology and you have to give me one kiss. So if you give me a kiss and say:

Pranker: " I accept your apology" I will bring the telephone.

Guy: I'll farking kiss you with my foot.

Pranker: No, no, just ow- ov-over the telephone. Just go. [kiss] If you give me the kiss I'll give you 100$. But I-

Pranker: It needs to be like juicy okay? Don't farking- don't- don't give me like halfass bullcrap.

Guy: You want a farking juicy over the phone- farking kiss?

Pranker: Yes, that's right like- very juice.


Pranker: You want me to go first, look in my culture to show like that you're not too angry and like you have-

Guy: Yeah, yeah, you- you give me a kiss.

Pranker: Okay, are- are you ready?

Guy: Yeah, I'm ready.

Pranker: Alright, put- put your cheek next to the speaker.

Pranker: I'll put my ass up to the speaker, how about that? Hold up.

Pranker: Oh no, not your ass cheek, your face cheek. Your face, your face.

Guy: I'm ready, I'm waiting, my ass is waiting.

Pranker: One, two- [kissing]

Pranker: Ooh, that was a good one. Crap. What do you think about that?

Guy: Yeah, that was right on my farking ass, thank you. My right butt cheek.

Pranker: Okay, very nice, very good, uh... So yeah, give me mine now, go ahead.

Guy: No, you're gonna give me my farking phone plus 100 farking dollars, and I'll blow you a farking kiss to your farking face.

Pranker: No, I will give you a 100$, yeah.

Guy: Plus my farking phone.

Pranker: But you already have a new one right? So like, w- why'd you need it?

Guy: How about you give me my phone, you give me a hundred- no, farking two hundred bucks.

Pranker: Listen, bitch. I didn't get my kiss back.

Guy: Two hundred bucks and my phone.

Pranker: I- I got nothing right, I embarrass myself, I give you like the best juicy compassionate kiss.

Guy: No.

Pranker: And what do I get? I get attitude and bullcrap. You stupid.

Guy: Yoooo, you know what, I'll farking-

Pranker: You stupid. Give me a kiss.

Guy: I'm fark- I wanna farking talk to your farking colleague or who the farking had rob me. I wanna farking talk to his ass.

Pranker: Ok, uh can you hold on one second?

Guy: Make it quick, I gotta get ready for work.

Pranker: Okay, hold on, hold on...

Pranker: Uh, Rakesh, here come talk to this guy, I think I don't know if this is the guy that you found in the elementary or who but come talk to him real quick.

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Okay, right.

Pranker: Uh, hello?

Guy: Hello.

Pranker: Yeah, my-my boss told me you want to talk right?

Guy: You di- you- your farking boss is a farking idiot. Do you farking have my phone?

Guy: Did you take my farking phone, did you rob me of that farking [censored] elementary school?

Pranker: Oh yeah, but are you the guy that had like eh-, you had eh- a wallet and like some-some weed and stuff like that?

Guy: You farking owe me all my farking crap back.

Pranker: Oh yeah sorry about that but let me tell you man we actually like- I come back to the office and we rolled uh, a couple blunts, it was so good.

Guy: Are you farking kidding me?

Pranker: What's wrong with you man? Like sharing is-

Guy: Where the fark- where the fark is your office at? I'll farking bring my farking friend up with me...

Guy: ... and farking beat all of your motherfarking asses.

Pranker: Yeah but that's not very- that's not very enticing for us. Like, I don't want to fight, why would I do that?

Pranker: We already beat your ass once-

Guy: No you won't- YOU WON'T- you won't- MOTHERFARKER you won't be fighting, you'll have your farking ass kicked you farking-

Pranker: Listen-

Guy: ... came at me with a knife high on coke or some crap.

Pranker: Yeah, but I needed the- uh, luckily you had some weed to help calm me down so like it really worked out good.

Guy: You're giving me my farking phone back. You giving me my wallet back and you farking- you better farking bring the farking eight ball of farking weed and then we'll talk.

Pranker: Hey s- don't- don't talk crap, stop it. Hol- hold on my boss uh- HEY!

Pranker: Should I give him- should I give his thing back? Or no?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Yeah I- I told him if he gives us a nice kiss I'll give him you know, a hundred dollar.

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Okay I- I'll ask about.

Pranker: Yeah so- Mm- boss man says you were about to give one kiss right? For 100$?

Guy: What the fark is up with you farking dumb**s motherfarkers with these farking kisses?


Pranker: Yeah look- look-



Guy: ... was asking me for farking hundred farking dollars. Or two hundred farking dollars, no.

Guy: You're gonna farking give me farking dollars, my crap back, ALL OF IT!!! PLUS MY FARKING PHONE.

Pranker: Yeah so real quick just give me the kiss and then we will- I will give you 100$. I'll come right now.

Guy: Are you gay or something?

Pranker: No! To be honest you know we are all of us here like to make uh- a little bit gay only Friday Saturday but-

Pranker: Saturday to thursday we don't make gay right.

Guy: So if I give you that kiss you're gonna farking bring me my crap back RIGHT farking now before I go to work.

Pranker: Right. I will- I will get on my scooter, I come right now, I will get it.

Guy: Right farking now.

Pranker: Let me put you on speaker so that John can hear it too.

Guy: Yeah I'll give you a farkin juicy kiss.

Pranker: Don't- do- don't half ass. Right. Okay.

Pranker: Uh, John listen, he's going to do it. Listen. Listen...

Pranker: Okay, okay go ahead?

Guy: [farts]How the fark was that motherfarker?

Pranker: I- I did not hear it, telephone was breaking up, go ahead? One more time?

Guy: I farking already did it.

Pranker: Uh- that was a fart, okay, I'm not stupid. I was trying to give you an out, so STOP IT!

Pranker: You have to make kiss sound like [kiss] like that.

Guy: Fine, if you're going to give me my farking- if you're gonna give me my phone back, and my 100$ and my wallet-

Praanker [speaking as Abdo]: Give me the kiss. Before I hang up on you now, okay?

Guy: look boy, I'm gonna farking tell you one more farking time, BRING ME MY FARKING CRAP, OKAY?

Guy: just bring me my farking crap, that's all I ask.

Pranker: Listen, you sound like you're about to have a mental breakdown. So if it happens please let it happen on the telephone so I can at least hear it okay?

Guy: Where the fark are you at? I gotta go to work, I mentioned that.

Pranker: Yeah yeah I know,but like if you would've kissed me by now we would've been over with it. I would've been there with the money like-

Pranker: But you're taking forever so like- come on I don't have all day. Hurry up, kiss me.

Guy: [kissing] There you farking go man, can I get my farking crap back now?

Pranker: Ooooo crap! Wow!

Pranker: Holy crap man, that was a good on. Yo you know what? Honestly like, you playing hard to get actually gave me like a boner to be honest.

Guy: Let me talk to farking- to somebody else about farking giving me my crap back. I don't even wanna farking-

Guy: I don't even wanna farking see your farking face when you bring me my crap back. Let me talk to somebody the fark else.

Pranker: Okay, hold on.

Pranker: Uh, uh Tyrone, come, come talk to this guy. Uh, yeah we're gonna give it to him.

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Ay yo, what's popping man?

Guy: Alright, so your- your boss or whatever was telling me that he was gonna bring me my phone with a 100 bucks...

Guy: ... and I don't want him bringing it, I want it- I want somebody else to bring it, you gonna bring it or what?

Pranker: Uh yeah, man that's cool. Uh, but I- I actually uh, did you kiss him yet? Or like-

Pranker: Because he- he's real strict about that.

Guy: What the fark is wrong with you motherfarkers? You're all about kisses and crap. "Make the gay".

Pranker: I don't know man, Like- [stuttering] I don't get down with that homo crap dawg, I don't know why the fark you would kiss- kiss another dude like that.

Guy: He farking kissed my ass.

Pranker: What you're talking about dawg? he's been- He's been in office this whole time he ain't left to kiss nobody's ass!

Guy: He kissed my ass.

Pranker: [stuttering]

Guy: Are you gonna give me my farking crap back? Are you gonna give me my farking crap back? Shut the fark up, are you gonna bring me- are you gonna bring me-

Pranker: [stuttering]

Guy: I'll farking- not playing games I don't have farking SHUT THE FARK UP, ARE YOU BRINGING ME MY CRAP?

Pranker: Damn! Dawg who do you think you're talking to boy? I just got on the phone like 35 seconds ago-


Pranker: Dawg I had nothing to do with it, I work at the dental office next door, I was just coming in here to pick up some motherfarking cofee, and they told me to talk to your ass.

Pranker: I ain't got nothing to do with it alright? BITCH. So motherfarking change that tone, before I hang up on your ass.

Guy: Farking hang up on me- I'll farking hang up on you right now. I don't even give a fark.

Pranker: You better- You better not- [stuttering] But I'll come right now, you better not hang up. You be-

Pranker: You want your stuff back? You better not- [stuttering] You hear me?

Guy: What the fark? You sound like you just had a farking c**k in your farking mouth.

Pranker: Yeah let me tell you something right quick alright? Real quick before hand, I gotta- I gotta come clean.

Guy: I farking want my crap. Shut the fark up and bring me my crap.

Pranker: You know man-

Guy: I don't care what you gotta come clean about, this ain't farking doctor Phil, bring me my farking crap.

Pranker: I know it ain't farking doctor Phil, dawg, it ain't Dr. Phil, it ain't Maury. It ain't-

Guy: Yeah, I'm not farking Dr. Phil I farking gotta go to work and you're wasting my time-

Pranker: Okay listen.

Guy: Crap. I just want-

Pranker: Alright- Look, look, look, last thing. Dawg, this entire thing-

Guy: No! Farking bring me my farking crap.

Pranker: Damn, dawg, disrespecting me like no other man, making fun of me and stuff but look.

Pranker: Look, this entire thing, I'm sorry to tell you man, but it was a prank...

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: ... set up by your homeboy.

Guy: Where's my phone at?

Pranker: I actually have no idea where your phone is, your friend sent in a prank request.

Guy: That's not even funny bro...

Pranker: Listen man... Look, I am sorry that I farked with you like that and I’m sorry that you got robbed but I have an idea to kind of make this better.

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