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Crazy TV Installation Prank Call! Ownage Pranks

Jan 9, 2013 1.5M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls, Craigslist and Backpage pranks 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Billy
Prank Victim: TV mount expert
Rage Level: Moderate

Crazy TV prank call makes angry guy lose it!

Best quotes: 

  • “Sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you, okay?! So stop being a dumbass and help me out.”
  • “Alright I’m sorry, dumbass, relax. I take it back, kinda.”
  • “I rest my case. You majored in psychology, so thats kinda like the easy way out.”

Body of content:

In this crazy TV prank, I called a guy on Craigslist who said he could mount all types of TVs on the wall, but he was NOT prepared for Billy and his stubbornness! Billy doesn’t have just any TV, it’s an enormous 61” tube TV!! He was friendly about the situation at first, but when Billy questioned his expertise the guy went off!

Billy was pretty harsh with this guy, but his reactions were too funny! What was your favorite part for this crazy TV prank? What pranks should Billy pull off next time? Tell me in the comments below!


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[phone ringing]


Pranker [speaking as Billy]: Hello? 

Guy: Hello?

Pranker: Yes sir, I saw you advertisement on the uh, Listing of the Craig. How you doing today?

Guy: Pretty good. How's it- how's it going? 

Pranker: I'm all right. I wanted to talk to soome-bo-dy about this here uh...

Pranker: I have me a tube set hat I want mount on my wall and I was wondering how much that would cost?

Guy: You said it's a tube TV, is that what you said?

Pranker: That is right.

Guy: Ummm… You don't really mount tube TV's on the wall, it has to be a flat mount. 

Guy: Or it has to be  flat TV.

Pranker: Well - am- e- I know you all- you all mount the newer ones. 

Pranker: This is an old TV so I figured you all could do that too. I mean...

Pranker: I-I-I'll pay for the uh.... The extra mount or whatever it is.

Guy: How big is the TV?

Pranker: It's uh... 61 inches.

Guy: Ho! Can't hang that on a wall.

Pranker: I believe in you, you can do it!

Pranker: I-I-I'll be there for you, I'll give you motivations and all these ...

Pranker: I'll tell you "You can do it!", may-maybe that would help.

Guy: Huh-ha-ha... It's not about motivation it's about...

Guy: Them not making mounts for 61 inch TV - TUBE TV.

Pranker: A-are you- are you inexperienced in the uh...

Pranker: Ar-are you not as experienced as you promised in the advertisement or something?

Guy: Oh, I'm experienced as promised.

Pranker: I mean if you can't do a tube set...I don't know how you all gonna do all these new 2013 plasma televisions.  

Guy: Uh... 61 inch tube TV's they don't even make a mount for it.

Pranker: Well that-that's why you gotta be like MacGyver and get crafty. [chuckles]

Pranker: Do you know what I mean?

Guy: I mean, the only way to do it would be to build a shelf.

Pranker: No... I-I-I want it- I want it have it kind of free  falling off the wall. 

Pranker:I want to be able to put my feet under there. 

Guy: That's what I'm saying, the only way to do it would be to build a shelf that-that-that comes off the wall.

Pranker: Listen! I told you over and over again! 

Pranker: I want it mounted, I don't want no shelf, okay?

Guy: Okay, well there's no way-

Pranker: So how much you charge for me to do a uh- mounting?

Guy: They don't make a mount for it! 

Pranker: Ar-are you stupid or something? 

Guy: Are you serious? 

Pranker: I'm-I'm extremely ser- I don't understand, you have an ad on here like you're an expert.

Guy: Yeah, I am an expert!

Pranker: A-a-and you sound like a novice!

Pranker: You sound kind of- 

Guy: An ex-  I'm an expert but I don't have... 

Guy: They don't make mounts for 61 inch TV's so no, I'm not stupid but I'm telling you the truth.  

Pranker: You're-you're a little bit stupid. I think it could e- e- it's a tube set!

Pranker: It's and old tube set! 

Guy: I don't appreciate you calling me stupid for one, for two, they don't have a mount for a tube set TV-

Pranker: Sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you! Okay?

Pranker: So stop being a dumb**s and-and help me out.

Guy: Oh my god... Uh, thank you sir...

Pranker: Hello? 

Pranker: [laughing]

[phone ringing]

Guy: [censored]

Pranker: Hello? I believe we got off on the wrong foot earlier.

Pranker: I was calling about the uh, TV mounting?

Guy: Yeah you're the one that called me a dumb**s?

Pranker: Well, I'm sorry sir I'm just very honest, you know what I mean?

Pranker: I-I-I speak it like I see it, or hear it rather in this case. 

Pranker: But I told you before I want you to be like MacGyver and kind of figure that out.

Guy: In my- In my 10 years of doing this have I ever hung a 61 inch tube TV on the wall. 

Pranker: So-so you're stupid? 

Guy: Why am I stupid?

Pranker: Because you-you kind of give off the- 

Guy: I actually- I actually have a-

Guy: SIR, I have a degree from [censored[  tech, I'm far from stupid.

Pranker: No, but you're giving off this dumb**s vibe that I can't- I can't get over. 

Guy: I'm not giving off a- I'm not giving off a dumb**s vibe! I am-

Guy: I am honestly pissed off because you’re sitting- you're calling me a dumb**s...

Guy: ... because I can't hang a 61 inch TV on the wall.

Pranker: But-

Guy: If you ask me that's a dumb**s decision. 

Pranker: No but o-only a dumb**s would be getting mad over something like this. 

Guy: Don't call me a dumbass, don't call me stupid, that's not right.  

Pranker: Alright, I'm-I'm sorry! Dumb**s, relax. I take it back, kind of.

Guy: Don't- You just did it again man, what do you want from me?  

Pranker: Uh-I just- I-I want you to kind of offer me your assistance okay?

Pranker: You're getting all ang- 

Guy: I am not going to help you- I'm not going to help anybody that calls me a dumb**s.

Guy: You're going to have to call somebody else-

Pranker: wha- What-what was your degree in-in college?

Guy: Psychology.

Pranker: Exactly! I rest my case.

Guy: What do you want?

Pranker: Sir, you see? I rest my case.

Pranker: You majored in psychology so you- everyb- tha-that's kind of like th-th-the easy way out.

Pranker: The- h-

Guy: You know what sir?

Pranker: See-

Guy: I'm not going to- I'm not going to do this TV for you.

Pranker: If you- if you were- if you were an engineer- if you were an engineer or something reputable you could do it.

Pranker: But you're a-you're a psychology what are you going to do?

Guy: If I was an engineer I wouldn't be a Home Theater Technician.

Pranker: But-

Guy: I'd be working at NASA. 

Pranker: W-w-w-why are you doing TV's if you majored in psychology?

Guy: Because I do very well at TV's.

Pranker: Cler-clearly you're not doing that well if you can't mount an old TV.

Guy: You can't do it. 

Pranker: You CAN do it! 

Guy: There's nobody that can do that.

Pranker: Whoa! You just turned in to a robot.

Guy: Go find you somebody else sir. 

Pranker: Hello?

Guy: I'm here! What-what-what can I possibly do for you?

Pranker: Okay listen, how much would you charge me to use like your MacGyver skills...

Pranker: ...  which may be non-existent because you're stupid, to-to put my TV together on the wall? 

Guy: You call me stupid, I will not work for you, you could pay me a million dollars and I will not work for you. 

Pranker: Ok you'd be a dumb**s to say no to a million dollars to mount a TV though.

Guy: I have-I have pride and I don't work for people who call me dumb**s,okay?

Guy: I do a good job at what I do and I don't need to hear this crap, okay?

Pranker: Alright, okay I mean if-if you're- I'll pay you a million dollars, but you're a dumb**s so you're gonna say no.

Guy: Yes! I am I'm a dumb**s. So what do you want sir?

Pranker: There we go! See that's all I wanted.

Pranker: Now that you acknowledge your stupidity I'm done. 

Guy: Okay that all you want?

Pranker: I-I-I mean more or less but I was wh-wh-when can you come mount my TV?

Guy: I'm not going to come to your house! I'm not going to work for you I will not work for you, okay?

Pranker: Hey-

Pranker: Dumb**s-

Guy: And if you keep calling me- if you keep calling me I'm going to file harassment charges... 


Pranker: Bill Cosby style. You can't do that to me.

Guy: You-you were calling me a dumb**s, you were calling me stupid, I'm not gonna do anything for you. 

Pranker: i'm sor- sir, I-I told you I speak it like it is.

Pranker: Then you told me about the-

Guy: Okay, well you know what, I'm-I'm speaking it at- I'm speaking like it is...

Guy: ... who's the farking dumbass-

Pranker: Hey! Excuse me, I got my degree at agricultural technology majoogly engineering department relations.

Guy: Well get your ass over there and welt your own mount. What do you need me for?

Pranker: That's agriculture you dumb**s come on now!

Guy: I bet you are a lonely person because you didn't have no respect for nobody. 

Pranker: No! I get all- I get all the bitches. I get all of them, all of them, they come in flocks!

[phone call ends]

Pranker: Hello? 

Pranker: [laughing]

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