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Hilarious Gay Pranks! As Seen on YouTube

Jul 3, 2013 2M views 0 comments

Category: Gay hotline pranks, prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Billy, Russell, Juan, Abdo, Buk Lau, Tyrone, John
Prank Victim: Gay Hotline
Rage Level: Mellow

Gay hotline prank call on YouTube gets EXTRA weird!

Best quotes: 

  • “You got a big ass DINGLY DONG DONG DINGLY DONG MAN!”
  • “Right now I uh, I wrapped my uh- chicken shawarma downstairs in a piece of pita bread and make like a sandwich.”
  • “You are getting creepier and creepier by the minute, I love it.”

Body of content:

The Gay Hotline prank calls returned to YouTube for the fourth time with this hilarious compilation! I pulled out all your favorite characters in this crazy series of conversations and talked with some strange dudes. What part of this Gay Hotline prank made you laugh (or CRINGE) the most? Let me know in the comments below!


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Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Pranker [speaking as Billy]: Uh hello!

Gay1: Hey, how you doing?

Pranker: Oh, hey there man! How you do- I'm good, how are you?

Gay1: Doing really good man! What are you looking for?

Pranker: I'm uh- I'm sitting here, playing with my banjo right now, are you touching yours?

Gay1: [chuckles] [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Yo.

Gay2: Hello.

Pranker: Hey what's going on?

Gay2: What's going on man?

Pranker: Wow, we're saying the same things at the same time, this is crazy! [laughing]

Gay2: What's your name man?

Pranker: JORGE. What's your name?

Gay2: Hey Jorge this is Joe.

Pranker: Can you call me GEORGY actually, it's what my CAUCASIAN FRIENDS call me when they can't pronounce my name properly, so...

Pranker: We- let's go with that Joe.

Gay2: A- Alright Georgy, I'll do that.

Pranker: Alright thanks buddy, I appreciate it.

Gay2: You in a- You an hispanic guy?

Pranker: Uh, I am. Would you like me to speak in my native tongue?

Gay2: I want you to say "Lick my balls fa***t."


Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Was tha- was that good enough?

Gay2: That doesn't sound very spanish to me.

Pranker [speaking as Juan]: PORQUE, necesito hablamos con-con-con somebody not- como se dice?

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay3: Hello!

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Duh, hello?

Gay3: What are you looking for?

Pranker: Uh, I want to talk to someboodee- [phone call ends] Oh crap.

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Pranker: [laughing]

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Uh, hello?

Gay4: Hello?

Pranker: Yes, how are you?

Gay4: How're- good how are you?

Pranker: I'm great! I'm chilling here right now, after work, taking a break. What are you up to?

Gay4: Nice, man. Where are you?

Pranker: I am in uh, Chicago, like usual.

Gay4: Ok!

Pranker: Right, right. Uh, where are you?

Gay4: Uh, Philadelphia.

Pranker: Oh, excellent, excellent. Right now I uh, I wrapped my uh- chicken shawarma downstairs in a piece of pita bread...

Pranker: ... and make like a sandwich. And I was wondering if maybe you'd like to eat it? If you know what I mean.

Gay4: Yeah I'd love to eat it man!

Pranker: Ohhh, that- that's a good one! Uh, it is like a whole fiber too! [laughing]

Gay4: [chuckles]

Pranker: Right, and uh- what- what do you like to get into?

Gay4: I'm a bottom dude. I like to suck cock and get farked.

Pranker: Ohhhh!

Pranker: That's great! You know if you eat my sandwich right, it will give you the natural tahini sauce. HA HA I laugh!

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Pranker [speaking as Chris]: Hell- ooooo!

Gay5: What's going on?

Pranker: Nothing. Just doing some laundry, sorting my darks and my whites, making sure to pay extra close attention to my delicates.

Pranker: What are you doing?

[phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Hello?

Gay6: Hey.

Pranker: Hey what's going on man?

Gay6: Not much, laying back jacking.

Pranker: Nice, that's cool.

Gay6: What's up with you man?

Pranker: Nothing just reformatting my hard drive, Windows has been really backed up lately, and my start-up's taking like 3 minutes-

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Hello?

Gay7: Hello! How are you?

Pranker: Hello, I am great, how're you doing?

Gay7: Pretty good, how are you doing today?

Pranker: I am good. Good, like I told you already but my wife is sleeping right now so I am sitting in the bathroom toilet, ready to do the gay things.

Gay7: Oh, nice!

Pranker: Right.

Gay7: How big is that- HOW BIG'S THAT C**K OF YOURS?

Pranker: UH, it is uh, about eh, 4.5 inches right now!

Gay7: That would be a nice mouthful! I'd like to suck on it!

Pranker: Oh, okay! Well, how big is the uh, chicken tikka masala in your pants?

Gay7: Mine's got six and a half uncut.

Pranker: OHH!

Gay7: That's a nice c**k. I'd like to play with it.

Pranker: Okay, I will-

Gay7: Play with those balls of yours.

Pranker: I will let you play with the ballsack. Do you like the ballsack?

Gay7: Yeah.

Gay7: Yeah, yeah. Lick them-

Pranker: Oh right-

Gay7: Suck them...

Pranker: Will- would you let-

Gay7: Play with your ass...

Pranker: Oooooh!

Gay7: Lick your ass...

Pranker: Ohhh, you are getting creepier and creepier by the minute, I love it.

Gay7: Then... Lick your nipples.

Pranker: Okay, not the nipple! My nipple is a little bit too sensitive.

Gay7: H- Okay, but how about I lick your toes and suck your toes?

Pranker: Ohhhh, I like that! Can you lick- uhhh the armpit?

Gay7: Yeah, yeah, I would. LOVE TO.

Pranker: Oh, right!

Gay7: Like to lick you all over.

Pranker: I have no-

Gay7: Give you a tongue-

Pranker: I have no-

Gay7: Tongue bath.

Pranker: Ohhhh, I have not shaven yet but, I just came back from "work for 12 hour shift", so the armpit- little bit smell bad.

Pranker: But it is okay you know? Armpit eeh-


Pranker: Okay, alright. So nothing phases you- [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing] That guy was a trooper for a while!

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay8: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Yeah man, what it do baby boo?

Gay8: Just laying back, stroking on this big d**k. What's up with you?

Pranker: How big is your DIIIIIIIII [noise] CK?

Gay8: 8 and a half, cut.

Pranker: Damn. You got a big ass DINGLY DONG DONG DINGLY DONG MAN! [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You're matched, say hello.

Gay9: Hello-

Pranker [speaking as John McCain]: Hello-

Pranker: Oh h-hi there! How you doing?

Gay9: How old are you?

Pranker: H-how old do you think I am?

Gay9: You sound... ridiculous.

Pranker: Hey, that's not very nice! W- wh- T-that's not a way to treat somebody!

Pranker: I-I'm actually 24 years old.

Gay9: You sound terrible.

Pranker: W-w- I-In what way exactly? Can you elaborate or tell me what's going on?

Gay9: No, actually I'd prefer not to.

Pranker: Wow! You're just a little bitch aren't you?

Gay9: You have no idea. [chuckles]

Pranker: Oh, God... I don't mean that in a good way either, I don't mean like you're gonna take the penis like a little bitch...

Pranker: ... I just mean you're just the bitch in general.

Gay9: Yeah probably so.

Pranker: Alrighty-

Gay9: Turns me on when you say it.

Pranker: Okay! Well see, t-this relationship is working out great!

Pranker: I actually just got off of- my craft of WORLD, WOW. My character just leveled, so I thought I'd call the hotline to celebrate.

Gay9: Okay, you're super freak, good luck dude.

Pranker: HEY- I THOUGHT YOU'RE A FREAK TOO! [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

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