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Dumb Thief Calls Back Victim Prank Call!

Aug 23, 2014 11.8M views 0 comments

Category: Robbery prank
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Tyrone, Buk, Russell, Rakesh
Prank Victim: Robbery victim
Rage Level: Hardcore

Dumbest thief ever calls back his victim in crazy prank!

Best quotes: 

  • “I’m wanna be the first programmer to get outta the hood”
  • “This is the retarded son speaking”
  • “You sound like a godd*** f****** convenience store owner”

Body of content:

This prank call is wild from start to finish! The prank victim was recently robbed by someone who took his Xbox, Macbook, TV, and wallet. He tried to chase the thief down but failed to catch him, even with the guy carrying all that stuff! I called him as Tyrone, pretending to be the thief, to ask for help using the laptop that was stolen. 

You’d have to be a particularly dumb thief to call back your victim for help, but this guy totally bought it! He was fuming through most of this prank, and even flipped out on Tyrone’s “son” Russell, who he believes Tyrone sold the Xbox to. I guess he was so mad that he didn’t notice Russell sounds like a grown man, even though Tyrone said he was only six years old!

Don’t worry, he took the prank really well in the end and got a kick out it! What would you do if someone who stole your things called you back for help? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.


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Pranker [to audience]: A viewer sent a request to prank one of his friends who was recently robbed by a black guy.

Pranker: He had a Xbox, MacBook and Tv stolen, back window broken and could not catch the thief when he came home

Pranker: and tried to chase him down the street. Now sit back and enjoy because this crap is wild.

[phone calling sound]

Robbed guy: Hello?

Pranker: Uh, yeah, may I speak with James, please?

Robbed guy: Yeah. This is James.

Pranker: Oh,  okay! Y- I-I wasn't sure if the number on the business card was current or not, man. How you doing?

Robbed guy: Oh, I'm doing pretty good man. Uh, how are you?

Robbed guy: Oh, how could I help you?

Pranker: Cool cool man, yeah, uh...

Pranker: Well, I-I-I got a little bit of weird request, uh... 

Pranker: Uh, you-you know I-I got this MacBook from you a little while ago and uh- 

Robbed guy: WAIT- WHAT? You hot a what?!

Pranker: Uh, see... [clucking]

Pranker: I-I was just calling right quick to see if you could help me out, you know. I've been trying to login to, uh...

Pranker: To-to this computer right here for like two week, fo-for a little while now.

Pranker: And-and I keep getting incorrect password prompt.

Robbed guy: What the fark are you talking about bro? 

Pranker: Alright, alright-

Robbed guy: You got a compu- la- where the fark you get the computer from?

Pranker: Uh, uh, fr-from your house dawg. 

Robbed guy: From my house?

Pranker: Yeah.

Robbed guy: Alright, hold up, hold up.

Pranker: I-

Robbed guy: Are you the little farking bitch who broke in my house? 

Pranker: I-I'm I'm sorry about that but by the way okay? M-m-my apologies and condolences, right?

Pranker: But uh, wh-wh-what's the password?

Robbed guy: BULL CRAP. Where you at?

Pranker: But, alright, te-tell-tell me what the password is and I'll tell you where I'm at.

Robbed guy: I'll tell you what the password is face to face. Where the fark you at?

Pranker: I'm- I know you may be a little bit upset alright? I'm sorry about the back window-

Robbed guy: Upset? You broke into my farking house dude.

Pranker: Times were tough, you know what I'm saying? Like, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Pranker: You know what I mean?

Robbed guy: Do what you gotta- MOTHER FARK- 


Pranker: Alright, calm your ass down let's talk for a little bit first, you know what I'm saying?

Pranker: I'm-I'ma pay you back for your stuff okay? 

Pranker: I'm just trying to get my-my programming career started

Pranker: and to do that I gotta log in to this computer.

Robbed guy: Programming career?

Robbed guy: Mother- Come to- uh, come to my house. Right now bro.

Pranker: But no, dawg. I already got all the good stuff.

Pranker: W-w-what's coming there again gonna do for me?

Robbed guy: Bitch! Are you farking crazy?

Robbed guy: Are you out of your farking mind, calling my house? How'd you get my  farking number?

Pranker: Da-da-dawg, I told you, it was on the business card! My dawg...

Robbed guy: Business card? What bus-

Robbed guy: Yeah, you farking stole my wallet too, I remember that farking bull crap.

Pranker: I mean dawg, I-I tried to guess the password like-like 72 times man

Pranker: it's- I think this crap about to lock me out.

Robbed guy: [exhale] 

Robbed guy: Come to my house right now. Where the fark are you yo?

Pranker: Alright dawg-

Robbed guy: ...farking games.

Pranker: Alright listen, dawg. I-I-

Robbed guy: What the fark is this bull crap?

Pranker: I ain't trying to play no games dawg!

Pranker: Wh-why you so angry dawg? Chill. 

Pranker: Can we let bygones be bygones?

Robbed guy: Why am I farking- 'CAUSE YOU BROKE IN MY HOUSE! 

Bakery guy: [mumbling] yeah, yeah I'll tell them

Pranker: I said I'm sorry about that, I-I'm sorry about the back window, alright? 

Pranker: My bad. 

Robbed guy: Oh my farking god, you're paying for the window too-

Robbed guy: Where the fark are you, yo?

Pranker: Bu-but look! Dawg, I-I'll pay for the window, I'll hit you back with the Xbox

Pranker: I'll-I'll get all that stuff for you right? But like, look...

Pranker: What's the what's-what's the password? 

Robbed guy: Yeah, you got my farking Xbox too.

Robbed guy: Yeah, real fucking funny dude.

Robbed guy: [exhales]

Pranker: Look-look, alright, I wanna be-

Pranker: You know, the-the first programmer who get outta the hood, right?

Pranker: I'm trying to learn C- -, trying to get into the game...

Pranker: I'm saying open up the notepad, do some coding right? Make a- make a couple websites.

Robbed guy: Well you better learn how to farking call an ambulance 'cause I'ma beat the farking crap out of you.

Robbed guy: Where the fark are you?

Pranker: Dawg! C'mon now, you-you gotta catch up to me first man.

Pranker: C'mon we both know you can't catch my ass. 

Robbed guy: Mother- [exhales]

Pranker: Look-

Robbed guy: Farking wow, are you farking crazy dude?

Pranker: W-Wh- I don't understand-

Robbed guy: Are you insane? 

Pranker: Look-

Robbed guy: Farking piece of shit. Oh my goodness.

Pranker: Dawg- You say all these mean things to me dawg. I DIDN'T SAY NOTHING MEAN TO YOU RIGHT?

Robbed guy: You farking dumb? Oh my goodness.

Pranker: I already said sorry man what you want from me dawg? I said sorry.

Pranker: Wh-wh-what you  want me to do? Get on my hands and knees and suck you off?

Robbed guy: I want you to come bring me my crap back, that's what I want you to do.

Pranker: But I can't do that c'mon-

Robbed guy: That's what I want you to do.

Pranker: Alright I mean like, I-I'll sell it back to you for half price.

Robbed guy: This is what's going to happen. You're gonna bring my farking crap back, 'cause if you don't,

Robbed guy: I'm gonna find out some farking way where this phone number connects to

Robbed guy: and I'm gonna kick the crap out of you.

Pranker: No dawg, relax.

Rubbed guy: I got your phone number on caller ID bro, that's-

Robbed guy: That's where you farked up man.

Pranker: No, wh- wait-

Robbed guy: I mean, I don't know how to do this crap

Pranker: W-what you mean I- What you talking about?!

Robbed guy: but I'm pretty sure if I take my phone down to the PRECINCT I'll find out where you live-

Pranker: Wait, wait! Ho-Hold on.

Robbed guy: EVERYTHING.

Pranker: Wait, fark, ay my bad dawg ay yo

Pranker: D-don't do me like that alright? My-my bad I-I said sorry, you know what I'm saying.

Pranker: Like I was trying-I was trying to call you to apologize man.

Pranker: Promise you ain't gonna do nothing with it, right?

Robbed guy: [cough]

Robbed guy: Yeah, yeah okay. I promise.


Robbed guy: Pinky- come- [chuckles]

Robbed guy: you're an- you're a farking YOU ARE AN IDIOT

Pranker: Ay, look, alright man. W-Work with me here okay?

Pranker: Look I'll take you out for like a beer 

Pranker: I'll take you out for a beer I'll get you some bitches ge-get-get you laid and stuff

Pranker: right? Make sure you- you be doing right, and then we call- we just say bygones be bygones.

Robbed guy: Take me out for a beer?

Pranker: Yeah.

Robbed guy: And you're robbing houses?

Pranker: I mean-

Robbed guy: Are you crazy?

Pranker: I mean bar's expensive-

Robbed guy: You can't afford a beer.

Pranker: I can afford-

Robbed guy: You can barely afford an Xbox or computer. You have to steal mine 

Pranker: But yeah, I sold the Xbox so could afford a beer, uh now thankfully

Pranker: Right? But like if you wanna-if you wanna take me up on it we can do that.

Robbed guy: [cough] You sold my Xbox bro?

Pranker: Yeah I mean the condition was still pretty good so I was able to get some good money for it.

Robbed guy: Yeah yo that's- that farking pisses me off.

Pranker: C'mon dawg. I mean like, I kn-I know you had the gamertag attached to it and stuff

Pranker: but like, you ain't gonna loose your stats you-you can restore the profile right?



Pranker: No you chose to chase me dawg-

Robbed guy: You're lucky you got away too. You're lucky you got away too because I would've caught you 

Robbed guy: you would've mmm- You would not have made it home last night. 

Robbed guy: I guarantee you that. You would've been on the ground, laid out!

Pranker: Alright...

Robbed guy: I promise you that bro.

Pranker: Yeah, I mean like I-I-I

Robbed guy: WHY THE FARK am I carrying on this conv- just bring my crap back yo.

Pranker: Alright...

Robbed guy: You know here I live

Pranker: Yeah, alright, look l-let me just

Pranker: Alright let me- oh I gotta check my email real quick okay? I'm-I'm waiting for a important-

Robbed guy: You bring my farking crap back or you- I'm gonna farking destroy you!

Robbed guy: I'm gonna take this phone down to the farking precinct. I'm gonna have your number traced bro.

Pranker: [exhale]

Robbed guy: I literally- and you know I have your number too, I got caller ID.

Pranker: I-I forgot about caller-

Robbed guy: HOUSTON TEXAS, you got a HOUSTON TEXAS caller ID.

Pranker: L-L-Listen dawg, you know what I'm saying like I-

Robbed guy: ... playing farking games dude.

Pranker: I ain't trying to play games-

Robbed guy: You got my name too.

Pranker: Look man-

Robbed guy: COME AT ME BRO 

Pranker: D-Dawg! I was locked up like a-like for a while okay?

Pranker: I didn't know about caller ID.

Robbed guy: I don't give a fark if you were locked up.

Pranker: I ain't trying to go back alright? Chill.

Robbed guy: Ain't trying to go back? Well you're about to go back.

Pranker: Alright look-

Robbed guy: After I got this number traced

Pranker: Look man, alright, I'll-I'll bring you back-

Pranker: If I bring your staff can you do me at least one favor? 


Robbed guy: What's your name?

Pranker: I-I know your name so it's only fair- my name is Tyrone.

Robbed guy: Okay farking Tyrone, bring my farking crap back or I- I got your phone number,

Robbed guy: I got your first name. Come on bro.

Pranker: Alright look- 

Robbed guy: Bring it back I'm standing outside. I've been standing outside since the beginning of this phone call.

Pranker: Alright look man, look. I-I got my-my-my-my girlfriend here with me right? 

Pranker: You've been on speaker phone she's flipping out, like making hand signals

Pranker: to me and stuff like she-she's all worried about me getting locked up again.

Pranker: I just got out, I just- 

Robbed guy: Oh my-

Pranker: I just got to see my kid. So just...

Robbed guy: I don't give a fark about that farkig bitch

Pranker: Who- d-dawg!

Robbed guy: bring my farking crap back dude!

Pranker: C'mon now dawg, he's only like 6 years old. Relax.

Pranker: You ain't gonna talk about my son like that. I know I-

Robbed guy: I don't give a fark dude.

Pranker: I know I took your crap but like I didn't talk about your son right?

Robbed guy: Oh my farking God... 

Pranker: My son sitting here right now playing the Xbox, having the time of his life 

Pranker: and now I'ma get locked up again

Robbed guy: Playing- p-playing my farking Xbox?

Pranker: I mean... Yeah.

Robbed guy: Oh my fark- Yeah, well you know what?

Pranker: H-He's the one he's

Robbed guy: You better tell your farking son to kiss it goodbye.

Pranker: He-he's the one that- but he bought it dawg. It's his.

Robbed guy: He bought it? Well, you know what? I don't give a fark dude.

Robbed guy: If you can't come up with my crap, I'm gonna come in your house and take his crap. I don't give a fark.

Pranker: But like you know what I'm saying, like I understand I took it from you. But I already sold it to him.

Pranker: Right? He's like a outside party. He had nothing to do with it. 

Robbed guy: [chuckles angrily] I don't give a fark.

Pranker: Two wrongs don't make a right alright? So just relax.

Robbed guy: Yeah I'm going to the precinct right now. Peace out.

Pranker: Look, my girl here right- [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing] This guy's crazy, I don't know what's gonna happen when he goes to the cops.

[phone call sound]

Robbed guy: Hello?

Pranker2: Duh hello? 

Robbed guy: Yeah, who's this?

Pranker2: My boyfriend husband, he just talk to you right now? 

Robbed guy: Your farking boyfriend? You mean that farking bitch Tyrone?

Pranker2: Eh, yeah.

Robbed guy: Who the fark are you? What's your farking name?

Pranker2: Look, my name is a Buk, he's my, he is my boyfriend

Pranker2: and I want to talk to you about what the heck happened here so we can do resolution you know?

Robbed guy: Alright, well look this is-this is what happened.

Pranker2: Okay.

Robbed guy: You farking-your farking husband, boyfriend whatever the fark he is to you,

Robbed guy: came into my house. A couple- uh I think I'd say three or four weeks ago.

Robbed guy: Broke my farking window. I was inside farking just getting home.

Robbed guy: And-and I see his little bitch ass with a farking garbage bag running outside my farking backyard.

Pranker2: Yeah-

Robbed guy: I chased his ass, mhm. I got his farking number too

Robbed guy: and I'ma take it down to precinct and I'ma trace that crap.

Pranker2: A-are you the guy that try to catch him but you could not catch up?

Robbed guy: Ca-

Robbed guy: I mean whatever the fark I-I don't give a fark alright listen-

Pranker2: L-Look I-I just try to understand if I talk to the right person right?

Robbed guy: You know what's up I don't- I'm not playing no-

Robbed guy: I'm not playing no farking games. Look, listen

Robbed guy: He broke into my house. He broke the law, he-he was dumb enough

Robbed guy: He's a farking idiot. He called my God damn business card that he stole that was in my wallet.

Pranker2: Oh I-

Robbed guy: Farking little bitch. Bull crap.

Pranker2: Look I am- I honestly I am sorry.

Pranker2: We will give you everything back except the Xbox because we sell it already,

Pranker2: but everything else we can give to you

Robbed guy: [exhales]

Robbed guy: I want all my farking crap back- FARK YOU and your farking Tyrone boyfriend.

Pranker2: Look-

Robbed guy: I want all my crap back.

Pranker2: I-I but I-I can't do anything we already sold the Xbox right?

Pranker2: My son he already pay for it

Robbed guy: Yeah you know that-that's farking bull crap.

Pranker2: Okay here, talk-talk to my son you can talk to him.

Pranker2 [to the son]: Just talk to him!

Pranker3: Uh hello?

Robbed guy: Yeah what's up?

Pranker3: Hey man, uhm...

Pranker3: Yeah my-my- you were talking to my mom and dad?

Robbed guy: I- If that was your farking mom and dad I guess so. They're bunch of little thieves!

Pranker3: Woah man, like- Apparently like you want- you want my Xbox?

Robbed guy: MY farking Xbox. I want my farking Mac.

Robbed guy: I want my window replaced. I want my farking TV farking back in my farking house 

Pranker3: Actually, my-my dad has-has a TV and a MacBook for sale I think.

Robbed guy: Yeah that's-that's my farking crap.

Pranker3: Wh-what do you mean? He-he sold me the Xbox.

Robbed guy: Sold you a farking Xbox? That's my farking Xbox, he can't sell what isn't farking his.

Pranker3: But I mean, I already paid for it. You know what I mean, like-

Robbed guy: I'll tell you what. Wh-wh-what's your fark-

Robbed guy: what's your farking name?

Pranker3: Uh, my name is Russell.

Robbed guy: Alright Russell, your farking parents were dumb enough to farking call me on my business card that they stole.

Robbed guy: I mean really? Who does that? How dumb do you gotta be?

Robbed guy: Are you a farking Down Syndrome baby?

Robbed guy: Like- holy crap your parents are farking retarded.

Pranker3: Thanks man.

Robbed guy: Farking disabled piece of crap.

Pranker3: [sniffing]

Robbed guy: Are you all farking dumb?

Pranker3: I don't know why you gotta say all these mean things to me man.

Pranker3: [sniffing]

Pranker3: Saying I'm a retard that like- my parents are stupid...

Pranker3: ...and like, all I-

Robbed guy: Yeah your parents are farking stupid.

Pranker3: All I-

Robbed guy: Idiots.

Pranker3: ... play some Xbox man.

Robbed guy: Well-well yeah, well you bet you're gonna be playing farking whatever the heck else you got.

Robbed guy: Pick up sticks in the farking backyard. I don't give a fark 'cause once I get my crap back

Robbed guy: you ain't playing none of my farking crap.

Robbed guy: Put your farking dad on the phone because he's not gonna like it whenever I come to his house myself.

Pranker3: Okay, hold on.

Pranker3 [to dad]: Dad! Dad this guy wants to talk to you again,

Pranker3 [to dad]: he keeps saying all these really mean things like saying I'm retarded and-

Pranker[to son]: What you talking about boy? Ok, give me that.

Pranker: H-hello?

Robbed guy: Yeah.

Pranker: W-what you say to my little boy man?

Robbed guy: Tell your little farking boy to tell you.

Pranker[to son]: Ay yo-

Robbed guy: You're farking dumb enough to put him on the phone.

Pranker[to son]: what he say to you ma man?

Pranker3 [to dad]: He keep on calling me retarded, all these mean things.

Pranker[to son]: Wait, he called-he called  you retarded?

Pranker: You-you calling my boy retarded?

Robbed guy: Yeah I called him farking retarded.

Pranker: C'mon now dawg. I mean like-

Robbed guy: Come over to my house and bring my crap.

Pranker: Dawg-

Robbed guy: Bring my crap. I don't give a fark. You're farking dumb as crap dude.

Robbed guy: Dumb as farking crap. You're about as dumb as they farking come.

Robbed guy: Calling my farking business card? Out of my wallet that you stole?

Pranker: Dawg, look- okay-

Robbed guy: And you're admitting to it?

Pranker: L-le-let me explain, okay? I tried to login right? I tried like 15-20 times, right?

Pranker: After that I was like alright, clearly I ain't gonna get in this bitch.

Pranker: The next logical decision is to call  the  previous owner

Pranker: and ask him what the password was.

Robbed guy: Previous owner? I'm the owner! 

Pranker: No, no-

Robbed guy: Give me my farking crap back.

Pranker: No! You-

Robbed guy: Like I said, you know where I live bro!

Pranker: I gotta tell you something alright?

Robbed guy: What, bitch? Come to my farking house! Tell me to my farking face!

Pranker: Listen, dawg. O-on a scale of one to 10, how pissed off are you right now?

Robbed guy: [exhale] [chuckles] I-I broke the farking scale.

Pranker: Okay, alright

Robbed guy: C'mon bro come to my house.

Pranker: I guess now would be a good time to tell you right?

Pranker: I gotta let you in on something.

Robbed guy: The fark you want bro? Just come to my house.

Pranker: Look man, I ain't-I ain't the dude that stole your stuff.

Robbed guy: ARE YOU FARKING DUMB? You ca- L-listen-listen I don't know what type of a farking game you're trying to play

Robbed guy: but one- When I-when I take my phone to the precinct and have them trace this number

Robbed guy: you're gonna real- feel real farking sorry!

Pranker: Look ay dawg I'm tell-

Robbed guy: You have a farking son bro and you're breaking into houses?

Robbed guy: Are you farking retarded?

Pranker: Wh-what color was the guy robbed you? Tell me.

Robbed guy: Your color! Farking black!

Pranker: What? I-I-I'm not black.

Robbed guy: Is this the farking son now? Is this the god damn son?

Pranker: This is the retarded son speaking.

Pranker2: H-hello?

Robbed guy: Why you all farking passing the goddamn phone around?

Pranker2: Look, I am telling you I am telling you right now it was not us okay?

Pranker2: We don't take your item. But we are calling as one courtesy right now to tell you that

Pranker2: We are sorry right? 

Robbed guy: [exhales] You sound like a goddamn farking convenient store owner.


Pranker: Listen-

Robbed guy: ... Fark dude.

Pranker: Hey, 

Robbed guy: Listen- 

Pranker: Your-your boy set up, your boy set up a little prank on you...

Pranker: He told us you got robbed as of recently.

Robbed guy: Boy? Witch? What the fark are you talking about?

Pranker: Ye- o-o-one of your friends-

Robbed guy: This is a prank now?

Pranker: This is a prank, yeah. [laughing]

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