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McDonalds Prank Phone Call Makes The Employee LIVID!

Jul 2, 2009 5.1M views 0 comments

Category: Restaurant pranks
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Russell
Prank Victim: McDonalds
Rage Level: Mellow

McDonalds prank phone call turns into a crazy exorcism!

Best quotes: 

  • “If I f****** tea bag you, I’m probably gonna f*** up your nose or something.”
  • “BAGEEK!!!”
  • “Please close your legs, there’s a pungent smell emitting from your f****** legs”

Body of content:

I’ve called this McDonalds manager once before and he was SO bizarre I knew immediately that another prank call had to happen! He told me in our first conversation that he could remove the devil from my soul, and I decided to take him up on it this time by asking for an exorcism over the phone. He was more than happy to help me extract some demons!

Most people would have laughed off my “demon” noises, but not this guy. He took the whole thing very seriously, which makes the call hilarious!! There’s a lot of funny and weird moments packed into this short video. Do you think this McDonald’s manager is doing exorcisms on other people, maybe even customers?? What other McDonalds prank calls should I do? Let me know in the comments!


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[phone calling sound]

Pranker: Mother-

Crew: Hello, **** Plaza.

Pranker: Hey, how's it going?

Crew: I'm good. How about you?

Pranker: I'm pretty good. Um, I was wondering how

Pranker: you're doing today and if I could speak to a manager

Pranker: in regards to the shitty food I received from your store.

Crew: Um...

Crew [whispering]: Should I tell him I'm the manager?

Crew: All right, well, you're speaking to the manager, sir.

Pranker: No, I just heard him tell you to say you're the manager, alright?

Pranker: I'm not a [censured] retard, so give me-give him the phone.

Crew: Excuse me, sir, um, I'll just ask you to calm down, please.

Crew: You're already speaking to a manager.

Pranker: Um, no.

Crew: I was just asking which one of the managers

Pranker: Please close your legs, please, please, close your legs.

Crew: you'd like to speak with.

Pranker: There's a pungent smell emitting from the [censured] legs.

Crew: Excuse me, sir.

Pranker: Can I speak to the manager, please?

Crew: Excuse me, sir.

Pranker: Listen, you get paid $4.75 an hour, don't sit here and be like,

Pranker: "Ex-ex-excuse me, okay."

Crew: I get more than $4.75 an hour.

Pranker: All right, [censured] $4.85. Congratulations, Big Bertha.

Crew: I say-I say-

Pranker: Shut the [censured] up and give me the manager.

Pranker: Okay, I'm sorry, okay. I'm going to try to be calm now.

Pranker: Can I speak somebody else?

Crew: If you want we can come up here,

Crew: we can discuss this while there is police present, if you want.

Pranker: Why do police has to be present? Why do police have to be present?

Crew: Because it sounds to me like you're threatening me right now, sir.

Crew: And in all honesty, I'm feeling a little bit intimidated

Crew: because you seem like a very intimidating guy.

Pranker: Really?

Crew: So that being the case I feel that

Pranker: Yeah, because-

Crew: if you really want to discuss this issue you should come here

Pranker: The reason why you're so intimidated,

Pranker: the reason why you're so intim-

Pranker: Listen, my ball sack is [censured] huge

that's why you're so intimidated because if I [censured] teabag you

Pranker: I'm probably going to [censured] up your nose or something.

Pranker: So, calm the [censured] down, give me the other manager

Pranker: you smell like shit. Thanks.

Crew: Are you a comedian, sir?

Pranker: [making noise] no.

Crew: Are you comedian?

Pranker: [making noise] no.

Crew: [chuckles] Are you a comedian, sir?

Pranker: [making noise] You're intimidated

Pranker: but you're laughing, awesome.

Pranker: Give me the [censured] manager.

Crew: Are you a comedian-

Pranker: [screaming] I can't hear you. Give me the manager.

Crew: You are a very funny character.

Pranker: Sorry, you smell like shit. Sorry. Give me the manager.

Manager: Hey, jerky. What's going on?

Pranker: Hey, hey, what's up you devil?

Pranker: Finally, dude, I've been waiting to talk to your ass for like five minutes.

Manager: [hangs up phone]

Pranker: Hey?

Manager: What's wrong with you?

Pranker: Hey. Nothing man, I miss your ass.

Pranker: Listen-listen

Manager: You miss my waist?

Pranker: No, no, listen, you almost got the devil about of me,

Pranker: can we just try that prayer again

Pranker: because I'm almost

Pranker: sometimes I-I-I want to stop calling man.

Pranker: [heavy breathing] This [censured] inside me just [censured] me up.

Manager: Well, you can get rid of it if you want.

Manager: You got to renounce it, man.

Pranker: Release the devil, please, please.

Manager: Huh?

Pranker: Release, release the devil [making demon noises] 

Pranker: Release the devil out of me, please.

Pranker: Release me.

Manager: Father I command this devil to leave this man in the name of Jesus.

Manager: I plead the blood of Jesus on this man.

Manager: I pray that every foul spirit that is in this man that would

Manager: release his body and that he would be free

Manager: and whom the son has set free is free indeed.

Manager: So, devil, I command, you,

Manager: I will release you in the name of Jesus,

Manager: come out of this man right now in Jesus name.

Pranker: [making demon noises] 

Manager: I command you right now in the name of Jesus.

Manager: I plead the blood of Jesus in Calvary on you right now.

Manager: I tell you release this man. Let him be free.

Manager: Stop tormenting him. Now, in the name of Jesus, come out Satan, now!

Pranker: [making demon noises]

Manager: What is your name?

Pranker [whispering]: Gemini.

Pranker: [making demon noises]

Manager: Come out right now in the name of Jesus.

Manager: I bind you in the name of Jesus

Manager: Come out of him right now, leave him in Jesus name.

Manager: Be free.

Pranker: [making demon noises]

Manager: Say Jesus save me.

Pranker: [making demon noises] Jes- s-

Pranker: Jesus save me.

Manager: Right now.

Pranker: Right now.

Manager: Come out!

Pranker: [chick sound] [making demon noises]

Manager: Hallelujah. Thank you, Lord.

Pranker: [making demon noises] I'll get you-

Manager: Call upon the name of Jesus right now.

Pranker: Jesus.

Manager: Of Nazareth.

Pranker: Of Nazareth.

Manager: Come into my heart right now.

Pranker: Come into my heart right now.

Manager: And be my Lord and saviour.

Pranker: And be my Lord and saviour.

Manager: Devil, you're gone now and forever.

Pranker: Devil, you're gone now and forever.

Pranker: [making demon noises]

Manager: Are you there?

Pranker: Yeah.

Pranker: [heavy breathing]

Manager: Are you free? You're free now aren't you?

Pranker: What? [heavy breathing]

Manager: You thank the Lord Jesus Christ now, man. You are free now.

Pranker: I thank Him. Oh…

Manager: You are very thankful, man.

Pranker: [sound of relief]

Manager: Because you are free.

Manager: It's about Jesus, man. He frees you.

Pranker: Thanks, man.

Manager: All right?

Pranker: All right.

Manager: You stop up here and see me sometime. My name is Dill.

Manager: Don't be ashamed, man. You're free.

Manager: You're a new man in Christ.

Pranker: I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry about everything I did. I didn't mean to.

Manager: That's okay, man. You're free now.

Pranker: Oh, give me a hug, please.

Manager: God bless you, man.

Pranker: All right.

Manager: Don't be afraid. You can stop up here and see me, man.

Manager: I'm not going to call the cops or anything, man.

Manager: God has set-God has set you free now. You are free.

Pranker: I'm sorry- Okay, thank you.

Manager: That's all right, man.

Pranker: All right.

Manager: All right?

Pranker: Okay.

Manager: All right.

Pranker: All right.

Manager: All right. Bye-bye.

Pranker: Okay. Oh my [censured]

Pranker: I told you that guy is [censured] weird.

Pranker: Did I tell you guys like that was [censured] weird?

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