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Haggling With A Crazy Craigslist Guy! Fake PS4 Prank Call

Dec 1, 2013 1.4M views 0 comments

Category: Craigslist and Backpage pranks, prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Chris
Prank Victim: Craigslist seller
Rage Level: Moderate

Fake PS4 prank call on the chillest Craigslist seller ever!

Best quotes: 

  • “I think that solar panel is frying your brain”
  • “I’m like a farking orangutan, okay? I’m gonna swing my way up there.”
  • “If you ever even step on my property, I’ll shoot ya!”
  • “You just woke up from your nap I thought you’d be more reasonable.”

Body of content:

I call a guy on Craigslist as Chris to prank him about the PS4 he has for sale. The price is marked up to $650 for the console, and the seller gets a little uncomfortable after I make some sexual innuendos and try to lowball him!! This went from a PS4 prank call to a super uncomfortable situation really fast! 

Despite all of the shenanigans Chris threw his way, the guy selling his console was incredibly nice about the prank and laughed through the weirdness! Let me know what kind of Craigslist pranks you would like to see next! Should I look for fake PS4 ads, crazy hookers, weird jobs, drug dealers?! Tell me in the comments below!


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[Phone ringing]

Guy: [censored], how can I help you?

Pranker [speaking as gay]: Yeah, hi, I saw your advertisement Craigslist?7

Guy: Yes, hi.

Pranker: Yeah, hi, and-, and-, do you still have the uh, Playstation 4 consoles available?

Guy: I, I have-, two but I uhm-, I won't have 'em until Monday. If you can wait 'till Monday, I can give you a call on Monday.

Pranker: So if I-, if I-, wait 'till Monday, can we do, something like, uh $425?

Guy: UHM. NO. 

Pranker: But it's-

Guy: $700 or best offer.

Pranker: $700? YA SILLY GOOSE! You out $650! ON THE AD! 

Guy: $650 then! Not $425! That's a low-ball there. 


Guy: That's a low-ball offer for me.

Pranker: You-, you-, you put $450 on the ad! That's why I'm offering $425! 

Guy: I didn't put $450 on the ad! I put $650 on the ad brother! 

Pranker: Just a second ago! YOU DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT TO PUT! You probably don't even know, YOU SILLY GOOSE!

Guy: $650. FINAL OFFER. If not then have a nice night. 

Pranker: Okay and-, and what's your name? 

Guy: My I-, are we agreeing on six?

Pranker: YES. YES.

Guy: 650? Before I tell you my name?

Pranker: RELAX! SIMMER DOWN. BERTHA, yes, yes! I AM, what's your name? Just a first name, if that's okay.

Guy: Bruce.

Pranker: Okay, BRUCE! 

Guy: Bruce is fine. 

Pranker: Alright Bruce, so if I wanted eh-, I'll pay the $650, but can we BUNDLE IN BRUCE in there too? 

Guy: EH-, wait bundle in WHAT?

Pranker: Can we-, can we bundle in BRUCE! I wa-, I want to buy a PLAYSTATION 4 BUNDLE WITH BRUCE! 

Guy: You don't make any sense brother I-

Pranker: I want-, LISTEN-

Guy: I can't help you. All-, all I'm doing is, I'm selling the console! 

Pranker: Look, you sound like a NICE BIG BURLY MAN! And I'm thinking we can do $650! PLUS, SOME BRUCE, on the side.

Pranker: Maybe we can go for some frozen yogurt! 

Guy: [giggles] If this is like a-, a joke call then uh-

Pranker: No, I'M DEAD SERIOUS! 

Guy: Then-, then I'm gonna-

Pranker: You seemed like you we're getting REAL RILED UP, you were getting real riled up! AND ANGRY, an-, an-, a little upset there!

Pranker: I just wanted to LIGHTEN UP THE MOOD! Ah-, I was getting all HOT AND BOTHERED from hearing and hearing you get MAD AT ME! 

Guy: I'm not mad at you at all brother! I'm not mad at you at all! 

Pranker: Ah-, I like being called-

Guy: I'm just tryna-

Pranker: I like being called a LITTLE BITCH! Can you call me a little bitch? 

Guy: You like to be called a little bitch. OH. HMM.

Pranker: YEAH. Call-, call me your DIRTY LITTLE BITCH! 

Guy: That's kinda' weird. I'm sorry what? 


Guy: I'm not gonna say that! [giggles]

Pranker: It-, it's okay! I WON'T GET MAD! I PROMISE.

Guy: [giggles] I'm just, that's-, I don't-, listen man, I have things to do! I have to-, I have to cook some dinner! So if you wanna-

Pranker: JUST CALL ME A BITCHAA! Don't be silly! BRUCE! 

Guy: Do you-, do you want the console or not? That's my-

Pranker: I DO!

Guy: last question then I'm gonna let you go. 

Pranker: Yes! Yes! I definitely, 100 PERCENT WANT THE CONSOLE, but-, can you-, would you mind giving me JUST THE TIP on the side? 

Guy: A tip on the side? No there's no tipping, involved here...


Guy: Oh the tip? No [giggles]. You're funny bro- [giggles], you're funny man [giggles].

Pranker: See I tell ya-, IT'S NOT THAT BAD! You-, YOU'RE ALREDAY THINKING ABOUT IT, and it's making you all GIDDY! 

Guy: No you're just a-, you're-, you're just, you're funny! By saying it because like, I joke with that with my cousins and stuff. 


Guy: I'm sorry, what?

Pranker: YOU'RE A KINKY ONE! BRUCE! What are you DOING, what are you doing WITH YOUR COUSINS?

Guy: Listen man, okay, I'm not-, I'm-, I'm gonna say, if you want I can, I can shoot you a texy on Monday.

Pranker: BRUCE!

Guy: Eh-, eh-, if you want it! 


Guy: And we can go from there. 

Pranker: BRUCE! STOP IT! Look, I wanna get it from you, BUT-, you know, LET'S DO THE DO! 


Pranker: But-, BRUCE!

Guy: Oh do.

Pranker: STOP IT! Stop being difficult, OK? Call me a LITTLE BITCH! 

Guy: What's your name? WHAT'S YOUR NAME? 

Pranker: My name's Chris! CHRIS!

Guy: Chris, okay. Chris it is. 

Pranker: Okay!

Guy: Uhm-

Pranker: Call me Chris-, A.K.A-

Guy: I'm gonna-, I'm gonna let you go! 


Guy: Eh, okay. Listen, as soon as I-, if I get the consoles in on Monday, and I can remember you, I'll shot you a text on Monday!

Pranker: Okay say it-

Guy: And we'll go from there. 

Pranker: The only way you can HANG UP, is if you say, GOODBYE YOU LITTLE BITCH! 


Pranker: No okay, HOLD ON, not yet! I was kidding! I didn't think you'd DO IT SO EASILY! 

Guy: Well-, you've asked me like, FOUR TIMES TO DO IT! So I-, I SAID IT! Are you happy now? 

Pranker: UH-, UH-, I-, I-, I AM! And it feels ha-, I'M REALY HAPPY ACTUALLY! [giggles]

Guy: [giggles] I'm glad I made your day Chris! I'm glad I made you happy man! 

Pranker: BRUCE! So, when are we going out for-, DINNER? 

Guy: Yes? We're not gonna go o-, I didn't- I don't even know who-, I don't even know who you are man!

Pranker: OK, JUST THE TI-

Guy: ALL-, ALL-, ALL-, THIS IS STRICTLY, A BUSINESS DEAL! And that's it. So, whether you want anything else-

Pranker: PLU-, PLUS THE TIP! Right? 

Guy: you gotta call somebody else. 

Pranker: But-, but-, PLUS THE TIP, right? Because I got'I-, I got a little CHUBBY, after you called me a LITTLE BITCH! 

Guy: You got a little chubby- [giggles] 

Pranker: BRUCE! Do what you do-

Guy: Okay, Chris, listen I'm gonna-, I will shoot you a text on Monday. If I haven't-

Pranker: BRUCE! 

Guy: sold them by then! And that's it! Okay Chris?

Pranker: Do-, you're-, you're breaking my HEART HERE BRUCE! 

Guy: Why am I breaking your heart? 

Pranker: BECAUSE! Eh-, yeah-, you got me all RILED UP AND HOT AND BOTHERED! And now you just want-, YOU'RE-, YOU'RE BLUE BALLING ME.

Guy: I'M BLUE BALLING YOU? WOAH. WOAH. WOAH. That is not what I'm doing! That is not the intention here!  

Pranker: You're blue balling me! 

Guy: The intention here is-

Pranker: HARD MAN! 

Guy: selling-

Pranker: BRUCE! 

Guy: Selling a, [giggles] 

Pranker: Bruce, I'm about to-

Guy: You should be a comedian! 

Pranker: I'm about to ERUPT! Bruce!

Guy: HUH? 

Pranker: I'm about to EXPLODE. 

Guy: Yeah. You're gonna explode? Oh, THAT'S WEIRD. Don't say that! 

Pranker: But I-, I'M SO CLO-

Guy: Chris, listen. I'm gonna start, I'mma start cooking dinner.

Pranker: I'M SO CLOSE! 

Guy: If I-, [giggles] if [giggles].

Pranker: BRUCE! 

Guy: Well I get the consoles on Monday! I will shoot you a text! 

Pranker: BR-

Guy: And we'll go from there, OKAY? 

Pranker: DI-

Guy: Alright? 

Pranker: BRUCE!


Pranker: [starts laughing]

Guy: See you Chris, NIGHT. 

Pranker: [laughing] BRUCE! [laughing]

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