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Egyptian Prank Call - Dog Food Company Makes His Dog Sick!

Jun 8, 2014 2M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo
Prank Victim: Dog food delivery shop
Rage Level: Moderate

Funny Egyptian prank call to crazy dog food company!

Best quotes: 

  • “I have to shut you up a little bit because you talk like uhh like a too much.”
  • “No a ‘bassborrr’, say it right!”

Body of content:

In my first Egyptian prank, I call up a dog food delivery company in Egypt as Abdo to complain that their food made my dog sick. Things got hilarious quickly when Abdo insults the employee’s English skills and the guy loses it! They can’t talk like that to Abdo, he has “AMERICAN BASSBORRR!”

What was your favorite part of this crazy interaction? What prank calls should I do to Egypt next time? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. 


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[phone ringing]

Guy: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Uh, yeah I want to talk to somebody about the- the dog food.

Guy: Yes?

Pranker: Yeah, I have-

Guy: [mumbling]

Pranker: Yeah, I have a- I have a one problem with it.

Pranker: You know I get like a- the-the dog food last week...

Pranker: ... but I don't know it smells like a very bad. I do- I don't want to feed my-my dog with this uh...

Pranker: ... I'm very worried.

Guy: Did you got the food frozen?

Pranker: The food- yeah, it's a frozen, yeah, yeah.

Guy: Frozen and you keep- kept it in the uh... The freezer!

Pranker: Yeah, yeah.

Guy: The freezer or in the fridge?

Pranker: Uh, not in the fridge. 

Pranker: I put it in the freezer, but uh- and I don't know what happened here.

Pranker: Can I talk to the owner please, I think he has a better english he can speak with me.

Guy: He has a better english?

Pranker: English, yeah.

Guy: You think- you're talking- you're english sir?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Guy: You think your english is perfect?

Pranker: Yeah, it's pretty good yeah, yeah. 

Guy: No, I doubt it. It's pretty bad. Sad.

Pranker: What?! 

Guy: Sorry.

Pranker: You- you're a crap okay?

Pranker: Your food- your dog food is the crap. I have American passport okay, you can't speak with me like this.

Guy: American passport, y- o- very bad- eh- -i-it's a very bad accent.

Pranker: Look-

Guy: You're complaining on my english?!

Pranker: Mister stupid.

Guy: How come? 

Pranker: Okay mister stupid.

Guy: You have the wrong number.

Pranker: No, no, no, you have the right number.

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: This is the dog food guy.

Guy: I'm the dog food guy.

Pranker: Is a-

Guy: You have American passport?

Pranker: Yeah I have- No, a passport. Say it right.

Guy: Passport?

Pranker: Yeah, exactly, a stupid.

Guy: [chuckles]

Pranker: Look, I want free dog food right now to fix my problem.

Guy: Which kind of problem?

Guy: You said: " I don't know what happen- I don't know what happened"

Guy: I just ask you eh- what happened.

Pranker: Okay-

Guy: What do you mean I don't think what happened- [mumbling]

Pranker: [making noise]

Guy: [imitating pranker's noise]

Pranker: I have to shut you up a little bit because you talk like a too much.

Pranker: Okay look, the- the-

Guy: Like a too much?!

Pranker: Too much yeah. Definite.

Guy: Do I have to answer you now?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah.

Guy: [mumbling]

Pranker: I have 5 kg-


Pranker: I- I have rights!

Guy: Insulting me...

Pranker: I have American passport!


Pranker: Don't speak with m-


Pranker: Stop it. Stop it.

[indistinct speaking]

Pranker: Uh, hello? 

Pranker [speaking to audience]: [laughing] He hung up. 

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: American passport! [laughing]

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