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Hilarious Tattoo Parlor Prank Call

Dec 25, 2012 2.3M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Buk Lau
Prank Victim: Tattoo Parlor 
Rage Level: Moderate

Tattoo parlor prank called with an awkward request!

Best quotes: 

  • “I want to have my ball sack be like ornament, can you do it?”
  • “I'm going to bring my tootsie roll and do the- the clockwise swinging, you know?”
  • “I come right now on my razor scooter, I beat your ass!”

Body of content:

I prank called a tattoo parlor as Buk Lau with an unusual request - Buk wants his “tootsie roll” tattooed! The employee I spoke with was immediately put off and refused the work, telling Buk he should try calling a different shop. When I continued calling back and pushing for the bizarre request, the employee started mocking Buk to others in the shop and lost it on me! 

This tattoo parlor prank call was so good I had to call them back again - don’t miss the equally hilarious follow up pranks on this store! Why do you think the employee got so hostile with Buk Lau? What prank calls should I try on a tattoo parlor next? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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[phone ringing]

Tattoo Artist: Hello [censored].

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Hello? Happy holiday, how you do today?

Tattoo Artist: Good, how are you? 

Pranker: I'm good one. I want to talk to somebody who can tell me about  the uh... The tattoo I can do for my girlfriend.  

Tattoo Artist: Okay, what would you like to do? 

Pranker: I want to get like something for the Christmas time for her.

Pranker: I want to do ike uh, the Christmas tree on my- the back of my leg.

Pranker: But then I don't know do you guys do like a private are or no?

Tattoo Artist: Do what area?

Pranker: Do you do like the tattoo on the uh... Like the uh...

Pranker: The downstairs area you know?

Tattoo Artist: On who, man or female?

Pranker: On the- on the guy. 

Tattoo Artist: No. 

Pranker: You can't do it?

Tattoo Artist: No, we don't do it. No.

Pranker: What if I pay you like the maybe uh, extra fee or something.

Tattoo Artist: No. W-we don't... We're not interested in that, no.

Pranker: It's okay, I won't get like the- my tootsie roll won't get like the big or anything like that

Tattoo Artist: Okay, I'm sure it won't.  

Pranker: I don't worry! 

Tattoo Artist: Okay. Bye-bye.

Pranker: Can I talk-

Pranker: [laughing]

[phone ringing]

Tattoo Artist: [censored]

Pranker: Uh, hello, I talked to someboodee right now, they hang up on me... 

Tattoo Artist: What can I do for you bud?

Pranker: Y- I just want to know like- I talked to my girlfriend she tell me that if s- uh... 

Pranker: If she would come with me if you can do for me right, I don't know if like you don't like to do the 1 on 1 with a guy or something...

Pranker: ... or what the t-

Tattoo Artist: Listen, I already told you, I don't know whether you're being serious or not but I'm telling you-

Pranker: I'm being- I'm being the very ser-

Tattoo Artist: Listen my friend- listen my friend I already told you-

Pranker: Look here! Can- s- 

Tattoo Artist: No, no, no, stop. I already told you "no". Don't call here again asking that. 

Tattoo Artist: I said no, and that's all there is to it. Stop.

Pranker: Can you calm down?

Pranker: Calm down! [laughing]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: I'm gonna call him back again... [laughing]

[phone ringing] 

Tattoo Artist: [censored] 

Pranker: Uh, hello? We got disconnected one more time. It's the holiday season.

Pranker: I don't understand why you're so mean to me!

Tattoo Artist: I don't know how many times we're gonna have to do this until you stop calling my friend.

Pranker: Can you- I g- I want to talk- I wan- MEET ME HALF-

Tattoo Artist: What the- Okay so what- what is it- what is it I ca- what is it- 

Tattoo Artist: How can I explain it to you so you can understand that nobody's gonna be doing that?

Pranker: I'm sorry, it not in my- I am very new to this culture right?

Tattoo Artist: Okay so, wht you ca- So what I'll explain to you then is there's lots of tattoo shops... 

Pranker: Okay!

Tattoo Artist: You are welcome to call any tattoo shop and ask them that question.

Pranker: But- You sound like- the very cute guy.

Tattoo Artist: ...and this tattoo- Sir, stop talking.

Tattoo Artist: This tattoo shop has already said no. We're not gonna do that.

Pranker: You sound like the very beautiful! 

Tattoo Artist: If you would like another tattoo in another area of your body, we would be happy to help you...  

Tattoo Artist: ... but that area, we don't do that.  

Tattoo Artist: If you would like to have that done, you can contact another tattoo shop. Okay?

Pranker: You can- you can do that on my tootsie roll? 

Tattoo Artist: Buddy? You're gonna have to stop that. 

Tattoo Artist: Don't ask me that question one more farking time. Okay?

Pranker: Are you- are you- a- ar-

Tattoo Artist: I'm trying to be polite to you. 

Pranker: Are you the homophobic or something?

Tattoo Artist: I'm trying to be pol- I'm trying to be polite to you, you gotta stop now. 

Pranker: Mother farking to you! To you!

Tattoo Artist: [fake laughing] Yeah alright, you come here and say that to me. Bye-bye.

Pranker: Fark you fark-

Pranker: Okay I come right now! Gonna put in ass! 

Pranker: [laughing]

[phone ringing]

Tattoo Artist: [censored]

Pranker: Hello, I want to get like the Christmas tree on my back for a tattoo, please?

Tattoo Artist: How many times today are you gonna phone here man? 

Pranker: I-I-I want to talk to someboodee- You very hurt my feelings you know?

Pranker: I come to this country, everybody make fun of me! 

Pranker: And I-I talk to you guy, make fun of me too!

Tattoo Artist: You-you want a Christmas tree on your back?  

Pranker: Yes. 

Tattoo Artist: Well, uh... I can do that sometime next week if you want, man. 

Pranker: Okay but I understa- I want- I want to surprise my girlfriend right?

Pranker: I want to have my ball sack be like ornament, can you do it?

Tattoo Artist: You want what?

Pranker: I want my ball sack to be like the ornament. For the tree.

Tattoo Artist: Your WHAT to be like an ornament?  

Pranker: Ball sack.

Tattoo Artist: [sigh] 

Pranker: You understand me?

Tattoo Artist [talking to someone]: He wants his ballsack to ornaments on the tree [chuckles]

Tattoo Artist: Uh, yeah I don't know man, nah... I don't think we'll be able to do that man. 

Pranker: But- it-it hurt me, can you do it or what?

Tattoo Artist: Nope. Can't do it.

Pranker: Okay, I pay you like the $500.

Tattoo Artist: No- it- it doesn't matter. Can't do it. I'm not interested. 

Pranker: Okay look you can close your eyes you know?

Tattoo Artist: Yeah! Clo- Yeah that'd be a good idea. What should I- close my eyes while I tattoo!

Tattoo Artist: Listen, dude. I'm-I'm sor- I'm working. Goodbye.

Pranker: Okay-

Pranker: You clearly can't keep your s-

Pranker: [laughing]

[phone ringing] 

Tattoo Artist: [censored]

Pranker: The hello?

Tattoo Artist: Hello?

Pranker: Yeah I want to do like the Christmas tree on my back. Can we do it? 

Tattoo Artist: What are you, farking stupid or something?

Pranker: I don't- EXCUSE ME, okay? You don't have to be the so mean guy to me okay?

Pranker: I understand I'm not the white boy like you okay, but I'm a HUMAN BEING!

Tattoo Artist: Well that's nice! You're not acting like one...

Pranker: You- you- you-

Tattoo Artist: You've been told things several times and you're not listening...

Pranker: Oh my god! You are being the motherfarking a**hole guy you know?

Pranker: I d- Huh!

Tattoo Artist: Come down here and talk okay?

Pranker: Fark to you! Fark to your face, you scared motherfarker!

Tattoo Artist: No, no, I'm not scared. I want you to come down here. 

Pranker: You are! Too scared to tattoo me! Huh?

Tattoo Artist: I want you to come down here.

Pranker: I'm a fellow human being like you! You scared of me? I'm a little Asian boy! You can't do the tattoo for me?

Pranker: You are motherfarki- I-I don't understand why someboodee can't help me e-

Tattoo Artist: [mocking Buk Lau with someone in the background]

Tattoo Artist: Listen buddy...

Pranker: You try to- you try to make fun of me?!

Tattoo Artist: Get a- get a life! Get a life, okay?

Pranker: You try to make fun of me?!

Pranker: You try to make fun of me!? Motherfarking you! 

Pranker: I come right now  on my razor scooter, I beat your ass! I beat your motherfarking ass!

Tattoo Artist [talking to someone]: Oh, he's gonna beat my ass now! [laughing] 

Pranker: I-

Tattoo Artist: Come on down, man! Come on, bring it on.

Pranker: I'm going to bring my tootsie roll and do the- the clockwise swinging, you know?

Tattoo Artist: Okay man.

Pranker: Okay! I come right now!

Tattoo Artist: Looking forward to it-

Tattoo Artist: Come on down. Come on down.

Pranker: Talk to you soon mother bitch! Talk to you right now!  

Tattoo Artist: Yeah! Yeah, okay! 

Pranker: Okay-

Tattoo Artist: I'm- I'm- I'm- I'm farking right off right now as we speak, okay?

Pranker: Can I talk to your friend who's the homo-mo-mo-fobic, please?

Tattoo Artist: Uh, no! Uh, the homophobic one? No, he left. He's gone off to a gay bar.

Pranker: Ohh! Okay, alright. I call back him in 10 minutes. 

Tattoo Artist: Oh, no, no! He's gone for the day. 

Pranker: It's okay, I call back to talk to you. You sound like the nice guy.

Tattoo Artist: Well, I'm pretty busy, so I won't be answering the phone for a while. 

Pranker: I- I- I don't give a crap. Sorry!

Tattoo Artist: Oh you don't give a crap? Okay well, we just won't answer the phone for the next few days. Okay?

Pranker: Okay! You ruin the business. It's your loss.

Tattoo Artist: You- I-I- Oh, I know it's my loss. It's un- I'm all broken up over it. 

Pranker: Okay!

Tattoo Artist: But listen, uhm, do- do- d- come down if you wanna talk, we're getting a tattoo, okay?

Pranker: Okay! I call you in 2 minutes.

Tattoo Artist: We- we- 

Tattoo Artist: Okay, uhm, that-that's great. We'll do that.

Pranker: Okay, talk to you soon!

Tattoo Artist: Okay, bye-bye.

Pranker: You hang up first! 

Tattoo Artist [talking to someone]: Don't hang the phone up. No, don't.

Tattoo Artist: [mumbling] Customer service! The guy's  either crazy or... 

Pranker: [phone call ends]  Hello?

Pranker: Is someboodee there?

[phone ringing]

Tattoo Artist: [censored]

Pranker: I believe we got off on the wrong foot okay, I'm sorry.

Tattoo Artist: Okay bud, if you'd like to have a conversation, you're welcome to come into the shop and do so, but you already know what my answer is.

Pranker: W-w-will you at least- will you look at my tootsie roll?

Tattoo Artist: Stop calling here- No, no!

Tattoo Artist: I'm not gonna listen to what you have to say.

Pranker: look, I don't- 

Tattoo Artist: Buddy?

Pranker: Look, please!

Tattoo Artist: Stop! Buddy, stop. Stop talking to me.

Pranker: I want to- I want to get-

Tattoo Artist: Stop it. Either come to the shop and have a conversation, but nobody's tattooing you farking d**k, alright?

Pranker: Oh my god- You are the-

Pranker: You are the homophobic one! Ah!

Tattoo Artist: Stop calling here. 

Pranker: [laughing] 

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