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Indian Restaurant Prank Call Goes Wrong! Ownage Pranks

Feb 13, 2015 1.8M views 0 comments

Category: Restaurant pranks, prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Rakesh
Prank Victim: Indian restaurant
Rage Level: Feel good

Indian restaurant prank call leaves employee totally confused!

Best quotes: 

  • “Hello, can I talk to somebody who can tell me about HOPPILY HOPPITY SKILLY HIPPITY HOPPITY LAPTOP RIGHT?”
  • “I looking at the title! Restaurant says BEST INDIAN CUISINE! Right? Lying. LIAR!”
  • “Look man, can you stop BOBBLING YOUR HEAD while we talk? You're distracting me.”
  • “Can you say with me one more time BALLSACK POTATOES?”

Body of content:

This is one of the weirdest and funniest interactions I've ever had on the phone! I did an Indian restaurant prank call and the guy somehow thought I worked with a company called "Sysco", and wanted to place an order with ME. It seems Sysco typically delivers food products to them, but I said nothing to make him initially think I was with the company!

The employee I spoke to was incredibly nice and stayed on the line through my weird antics for a surprisingly long time! Hopefully he got the call he was actually waiting on from Sysco. Would you like to see this hilarious interaction get animated? Tell me in the comments!


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[film rolling]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: This is a fun prank I uploaded a while ago back on my second channel.

Pranker: I've regretted it ever since because so many of you didn't get a chance to see it. But after being asked about it constantly I decided to upload it here with some fresh subtitles.

Pranker: I hope you guys enjoy it.

[phone ringing]

Guy: Good afternoon, [censored] restaurant.

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Hello, can I talk to somebody who can tell me about HOPPILY HOPPITY SKILLY HIPPITY HOPPITY LAPTOP RIGHT?

Guy: Uh, so you are from Sysco?

Pranker: Right.

Guy: Yeah so... Can you take order?

Pranker: Okay!

Guy: Eh... Uh, brown five cates.

Pranker: Alright.

Guy: Uh Spinage 2.

Pranker: Okay. Spanish 2.

Guy: Beesh 1.

Pranker: Bish 1...

Guy: And becking MALJON 1.

Pranker: Hippity. Alright.

Guy: One case yeah- and uh- Changing Fuel!



Guy: One, yes, 2, 4, case right!

Pranker: Huh? Okay, motherfarker, what are you talking about?

Guy: Huh?

Pranker: Ok, what- what is that?

Guy: Are you from Sysco?

Pranker: No!

Guy: Oh, sorry! Sorry- what you want?

Pranker: It's alright. It's okay! It ha- It happens right? I want to talk to somebody who can tell me about HOPPILY HOPPITY SKILLY customer relation!

Pranker: Tatun tating.

Guy: Okay so- Nobody's right now, after 10 we're cla- give me your number and I call you back!

Pranker: Noooo! Look-

Guy: If somebody's coming here-

Pranker: I try- I try to buy the food! I getting PAKORA, I getting CHICKEN TIKKA-MASALA, I getting all the food! But-

Guy: Yeah-

Pranker: Not tasting good.

Guy: Not?

Pranker: No! I looking at the title! Restaurant says BEST INDIAN CUISINE! Right? Lying.

Guy: Yeah-

Pranker: Liar!

Guy: Yeah! Yeah, yeah.

Pranker: Ok. I am from Sysco! I'm kidding. What is up?

Guy: So you didn't take the order?

Pranker: Okay. Alright so, what is your order for Sysco sir?

Guy: Uh... My order is brown 5.

Pranker: Okay, brown 5.

Guy: Uh, brown uh- Ice spinach stew!

Pranker: Psyspinach.

Guy: Beesh 1!


Guy: A green peas.

Pranker: Green piece.

Guy: One kish!

Pranker: One kish.



Guy: Yeah!

Pranker: Okay and what is your name sir?

Guy: Jagdeesh.

Pranker: Jagdeesh1 How are you doing right?

Guy: I'm fine thank you.

Pranker: Okay. Do you want to know how I am doing?

Guy: Yeah...

Pranker: Like crap. I try to buy the food right? It is not tasting good.

Guy: Sorry.

Pranker: What can you-

Guy: So-

Pranker: What can you do it for me man? I took your order, now do it for me.

Guy: Yeah give me the order and- now we are will- we open 4:30! After 4:30! We are closed now.

Pranker: Till 4:30 right?

Guy: Yeah. Okay-

Pranker: Look man, ca- can you stop BOBBLING YOUR HEAD while we talk? You're distracting me.

Guy: Sorry, sorry!

Pranker: Jagdeesh. Stop bobbling motherfaker. Don't do it!

Guy: Ok...

Pranker: Excellent! I like it!

Guy: [giggles]

Pranker: [laughing] Alright.

Guy: You want to order again? Or-

Pranker: No the food tasting like crap. I don't know what to do right?

Guy: Ok.

Pranker: Alright, who else is there right now?

Guy: Okay, nobody!

Pranker: Nobody?

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: Okay, alright!

Guy: Oh!

[phone ringing]

Guy: Good afternoon, [censored] restaurant.

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Hello this is Rakesh with Sysco?

Guy: Oh yeah.

Pranker: Hello!

Guy: So uh yeah? This- Yes but- Your order is uh- Hello?

Pranker: Hello?

Guy: Eh, write order.

Pranker: Ok.

Guy: A brown 5!

Pranker: Brown 5.

Guy: Eye spinach stew.

Pranker: I spinach 2.

Guy: Green peas one.

Pranker: Green peas one.



Guy: Yeah...

Pranker: 2 or 1?

Guy: 2!

Pranker: Okay, 2.

Guy: And a charging fuel. Full gas.

Pranker: Dodging fuel... Half gas?

Guy: Four! Four!

Pranker: Ohhh! Four! Okay!

Guy: Yeah.

Pranker: Alright-

Guy: Okay that's it! Thank you!

Pranker: That's it- ma- motherfarker! Why you hang up on me right now?

Guy: When?

Pranker: Right now! You- I talk to you, you hung up on me! I cannot take your order if you hang up on me like that.

Guy: Ah! How okay- okay I can't understand- somebody's I- calling me somebody I gone- listen your le- call.

Pranker: HIPPITY HOPPITUS RIGHT? Say it with me one more time. So I can take order!

Guy: Okay.





Pranker: Excellent. Perfect okay, right now I want to talk to somebody who can tell me about HIPPITY CUSTOMER RELATION RIGHT.

Guy: Uh, yeah. So nobody uhm, saying nobody was here right now.


Guy: Okay...

Pranker: Ok.

Guy: Okay bye.

Pranker: Hello? DON'T DO IT!

Guy: Hello?

Pranker: Don't hang up on me again motherfarker, DON'T DO IT!

Guy: OK.

Pranker: Ok. Who is motherfarker who don't make the food right?

Guy: I don't know.

Pranker: You know I come there he- he's not good man.

Guy: I said I don't- don't speak english. Pah well- And my manager will be come you can talk to him.

Pranker: Okay. Can you say with me one more time? BALLSACK POTATOES.

Guy: Sorry... I can't say that.

Pranker: Try-

Pranker: TRY IT.

Guy: I can't-


Guy: Uh, what your order yesterday? I don't understand.

Pranker: I- I'm getting- I'm getting butter chicken.

Guy: Butter chicken yeah, is no good?

Pranker: It is no good. Getting none. Burn the bread.

Guy: Ok.

Pranker: Right.

Guy: Alright and?

Pranker: And I want to talk to somebody who can tell me about apologize ballsack potatoes.

Guy: Uhm, sir I- I said nobody was here now!

Pranker: But-

Guy: You can call later...

Pranker: Why is the res-

Guy: ... 4:30!

Pranker: Why is the restaurant so dark?

Guy: So dark?

Pranker: Right.

Guy: We are closed now. We are- we will be open 4:30.

Pranker: No, inside the restaurant right? It is very dark right? No lighting. I want to bring my black friend. Cannot do it.

Guy: Yeah, we light always!

Guy: We have light always.

Pranker: Can you say with me one more time BALLSACK POTATOES?

Guy: No I cannot say that.

Pranker: Why not?

Guy: I don't know.

Pranker: But do you have a ballsack sir?

Guy: I don't know.

Pranker: Do you have potatoes?

Guy: Yeah I have potatoes!

Pranker: So you have BALLSACK POTATOES.

Guy: No.

Pranker: You can do it.

Guy: I cannot.

Pranker: I believe in you!

Guy: No sorry.

Pranker: You can do it!

Guy: No.

Pranker: Say- say with me one more time HIPPITY HOPPITY HIPPIE TO HIPHOP RIGHT?

Guy: I just don't understand what you're talking.

Pranker: Okay. Hello? Hello? I can hear- HELLO?

Pranker: [laughing] Funniest Indian man!

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