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Hilarious Gay Hotline Prank Call - Gay Sex Call Compilation!

Jul 29, 2012 2.8M views 0 comments

Category: Gay hotline pranks, prank call 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Tyrone, Abdo, Chris, Russell
Prank Victim: Gay hotline
Rage Level: Mellow

Gay hotline sex prank compilation with creepy dudes!

Best quotes: 

  • “Do you like dark meat? Nice man, ‘cause I farking hate chicken breast man! Dry as fark! Ain’t got no flavor.”
  • “BOY are you beating off to the thought of motherfarkin turkey breast?!”
  • “What is this, Christmas??”

Body of content:

This was the first ever compilation video of prank calls to the gay hotline! The hotline seemed like the perfect place to find some crazy people to prank, and it ended up leading to one of the most loved series on the channel.

In this compilation I also got to use my middle eastern character, Abdo, for the first time. Along with the help of Tyrone, Chris, and Russell I managed to totally weird out these creepy dudes! Which of these gay hotline users made you laugh the most? What character would you like to see pulling a gay hotline prank next? Tell me in the comments!


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Operator: You`re matched, say hello.

Pranker1 [speaking as Tyrone]: Yo, what`s up man?

Gay Hotline1: Laying back here, jacking.

Pranker1: Nice man, do you like dark meat?

Gay Hotline1: Uh, yeah!

Pranker1: Nice man, `cause I farking hate chicken breast man!

Pranker1: Dry as fark! Ain’t got no flavor. You know what I’m saying?

Gay Hotline1: Yep, eh...

Pranker1: Yeah man... You like turkey?

Pranker1: Turkey breast, or you fark with turkey leg?

Pranker1: `Cause I fark with the turkey leg.

Gay Hotline1: Mmm... I like both breast and leg...

Pranker1: Boy, are you beating off to the thought of a motherfarking turkey breast?

Pranker1: Relax dawg, I`m trying to talk to you

Pranker1: About like a- you know some-some non-sexual crap right now.

Pranker1: And you stroking your penis.

[phone call  ends]

Pranker1: [laughing]

Operator: You`re matched, say hello.

Gay Hotline2: Hey...

Pranker2 [speaking as Abdo]: Hello, how are you?

Gay Hotline2: Good. What`s up?

Pranker2: I`m good, nothing much you know

Pranker2: just chilling here at the computer, uh, calling the 

Pranker2: ... the hotline. Trying to make some new friends.

Gay Hotline2: That`s cool man.

Pranker2: What-

Gay Hotline2: Where you calling from?

Pranker2: I`m calling from uh, Chicago.

Gay Hotline2: Yeah?

Pranker2: Yeah, well where are you from?

Gay Hotline2: New York.

Pranker2: Oh... I li-I like that! Is good.

Gay Hotline2: Yeah? 

Pranker2: Yeah...

Gay Hotline2: Yeah nice city...

Pranker2: Yeah. How big is your, uh, you know what? 

Gay Hotline2: Um, about 7 inches.

Pranker2: OHH, OH!

Pranker2:That`s a very good one!

Gay Hotline2: How about you?

Pranker2: Well how about we play guessing game?

Pranker2: You tell me what do you think?

Gay Hotline2: Uh, 7 inches?

Pranker2: Oh, come on now, don`t be too generous!

Gay Hotline2: [chuckles] 6?

Pranker2: What is this, Christmas?

[phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You`re matched, say hello.

Pranker3 [speaking as Tyrone]: Hey, yo what`s popping?

Gay Hotline3: Eh, kinda horned up and you guy?

Pranker3: Not much man, kinda hippity horned up as well!

Pranker3: Man I like that! You think the same way as I do!

Pranker3: That`s some good crap. I fark with it.

Gay Hotline3: Good. Where you calling from, guy?

Pranker3: I`m calling from uh, New York. Why you keep calling me guy man?

Pranker3: I got a name! You could ask me!

Pranker3: Want me call you guy?

Gay Hotline3: I was getting there.

Pranker3: Alright, alright...

Gay Hotline3: You can call me guy if you want, I don`t care.

Pranker3: Can I call you Bertha? That`s kinda my fetish.

Gay Hotline3: Call me what I`m sorry?

Pranker3: Bertha.

Gay Hotline3: Bertha?

Pranker3: Yeah like-like "Give me that d**k  Bertha!"

Pranker3: That kinda thing turns me on. My favorite name.

Gay Hotline3: Nah, I guess I`m uh..

Gay Hotline3: I wasn`t placed here on Earth to turn you on, right?

[phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

Operator: You`re matched, say hello.

Pranker4 [speaking as Russell]: Hey, what`s going on?

Gay Hotline4: Stroking, man...

Pranker4: Nice, just like everybody else.

Pranker4: [chuckles]

Pranker4: I`m not stroking currently, but I will be.

Pranker4: If you`re lucky. If you know what I`m sa-

Gay Hotline4: You`re scaring me. You`re sc-

Pranker4: I`m scaring-

Gay Hotline4: You`re scaring me. [phone call ends]

Pranker: What? [laughing]

Operator: You`re matched, say hello.

Pranker5 [speaking as Chris]: Helloooo!

Gay Hotline5: Oh, God. [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing] Oh God...

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