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Chinese Restaurant Soda Prank Call Video!

Jan 1, 2011 9M views 0 comments

Category: Restaurant prank
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Buk Lau
Prank Victim: Chinese Restaurant
Rage Level: Hardcore

Chinese restaurant gets a hilarious prank call about their menu!

Best quotes: 

  • “Can I have one order of the boo-sack noodle?”
  • “Do people usually share the boosack? I thought usually one person per boosack.”
  • “I asian, you asian, we do together, we have to COLLABORATE”
  • “Duuhh heeeeLLLLOOO??? BAGEEK!” 

Body of content:

Ownage Pranks fans are always asking for more Asian restaurant pranks, so I prank called a Chinese restaurant and got an absolutely amazing reaction!! This is one of my favorite Chinese restaurant prank calls ever! Its loaded with a bunch of ridiculous Buk Lau sayings and some epic rage from the restaurant owner. 

No matter what insane fake food names I threw at this guy, he always had a normal item ready to suggest as if nothing strange was going on. But all it took was me trying to barter down his soda prices for him to SNAP. Do you agree that two dollars for a can of coke is a ripoff? What's your favorite silly food name from this call? Let me know in the comments below!


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Chinese restaurant: Raymond speaking. May I help you, good evening.

Pranker:Hello, how you doing today?

Chinese restaurant: Hey. May I help you? 

Pranker: Yeah, can I make the  order  today  for the pick up please?

Chinese restaurant: Certainly, go ahead please.

Pranker: Okay, can I have the, uh, one  order of the orange chicken? 

Chinese restaurant: Geenguh chicken?

Pranker: No no no no no- the orange chicken please.

Chinese restaurant: Orange chicken I’m sorry, okay?

Pranker: Yeah.

Pranker: Can I have, uhh, one of the-of the BOO SACK noodles?

Chinese restaurant: Roh stock noodle…

Chinese restaurant: [mumbling]

Chinese restaurant: SUPER GREAVY STYLE.

Pranker:  [surprised]

Pranker: I think a soup be better right? 

Chinese restaurant: Okay, mhmmm, you want the soup nood-noodle in soup yeah?

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, is it delicious ??

Chinese restaurant: Okay! 

Chinese restaurant: Alright!

Chinese restaurant: Anything else? 

Pranker: Is it the good one? 

Pranker: I’m sorry?!

Pranker: The-the noodle is a good one?

Chinese restaurant: Yeah! Mmhmm...

Pranker: It’s your favorite?

Pranker: I want to get something you know good for may family...

Pranker: ... they ask me what the heck should I get, I do not  know...

Pranker: First time you know...

Chinese restaurant: Well the the row stock one, how many you share one the noodle.

Pranker: I don't know you know usually only one person per ballsack you know...

Pranker: I don’t... I don -

Chinese restaurant: One person normally for like one person...

Chinese restaurant: ... or two people.

Pranker: I don-

Chinese restaurant: ... to share.

Pranker: Do people usually share the sack?

Pranker: I thought you know

Chinese restaurant: Yeah. 

Pranker: One-one person per ballsack right?

Pranker: Oh-

Chinese restaurant: Right.

Pranker: Okay.

Chinese restaurant: So just one order is enough?

Pranker:Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think I think let's do two.

Pranker: I have may fren-

Chinese restaurant: You want to do two? 

Pranker: Two!

Chinese restaurant: To only do two oreders?

Pranker: Duh, yes...

Chinese restaurant: Okay, two order the noodle and soup, okay?

Chinese restaurant: And then one or n-no or one order orangechicken , anything else?

Pranker: Yeah okay, uhhhhmmm... 

Pranker: Do you have the, ummmmm 

Pranker: uhhhhhmmmm, I tryng to think do you have poo-poo- platter?

Chinese restaurant: Poo-poo-platter, no we don't.

Pranker: What about the, um, the knee grow noodole?

Chinese restaurant: The what kind of noodle? 

Pranker: The I bet my friend tell me he have ate last time...

Pranker: ... The knee grow noodle?

Chinese restaurant: Well we have a house noodles, very popular here.

Pranker: Okay eh very popular?

Chinese restaurant: House noodle, you wanna try that?

Pranker: Eh, how much money?

Chinese restaurant: One order 8.95.

Pranker: Okay, okay.

Pranker: Do you

Chinese restaurant: you like try that?!

Pranker: okay we try, we try, do you have a small sack or one sack fit all?

Chinese restaurant: One, only one order...

Chinese restaurant: ...per order, I can do two order, tree order, depends on how 

many people you  serving. 

Pranker: Node- this I’m  serving like a five people but we have a food here already...

Pranker: ... we uh, we have a instant noodle...

Pranker: ... we going to opet that and buy some more stuff- 

Chinese restaurant: Right, right, right. 

Pranker: Okay.

Chinese restaurant: So how so yeah you let me know how many order you wanted-

Pranker: Okay

Chinese restaurant: … how many you want yes? 

Pranker: Okay. Do you  have uh, chicken lo mein?

Chinese restaurant: Chicken lo mein? Yes we do.

Pranker: Okay!

Pranker: Let me get the uh one chicken lo mein plese?

Chinese restaurant: Chicken lo mein, okay?

Pranker: okay...

Chinese restaurant: okay.

Pranker: Hmmmmm, I try to think what I want , ahm...

Pranker:  [speaking with family]

Pranker:What do you want?

Pranker: Do you want something from here?

Chinese restaurant: Hello?

Chinese restaurant: YOUR PHONE BREAKING UP. I can't hear you.

Pranker: Hello I’m sorry- I talk-I talk to my family...

Pranker: [shouting] DO YOU WANT SOMETHING?

Pranker: I don't know

Pranker: like a somebooooody that's a too much money!

Pranker: I can't buy all this staff you know!

Pranker: Money does not grow on the tree!

Pranker: I have to work very hard 

Pranker:  [back to call] Hello?

Chinese restaurant: Hay, go ahead?

Pranker: What do you have to drink?

Chinese restaurant: Ah we only have sodas.

Pranker: Do you have some big coke to drink? 

chinese restaurant: No we don't.

Pranker: Do you have uh-

Chinese restaurant: We only serve can-can soda.

Pranker: Oh so you have the small coke,right?

Chinese restaurant: Yeah, in the can.

Pranker: Okay, how much money?

Chinese restaurant: Two dollars.

Pranker: WHAT??

Pranker: Wh- f-for one can?!

Chinese restaurant: Two dollars for one can, yeah.

Pranker: Two doll-

Pranker: What the heck, that's a too much money man!

Chinese restaurant: [chuckles], well it's because it's a restaurant , you know that's how we serve it.

Pranker: I know but  I go to da store man we buy the twelve for-for like a 2.50 you know? 

Pranker: Can you give me like a discount or something on the soda?

Chinese restaurant: Nnnnooo no no no no I’m sorry we don-

Pranker: You can do 

Chinese restaurant: We can't - do anyone yeah odder wise we have give everybody yeah?

Pranker: We can't - do anyone yeah odder wise we have give everybody yeah?

Pranker: ... I and you and we do together we have to get the 

Chinese restaurant: It doesn't matter man

Pranker: We have to COLLABORATE

Chinese restaurant: We don't...

Chinese restaurant: ... discriminate anybody yeah?

Pranker: Nobody know don- give to the  mexican people, give to me you know.

Chinese restaurant: What can I help you man, are you done your order now?

Pranker: Yeah, but I want to get the drink okay we very thirsty okay...

Pranker: ... we human being we need to drink lickwid right...

Pranker: ...we have to wash down.

Chinese restaurant: So what you like to drink?

Pranker: I want-

Chinese restaurant: Give me the order.

Pranker: I want the soda but not for the 2 dollar for only fifty cen-

Chinese restaurant: That's all we have, that's all we offer man

Pranker: Okay- look give me for the fifty cent...

Pranker: ... and we do it I buy five you no...

Chinese restaurant: Yeetuh- no we can't

Chinese restaurant: We cannot give any discount 

Pranker: You can do it  I believe in you.

Chinese restaurant: Nonono we cannot...

Pranker: You can-

Chinese restaurant: I’m sorry maybe you should call somebody else.

Pranker: No I don't  call somebody el- I call  I talk to you right now...

Pranker: I want to get the food today!

Chinese restaurant: Ma’am ma’am ma’am I'm sorry...

Chinese restaurant: ... I’m really busy right now, okay?!

Pranker: Motherarseho!

Pranker: Don- be the cheep arse okay?!  [hangs up phone]

Pranker: Hello?

Pranker: Hello?!

Pranker:  [cough]

Pranker: What the heck, I want my ball sack noodle! [laughs]

[phone ringing]

Chinese restaurant2: Hello?

[BOOP sound]

Chinese restaurant2: Chi-restaurant may I help you?

Pranker: Duh,hello, can I make the order today for the pick up please?

Chinese restaurant2: Huh?

Pranker: I calling right now somebody I talk to somebody hang up on me.

Chinese restaurant2: One minute, one minute...

Pranker: Okay, HURRY UP.

Chinese restaurant2:  [to other employees] Yuwong!

Pranker: [mumbling]

Pranker:  [screaming]

Pranker: [screaming]

Pranker:  [laughs]

Chinese restaurant2: Hello?

Pranker: Hello.

Chinese restaurant2: Yes?

Pranker: Can I talk to the the mother arseho who hang up on me?!

Chinese restaurant2: Ahhhhhh

Chinese restaurant2: I think that he just step owee out

Chinase restaurant1: HEY, YOU’RE MOTHERARSEHOLE, OKAY?

Pranker: Mother-


Chinese restaurant1: YOU PLAYING GAMES TO ME OKAY?




Chinese restaurant1: YOU TAKE YOUR ARSE DOWN HERE!!!

Pranker: WHAT

Chinese restaurant1: I’LL  TALK TO YOU


Chinese restaurant1: YOU COME DOWN HERE!


Pranker: I talk to you right now  [laughs]



Pranker: OHHHH CRAP!

Pranker: I come to you right now and we do this you know, one on one.

Pranker: No bull crap 

Pranker: Hello?

Pranker: You mother farkhing scared guy, hey man [chinese] some the so-some the scare stupid bitch.

Pranker: [chinese talk] scared mother farkhing guy!!

Pranker: Mother farkhing guy fark with the BUKLAU man

[hangs up phone]

Pranker: Hello?

Chinase restaurant1: HEY YOU MOTHERFARKA


Pranker: Duh- helloooooooooooo [chick sounds]

Chinase restaurant1: MOTHERFARKING....

Pranker: What the heck?? [laughs]

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