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Angry Egyptian Barber Prank - Ownage Pranks

Nov 20, 2016 840.5K views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo
Prank Victim: Egyptian barber shop
Rage Level: Moderate

Egyptian barber prank call - trying to get a discount!

Best quotes: 

  • “Last time you were like- you were like on a marathon, trying to like r-run away or something.”

Body of content:

A viewer sent in a request to prank call an Egyptian barber who completely messed up his hair. When he complained, the barber had him thrown out of the shop. This guy really doesn't seem to care about his customers!

I did the prank call as Abdo, to see if the guy would be kinder to a fellow Egyptian. The call turned out to be hilarious and the guy had one of the most ridiculous laughs ever! Want me to do more barber prank calls? Tell me in the comments below!


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[phone ringing]

Guy: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Yeah, hello [censored], how are you doing my brother?

Guy: Good, how are you?

Pranker: Yeah, I come in there uh- two weeks ago for one haircut, uh unfortunately like uh and uh it just- it came out very bad.

Guy: You wanna come fix it?

Pranker: Yeah I- I want to come back, I'm just wondering like- if I come back to fix it, uh, you know to-today or tomorrow, w-will you make it free?

Pranker: Because everybody's laughing at me here. You know, like...

Guy: Okay, no problem, do not worry about it. Don't worry about it. I'll take care of you, free.

Pranker: Okay, but w- [stuttering] will you go slower this time? 'Cause I want you to take your time habibi, like last time you were like- you were like on a marathon, trying to like r-run away or something.

Guy: No problem.

Pranker: Yeah, okay, and will you do my son too? 'Cause he came with me too, like his haircut wasn't the greatest.

Guy: Okay, [mumbling] one free- and then he pay.

Pranker: No but, you know he got a haircut too, it was also fast, it was the same day you know. So like, can you do both of us?

Guy: IT DOESN'T WORK OVER THE PHONE, just stop by.

Pranker: But, the two of us, righ- right?

Guy: Yeah, you have one you gonna pay, one gonna be free.

Pranker: No, no, no, b-both free, we talked about it man, just-

Guy: No, no, no, if your hair- you don't like it not after one month... You can come second day.

Pranker: No, no, no, [stuttering] just two weeks, just two weeks, it's been two weeks.

Guy: I have a customer, I have to go man. I give you discount for one, not for two.

Pranker: NO, but for two just- just this time man, I will come back to you all the ti-

Guy: I wanna go, I have a customer man!

Pranker: Ha- ha- how long until you're free again, I will call you back.

Guy: Uh- no, no, no,I'm leaving now and coming back five.

Pranker: But you said you have a customer man, you lie to- you just said you have a customer.

Guy: Okay, I'm almost finished the customer and then leaving.

Pranker: I- I just don't wanna put the- MY PICTURE ON THE YELP, right?

Guy: Man, I have a customer man!

Pranker: I know, but I am a customer too man! [phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughing]

[phone ringing]

Guy: Hello?

Pranker: Yeah h-hello [censored], how are you?

Guy: Good, how are you?

Pranker: Are you like a- sleeping?

Guy: Uh...

Pranker: Come on man, it- it's already like afternoon time, it's time to like- wake up.

Guy: Yes...

Pranker: You remember me? Like uh, I talk to you like a- last week?

Guy: Yeah, I think so. Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Pranker: Yeah, so man I- I come in you know, I came in for the haircut it w- it was so bad and then on top of that, the shampoo you guys using...

Pranker: ... it made my hair fall out, so like- I'm like- I have a lot of patchiness here it like- I'm really struggling man, I don't know what to do.

Guy: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR HAIR FALLING OUT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! My haircut- my haircut make your hair falling out?!

Pranker: Yeah, yeah exactly man. Eh- y-you putting uh- t-the shampoo and the shampoo make my hair fall out, I don't know what you put in there man, burning my head it's like a NAIR or something!

Guy: [laughing]

Pranker: D- don't make me upset, I'm serious, my head- the- the haircut was crap man, the haircut was so ugly like I don't know what- what you think like you're doing for my-

Guy: OKAY, YOU HAIR FALL OUT- when your hair falling out?

Pranker: I- it's the shampoo man, the shampoo you use it is make my hair fall out!

Guy: Nobody complain about your hair- their hair falling out. It's age! [giggle]

Pranker: No, no, no it fall out like- like- like big- big clumps man! Big clumps like I have like a BIG CLUMP inside my toilet.

Guy: [laughing] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

Pranker: Yeah, my head is all red too, like I have like allergic reaction, I don't know man, you don't tell me about this.

Guy: Listen, listen, no free- no free haircut.

Pranker: C- come on man, don't be like stupid, just he-help me. H-help me! Please, please... J-

Guy: [laughing]

Pranker: D DO- DON'T- DON'T BE LIKE STUPID! W- what is so f- I hear you snorting and- what is this-

Guy: Where are you from? Where are you from?

Pranker: Uh, I am from Egypt.

Guy: Which- which part in Egypt?

Pranker: [stuttering] you wan- you want my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER too man? Like, come on like wh-

Guy: [laughing] Okay, I charge you for 10$ each.

Pranker: Yeah- I know- I know man but like, you have to understand, I want FREE, right? Free, FREE.

Guy: NO, NO, they will not- nothing free.

Pranker: Look, y-you donkey! Come on man-

Guy: What you say- DONKEY?!

Pranker: You- you upset me, I have to call you a donkey...



Pranker: [laughing]

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