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Hilarious 7-11 Sulinder Prank Call! Ownage Pranks

Oct 23, 2010 1.7M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls, 7-Eleven pranks
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Russell
Prank Victim: Sulinder
Rage Level: Mellow

Sulinder prank on funny Indian 7-Eleven employee!

Best quotes: 

  • “We actually got a few complaints from a couple of customers stating that the Indian accent use at the store location is not thick enough.”
  • “You're like ‘Welcome to 7-11 my friend, wobbling, wobbling’ like that.”
  • “Sir the phrase is ‘I stick curry up my bum bum.’”
  • “Sir, when a customer approaches you, you must say ‘You look like a whale.’”
  • “The next phrase is- is a skeet, skeet, bang bang, n***a.”

Body of content:

I received a request to prank call Sulinder, an Indian 7-Eleven gas station attendant who is related to the prank requester. I called as 7-Eleven corporate and told him that there were customer complaints that his Indian accent wasn’t thick enough, so he needed to go through Indian accent training immediately. I walked him through a couple awful phrases, which he tested on real customers, and it turned out hilarious!

The original prank call was over an hour long, and was trimmed down to a part one and two. Don’t miss the hilarious part two of the Sulinder prank call! Let me know your favorite part of this video in the comments below! How would you have reacted if you were one of his customers?


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: Hey guys, I just wanted to give you some background information about this prank before it started.

Pranker: This is a call I did a very long time ago to a 7-11 and I started off claiming to be part of the accent training division.

Pranker: We called back over the course of two to three days and it was absolutely hilarious and it ended up being like...

Pranker: ... an hour and a half audio and I just did my best to crop out some of the funny parts and put it in this video.

Pranker: Please keep in mind that this is a complete joke. An Indian friend of mine actually requested I call a relative and do this and I definitely don't mean to offend anyone.

Pranker: As you probably already noticed I kind of poke fun on a lot of races on my channel. Anyways, enjoy!

Guy: Good morning, 7-11, may I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Hello sir, I'm calling on behalf of 7-11 accent compliance.

Pranker: I'm about to connect you with an a- with a compliance teacher. Please hold.

Guy: Hold.

Pranker: Uh, hello?

Guy: Hello?

Pranker: Hi, this is Russell Johnson, I'm calling with 7-11 headquarters.

Guy: Mhm?

Pranker: We have an emergency issue here, we actually got a few complaints from a couple of customers...

Pranker: ... stating that the Indian accent use at the store location is not thick enough.

Pranker: I'm gonna go ahead and roll you into Indian accent training uh, right now. You can either be a $300 in- that will be...

Pranker: ... automatically deducted from your paycheck or we can go to the five minute tutor section on the phone which will be absolutely free.

Pranker: Keep in mind if you choose to do in class, you will lose $300 off your paycheck automatically.

Pranker: So this is actually mandatory for all customers [stuttering] for all- sorry, employees.

Pranker: And your name is sir?

Guy: My name is Sulinder. First name. S-U-L-I-N-D-E-R.

Pranker: Muhinder? Muhinder?

Guy: Sulinder. Sulinder.

Pranker: Sulinder. Ok, I thought you were the guy from heroes, ok, Sulinder. Sulinder, okay Sulinder, look...

Pranker: We need to go ahead and do some Indian action training, uhm, I'm actually Indian myself, I was actually born here but actually...

Pranker: ... went through the indian accent training myself so I- my Indian accent's pretty good. Uhm...

Pranker: So, when you're going to the Indian accent training and I will go ahead and ask you to repeat some pharsses

Guy: Can you hold one second?

Pranker: Sir, this is- we need to do this right now so I really don't have time-

Pranker: The customers can-

Guy: One sec.

Pranker: Customers- Hello?

Guy: We have customer, can you hold?

Pranker: Sir, the customers can wait, this is mandatory. You will lose $300 off of your paycheck.

Guy: I don't understand- fully understand.

Pranker: Sir, I need you to do-

Guy: I don't know very well english, I don't know but I little bit understand.

Pranker: This is why we need you to go through the Indian accent training. It's mandatory, you must do it now.

Pranker: Yes, ok I ne- I'm gonna be- I'm gonna ask you to repeat some pharsses. Imma need you to comply ok?

Guy: Mhm.

Pranker: Welcome to 7-11 my friend.

Guy: Mhm.

Pranker: You have to say that, you have to repeat it after me.

Pranker: Welcome to 7-11, my friend.

Guy: Welcome to 7-11...

Pranker: My friend.

Guy: My friend. Ok.

Pranker: Ok, the thing is- you need to enunciate a little bit more. You need to make your accent a little bit thicker.

Guy: Ok, welcome to 7-11 my friend.

Pranker: You're like "Welcome to 7-11 my friend, wobbling, wobbling" like that.

Guy: Ok. [chuckles] Welcome to 7-11 my friend! How are you?

Pranker: Ok, that's better, sure. It's getting there, uhm...

Pranker: Ok, can you go ahead and say wobbling wobbling?

Guy: Wobbling, wobbling.

Pranker: Ok, wobbling wobbling! Like that.

Pranker: Wobbling wobbling means?

Pranker: Ok, ok...

Guy: Ok, ok...

Pranker: After every sentence I think you're better off adding MAN like, wobbling, wobbling maaaan. Like that.

Guy: Ok, wobbling wobbling man. I- I cannot [mumbling] wobbling wobbling. [chuckles]

Pranker: Ok, uhm, let me get my other associate on the line.

Pranker: Donald Trump, are you on the line?

Pranker2: Yes, this is 7-11 accent compliance Donald Trump speaking.

Pranker: Yes, hold on Trump I'm actually speaking with one of the employees right now and...

Pranker: ... I'm kind of curious as-

Pranker2: Is- is this file number 2626 some- Sohinder?

Pranker: Uh, yes this is actually Sohinder.

Pranker2: Yes, I have existing complaint files open on this individual.

Pranker: Well do you have time- the phrase- I actually closed my computer, do you know what he-

Pranker: We should actually have him trained on?

Pranker2: Well we should have him trained on mainland, the greetings of- of greetings 7-11 customers in the store.

Pranker2: Up selling them useless items such as hot dogs and curry sauce and uh...

Pranker: So, sir I need you over to say "Do you want a hot dog my friend?" Hot dog-

Guy: Oh you want hot dog my friend?

Pranker: You gotta say it fast. Roll your R's, like you're Spanish.

Pranker: You want the hot dog my friend?

Guy: You want a hot dog my friend?

Pranker: Uh-

Pranker: Sir, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and say Ownage owns me my friend.

Guy: Onige onige me my pen?

Pranker: A wroom.

Guy: Room.

Pranker: Wroom.

Guy: Room.

Pranker: From.

Guy: From.

Pranker: The back.

Guy: The back.

Pranker: Ok, now, all at once. Wroom, wroom from the back.

Guy: Wroom wroom from the back.

Pranker2: Hello sir?

Guy: Sir?

Pranker2: 7-11 compliance, we have another phrase here, could you please say "I have..."

Guy: I have...

Pranker2: A...

Guy: A...

Pranker2: Hairy...

Guy: Hurry...

Pranker2: Hairy.

Guy: Hairy?

Pranker: Hairy.

Guy: Hairy.

Pranker: Hairy penis.

Guy: Hairy penis.

Pranker: Ok now all at once, sir. I have a hairy penis.

Guy: I have hairy penis.

Pranker: Excellent sir. Thank you. I stick curry up my bum, bum.

Guy: Up my bum bum.

Pranker: Could you please say it all at once?

Guy: [mumbling]

Pranker: Sir the phrase is "I stick curry up my bum bum".

Guy: I stick curry on my bum bum.

Pranker: No, I stick curry up my bum bum.

Guy: I stick curry up my bum bum.

Pranker: Excellent, excellent. Thank you.

Pranker: Please say "Thank you, come again" to the customers you have just served in, charge $1 and 10 cents too.

Guy: $1 10 cents...

Pranker: Did she just pay $1 and 10 cent?

Guy: Not yet.

Pranker: Okay, well once she tell her "Thank you come again".

Pranker2: Sir, are you there?

Guy: Mhm...

Pranker: Sir, when a customer approaches you, you must say "You look like whale".

Guy: You look like whale?

Pranker: Like a hale, yes sir. Close enough.

Pranker: just say that when the next customer approaches you.

Guy: Mhm, you look like-

Pranker: You look like a whale.

Guy: whale?

Pranker: Yes, yes, when the next customer approaches you we need to hear you say that.

Guy: Okay, whale mean?

Pranker: whale is a- is a compliment for- in the English language.

Guy: Ok, you look like whale.

Pranker: Yeah.

Guy: Any customer, male or female?

Pranker: Yes, that- that's a pliable to both male and female and uh- and shemale.

Guy: Ok, you look like a whale. [blowing sound]

Pranker: Yes sir, I ride the black c**k.

Guy: I ride a black c**k.

Pranker: Excellent, excellent, you're doing very well here. Out tests are concluding you-

Pranker: as a ninety-two percent but we need to hear you say you look like a whale to the customer.

Guy: Thank you.

Pranker: As is their customer and in the location right now.

Guy: India.

Pranker: No, no, no, not in India, is that- is the customer in the- in the store right now.

Guy: No, I mean no.

Pranker: Okay uh.

Guy: I mean.

Pranker: Okay, that's a customer, okay we need you to hear- we need you to say, you look like a whale.

Guy: Yes ma’am, welcome to 7/11. Uh, let me say seven dollars. Anything else? You look like a whale, what number you told me, I'm sorry?

Guy: Okay, thank you. She was happy.

Pranker: I'm sorry?

Guy: Focus up.

Pranker: She- she is not happy, right?

Guy: I said you look like a whale, she was happy. Okay.

Pranker: He says you need to say I [coughs], I basic- I love-

Guy: I love-

Pranker: to get-

Guy: to get-

Pranker: teabagged

Guy: uh?

Pranker: Teabagged.

Guy: Teabag.

Pranker: T- t as in testicle.

Guy: Uh teabag.

Pranker: Yes, I like to get teabagged

Guy: I'd like to get the teabag.

Pranker: Perfect.

Guy: Hello sir! Everything okay? Sign? Oh, I'm sorry, we have no stamp.

Pranker: Please, tell the gas station attendant, that he looks like a whale.

Guy: You look like a whale, thank you. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Pranker: Sorry, sorry, I didn't hear that, could you tell the- the gas person he looks like a whale?

Guy: You look like the whale, I mean, it looks like the whale. There you go my friend. Thank you, see you next time.

Guy: I think so, he could not understand my whale.

Pranker: Oh you could not understand the whale, ok, [speaking as Rakesh]: Your tits make my Winkie go *thing*.

Guy: Your- your kids make my Winkie thing thing.

Pranker: Okay.

Guy: What- what number sorry?

Pranker: Say he looks like whale.

Guy: Ok, you look like the whale. You look like the whale [person in the background]: Like what?

Guy: Like whale.

Person in the background: Like who?

Guy: [giggles] Number two the open up. He could not understand.

Pranker: The next phrase is- is a skeet, skeet, bang bang, n***a.

Guy: Cake.

Pranker: Skeet, skeet.

Guy: Skip, skip.

Pranker: No, no, skeet.

Guy: Skeet.

Pranker: Skeet.

Guy: Skeet, skeetuh.

Pranker: Yes sir, skeet skeet, bang bang n***a.

Guy: Skeet, skeet, bang bang n***a. Skeet, skeet, bang bang n***a. [talks to person in the background]: Hold on one second sir. [background noises]

Guy: Now you know. You look like the whale. [background speaking] I said you look like the whale.

Customer: Oh yeah?

Guy: $2.17 my friend.

[indistinctive speaking in the background]

Guy: Oh no.

Customer: Oh man!

Guy: Very big bill.

[indistinctive speaking in the background]

Guy: I have no hundred dollar change. I’m sorry. You have change man? Oh, that's good. Very good.

Pranker: Sir, just go ahead and say bang bang skeet skeet n***a.

Guy: Bang bang skeet skeet n***a. [laughing] [background laughter] You talk to me, very good.

Pranker: Sir, if a female customer purchase somet- purchases something from you, you need to say:

Pranker: "Do you give good head?"

Guy: Do you give good head?

Pranker: That's for- for a female customer.

Guy: Do you give good head?

Pranker: Yes.

Guy: Do you give good head?

Pranker: Yes sir.

Guy: I think so when the female coming.

Pranker: Ok good, ok good, a- after she purchases just say: "Do you give good head?"

Guy: Do you give good head?

Pranker: Yes.

Guy: After purchase?

Pranker: A- after- yes, after purchase.

Guy: Okay.

Pranker: Please make sure that once again you say it very loudly and clearly and-

Pranker: if she doesn't seem to understand, repeat it.

[female speaking in the background]

Guy: Yeah, how many?

Female: To crossroad?

Guy: The crossroad ending. Anything else? [background speaking] No crosswords.

Male: Hi buddy.

Guy: Hi buddy, how are you? That- do you give good head?

Female: What?

Guy: Do you give good head?

Female: [laughing]

Guy: Good luck. [background speaking] This is a- I have to ring this one.

Male: How much for that?

Guy: $1.29.

Male: Ok, there's a dollar.

Guy: Okie dokie. Gracias. Yes, you look like the whale. [background speaking]. Thank you, goodnight.

Pranker: Okay sir, okay- sir, you can- you can cease from now and let the call go-

Pranker: and we'll give you a call another time in regards to this and- and maybe-

Pranker; tomorrow or the day after sometime next week we will continue our-

Guy: Okay.

Pranker: okay?

Guy: Thank you very much. I appreciate.

Pranker: Thank you, I appreciate it, thank you very much Sulinder-Ji.

Guy: Bye, bye.

Pranker: Bye, bye.

Guy: Bye, bye. [hang up].

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