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Omegle Prank: Girl Has No Idea What To Do

Nov 10, 2013 2.4M views 0 comments

Category: Omegle pranks 
Format: Omegle video
Characters: Buk Lau, Tyrone, Abdo
Prank Victim: Omegle users
Rage Level: Feel-good

Girl in Omegle prank doesn’t know what to think of prankster!

Best quotes: 

  • “Guess who’s back! Back, back, BACK AGAIN! Buk Lau’s back! Tell your friend!”
  • “MOTHERB*TCH! Don’t be like a styoobid”
  • “What duh hell is up with you, ma dawg?”

Body of content:

I broke out the hyper-realistic black and asian face masks to pull off another epic Omegle prank compilation! In this edition of the Omegle pranks, I got to meet hilarious fans, a few weird dudes, and confuse some girls! It’s always fun to use accents that don’t match up with the mask and watch people’s expressions change! 

Which of these people made you laugh the most? The random girl at the end of the prank cracked me up! What crazy stuff should I try on Omegle next time? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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Pranker: Guess who's back-back back again!

Pranker: Buk Lau's back! Tell your friend!

Pranker: What the hell is up with you today? Oh my God! 

Pranker: What the hell is this dirty look you give me? I don't like it.

Guy1: Oh it's farking ching-chong wing-wong.

Pranker: What the fark you call me boy? Ching-chong who?

Guy1: Wing wong!


Pranker: Better not fark with me like that. Before I co- 

Girl1: Can you hear me?

Pranker: I can hear you!

Pranker: Are you like 12 years old or something? 

Girl1: No. I'm 15. 

Pranker: Oh my god! Everybody so young! What the heck is this?

Girl1: [giggle]

Pranker: You're looking really fine this afternoon ma'am. You're extremely beautiful and radiant!

Pranker: I would very much enjoy having- engaging in sexual relation with you!  

Pranker: Would you be opet to such a thing? 

Pranker: Let me try being a little bit more suave! [slap]

Pranker: Ay yo girl, I'm trying to holla at you a little bit!

Pranker: [clapping hands] I'ma come to you, we'll figure it out! We'll get down with it.

Pranker: I got a big ass slum lam doobily! We'll get it popping.

Pranker: Okay what do you do when you see the somebody do the inappropriate thing?

Pranker: Do you skippa-sippa-skippa? Or what do you do it?

Girl1: [giggling] It depends what they're doing.

Pranker: Hello! Asian guy! I don't know why- what are you doing?

Girl1: Why are you in a karate suit?

Pranker: Because I just come from the karate class. I want to impress the people you know?

Pranker: Look I want to show you something. Okay watch this! [slap]

Pranker: AAAAAAW YEAH! What's popping girl, how you doing?

Girl1: [laughing]

Pranker: Damn dawg. You wanna play like that? Uh-

Kids: [laughing]

Pranker: Yeah! 

Kids: [laughing]

Pranker: Did I impress your ass? You-you real impressed? 

Pranker: Ah yeah! In my karate outfit! Uh! Can't stop! Won't stop! 

Girl1: [laughing]

Pranker: Po-po-psh! Ha poo ho-ho-ho!

Pranker: What the heck is with you my dawg?

Guy2: Let me see some moves! 

Pranker: No you ain't ready for that yet! 

Guy2: Aw! You look like Mr. Miagi-

Pranker: Show me your-

Pranker: Show me your man-breasts and I'll show you some moves! 

Pranker: No-no-no you got-you gotta whoop them craps out and show me some cleavage, dawg!

Pranker: Hello! What the fark is this?

Pranker: You try-


Pranker: Okay so you try to give me the flick off? And then you know who I am?

Pranker: I don't like that. 

Guy3: You are motherfarker ye- You registar here motherfarker!

Pranker: Mother bitch! Don't be like a stupid!

Pranker: Why you got illegal drugs dawg? 

Guy2: It's not illegal here man!

Pranker: Where are you from?

Guy2: Colorado.


Pranker: Smoking that good, good. Uh!

Guy2: [laughing]

Guy3: How are you doing?

Pranker: How are you doing?

Guy3: [laughing]

Girl1: Are you-are you wearing- Are you black?

Pranker: Alright hold on, hold on. [slap]

Pranker: Hello my friend. How are you doing right now?

Pranker: Is your face do this?

Guy2: That's cool!

Guy2: [laughing]

Guy2: Do that again! 

Pranker: [screaming]

Guy2: [laughing] OH MY DOG! 

Pranker: It hurt- it very hurting me! 

Guy2: That's sweet! 

Pranker: Can you do one more thing for me? 

Pranker: Can you whip your head back and forth like wirrow?

[music playing]

Pranker: OH MY GOD!

Pranker: Yeah okay! You go now! Let's see who can stretch it further!

Pranker: [screaming]

Guy2: [laughing] OH MY GOD!

Pranker: How are you doing?

Girls: [surprised screaming] OH MY GOD!

Pranker: OH MY GOD! 

Girls: [screaming]


Pranker: You know how excited I was? For 2 females? 

Pranker: I was like "AW THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD"! And then you already know who I am.

Girls: Oh my god! Oh my good! That's so cool!

Pranker: Ey yo, Asian girl! I'm like damn! What the heck is up with you? 

Guy2: Wait one second!  I want to take a picture of that! 

Pranker: Ok.

Guy2: Alright, do it.

Pranker: [screaming]

Guy2: Dude that's crazy. 

Pranker: Ok now show me your c**k.

Guy2: That's pretty cool man.

Guy2: [laughing]

Pranker: [laughing] This guy's...


Pranker: What the heck??


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