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Russell From Ownage Pranks Q&A - Ask Russell Johnson

Aug 10, 2016 655.7K views 0 comments

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Russell Johnson of Ownage Pranks does a Q&A with fans!

Body of content:

The OP crew has always asked to know more about who Russell Johnson of Ownage Pranks REALLY is. I decided after all these years on YouTube to finally do a Q&A video with questions from my viewers. Get to know a little more about me and the channel in this fun video! Should I do more Q&A’s? What do you want to know? Tell me in the comments below!


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Pranker: What up guys?! After being on YouTube for all of these years, I decided to finally do a Q&A video.

Pranker: But, real talk. Before we get started I do feel incredibly lucky to be able to make videos for you guys as my career...

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: ... and the least I could do is film a Q&A video for y'all and let y'all get to know me a little bit, you know what I'm saying dawg?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Question number one: how hard is it to switch your voice up back-to-back?

Pranker: Honestly, i-it's gotten...

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: ... pretty damn easy for me now.

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: UHm, I've been doing it for quite a while, was it always that easy? No!

Pranker: Early on it definitely took a lot of practice and trial and error. If you've been watching for a while you've seen me pop in and out of several different character voices.

Pranker: And I'm a keep that crap up. Question number two.

Pranker: What's the most cringe-worthy prank you ever had? Honestly, I think back to the time when I was calling the gay hotline.

Pranker: Now, the gay hotline is unfortunately shut down now and no longer exists, but one time I was on there and talking to this super creepy dude.

Pranker: All of a sudden he starts whispering to me "Hey, my daughter is sleeping in the other room and has a web camera. Do you wanna see her naked?"

Pranker: And I'm like...

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Uh, no man, you know, no I-I'm good for now man, but you know we could keep talking about the crap you and I, you know what I'm saying?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: And the whole time I'm like internally freaking the fark out, I'm like "This poor young girl, this guy is a creepy farker"...

Pranker: ... "what do I do, this is super uncomfortable, do I keep trying to bait him and try to get more information so I can actually report the dude, do I just hang up and skip him and pretend like it didn't happen"...

Pranker: It was a weird feeling for me. I did try to gradually get more information out of him like where do you live, oh what do you do for a living, blah- blah- blah-

Pranker: But nothing I got was super identifiable so I wasn't able to actually do anything. I did actually call the cops afterwards trying to actually give them a lead of some sort...

Pranker: ... but ultimately the cops told me they would reach out to the gay hotline and see what informatiion they could get and I don't really know what happened from there unfortunately.

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: But, I did my best.

Pranker [speaking as RUssell]: Are you guys gonna hear that audio ever? Probably not. But if you wanna sign up to my super secret mailing list, you never know!

Pranker: Maybe! Question number three: Do you ever use your character voices in real life or is just online? With close friends I definitely do pop in and out of voices, they find it pretty amusing.

Pranker: At the same time I am a little weary about doing voices in public. I've learned my lesson from just busting out a certain voice at sandwich shop or at a store of some kind and...

Pranker: ... there've been a couple of instances where someone's been like "You kind of sound like that prank guy on YouTube".

Pranker: I'm like "Oh no, I'll check him out though, t-that's really funny. Funny coincidence!" So the answer is yes, sometimes...

Pranker: ... especially if I'm close with the person but for the most part I do try to be a little cautious about it. I save it for the [speaking as Tyrone]: phone calls...

Pranker: Question number four: would you ever call the Chinese restaurant or any of the places from your old videos back now, years later?

Pranker: Honestly probably not. First of all they happened so long ago and the Chinese restaurant's a place that I happen to call many times.

Pranker: I think they've heard enough of me and uh there's literally millions of people I can call, so no need to go back and call them again.

Pranker: Regardless of how much you guys might have enjoyed that but don't worry though. I got some super super special funny crap in store for you guys.

Pranker: Question number five: how many unsuccessful calls does it take to get the great ones that get put on YouTube?

Pranker: Honestly, varies quite a bit. The biggest bottle neck for me is people simply not picking up the phone.

Pranker: Sometimes, I'll get some super good request or have a really funny idea for someone but after spending a few minutes mentally planning what kind of direction the call could go in...

Pranker: ... I call that person and they don't pick up. Or it goes to voicemail. And that kills me.

Pranker: Not only does it kind of kill my morale but but it just slows me down, for the most part...

Pranker: ... if I get someone to pick up the phone I can get some pretty ridiculous and funny things out of them.

Pranker: So, what I'm trying to say is sometimes a get a successful call done in 20 minutes, other times it'll take me 2-3 hours.

Pranker: Question number six: do you plan your pranks or just go with the flow?

Pranker: For the most part, if I get a specific request set to me I will bullet point a couple ideas of pertinent information about the call itself.

Pranker: Like, where the guy is from, what's his name, what's his address, what are his family members names, where does he work?

Pranker: Having those things handy help me guide the call in so many different directions.

Pranker: And planning out a call in detail is a waste of time because if I spend 20 minutes planning out exactly what I'm gonna say and how I'm gonna respond...

Pranker: ... what if they don't pick up? 20 minutes wasted. I've learned that the hard way.

Pranker: Question number seven: do you get nervous when you prank call? I mean, I've been doing this for quite a while now, so for the most part, no. I don't get nervous.

Pranker: At the same time, if there's a super enticing request or something I'm really excited to do, I will get a tad nervous or get some heart palpitations before I do the call.

Pranker: Just because I don't know where it might go but once I get like 10 seconds into the actual call, I'm totally fine and calm again.

Pranker: This is rare, but reminds me that I'm human, so I'm glad.

Pranker: Question number eight: which has been your favorite prank to film and why?

Pranker: That honestly changes every couple weeks, but one that sticks out to me ever since I did it was the insane hostage situation prank call.

Pranker: If you haven't seen that yet... My God. That's probably one of the best pranks I've ever done.

Pranker[speaking as Rakesh]: Welcome to stage two! [speaking as Russell]: Oh, the memories... The link's in the description down below if you haven't seen it for some reason...

Pranker: But I pretty much get this guy in Australia to think that the disgruntled cab driver that he flicked off somehow found him and his address and his girlfriend's name and his family info and kidnapped his girlfriend.

Prnaker: I know it sounds crazy but he freaks the fark out and it's incredible.

Pranker: Not only that it has a really happy ending, so laugh's all around. And those are my favorite kinds of pranks.

Pranker: And the last question: are you going to introduce a new character in the future?

Pranker: I definitely am, and there's a bunch that I have in the works right now. I am one that only likes to do a voice on the channel.

Pranker: Once I feel like it's fairly perfected and ready for primetime.

Pranker: I know you guys have heard new character snippeted like...

Pranker [speaking as Alexander]: What are you doing my brother? [speaking as Russell]: But I don't feel like characters like the African character are quite there yet.

Pranker: But don't worry, it's happening. It'll happen. I think that's it for now.

Pranker: Thank you guys so much for checking out my first ever Q&A video, I had a lot of fun answering these.

Pranker: On top of that, I know you guys probably have a lot more questions for me. So let me know if you want a part 2 in the comments down bellow, and I'll see you on Sunday with a brand new video.

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